it's my turn--tt scheduled for 11/21 in the bronx, NY

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I am here to share my TT journey scheduled for...

I am here to share my TT journey scheduled for NOvember 21,2011 in the bronx.

I am a 46 year old with two wonderful children ages 29 and 25. I am also a grandma to a wonderful and gorgeous 4 yrs old girl. I have been married for 14 yrs to my adorable amazing husband.

In 2003, a picture of me was taken at work on administrative day. When I saw that picture it was a wake up call. I got on a scale and scored 198lbs. That really made me depressed. When I met my husband i was 160 lbs. How did I let my self go. Two wks later I joined Weight Watchers and amazingly dropped 50 lbs in 10 mths. It wasn't easy. I hit the gym 6 times a week and did hard core aerobics and cardio.

I have been struggling to keep most of it off but it has been a struggle. I am still mindful of my eating habits. Eventhough I still hit the gym to try and keep it off that hanging pouch just keeps haunting me. I hired personal trainers, did the sit ups at home, did cardio early in the morning because apparently it would help with the mid section but ladies nothing helped. That hanging stomach has to go. NOW!!!!!!!

I am embarrased to get undress in front of my hubby. I refuse for him to see me completely naked. He constantly tells me to stop that I look great but as we all know ladies it is not easy having somthing that just doesnt make you happy or cute I want to feel sexy again.

I have been dying to undergo a TT forever but something has always came up that didnt allow me to go through with it. But this is it, its finally happening god willing. My husband's cousin had her TT done like 3 yrs ago in the bronx at North Central hospital and when I saw her scar and how well she did I immediately wanted to do it at that location. Then I came across Realself and met Tasha who by coincedence also had her TT done at the sister location Jacobi. When I came across this site and saw tasha posting I immediatley said it was a sign. So I re-book my consultation in April and scheduled my surgery for NOvember 21, 2011. Yikes next Monday. Gulp.

It was comforting to know two girls having had their TT at this location.

But ladies the time is almost here and the journey begins..

Two week ago I went for my medical clearance at which point I didnt get cleared because I had a hurting tooth. My PCP said once I take care of the tooth to get her proof that the tooth issue was taken care of. Immediately, I made an appt to see the dentist and had the tooth extracted. I just finished my last pill of antiobitic and it is healing lovely. I got the letter from the dentist and immediately faxed it to my PCP.

This Thursday, November 17 I will be having preop testing and what ever else they will be giving me to prep myself for the surgery which is scheduled for next Monday, November 21,2011.

My daugther has taken vacation time to be with me and my husband as well. I know you ladies must be saying "wow she is doing it during the Thanksgiving week but its ok I had to accur time at work and when you want something really bad you will sacrifice. Thanksgiving dinner will still be at my apt but with only my immediately family- son, daugther granddaugther, brother and wife. I will see everyone else during the christmas holidays.

Right now I am freaking out because I didnt list to my daughter when she said "ma you will need a recliner. But because in 2005 i had a hysterectomy and I survived with my bed because it isnt that low its a perfect height. But i just realized I didnt have the sofas I have now. These are very low and very soft. Ughh So tomorrow after work I will be going to purchase a recliner. Hubby will be happy because he has always wanted one. ha ha ha.

My Realself sisters sorry if i wrote too much and sound like i am all over the place but I have been trying to start this journey here but i have been very busy with my grandaughter she had a adenoidectomy so i have been running back and forth to her and staying at my daugthers place. And i know this week It will be difficult for me to do this because its my last week at work and i need to leave everything done.

Oh i know the surgeon said i can return to work in 10 days because i work behind a desk but ladies I took off from November 21 and will return to work on Dec 12. I will be home for 20 days to recuperate. I want to feel somewhat comfortable when I return.

I am going to post some before pictures. please please don't get grossed out.I will try to post my before fat pictures and the nasty ones of my nasty tummy. lol.

ok ladies there is alot I would love to share but as we post I will share.

I ask that you all keep me in your prayers. I have faith in god that I will have a safe and speedy recovery. So please keep me in your prayers.

