Lakeland,Fl TT with Hip Lipo on 8/5/11 OMG I'm So Excited!

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I am 42 yrs old 5'4" and 200 +or- a few...

I am 42 yrs old 5'4" and 200 +or- a few #'s. I gave birth to 2 boys (22 and 9). I have had several surgeries and after a etopic in 2006 I was left with a lopsided dunlap of fat. I have wanted to do a TT for years.Finally debt free and ready to go. I recently lost my dad so I am still pretty emotional so I am hoping while I recover I do not have a balling spree as I have read things like that and sneezing,coughing and laughing are the worse.

I just took some pics of my belly and OMG what a shock I never realized how bad my strech marks are I guess cuz I can't see them over the fat..LOL...

I have been reading this site for hours and have been inspired by many so I decided to attempt this (even though I am no computer whiz)in hopes to inspire someone else on their journey. I currently live in Lakeland, Fl and I will be using a Dr. in Maitland,Fl about 1.5 to 2 hours from my home which the drive concerns me afterwards as I have a new car and don't want throw up in stupid is that? HAHA!

I am getting a full TT and lipo on my hips on Friday and I can't wait. I hope my results turn out as well as some of the ones I have seen. I have tried to look at before and after shots of people who I think I look sort of like. I must say I am concerned since the dr said" you'll still be thick" not sure exactly what that meant but I'm OK with thick as long as I don't have the dunlap.I wear a 16 and I know I will still wear a 16 afterwards but they should fit better and would love to be asble to feel good about tucking in a shirt again.

To be frank...I am not a dieter, and do not exercise so losing weight has not been a priority which I know sounds crazy but it's the truth. I am hoping with the dunlap gone I will be more inspired to start walking and maybe exercise some. I have although started watching what I eat better so that is a start. I am starting to get freaked out but excited just the same. I will have to stay overnight with the dr. so I hope all goes well, I have been preping for this for awhile and I just know there nis something I will miss or forget. I would welcome ANY suggestions for before and after prep. Thanks to everyone for reading. I'll update as I go..Wish me luck!!!


OK so I am 3 days away from my big day (Friday)...

OK so I am 3 days away from my big day (Friday) and OMG I can't sleep. My mind is racing. Oh and I guess I should mention that I had my sons by c-section. I just took my first round of vitamins given to me by my dr. and start my first round of antibotics tomorrow. I am out of town right now so I am kinda going insane since I have sooooo much to do to prep before Friday and I can't do any of it. I'll be going home tomorrow so tomorrow night and Thursday I should stay pretty busy. Am I the only one that thinks on the track of "OMG got to start my meds, oh and I need to get jello and sprite, and did I pack all my things, and oh I need to get my sons stuff for his overnight stay with family, and I gotta pay the bills before I'm too druged to do it, and....etc......" I'm exhausted just thinking of all the things I need to do and doing them. BTW sorry my pics were sideways I have corrected them now I am REALLY sorry they are soooo gross. I can't believe how horrible I look. So sad...But new me coming soon. OK I rattled on enough. I'll keep you updated.

Well today, tomorrow, and boom there it is.......

Well today, tomorrow, and boom there it is.....Thanks so much to all of you for your insanely kind words. Seriously, I am overwhelmed by the support you ladies provide. I am so excited not just for myself but for all us. I am so ready to see all oof your pics of before and after and read your stories of how it came about and how it truned out for each of you. I am packing up now to return home from our trip. Hubby will not be coming home until tomorrow then Friday we are off. Lots to do before my big day but I wanted to send SHOUT OUTS to ALL of you AMAZING ladies. Thank you!!!! It is your words of encouragement that has reinforced that this is a good thing for me.Ok so I gotta hit the road about an 8 hour drive home.Love to you all!

OK so my big day is tomorrow. I'm sooooo excited...

OK so my big day is tomorrow. I'm sooooo excited and trying not to think of things that might freak me out. I am more worried that maybe he won't be able to do much for me and i don't want to be disappointed but anything will be an improvement. Thanks to all of your support. I will post after pics as so I can. Best wishes to all of you guys coming up. Got to cut this short lots to do. TTYL!!! Cyndie

OK I'm back 11days PO sorry it's been awhile. The...

OK I'm back 11days PO sorry it's been awhile. The surgery went well hated the groggy feeling coming out of it but i have never had IV to knock me out it was always the mask type. Anyway after I was finally awake enough i felt pretty good stayed overnight. Pain has been not too bad. Out of drugs now so on the old tylenol but only had 2 tabs 1 time yesterday.been sleeping in the recliner so not too bad. i have tried to do a few things in the last two days and funny while i sit i feel fine but SWEET JESUS when i get up and try anything i am worn out in about 2 min. Oh and the drain removal was at day 5 po one was not so bad but the other...well...lets just say i screamed "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD" when he litterally snatched it out. i swear i think it had grown to the side of my skin it hurt for about 2 hours. I have two nice holes where they were. still have the white strips so cant really see scar i keep hoping they will come off in the shower. OH and back pain......yeah lots of if...mostly when trying to stand too long and in the shower. i took pics and although i am happy that the flab of fat is gone i'm still not sure how the final result is going to look like you guys can form your own opinion. i still have swelling. have not tried my own clothes just mumus too scared of the disappointment if they dont fit from swelling. oh i also had hip lipo and the brusing is almost all gone i think the bromilin and arnica the dr gave me worked alot.i know i'm rambling but i'm trying to give you all the update details. i go back for follow up on the 23rd hopefully i can see the scar then
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was told to be there at 1230 was not taken back to exam room until 130 then not into operating/prep room until 230 i had not had food or drink since 930pm the night before tooooo long to wait without a least water

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