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I was pregnant at 19 with twins....over six pounds...

I was pregnant at 19 with twins....over six pounds each!My belly button ceased to exist after that!! My stretch marks look like a Topigraphical map of some strange land. I had two more single births (c sections) and that was that...ugly belly syndrome. I am 41 now, a house wife with a busy life. I find time to work out 4-5 times a week for approx a year now...seeing great results except for the dreaded tummy area. I have wanted a cute flat tummy and sexy belly button for over 20 years....and now my loving husband is making my dream a reality. I am so excited and nervous and feeling a little guilty. This is an aweful lot of dough to spend on vanity...but the deposit has been paid...pre op appt on the 29th of November. Surgery is scheduled on the 12th of December....and time is moving s..l..o..w...

I am so addicted to this site. Thanks for sharing all of your stories. keep em coming!Updated on 18 Nov 2011:24 days... seems like forever. Worked out this morning, ZUMBA is so much fun and such a stress reliever! Feeling kinda guilty about the amount of $ this is going to cost and about the down time. My family is rotten lol i know it wont fall apart with out me but afraid that they will all feel neglected. Going to town today for panties that seem comfortable on the incision and some draw string pajama pants.I hve a few other things on my list for post op...palmers..maxi pads..paper tape..tylenol..vitaminc c and e.. any other suggestions out there? trying to get my ducks in a row :) all of your stories are so inspiring, I am glued to this computer, its an addiction! I hate seeing my before pics posted GOOD Grief I work hard at hiding that from the world lol. hope everyone is healing well today...bye for nowUpdated on 21 Nov 2011:21 days...... ugh seems like forever. Went to the gym this morning, needed to after full on Thanksgiving feast with the family this weekend... Trying to run around town today and get little stuff done... bought some"granny" panties, some oversized draw string pj bottoms...palmers massage cream, maxi pads for drainage..Tylenol.. little by little I am trying to cross things off the list. I plan on computer shopping and shipping for Christmas....I keep reading all of the other posts and am getting so anxious. I cant wait til I am on the other side. I am down to two smokes a day, so thats progress. By next week ut has to b none. i am promising myself that I will not start up again, the TT is my reward....Updated on 23 Nov 2011:Well the Hospital called me today , for pre registration family history questions.... wow that made it seem so real. getting nervous!! usually this site helps to calm me, however tonight i seem to be coming accross bad stories. hope everything goes smooth for me..Updated on 28 Nov 2011:Well tomorrow is my pre op appointment at the PS office and the hospital.....I bounce from emotion to emotion..... please dear Lord dont let anything happen to me while in surgery... I have had surgeries before, c sections, carpal tunnel release, gall bladder removed. I have never had anything like this though. I am so excited, with each day that passes I feel like a kid at Christmas one minute, then feel guilty the next, and then scared the next. It is really wearing me out!! All the posts and pics are REALLY keeping me going. Thanks to all the TTs that have gone before me and are brave enough to post all their business out here on the web so that I know what to expect. Yall are awesome!!Updated on 29 Nov 2011:Ok Wow. Today was pre op day. I went to PS office and he took before photos ugh! I had to wear those super cute blue paper undies. Wrote checks to pay doctor fees, got my prescriptions and then I was off to hospital to pre reg for operation and over nite stay. more check writing and it's official! Dec 12 10 o'clock is my procedure. I will have two drains ...seems like that is normal huh?? I am freaking out though.....then I get so excited ...... Then freaked. Lol. Yo yo emotions!!!Updated on 9 Dec 2011:OK, Its friday the last weekend with my belly..lol I am so nervous. Nervous about surgery, nervous of the outcome...have nightmares that I wake up in recovery and nothing has changed although everyone is saying that its different!...lol Ugh nervous abouth the pain after.. I am super excited about the belly button I hope its cute ;) doctors office callled to confirm my appt time at the hospital. TT is scheduled for 10 but like the airport I have to be there two hours early. It still is kind of surreal, I know its happening but I cant belive that on Monday morning it really is my turn.

Compression garment check
prescriptions check
step stool for my bed check
someone to help me for a couple days check
quit smoking check (almost four weeks)
Doctor and hospital paid check
purchased first aid supplies check
looks like I am ready!

Spending all weekend at a cheer competion with my daughter... that is a good thing. Maybe it will ease the pain of me missing her band concert on the 13th. I feel really bad about that. I still have alot of Christmas stuff to do, I guess I will cyber shop the rest of the gifts.

Well, Good morning all Praying htat everyone that is scheduled for today has success.Updated on 16 Dec 2011:Okay so I'm post op now. 4 days. Wow. I'm sore. The pain pills are helping. I have two drains in one is leaking but they both are still producing. That's a good sign I guess It's weird I feel kind of disconnected to my new belly. The skin is so smooth. Lol. I've had stretch marks for so long that I don't know how to behave without them!!! I'm swelling today. Trying to do too much I guess. Thank god for an adjustable bed I don't know how I could have made it with just pillows. My breathing has gotten So so so much better. It was hard for me the first day to catch my breath. The MR is so tight I guess. I did bend the "wrong" way last night reaching for my phone and the pain was un bearable I hope I didn't mess up anything. Tues is PS appt we will see how I'm doing. One odd note is my eyes. I can see letters close up. Can't really focus on anything close up. Weird huh. Hopefully is just a med side effect. I guess we shall see when I'm brave enough to stop the meds. Nite nite to all.Updated on 20 Dec 2011:had my post op appt today...like an idiot i fort my output chart for my drains...so guess what? yep i still have drains...oh well i can go thurs and he said he would fit me in and remove them if they produce less than 20 ml in a 24 hr period... hope all is well with all the tt-ers out there...thank the Lord for online shopping otherwise i would b freaking out....1 week exactly since tt and mr and lipo...it looks like i have been in a train wreck, lots of bruising, spirits are good my husband and kids have been AMAZING!!Updated on 22 Dec 2011:DAY 9 drains still in...i supposed to call PS today and give him the out put to see if i can run there really quick and get them out before holiday...i really want them out, but i think they should stay in. i dont want fluid collection problems, so i guess i will b stuck til after holiday..good grief... other thant that im doing well. only pain meds at night. i awaken every morning still feeling like i was in a magic act that went horribly wrong. whats strange is its not my incision, i guess its where the MR happened...wierd ... hope everyone is healing well and for those that have not gone yet, hang on..its coming :)

Ok ... so almost a month post op. Getting stronger...

ok ... so almost a month post op. Getting stronger everyday :) no real swelling issue except on my pubic bone area, I have a doctor appointment this week so i will ask. My scar is healing great, other than itching all last week, I have to say its not so bad. My family has been fantastic, my husband is a rock star!! i will swell if i do way too much, so i try to take it easy. I still feel really disconnected when i look at my belly, i dont recognize any of it..I do think PS left some fat on my hips that should have been taken off, but i did say i wanted curves since i never had them before...lol b careful what u ask for huh!
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