2 weeks post op today - Houston, TX

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I am a single mother of 3 kids, 15,13,and 5. Even...

I am a single mother of 3 kids, 15,13,and 5. Even before my divorce I was always so depressed over what the pregnancies did to my body. 2 years ago I had a breast aug done and couldn't be happier with the decision. Its a long time coming but I'm finally in a financial position to be able to do something for myself.

I can't even explain in words how badly I want to have a flat stomach and be able to wear a bikini at the pool. I want to cry just thinking about it! Im fairly fit, I work out 4 times a week but like one woman wrote, no amount. of exercise can get rid of the jelly belly LOL!

My surgery is scheduled for July 27th 2011. Any advice is greatly appreciated because right now I'm a bit freaked out after hearing horror stories of recovery. I did my research on my doctor and have every bit of confidence that I chose the right one.

Took some pics today to show the before. Only 23...

Took some pics today to show the before. Only 23 more days left having this body! I'm getting excited.

First of all, thank you to the wonderful ladies...

First of all, thank you to the wonderful ladies who have commented and given such great advice and support. It means a lot!! I have my preliminary blood tests etc tomorrow at the hospital and Monday I am going in to see Dr. Basu for pictures and instructions! Found out that my surgery is at 2:30pm so I'm hoping that there is a cancellation and I can be moved up.

Ok, preliminary paperwork and blood/urine tests...

Ok, preliminary paperwork and blood/urine tests are done!! Paid the hospital portion as well. That took about an hour and the next step is to see my doctor Monday! The 27th is coming soooo fast! :)

Today I had my pre op appt with Dr. Basu's office....

Today I had my pre op appt with Dr. Basu's office. We took the before pictures and I gave the final payment. We went over all the instructions for before and after surgery and what to expect. The lovely ladies on this site made it easy for me to know what to ask so thank you!!

I can't believe my surgery is only 9 days from now. I'm pretty nervous! I'm also frustrated cause I have to give up all my vices that I love so much!! First it was smoking!! Then diet pills!! Now no more red bulls or energy drinks in general. In a few days its alcohol!! I wanna laugh and cry all at the same time :)

My doctors assistant, Elizabeth, is just so very sweet and makes you feel so comfortable and more than anything she is honest when answering the hard questions and I really appreciate that.

I just know with the continued support from everyone here, I will be just fine and I am so informed which will help me get through the difficult parts!! Plus I have an amazing boyfriend that will be there to help me.

I have less than 2 days before my surgery! It...

I have less than 2 days before my surgery! It really went by so quickly. I picked up my prescriptions today. The standard stuff like Vicodin, something for nausea, and Valium. I can't stop thinking about the procedure! I'm finishing up a little cleaning of my apartment and have to get through one more day of work. Tomorrow night I have to take a shower with the antibacterial soap the hospital gave me and then try to stay up till at least 11:59pm so I can have my last meal ha ha ha....well my surgery isn't until 2:30 the next afternoon so I know I will be starving if I dont.

Had a bad night. I think my anxiety got the best...

Had a bad night. I think my anxiety got the best of me. I was laying down in bed and my chest was really hurting. I got the chills really bad and my fingers were like they were asleep. I didn't go to the emergency room but I debated it a couple times. This lasted for a couple hours and then the chills stopped and I had the sweats and was too hot for blankets. Has anyone else experienced this right before surgery?

Now my PS is concerned and I'm having to go get an EKG done and get surgical clearance from my primary care today. With the surgery scheduled for tomorrow afternoon its a race against the clock!! I don't think this is helping my anxiety!! lol

FINALLY!!! I've been cleared for surgery..the...

FINALLY!!! I've been cleared for surgery..the panic attack was just that...something I get sometimes but I'm very healthy. Even though it was frustrating and I should've had my surgery July 27th, its also nice to know that everything is ok with my heart etc. Today is the day! I took my anti bacterial soap shower last night, stopped all food and drink way before midnight and I'm up before the sun has risen so I can prepare to head to the hospital in a few hours. My surgery is noon central standard time and I'm hoping to be able to update everyone either later tonight or first thing tomorrow.

I'm really over the fear and just ready to have the flat stomach I haven't seen since I was 19yrs old. I'm 36 yrs old btw.

Post Op Day 1 - Surgery was yesterday 8/8/11...

Post Op Day 1 -

Surgery was yesterday 8/8/11 at noon cst. Everything went smoothly and I woke up in recovery around 4ish. I was mildly uncomfortable, I would say a 5 on a scale of 1-10 so the nurses kept giving me morphine which knocked me out. I had to finally ask them for something that would keep me awake so I could go home lol. Im one of the lucky ones who can tolerate anesthesia and pain meds on an empty stomach but had a few graham crackers just to please them. I kept the hospital gown on and added another put on the opposite way to go home in. My drive was 20 min and surprisingly not bad at all! I was awake the whole time. The rest of the night was easy. Reading everyone's advice and stories helps so much. I made sure to have lots of pillows to be in an upright position, I'm taking my medicine every couple of hours and I have my boyfriend here to help me get up to go to the bathroom and get anything else I need. I'm really shocked that I'm not in as much pain as I thought. Slept pretty well too.