Hello my Realself sisters I have not posted my...

Hello my Realself sisters

I have not posted my daily post this way because getting on my lap was uncomfortable to I was just posting and ready emails via iphone. But today I made it my business to do so...

Well ladies, today I celebrate 1 week since I did my TT. Wow who would think one week ago today,this day would finally come. I went it closed my eyes and left it to god. Thank you jesus for blessing me and my surgeon and the staff. Now its time to nip the recovery in the butt. lol..

During your first week you go through so many emotions, pains, discomfort, etc. This is why I highly suggest you have a caretaker, family member, friend, husband, kids,etc. If it wasnt for mine I would of gotten myself into trouble because I am OCD with just about everything. Thanks to my kids and husband they havent let me do anything.

I never got a recliner, because I just dont have the space and what would I do with it after and renting it was so expensive. I went in with my eyes closed as well and said if it gets really bad i will purchase it. my bed is really high getting on and off my bed isnt bad and I have been sleeping on an inclined. I alternate from sleeping flat to an inclined. During the day I am in the living on my sofas. I also walk around the apt and go to the lobby for fresh air until I am unable to stand.

I stopped my meds by day 3 and only take them at night if my back pain is really unbareable. Day 5 I finally had a BM and every morning since I have been going with no problem. Day 5 I also caught bad gas pains. That was one pain I thought I was going to end up in the ER for. I was scared and not sure it was gas. But between reading online and my daugther insisting it was gas I finally took gas x that night and have taken it 2 times a day since. I think after today I dont think I will have to. I have been eating lots of pineapples, grapes and oatmeal juice that my husband makes. I have kept away from sodium and been drinking lots of liquids.

The only issue i am having other then have these crazy backaches are my drains. One of them seem to be irritated and with every movement it hurts. I am very afraid to go for my post op tomorrow because of the fear of pain when and if they remove it and if they dont remove it they would have clean it. The stitches are dry. ugghhh. my daugther is going to put bacitricim

Everyday coughing is still hell. But thanks to someone's advise on this forum I take a cough drop and it soothes the cough out. Jesus it hurts to cough. I haven't really done much. I have been home since day of surgery only have stepped out to go to my 1st post op appt and i will step out tomorrow for my 2nd postop.

Overall, ladies it hasnt been a clean slate but it hasnt been what I thought it would be. I expected worse. I am down 7 lbs today since my surgery.

I will hopefully take pictures tomorrow and post pic of 1 wk postop.

Hello My Dear RS sisters Today I am pleased to...

Hello My Dear RS sisters

Today I am pleased to announce the separation between those horrible annoying balls that once hanged along with me wherever I went.

LOL also she informed me that she removed 5 lbs from that hanging belly. OmG how gross. wow..

Ladies, yesterday was my 2nd post op appointment and due to a delay I waited approximatley 2 hrs before I was seen leading me to get home mentally and physically drained. I got home ate and fell asleep.

The great news is that she removed both my drains. While I am holding my daugthers hand and thinking I was just about to get tortured because I thought pulling them out would hurt just especially having one irritated that I would be in tons of pain. Well as she is doing whatever she was doing there she was talking to me asking me questions about my kids,grandaugther, etc it was to keep my mind occupied. lol. while I answered her she had pull the left which I didnt feel anything. Then she did the right and I also didnt feel it. The only thing that stinged was her cleaning the area that was irritated because she had to clean it and pressed down and put bacitricum. Overall the pulling of the drains was an easy slate. she just said keep an eye on the right side for the redness and infection. As of now it looks great. thank you jesus

I am suppose to see her in 2 wks but she wants me to go back in 1 wk just to check out the drain area and the incision. She didnt remove the sutures because she said they will fall off on their own. As of today I am able to shower from head to toe. OMG can not wait. just waiting for hubby to wake up to help me out. I am going to shower do my hair and get

So, my ps saw me a little too straight and she advised me not to stand up too straight because I am only 1 wk postop and even though I can be feeling good at times i can bust a suture and that would not be cool. And of course my daugther told her she had been telling me but i dont listen. but dam being hunch hurts my back.

