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Hello beautiful ladies!!! What an inspiration...

Hello beautiful ladies!!!
What an inspiration you all are to me. I was referred to real self by my best friend who gave me the strength and courage to do this and I'm glad I decided to join. My story is all to similar to all the ladies on here. I never ever had a sexy body and always wanted one and now its my time! I'm 35 with two boys 13 and 2. And yes my last baby put the nastyness on me and it never fell off :( . Any how right now I'm in the research stage and going to consultations, I need a TT with Lipo of my flanks and back rolls. I'm 146 Pounds and 5 2 in height. It will be a good weight on me of the fat was in the right place. (Butt) I'm gonna keep it real with you ladies, my body is a hot mess period!!' I didn't realize how crazy it looked until I took pictures to send to some Surgerons. My spouse took my photos and we laugh. He was laughing with me not at me and he also reassure me that he loves me just the way Iam (awwwwww my babe). He Also supports my choice to the fullest and is willing to help me pay as soon as I make a decision. I'm not going to bored you with a long story about me, I like to post when things have happened. So I will be back on after I handle some consultations and tell you all about them. Talk to you soon! Oh p.s. I will post before pics as soon as I make a decision on a surgeon because I know you all need a good laugh!! Xoxoxo

Good Afternoon Ladies, Just wanted to post that...

Good Afternoon Ladies,
Just wanted to post that my honey hit a number and gave me half of his winnings to put towards my new body. A whole $100 bucks LOL!! He is the bestest. Have a good Sunday.

Hi ladies!! So today I had a phone consult with Dr...

Hi ladies!! So today I had a phone consult with Dr. Okoro, nice guy. He was telling me all the right things and how he can make me look really good. He also said he don't want to so BBL and TT in the same session. He said I should do Lipo and BBL first and then come back for TT. Ummm I need to be flat so of Lipo can do that then I will consider it. It was all good and I felt he understood what I wanted and he really wanted to make me look good. But then his assistant Amanda emailed me the quote for BBL and Lipo and I got sad. $11,000!!!! Some ppl may say that's not bad, but I want to do it this year and I can't with that price. :( . I have 3 more consults lined up so I will make my decision after I hear all options.

Hey dolls, I'm back with one hell of a decision to...

Hey dolls, I'm back with one hell of a decision to make. Dr. Perry emailed me back and I'm so excited about that. His work is great and so is Dra. Robles. I need to hear from my perry and Robles ladies. I need to decide where to go!!! HELP?????

Ladies I put up my shell of a body pics, maybe my...

Ladies I put up my shell of a body pics, maybe my perry and Robles ladies can help me decide because y'all know what these dr.s can do!! Thanks!!

Hi ladies, so my hunny just told me that he does...

Hi ladies, so my hunny just told me that he does not have vacation this year in Nov, because he took 2 weeks in Jan when we went to new orleans. :(. so this means that if i decided on either perry or robles and i cant go until next year. I really need the help with my 2 year old so this surgery may not be happening until just then. I still have a couple of consults in NYC and if one of them is telling me something good, maybe i will keep my nov date and have my mom come stay with us while i recover. HMMMMM decisions... decisions...

Hello ladies, so i had another consult today with...

Hello ladies, so i had another consult today with a PS who works out of a BK office :). First off, i live in BK so you already know thats a plus. Second he is the nicest PS that i met with so far. He is honest smart and also works in Asia from time to time. His credientials are amazing. I really think I'm going to go with him. Although i love Perry and Robles work, i also want to have this surgery done this year. If i choose to go away i have to wait until next year. The cost of going to perry with travel included will be more then my BK quote and the cost of going to robles with travel is about the same as my BK quote. I just get to stay home and the facility is close by my home. So right now i'm just thinking about what it is that im going to do about booking Dr. Kaufman and canceling all other consults in NYC or just keeo them to see what each one has to say (they free anyway). I will let you know what i decide once i decide LOL!! Talk to you soon.

So i had a consult today with Dr. Tehrani... Nice...

So i had a consult today with Dr. Tehrani... Nice guy and his work is fab. His price wont work for me this year. My bday is in jan and i really want to be done with this surgery and looking good for my bday. So on to the next...

Hello loves, I'm on this site all day everyday and...

Hello loves, I'm on this site all day everyday and get so excited for the ladies that had theirs or upcoming is near. Mines won't be til late Nov early Dec and I tell you it seems so far. Maybe it's because I still haven't found a PS. I'm still reading and searching because before I commit to one I know there are more to interview. Well congrats to all the ladies looking beautiful N to all the ladies scheduled in the next couple of months. Soon i too will be on the flat side!!!

So ladies I found him, my 2nd consult with him and...

