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Ok. I am not at my surgery date but I decided to...

Ok. I am not at my surgery date but I decided to get a jump on this. My surgery is scheduled for Thursday however I have a bad enough cold right now and don't know how to proceed since the mucus is slightly bad. I was hoping that I would get better over the weekend. I probably even gained a few pounds drinking so much 100% juice for the vitamin C effect- bottles and bottles. In addition, multi vitamins and antibiotics- all since Friday- but the mucus and slight chest pain inducing cought are still lingering. Gosh.

Anyhow, my Tummy Tuck which may or may not take place on September 9th, 2010 will be in combination with an Umbilical Hernia Repair. Ouch. I was given Vicodin for the pain- so I'm assuming I will be knocking right out. Don't know if I will finish the doses though I believe I was prescribed 40 pills.

The Doctor so far has not been great. He was the best of the six consultations that I had (one insisted on Tumescent Lipo with a laser instead- maybe I should have gone that route) and he has a great reputation. But once I put down the down payment he and he staff have been very hard to reach. Crazy or maybe not so much so. Now maybe they are just so busy and dedicated in office that this is why this is so- crossing my fingers for such. I will upload pics of my before and after but at the moment my camera is not in my possession. Anyone, reading this at the moment please pray for me. XOXO

Updated on Sep 7, 2010:
Okay, my cough this morning is not much better from yesturday and I have occasional mucus expulsion plus a slight sore throat despite four days of antibiotics. I really need to reschedule this surgery- everyone is telling me that severe complications can occur. Now they have me really scared. I hope that the surgeon doesn't give me a hard time or that I have to wait many weeks- its just a setback but I took unpaid medical leave from week- and I can't go back even if I have to wait two or three weeks for my sugery because they have Temporary coverage for me for three weeks and if anything I would have to extend that-which means wait and big economic loss for me. A big set back but hopefully in the end I will have a great surgery and recovery. I might come out of this in nice debt but obviously health has no price.

Updated on Sep 9, 2010:
Ok. I was a bit upset because I just wanted to get this done and over with, and now its one less week of pay for me when this surgery already put me in 3k of debt. However, its best- everyone including the doctor himself (wasn't too adamant about it but told me that it could cause problems with the stitches coming lose when I cough and that it was my decision.) After, all of the warnings here and with my friends I would have been stu--d to not heed the warning. Therefore, my surgery was postponed till next Thursday. Atleast I now have time for the before pics when I get my camera back. Also, I still have the mucus and the cough so today would have not been good at all. ;) Thanks for all your suggestions, will keep you posted.

Updated on Sep 11, 2010:
Surgery is this upcoming Thursday, cold is almost completely cleared- hope everything stays in order. I am on here to post my pics- so traumatizing- I might self don't want to look at them.

I feel so embarrased, bad because life/things could be much worse but I have never been a fat person and I've never had a child. I don't even know if I should give a background but I had something happen to me when I was 12 that really traumatized me and I went from a 5'3 120 pound 12 year old to who knows how much- I always over exxagerate and say 190- it makes me feel better but I stopped looking at the scale (didn't really care honestly) at like 165. By the time I was 15 I was no longer traumatized (well I still am a bit but as far as it taking the forefront of my life as it did for 2-3 years it didn't) and the weight starting coming off without my even trying. I know that by the time I was 16 I weighed 128 pounds at 5'5 but my body never returned. I gained weight in the past year and weigh 140 at 5'5 but the frame of my body isn't one that carries a big midsection- even at this weight its mostly if not all skin- even a few surgeons told me that I could get the lipo with the tuck (I would never- too scared) but that it wouldn't make much of a difference just guarantee a washboard belly.

Anyhow, now that you guys understand this my pics will come up. I'm excited to see my after as I haven't seen my actual waist since I was 12. Should I add a :( for the times past or a :) for the times coming?

Updated on Sep 12, 2010:

Updated on Sep 14, 2010:
Well I'm going to call my surgeon again today. I'm upset. I had some questions prior to the surgery but at this point I will have to inform that my cold is still not gone. I have a dry cold (coughing for a minute or two every few hours) with occasional (maybe two or three times a day) mucus expulsion. :(

Updated on Sep 15, 2010:
I'm pretty sure that they are going to reschedule my surgery- I think I should this dry cough is pretty strong it even gives me a tummy ache at times. Though its not so frequent during the day, however, this morning it tends to be taking over. Lol. Has anyone tried to claim medical disability for a plastic surgery recovery. I know NYS offers these for surgeries but not sure if for elective surgery. However, I am also having a Hernia Repair. Its only like $170 a week her but any bit right now helps. I've lost too much money and the surgery isn't even here yet. :(

Updated on Sep 15, 2010:
I'm very irritable at the moment. Surgery was rescheduled for Tuesday, but its for the best I guess. However, it seems that everyone wants something now that I have these days off and I might have to postpone my return to work. Does anyone know about the short term disability payments? Has anyone been able to return to work without/with minimal pain in less than three weeks?

Updated on Sep 19, 2010:
I'm still coughing. This is just frustrating. I feel as if its not meant to be or something. This is crazy. I have no mucus anymore and I sleep with a few cough drops and no problems but the dry cough every two or three hours still persists. At this point I just feel like postponing it, if it doesn't occur this week until the Spring time when cold season or allergy season- whatever it is is over. Because it seems that too many people are sick and since colds mutuate- I might not have a smooth ride till then. And to think on a normal day for a normal issue this cough would be nothing more than an annoyance. Ah.