She advised me no working out, no lifting and no strenous activities for approximately 6 wks. I must wear my binder for 6 wks before I can go put on my surgical girdle. she said I had mild swelling which was good and it looked great and once i am done with swell hell I will be nicely flatter. I will need to go purchase another binder because this one needs to be washed and I do not want to spend not even one hr without it on. I am making it my business to keep the swelling down.

The only thing I am still experiencing is backache I fall asleep perfectly fine but I wake up at 4ish or 5ish with my back killing me. This morning I got up at 4am and came to the living to lay on my sofa. Ughh hate this back pain. but over all I am doing great from swell hell, incision and bellybotton. Did anyone or does any one that had the surgery on the 11/21 experiencing this backache? PS said its normal that it should subsizes.

Well ladies, now that those crazy drains are gone its time to recuperate from the wound and keep swelling down. I will still be home relaxing and doing nothing because I return to work on the 12th. I am hoping and praying the suture come off soon because I must return to work on the 12th. I think I would be perfectly comfortable and well by then.

Once I shower I will take pictures and post them.

Hello ladies A quick update. Today I am 11 days...

Hello ladies

A quick update. Today I am 11 days PO. I am still experiencing lower back pain. It actually kicks in during the middle of the night that it wakes me up. Ughh that gets me depressed I'm not sleeping because of it. Please someone tell me what and how can I get rid of them. Last night I took one percocet so I can go back to sleep. Earlier before I went to bed the right side of my incision where it ends began to sting so I rubbed it and fell asleep.

Then in the morning I was in the livingroom having my coffee

on the laptop when I caught a pain on my right leg like a nerve pain. I called the hosp and what pissed me off was I never heard back from the office. Really? With that little annoying pain on my right leg came that sting pain at the end of the incision when I looked at the wound to me it looks a little lifted or probably a tiny bit swelling. My husband sYs no swelling. AnywAy that has been bothering me all day. That stingy pain on that hip side has me sad all day.

After my drain area getting better and drying out I felt awesome now this it just sadden me this afternoon.

I just wish these suture/steri strips fall off already so I can sleep on my side.

But ladies overall It has been good just this now. I return for my 3rd PO on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend ladies

Hello Ladies Tomorrow I make 15 days po i figured...

Hello Ladies

Tomorrow I make 15 days po i figured i do it today in case i cant tomorrow i have a few things i need to do so tomorrow i will be out and about being hubby is off.

Well, last night out of the entire 14 days of post op has been the worst. What I went through last night I didnt even go through it while i had my drains or even first few days of being home. I just couldnt get comfortable every position was uncomfortable I tried sleeping sideways it would hurt, my body just didnt want the bed. I didnt want to go to the sofa because they are so soft. So it was a bad night no pain just couldnt get comfy.

But being said that I woke up standing up straight and that made me happy. I have been standing up straight all day. Not completely 100 percent but better. Thank you jesus becasue monday the 12th next week i go back to work.

Tomorrow I will do a few errands as well as tuesday after I see the PS to check out the drain area which she wanted me to keep an eye on because it was irritated and being she removed them she wants to make sure it wasnt an infection. Which thank god it didnt turn into an infection and it has been closing nicely.

I can not believe it has been 14 days already. And eventhough we are at a stage of recovery and we still have a long way to go I feel good that it has been going smooth. Does any one know what time frame will we be able to say we are out of the woods?

So ladies, pictures I posted now are 14 days postop. I am loving my results, cant wait to hit the gym and love my incision nice and low cant wait until those steri strips fall off to see the final results.

Hola ladies Well today was my first day out into...

Hola ladies

Well today was my first day out into the world since my surgery. Since surgery all i have done was go to my post op appointments and back home. So today my hubby wrapped my garment tighter then ever i put on my yoga pants and a tiny white fitted tshirt which by the way i looked hot. LoL even with the garment on i looked hot. Hubby said wow you are thin and look nice. Yes ladies i blushed.