So ladies I found him, my 2nd consult with him and he is the one. He is very informative, explains everything so well and just made me feel really comfortable. He is close to my home which is a plus. I'm so excited and happy, but very much nervous. He also said I have a small hernia that he will fix. I said let my insurance pay for that and we deduct it from the price and I only pay the remaining balance. He agreed and said that can be done with no problem. Wow!! I'm super hype right now lol.

GM, I'm stuck between two PS now. This is a hard...

GM, I'm stuck between two PS now. This is a hard job. I just want the best results and care. Please help me decide!!!!

That's a good idea MzPhatBooty!! LOL

That's a good idea MzPhatBooty!! LOL

Ok dolls, I have consult tomorrow with Dr. Sadeh...

Ok dolls, I have consult tomorrow with Dr. Sadeh his work is awesome too!! Omg this is so hard just to find a PS!!

I really want a TT and BBL, but all the PS that I...

I really want a TT and BBL, but all the PS that I like won't do it together due to the recovery time and the flipping of my to do the next procedure body. :(

Thank you sweetie!! This is such a hard decision!

Thank you sweetie!! This is such a hard decision!

I have been reading some many good things on here...

I have been reading some many good things on here about Dra. Robles, she was originally my first choice. I had got scared with going out if the country to do this. But after reading all the reviews which many made me smile, I was happy. I really like her work and her concern for her patients ( as I read that) most of all I like the all inclusive package which makes this process a whole lot smoother. On top of that I have been texting Laura last night and she respond to quickly to answer my questions. This make me feel so confident that I will be ok over there. Does anyone knows how to change your doctor on your profile?

Also, I asked Laura about sending a deposit once I...

Also, I asked Laura about sending a deposit once I booked and she said they don't need that, just flight info and I can pay once I get there. That's great because I read that some of the ladies had to wire transfer there deposit and sometimes that can be a pain! Oh today I have a consult with Dr. Sedeh is very good also, I still have to find me one good NY PS in case I can't make it to DR, I always try to have a plan B!!! :) I will keep you all posted.

Good Morning Ladies, So let me start by saying...

Good Morning Ladies,

So let me start by saying im so exhausted with all these consultations. I went to see Dr. Morrison hoping he would lower his price and he did by 1,000, thats not going to work for me. I still have 2 more consultations to go to, Dr. Yager next sat and Lenox Hill on June 6th. Then it will be time for me to decide weather to stay in NYC or go to DR. My mom is so supportive, she really wants me to stay here in NYC to do it, but is also going to support where ever i choose to go and will be right there with me. So i went to mee Dr. Sadeh and his wife and they are the best. Just funny and really wants me to look good and i do believe he will do just that. Ive seen his work and its amazing. He is also willing to give me the TT, lipo and fat transfer to Butt for $11,000, its high but i think its doable and a great price for NYC for all 3 procedures. So based on his skills and reviews from the ladies on here, he is on my list for NYC PS. Now Dr. Yager work is good too. He kind of remind me of a DR PS surgeon just here in NYC. As far as his pictures go. He server the latinos, which makes me believes he can do a DR job LOL. But we will see once i consult with him and see some more before and after photos. I really want to have my SX this year, nov or dec. I want it before my bday which is in Jan. To be honest this is really a tough decision because right now i'm only $1,850 away from a DR body, so you already know how tempting that is to just go over there and do it. My hubby and BBF said i should just go over there, they so excellent job and its affordable. I think im just a little hesitant, because i dont want a unnatural looking body which i know they are famous for. I just want to look natural and sexy. Decision Decision. Well i have time because my mom still needs to get her passport, so that will give me more thinking time. Until the next thought comes, i will talk to you beauties later. Happy Healing to all that are recovering and congrats to all that have upcoming procedures. I'll be there sooner then later.

Really, when are you looking to go?

Really, when are you looking to go?

Ladies I have been in contact with Laura (just...

Ladies I have been in contact with Laura (just love her) and she said to give this site to all the patients that's interested in Dra. Robles:
She advise all to follow her on FB, where you can ask her questions directly!! This is what I'm talking about make you feel so comfortable. She also has before and after pics up, I so love her work!! Until my next post, ttyl!'

So I added two more before pics, I think the top...

So I added two more before pics, I think the top of my belly went down some with eating better a lil jog. I still need help lol!

Good morning, I think I will be staying right...

Good morning,

I think I will be staying right here in my home town of NYC!! Dr. Sedah is a great doctor and I feel he will give me what I've been longing for. I have really bad anxiety and I know going to DR I will be a nervous wreck and probably won't go thru it. I know have to focus are not being a nervous wreck period!! So hubby said he will give me $$ for Mother's Day to put toward my surgery :) I'm not sure how much yet but I'm just happy to receive whatever. So my plan is to see how much he will give and then I will book my date. I'm leaning toward nov, just to give me more time to save and buy the items that I will be needing. I'm so excited and I'm nervous. But I know once it comes real my nervousness will subside (I hope). So until the next time dolls, happy healing to the ladies that's recovery and congrats to the ladies with upcoming procedures!!

