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I had my TT (with lipo) done on 18 Dec 08 (so that...

I had my TT (with lipo) done on 18 Dec 08 (so that I could heal over the holidays and am currently 15 days post procedure) . I have considered this for years and finally committed to doing it. It was a huge leap as I don't normally put myself as a priority but after having had 3 healthy and large children I deserved to be first for once and I'm happy I did it. It is my 40th birthday present to myself.

I'm really glad I took 3 full weeks off afterwards. First thing I thought to myself when I woke up (no joke) was it hurt and "oh my god, I did this to myself". It is still very tender and I can feel every one of those darn nerve endings trying to come back to life. I have a small infection around my belly button that is being treated with antibiotics and washing 4 times a day with gentle soap and water (but after reading some doctor's recommendations I'm going to try the saline solution). I suspect its related to the suture as my body doesn't always react well to sutures.

I love that I can look down and see straight down. My husband says it looks more like I had a breast augmentation than and abdominal reduction. I feel most pleased because I feel like I'm finally proportioned. I have the booty to balance the breasts, I didn't need the belly too.

For anyone considering this I recommend being really realistic with what you think can be achieved. I wanted to look proportional not 20 and I am happy with what has been done. I also recommend making sure you take enough time to heal. The first two weeks are hard and the third week is when you begin to feel somewhat normal again. There will be swelling and tenderness for weeks or months after. Be prepared for a lot of pain - you'll be lucky if you don't have it but it seems most people in this forum felt it was severe.

All in all, I am happy so far and hopefully in the next week my belly button will be back on track and then it's just working out the next few months.



Well it is now just past 3 weeks post op and I am...

Well it is now just past 3 weeks post op and I am far more mobile and active.  I'm not running or engaging in any other amorous cardio activities but I'm walking like a regular person again.  The pain is almost minimal, except for the occasional bursts of nerve reconnection. 

I can stand up with far less support, which is great as my children dreaded when mommy had to get up and some poor soul drew the short straw to haul my butt up to the upright position.  Getting in and out of bed is easier as well.  Mind you, I've learned that rolling onto your side and then lifting your top leg and dropping it with force down to the floor creates enough momentum that a gentle shove with your arm will get you sitting right up with no problem.  It's hysterical to watch, but what the hell it works.

The scar is flattening out nicely and my belly button infection is almost gone.  Still washing with the area with soap and water 3-4 times a day. 

I am really happy with the results. I will be really happy when I can remove the garment, which isn't until the 6 week point according to my surgeon.  I love it, my husband now appreciates it.  Most people don't really notice, they kind of just look at me wondering what has changed.  The really observant guys say, "did you do something different with your hair?" and the women are, "did you lose weight?"  I just say, "Yes I did.  Thank you for noticing."

Have a wonderful New Year everyone.

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