So we spent the 5 hrs doing our xmas shopping. I felt awesome and eventhough i was walking slow i felt good. I did macys oldnavy gap and dinner. While at dinner i began to feel to feel pins and needles around my belly botton and swell hell kicked in so we still haf to do target but i told hubby i think its time to go home im feeling tired. Ladies we came home and i went straight to bed and took a 3 hr nap. I was wiped out. Just woke up

feeling good.

Being tomorrow i see ps for my 15 day po appt i will do some more xmas tomorrow. I cant beleive its been 15!days and eventhough i still have these steri strips im feeling good still experiencing some sleeping at nite just cant get comfy but overall good.

I go back to work mondAy yikes i can see i will be coming home with swell hell and wiped out. Well ladies i will keep you posted on tomorrow visit.

Day 15: 3rd post op stitches removed . Yayyyy omg...

Day 15: 3rd post op stitches removed . Yayyyy omg how good did it feel to have them removed. So apparently i have a mild superficial skin infection. He wasnt going to remove them bc apparently they were suppose to fall off but he saw they were too tight lol. ThAnk god he removed them because i have that superficial skin infection right on the right side of the incision said nothing to worry just apply antibiotic and take oral antibiotic 4x a day for 5 days. It just red like irritated. He wants to see me next wk to check that its gotten better.

Since he removed them i feel like pins and needles around incision is this normal? Overall he said it looks great and says i have a nice thin incision. I do love my incision hope the future outcome is great. Thank you jesus.

After my appt hubby and i went forbsome more xmas shopping.

Now i am home relaxing two days of xmas shopping is enough i will relax tomorrow dont worry to over do it.

Hope that the other november tt arr also doing well.

Hello Ladies How are my TT girls doing? So just...

Hello Ladies

How are my TT girls doing? So just wanted to give a quick update.

I am 3 wks postop and what an experience this has been thus far. For one this past monday i returned back to work after being off for 3 wks. I was scared ladies not knowing what to expect eventhough I work sitting down. And ladies it has been just fine. I have not yet experience any pain while at work. what I have experienced by 2 to 3pm is tightness by my abs. I guess from sitting for so long it begins to cramp up. When this happens I just get up take a quick stretch or walk around. I work 830am to 5pm and this is my 3rd day and so far so good. I am extremely happy to be back at work. Being home was driving me crazy and i am sleeping much better at night. I guess because by the time i get home I am wiped out and i guess for being active now my lower back pains have gotten "OMG" so much better. By the end of the day I am swollen but overall am feeling good. Thank you Jesus.

This past Tuesday the 13th i went for my 4th post op appt which was to make sure the superficial skin infection I had was healed which thank god it has and that part of the incision looks amazing. She was very pleased with my healing process. She was surprised to see that my incision is drying up and on the left side there is section where is already looks faded and the right side still dark. My BB looks great and is also drying out. I asked her if i can start scar therapy but she said to wait until I go back to see her in January that eventhough it looks heal there could still be areas that arent and adding creams, oils, etc can delay the healing process. I guess every PS is different. she also said i might now need to do it because my incision is fading great on it old. its so dry i just want to put something. well who am i to argue with her. She did clear me to start getting massages which I can not wait.

I wish she could clear me to get to the gym. Ughh i need cardio so this swelling can go down ASAP. I am walking a little faster and am standing straight.

Well, ladies below are my 3 wk postop pictures these were taken tonight when i came out of work. That is my swell hell after a 8.5 hr work day. Mornings I am so flat and cute. lol

well hope everyone is healing well. I can not believe i am 3 wks post op back at work and doing well. I can not wait until the tightness and swelling is over with.

Hello Ladies Well sorry I have been away for a...

Hello Ladies

Well sorry I have been away for a little bit. Between going back to work at week 3 of post op then with all the christmas rush I just come home wiped out.

Here I am giving a quick update. I am 4 weeks PO and doing great. I am still experiencing swell hell by the end of the day. Throughout the day I get some tightening i guess because i sit all day but i do get up stretch out and walk a little. I am walking straight and faster. thank you jesus. My BB look awesome and my incision amazingly awesome. ON my left side of my incision at the hip end I have somethign that feels sharp I believe its a stitch not sure. I have left it alone until i see my PS. No complaints at all.