Just want a beautiful body to go with my beautiful...

Just want a beautiful body to go with my beautiful hair!! *Sigh*

Ok beauties, dr yager office is beautiful....

Ok beauties, dr yager office is beautiful. Everyone so smiley!! He is straight to the point. What really shock me was.... He said an hour an a half is all I need under for a tummy tuck!!! Wow, is this safe??? He said " I do so many that's all I need." Then I told him I want some booty, he told me to come back in 2 weeks after TT if I feel up to it and we can do Bbl! Again another hour and a half under. I seen his TT and I like them. Not to crazy about his BBL. his fee is $7500 for TT if I do flanks then thats extra $2000. But remember ladies everybody body is different so my price is my price. So I have a decision to make because I'm ready to book with someone. That will be my next post, the doctor and place I choose. Until the next time, stay beautiful and happy healing!!

Hello again, I receive a quote from Dr. Salama...

Hello again,
I receive a quote from Dr. Salama (who I've had my eye on for a minute now) for a TT which is great. He does fab work and make big butts (I like). He stated that he will not do my TT and BBL together, but I can come back in 3 to 4 months to do. I'm like super excited, for one I LOVE MIAMI, and Two I feel really confident that he will take good care of me. I seen aquestforadunk results and OMG, I had to research him. I fell like him, perry, and Jamison makes some of the best booties this far. My goal is to book for Nov either before thanksgiving or after. Just waiting on my sister to let me know if she can take the time off in Nov. I finally feel like my journey has come to an end for research PS and i'm so glad, that was a job. Until the next time my TTuckers and BBLifters, TTYL!!

I forgot to add that my support team all agrees...

I forgot to add that my support team all agrees that getting TT and BBL done at the same time is insane. I agree and I respect the PS that refused to do these procedures together. I really want a booty and that's why DR was one of my choices, but I also want a smooth recovery and TT plus BBL that means Lipo too!!!! Who Am I kidding I could'nt even deal with contractions and before kids mentrual cramps was a killer. LOL!! So I will wait for my dunk, but will try to have it for the summer of 2014 :)

So I'm a ill down because I really was excited...

So I'm a ill down because I really was excited about having my TT in nov with Dr. Salama, but he is booked for the rest of this year :(. Nancy said next available dates is in jan. I really wanted this done before my bday which is jan 8th. I know one of the NYC ps that I like will have nov dates available. They always say "good things come to those that wait" aim a true believer of that but I just want this belly to be gone. I tried on a dress I bought for the summer and it wld look so much better wit a flat belly n big booty. I'm very picky when it comes to this decision because this is a life changing procedure n I need to be happy with my results. Decisions decisions!!!! ;(

Finally Booked

YAYYYY!! i'm so happy to say I've decided to booked with Dr. Salama. After see so many gooood reviews from the ladies, I researched him and I like what I saw. I actually love his Butts. Since I required a TT and no lipo alone will work for me, I will do my BBL at a later date, Salama will not do it together. I'm so excited and altho my date is booked for Jan 16th, I will be checking for cancellations for Nov. It feel like some stress has come off of me, this was a hard task choosing the right PS. I have faith and confidence that Dr. S will make me looks good. He does as well as he stated in his email to me. :)!! The next thing is to check flights and hotels, I will be watching for those prices. So until the next time, Happy healing ladies!!! and congrats to all with upcoming surgeries, I will soon see you all on the flat side.

So Jealous

I cant seem to stay off this site, I keep reading and looking at all the wonderful BBL pics. Man I wish I didn't need a TT. I want my big booty like 5 minutes ago. :(

Emotionally Happy

Hey Ladies,

Just wanted to share my feelings on these procedures. This is like a dream come true to me. I got emotional for a hot second while listening to my music just thinking about how long i dream of being a sexy human being. I have not wore lingerie for no man, because i dont like how my body looks in it. Those items are made for sexy curvy shapes (my opinion) which i never ever had. Just the thought that in 8 months i will be flat is so exciting. I'm tearing up as i type this. I get more excited about my BBL when i read and see all the before and after photos posted by the ladies on here. All i do is imagine myself with the booties that are being made. My god im going to be one sexy motha lover. I can not wait to wear something sexy for my boo. He deserves it. Although my TT is 8 months away (so hoping for an earlier date) being on here is the only thing that keeps me happy. I don't even shop anymore, because i know what i like to wear and i can't. So i always find myself buying conservative things. I want to be free, i want to wear leggings with a waist shirt letting all that ass show LOL. I love to see women in leggings with a nice shape. Its comfy and still sexy at the same time. These surgeons are making a lot of women dreams a reality. My Dream will come true soon too. Well thats all for now, thanks for listening. TTYS.

