Got More Than I Bargained for in a Bad Way

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On the 19nth of June, 2008 at 6:30a.m.  I...

On the 19nth of June, 2008 at 6:30a.m.  I went in for Abdominoplasty/liposuction with Juvederm injections to face.  My wishes were to get rid of my belly pouch, some hip fat, and soften the character lines in my face, and make my lips fuller.  Two things worked out.  The pouch is gone, and my lips are a little bit fuller.  I bought three full syringes of the Juvederm.   

Things that didn't work out definately out-weigh the good.  The skin was pulled so tight on my abdomen, my breasts- which granted did not ever defy gravity are now much lower, pointing downwards almost aimed at the floor.  I used to have a ribcage that stuck out distinctively giving the impression of larger breasts and from the side was a great asset. 

My profile was that of a "Playboy Centerfold" or a woman from a comic book.  I had a natural born Brazilian Arch, which women pay for, with a "J-Lo" butt.  I also have a Very small waist.  I just wanted the pouch gone and the boxiness from my hips gone, and/or rounded out so from the front would be a great improvement.  The ONLY things I wanted altered were my hip fat and tummy pouch.  I now have sagging breasts, no butt, and no Brazilian Arch due to his "obssession" with liposuction

Maybe obssession is the wrong word but he most certainly was over zealous.  I also can't forget the fact that my belly button which is now man-made is not centered but is further to the right of my stomach,  Oh yeah!  Almost forgot.  My hips have what looks like MORE fat than I had before (granted, this could be natural swelling due to the lipo procedure), and I have a "boxy" look to my hips that is due I think to the overtightening of my stomach skin, which should not be there since I paid to have that rounded/removed. 

The lines in my face which are supposed to be softened after almost two weeks are almost gone!  He stated he does not do fat injections, which I thought was ridiculous because it was convenient that he was doing liposuction anyway, and the results would be more permanent.  

I also had to be admitted into the Emergency Room the day after surgery.  I tried calling the doctor for help, and he offered to phone a prescription into the pharmacy for the severe vomiting and nausea I was having a problem with.  He just told me I had to relax.  Like it was some kind of anxiety attack.  It wasn't.  It was also an idiotic suggestion to phone in a pill prescription, when I couldn't ingest it.  I fainted on my bathroom floor and my boss/friends parents took me to the hospital emergency room.  They never really did find out what it was but they put me on  a painkiller and anti-nausea medicinal drip. 

The muscles in my stomach which he claimed he tightened are still hurting, but it was like being stabbed when that happened.  Every time my body heaved to throw up the pain was excruciating.  That is why I fainted.  By the way, he has a great reputation and is Board Cerified.  I know many woman who have gone to him.  It just goes to show you, even though you think the person is very good, you might be one of the people that he screws up on anyway.  The back pain is also bad, since I have to tuck in my butt to walk because the skin on my stomach is too tight to allow my arch, which is almost non-existent anyway to return to normal.  I am walking straight up at least with my butt tucked in anyway. 

Make sure that you talk in three-dimensional physical description with the Dr.  "I would like this gone, but please make sure you don't flatten my side profile because you are correcting the front." 

Also take your own before/after pics so that you can show them if they screwed up.  I know I am still healing and maybe these things will go away, but there are some things, IMPORTANT things that I know won't and are permanent.  I can tell. 

My butt is one of them, my breasts are another, and so is the crooked belly button.   Should I sue?  I don't know.  I actually would have to get more surgery, to correct everything wrong now!                     


Very Worried

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