My Tummy Tuck Lipo Experience

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I'm 50 this year lost 30kg when i was 30 but was...

I'm 50 this year lost 30kg when i was 30 but was just happy being thinner never mind the rolls of waste i couldn't get rid of. I walked 2 hours a day, heavy workload, did house cleaning by day ironed at night and still walked those 2 hours, not a couch potato this one.

Anyway my back caved in had spinal fusion 2 years ago still suffered backpain till my gp  suggested get rid of the waste of space and i am almost 4 weeks post op and i could kiss him and my surgeon guys. I feel so much better and the pain was nothing compaired to spinal fusion i don't think i'll ever stop smiling.

I know my pain threshhold probably is high and we all experience pain differently but i feel great my surgeon was expensive but he has done such a great job. i was scared, this site i'm addicted to it just helps so much and i have to say i'm an aussie but you guys keep doing what u do it is worth its weight in gold.

Happy with the surgery but belly button very small...

happy with the surgery but belly button very small and dogears are visable can i go back to surgeon for review otherwise definetly worth it weight is really easy to maintain. have had knee surgery since pain and recovery a lot harder then the fusion or tummy tuck. its really great to be wearing bikini's and my clothes fit great. downside is i have scar on tummy, back and now knee and i don't want to ever have surgery again but i know i will need a knee replacement in 10 to 20 years time. sometimes it feels difficult to take what life throws our way take a lot of pride in my appearance which most of us do, to top it all have fungal infection in my nails that really seemed the last straw but i'm happy to say they are mending to so i'll get there.

it was a big discision but the benefits far outweigh the pain wish i could say that for knee but there was no choice in that one let me say i'm sick of pain and suffering  and my advice if you lose a lot of weight don't wait 20 years like i did get rid of the excess skin its not worth carrying it, i don't think you can put a price on the disscomfort it causes i wish i had done it earlier could have saved a lot of money with exercise equipment that doesn't work and diets that made me drawn and tired when all i needed was the surgery.

i don't believe exercise makes you lose weight it's what you eat that makes a difference. i used to walk 2 hours a day 7 days a week and in hindsight i should be the skinniest person alive. but it does keep you toned and is good for the body but you can overdo it. i now do crunches and the pool and the exercise bike unfortunately my walking days are over. be active is the real key. it actually iritates me how people go to the gym and work out then sit on the couch and stuff their face for the rest of the day.


k out then go home and sit on couch and stuff there face with food.

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to be honest had my doubts but he knows his stuff

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