I just wish i could rush the recuperation process so the swelling can completely be gone. I am dying to dress up. But who could when I have this binder and now switching to the girdle. ughh. but overall I am feeling well. I dont see my PS until 2 wk of January but i am going to take it upon myself to hit the gym 2x a wk just to do 20 to 30 mins of eliptical I am afraid to gain weight and maybe it will help me with swell hell. I have been watching what i eat completley... i did cheat this weekend had to have my holiday food. lol

well ladies, i am attaching my 4 weeks po pictures.


Happy New Year my Tummy Tuckers I am pleased to...

Happy New Year my Tummy Tuckers

I am pleased to announce I am 6 wks post op. Yippie a milestone accomplished. Wow this has been one heck of a journey eventhough it is far from the end but I have been blessed to have had an amazing 6 wks.

I had my 6 wk post op and she was completely pleased with her work and my healing process. best part of my visit was that she said i am going to look great in dresses and bathing suits :)

so 3 days prior to going to that appt i had already been hitting the gym but just doing cardio. she cleared me to do aerobics but with no weights. she wants me to wait another 2 wks for weight training. my scar is fine and thin and is flat. she doesnt want it to raise by doing strenous workouts. basically I can work out but just listen to my body. My BB looks awesome and centered. I do not have to return to her unless I have an issue. I am still wearing my binder she wants me to start getting off of it. I can wear my girdle if i like too which I will because during this swelling process the girdle helps mold the body. I do not free safe sleeping without it nor am ready to divorce it. lol

I still swell up by end of work day on the sides hate it because it takes away from my shape. But I immediately go home after the gym take hot shower and just lay down massage my tummy. Since surgery I am down 9.5 lbs. I finally reported back to my weight watchers meetings. Last time i was there for weigh in was the week before my surgery. thank god i have manage to still loose weight during this healing process. I am happy to be back on my points. I want to lose another 10. lets see how that will go.

I will post my 6wk pictures by end of weekend.

Hope everyone is doing great with their recuperation. And will keep everyone in my prayers. I couldn't have done this without all of you on this forum. YOu all kept me sane before I went into surgery and after surgery alot of questions were answered. This forum was the best thing I could of found.

God Bless you all.

Hello ladies I am so sorry I have not been on....

Hello ladies
I am so sorry I have not been on. Been very busy with work, the holiday, anniversary,and most important working out.
So really quite as you all know I had my TT on November 21, 2011. Today, I am 12 weeks post op. And ladies all I can say is WOW!!!
My life has changed completly. I have always been a very confident woman even with that nasty hanging belly but once it came to shopping the depression would kick in.
well ladies, This weekend I celebrated my 15th yr wedding anniversary and I can tell you that for the first time ever since losing 50 lbs in 2003 I was able to wear the shortest and sexiest dress ever. For my anniversary dinner I wore a pencil skirt. OMG what an amazing feeling to feel SEXY. I will post pictures in a few.
As for recuperation the past 2 days I was finally able to sleep without any garment and I am sleeping on my belly. I am a tummy sleeper. I have very very mild swelling only after i work out. I do aerobics 4 times a week, I weight train 3 times a week and do aquareobics 2 times a week. From the beginning if you all read my past post my incision is amazingly thin and very low. its weired but I healed fast from it. Belly botton is my favorite. I have the cutest BB. I still expereince pins and needles sensation around it but thats part of the healing process. Occassionaly it gets redish from the sweat of working out but I immediate shower and put Bacitricum. From day one i have been giving myself massages with belly butter and use Mederma every single day on my incision. Since surgery I am now 13.3 weight loss. I went back to Weight watchers and am hitting the gym hard.
This journey has been one amazing transformation and if i had to do it again I would do it in a minute. I have not yet regretted my decision. I was blessed to have an amazing recuperation process with the help of my amazing husband and kids. As you all can see past pictures and my progress. I just want to let any one that is considering of doing a TT please go for it. YOu will not regret it.
I am posting pictures of me and my first sexy tight fitting dresses. and my 12 wk post pic.

