I Have a Belly Button Again!

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I greatly recommend this procedure to any woman...

I greatly recommend this procedure to any woman who has had a child, and cannot get rid of that extra loose skin and fat in the mis section - often causing a muffin top. I lived with my muffin top for over 2 years after having my daughter.

I pretty much went back to my normal weight every where - except my tummy. I couldn't loose the weight - and it was just like a deflated balloon, pancake, raw bread dough, etc.

BEing only 21 years old, I don't want to go out in tiny tops and stuff, but I would like to wear a form fitting top and and not have to worry about sucking it in and buying certain things. Anyway - I decided to get a full tummy tuck (which included front lipo of the flanks), additional back lipo of the flanks and labiplasty.

$2800 is what I paid additional to get back flank lipo. I had all procedures done almost one week ago. Already my tummy is flat (although swollen, numb, and hard too) and I am so happy. My belly button which used to be hidden in a mound of fleshy dough is now there and looks very cute :-)

I am so happy to feel the age I am and excited to show my new look. Recovery hasn't been that bad. I have percocet and that helps a LOT. I stay in bed most of the day, but since day 2 have been getting up every now and then and picking up toys briefly, wiping the table, etc. My drainage is still quite heavy - so I think I will have the drain bulb for a little while longer - which is no real sweat.

All in all, well worth the money, pain, and discomfort. I love my new body!!!

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