8/9/11 Day 1 has not been too bad. I have to make sure to sit up and need help getting out of bed but am able to walk to the bathroom on my own. I only took 1 small nap today and have been taking 750ml of vicodin every 3 hrs. I'm happy to say that the pain is not terrible..all the bad stories of recovery are too much to read so I hope when you read mine, it will give you hope. Right now it feels like when you are 8 months pregnant and have that baby pushing on your abs/ribs from the inside..that pressure? And the incision over my left hip burns a bit but again, nothing that isn't awful. I naturally have a high tolerance for pain and am really glad that it hasn't been bad. I'm sorry if some of this doesn't make sense..its the meds! lol

8/11/11 - Day 3 I had trouble logging on to...

8/11/11 - Day 3

I had trouble logging on to this site yesterday so I could update everyone. I havent moved much other than going to the toilet. Its really getting to me. Its so hard to be completely dependent on others. Anyway, I havent dared to look at my incision yet but am planning on taking a sponge bath later this evening and I may take pics to share with everyone. I have a lot of gas bubbles working around my abs and my incision burns. I'm taking vicodin every couple of hours and working on pushing myself to taking less pain pills and going longer before needing them. Right now its not successful. Even though I cannot tell, I feel like I'm really bloated or swollen and I'm scared to look at my stomach. My back is killing me too.

8/12/11 Post Op Day 4 - Last night was a good...

8/12/11 Post Op Day 4 -

Last night was a good night. It was the first time I took the binder off and looked at the incision. The incision is nice and low and stitched very tight. Its protected by some kind of webbing glue and isn't leaking or doing anything bad! I am swollen above the incision but that is to be expected. I also got to see my new belly button! I already posted a picture! That is enough to keep me in good spirits! Another accomplishment is that I was able to help myself out of bed without help and havent had to take vicodin but every 4 hrs! I am having a good day!

8/13/11 Post Op Day 5 Still the same today. I'm...

8/13/11 Post Op Day 5

Still the same today. I'm pushing a little more to move around the house. I don't want to overdo it but I'm tired of laying around too. I have a goal of going back to work in 4 days so hopefully I will be able to manage that. My drains are finally starting to annoy me. Its very bothersome to have them in. I hope that at least one is taken out on Tuesday when I see my PS. I took a couple pics. Im swollen as expected.

Hello to all my beautiful gals out there! I'm...

Hello to all my beautiful gals out there! I'm becoming more and more mobile each day but still have to bend over more than I like which is still making it hard on my back. Also, because I cant take deep breaths it wears me out so fast to go such a little distance. I exert so much energy that I wind up with low blood sugar. I did sit on the bathtub last night and shaved my legs! It wasn't easy and I'm sure I missed a few spots but it is still nice to be shaved! My incision does not hurt, its where the drain tubes enter my body that is the most annoying thing! Tomorrow I have a dr appt and hope that I can have at least 1 tube taken out. Can you wonderful ladies help me out with how much fluid drained on avg? For several days both my left and right drain 30ml each. I would love to know if that is good or bad or what the doctor will be looking for. I appreciate any answers and advice. Also Im so curious how the ladies who did not have drains after surgery experienced bloating or swelling?

I dont know why I say ml instead of cc! My drains...

I dont know why I say ml instead of cc! My drains do 30cc each per day and each day its a little less.

8/18/11 Post op day 9 I havent updated in a few...

8/18/11 Post op day 9

I havent updated in a few days. I had a dr appt on Tuesday and was able to remove one of the drainage tubes. No one that ive read has mentioned the pain involved with this! I had no idea the tube was almost a foot inside me!! And when they pulled it out I felt it run from my ribs through my body and out my private area...It was very painful! The worst part is I have another appt next Tuesday to get the other one out. :( I'm thankful to have it out but wow I wasnt prepared for the pain. I'm doing great. Went back to work yesterday. It doesnt take much to wear out so I only pushed myself for a few hours. Also I'm standing up about 98% straight and was able to take a shower the other day too.

Today marks 2 weeks post op!! I was out all...

Today marks 2 weeks post op!! I was out all weekend shopping for back to school items. It feels great to be able to drive and stand up straight. I also bought a "spanx" waist only from walmart which fits so much better than the other thing and now I'm able to wear my regular shirts again and not feel 3x the size. My belly is so sensitive, I guess from the stretching? It hurts when touched and even if you barely touch me, it feels like you are going too rough...kinda like having a sunburn and you don't want anyone to touch you accidently. I hope it goes away soon. I bought palmers cocoa lotion to rub on it for now. Tomorrow I get the last tube out and then I will take more pics for everyone to see.

Dr. appt went really well...I'm free of the...

Dr. appt went really well...I'm free of the annoying drain tubes!!! Also my ps took the webbing tape off my incision so I got a look at the real thing finally and I'm extremely happy. I promise to take pics tomorrow and post them. They also said that the intense sensitivity I feel on my chest is due to the nerves reconnecting. Now all I need is the swelling to go away and I'll be one hot mama :)

It was so awesome to wear my yoga stuff and look somewhat normal again..I highly recommend getting a spanx like garment as soon as you can. It helps to hold everything in evenly and gives you a great figure which helps with the depression that we all are going through during this process.

I'm so happy I did this. This is a life changer.

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