Hello my Realself sisters How is everyone doing?...

Hello my Realself sisters
How is everyone doing? I want to apologize for not checking in as much as I want. I do get the notifications on my iphone on how all my last yr TT and the new TT to the forum. Oh how I remember askign the same questions and feeling overwhelmed just like each and everyone of you are feeling now. If it wasn't for this forum and meeting all of you I don't know what I would of done. I have met amazing friends here and one special friend who we have become BFF her name is Tammy. Eventhough it is a long distance friendship it has been amazing having her around. We constantly texting eachother even 4 mths laters.
So where do I start. Let me start with saying I am 18 weeks postop (4 mths) postop. And if i tell you I am 100% back to myself. Since surgery I have lost 14 lbs and counting. I work out 5 days of the week and if i am bored I do 6. lol.I do Zumba, cardio and Weight training. The only thing I dont overly do is crunches because I sometimes feel a throbbing sensation in my belly botton. so I do other workouts that work the abs without putting pressure on the belly button. My incision is amazing love love love it. that does not bother me at all. My ps did an amazing job on my incision. Its very low and straight. I have like a small ball on the incision which is superficial and was told in time it will subside my body will drain it on its on. You don't see it at all its just at the touch.
I can honestly say that for the first time since I had my daugther 29 yrs ago I am able to wear a bikini. YES ladies a two piece bikini. I also bought a monokini. When I first lost my 50 lbs in 2003 i wore a halter top with boy shorts but this is a two piece bikini. And if i tell you it felt awesome. I just gotta keep working out my legs dam cellutlites. lol.
My husband does not know i bought a two piece he won't see it until we go on our cruise this summer. Can not wait until he see me in it.
All i want to tell all the new TT is that you will never regret it. Go in there with faith in god and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. you are doign this for yourself.
I wish you all the best and will continue to keep you all in my prayers.
I am going to try to post two pic of me in my two piece and a picture of my incision per Leslie's request who will be doing her surgery where I did mine.

Again good luck. soon I will post more if my recuperation process and post more pictures. AS of right now I can honestly say it was the best decision I have made.

take care ladies. If anyone has questions feel free to inbox me

Hello my RS sisters. I have been away for...

Hello my RS sisters.

I have been away for quite some time without posting. I do check in occassionally and read how many more ladies are either planning or have underwent their TT. One advice I will give to you all and that is GO FOR IT.. you will NOT regret it. Just do your homework and go in there with a book full of questions. If that surgeon answers all your questions without hesitation and makes you feel comfortable then that is the surgeon for you.

I am back to share with you all that one year ago this coming Wednesday, November 21, 2012 I will be celebrating my ONE year post op anniversary. It has been one heck of a journey. I can honeslty say I LOVE my results. And eventhough I still go through occassionally swellng not bad but enough to keep me at the gym 5 days of the week.. I LOVE my Belly Button and especially my incision. It is very low and already fading. This past August I went on a cruise with my husband and I surprised him with me wearing a two piece bathing suit. We have been married 15 years and I have never ever worn a two piece. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my TT that I took 7 bathing suits on my cruise and wore each of them each day. I extremely more comfortable in my clothes.

If you would like to see my before and after check out my pictures. You will not be discouraged.

I am 47 years old grandma with two grown kids, 30 and 25 and have never felt better about myself.

So ladies I want to wish you all the best of luck during your journey. I will keep you all in my prayers.
Dr. Nemeth

Overall I rated MD, staff and surgical center excellent the only problem I experienced was the wait time. I was told to arrive at 9am but I wasn't taken in until 2:45pm. I was 3rd case. And I understand the whole concept but when u haven't eaten since 9pm night before its outrages. I work in the medical field and was very attentive to HIPPA regulations , professionalism among the staff and cleanses. Everyone was nice very attentive and kept me informed. Great Job Jacobi

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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