Updated on Sep 20, 2010:
My surgery is def tomorrow. I'm a bit anxious as my dry cough is still around and I'm on my menstrual cycle- fearful for my recovery. :( The doctor says that he will prescribe me a cough suppresant. Keep me in your best wishes and prayers ladies. I will report in as soon as I can.

Updated on Sep 25, 2010:
So far so good. recovery has been extremely!!! uncomfortable but tolerable after 72 hours. Will keep u posted and get into detail soon, thanks realself- love u all.

Updated on Sep 26, 2010:
I think I'm depressed. I feel so stranded. Its been a roller coaster and I have never been sleep deprived for so long. For four days I have not slept past 3 hours in a 24 hour period. I began to cry last night after I found myself without sleep- its uncomfortable- particularly the drains and my back is killing me. This morning I found myself crying again. :( However, recovery wise I'm still coming along- atleast I really believe such.

Updated on Sep 28, 2010:
Drains were removed today. Celebrating a bit but still some road up ahead.

Updated on Sep 29, 2010:
Emotional ups and downs continue but recovery still seems to be on track. The pain has thus far not been as great as expected. However, it seems to cycle- gets better and worse. The discomfort has far exceeded what was expected. Sleeping has been a nightmare. Getting out of bed also, therefore I slept on the sofa. The constant flow of pills have been nauseating as have been other items.

A word to the wise eat in moderate amounts, breathing will otherwise become difficult. Also, eat so that your stool may remain soft. Drain removal is a bit painful and my belly button feels completely weird. Drainage documentanting becomes easier with the days. Personal hygiene probably the hardest thing. Its difficult but also easens up greatly on a daily basis. Try to have someone who can stay by your side the great majority of the day for atleast a week as most tasks seem impossible or are of great over exertion. I miss my Vicodin! :(

Updated on Sep 30, 2010:
Hello. Well things are still a roller coaster- I attempted to shower on Tuesday but ended up with a sponge/towel bath because I became dizzy. I tend to suffer from low blood pressure so it was probably the cause. I attempted it again yesturday and was able to. :) All and all, I still expected worse with exception to the lack of sleep. My dry cough is back- the scratchy throat is annoying and a bit painful but otherwise I feel fine considering the situation. Things do tend to be looking up though I hate this binder/girdle aparatus- hot and itchy.

Updated on Oct 6, 2010:
Today is my second post op appt. I'm excited. Don't know what to expect but hey. I've had minimal swelling thus far. I have been feeling quite dandy for like the past 72 hours- I'm dying to be out and about but I am afraid of doing such before my body is ready. It feels ready but I know that there is still alot of internal healing and I am a bit hyper so my thing is dance, sudden moves, animation etc.

I'm still wearing the compression garment. Its become part of me. I no longer feel it as a discomfort. The only issue is the itch, oh the itch. Its also stained but I'm so afraid to being without out it, that I haven't washed it. Eh. I hate it but seriously my body is so attached to it at this point. Lol. My cold is finally completely gone. Wow. So I just noticed the the recovery was made harder by it. Lol. I didn't notice that many of the symptoms (though not really that bad in themselves) were due to the surgery mixed in with the cough. But its clear at this point. What can I say, loving life- this was truly alot easier than anticipated. XOXO

Updated on Oct 14, 2010:
Hello. Everything is still coming along. I returned to work, today will be my third day. Also, I've had two outtings on days that I didn't work. The hunchback on my 17th day post surgery was quite an experience, the back pain- oh dear but I couldn't walk straight. I also felt that my pace was that of the Senior. The same had happened on my two week post op appt- I walked for about half hour prior and the hunchback and pain were very uncomfortable. The hunchback has since straightened up quite a bit as has the associated back pain that I have had throughout.

Getting out has also been made more uncomfortable I assumed because of my use of normal clothing. Eventhough I don't pull up zippers or close buttons- I just let my hips/thighs hold up my clothing. I had also been out for no more than four hours during my outtings (post op appt. and during social outing) yet by the time I returned home I felt very tender and an annoying pain around my incision site and sides. Upon relieving the clothing and lying down for two hours or so this resolved itself.

The same thing happened after my first day back at work which took a little longer to resolve itself. Then yesturday, wearing maternity pants to avoid the compression of my regular wear, it happened again. I had an 11 hour work shift (in an office, mostly sitting) and oh my I paid for it when I got home. The pain and tenderness were more intense and didn't fully relieve until five hours after. I'm guessing all the sitting creates too much pressure. I'm going to work today and am thinking about taking Friday off because this is quite problematic.

I've still suffered from very little swelling. I don't know if I already mentioned I lost a total of two-three pounds post surgery via skin removal I'm guessing but have gained it back since probably via fat- once more guessing. I am blaming the inactive lifestyle since I'm very active naturally. I've also been extremely hungry lately, walking up to eat at 4am which is very odd. I can't wait to be able to be up, out and about. Lastly, I'm still not sleeping well enough. For the past three nights I'm lucky if I have gotten five hours in. This I'm noting not in the way my body feels because the inactivity still has me quite rested but via my thought process and speed particularly at work- more than fully noted that my brain is not reacting within its full speed or processing information as rapidly as usual. This is also an annoyance. Other than these issues recovery has still been better than expected. The lack of sleep is the main issue that I'm having. I can't wait to get back to normal.

Oh, and one other thing my incision site has been spotting blood for two days now. I called the doctor and have not received a reply yet. I'm assuming nothing major. Also, the skin around the incision seems to be in a scar like condition. This wasn't always the case, I wonder if its the pressure of the sitting or this girdle/binder type aparatus that I have on or what. But this is also annoying because I don't want a thick mark when this is said and done. XOXO

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