Which one to do first??

So today I receive a call from dr. Cortes office and was told he suggest doing BBL first because he want to use all my fat for my booty, then come back in 6 months for the TT. Dr. Salama is vice versa. Dr. S wants to do TT first and my flanks he said I will still have enough fat left in my abdomen and back to form a nice booty, DR. Cortes office disagree. Now mind you I have yet to speak to either dr to confirm these findings . This is their patient coordinators telling me this (assuming Cortes and salama actually looked at my photos). I guess my questions is what should I do first ? What makes the most since??

NYC Bootay??

Good Morning,

Over the weekend I decided to go to this one last Consult with Dr. Schulman for my BBL later next year. So far I have seen 3 ladies on here with wonderful results. So I'm scheduled for June 7th to meet with him and I'm curious to what he will have to say. I know he is going to be a bit pricey and more then I want to pay, but I will deal with that issue once I make a decision. So that's all for now. Happy Healing to all that had there day and congrats to all that has upcoming. TTYS!! :)

Schedule for 9/24/13 Excited

Hey dolls! Just a quick update, so my date got moved up Yayyyy!! So 4 months to go and this flab of a belly shall be gone!! Also I have my consult with Dr. Schulman on Friday June 7th. I'm really excited about that because he is becoming one of the best booty makers next to salama, and Jamison. So can wait to hear what he will tell me being that I'm doing my TT first. So I will keep you lovely ladies posted!! Until then ttyl!!

Essence Music Fest

Hi boos!!! So I will be attending the Essence music Fest for July 4th weekend. Excited about that. After that its grind time to get myself ready for my TT in sept. so many things coming up before my sx, but I'm never selfish and don't know how to be, I just hope I don't have to push my date back because I can't get it together in time!!! Also today I meet with Dr. Schulman, will update after that consult!! Ttyl!!

3 Months to go

Hey ladies, so I have 3 months to go yayyyy!! My consult with Dr. Schulman was great, of course he suggested he do BBL first so he can have more fat to work with. I slept on it and decided I better do my TT first and BBL second. I told the doc I'm not looking for a big booty, just bigger and rounder then what I have now. He said well then it's ok to do your TT first and we will use the back fat. I know the more fat the better Cus we don't keep it all but I have faith in him and my bootay will still look great after I loose volume. Trust I have no booty now. So more is better then what I'm working with now.

Sorry was in tunnel lost phone service

Like I was saying, I just want something to stick out in the back when I wear fitting dresses. I want my jeans to look nice back there. Ladies you get my drift. Big butts are lovely but I'm realistic and I'm a small gal in size and I need to look natural. I don't mind salama doing my bootay, but I just really don't want to travel again, hotels & flights. I want to keep it simple and close to home for my second sx. I will have 4 weeks vacation starting in the new year, so I will use 2 weeks of them to get my BBL. Dr. Schulman said at least 6 months after TT, which is ok with me, I want to be half way recovered before I go in again. So for now I will focus on getting prepared for my upcoming TT. Thanks ladies for all your support. :)

Tattoo in the works!!

Hi ladies, so I leave for New Orleans next Friday for essence music Fest. Then once I'm back I will count down my days to being flat. Now I may write like I'm cool with no worries but I'm so freaking scared of everything!! The results, the pain and what ever else comes with it. So I'm trying to take my mind off of it but deciding on what type of tattoo I will be getting to cover up my TT scar. I love tattoos I have 5 and number 6 soon and 7 soon come. I think I will get number 6 while in New Orleans!! Idk ladies sometimes I want to back out and go shopping lol!! But I really want to be sexy and flat. Just wish it was a less scarier way of getting there. Well that's all I have for now, tty lovely strong ladies soon. Happy healing to all that went thru and good luck to all upcoming!!! :)


Hey ladies,
I've decided I won't be ready for my sept 23rd sx. I need more time. So I'm looking to go in march of next year, just waiting on nancy to get back to me. So anyone who has a march or late feb date with Salama hit me up if you want my date. Happy healing and good luck to all going in soon!! :)

New TT date 1/21/14

Hi ladies, received email from Nancy and got my new TT date!!! I feel much more relaxed now. I'm telling you my old sept date was stressing me out. I just couldn't save fast enough lol. Now I have 7 months to finish preparing for my sx and I'm all smiles.

July 14th my last date change (I hope)

Well hello dolls!!! Yes im still here, just been staying off RS for a while because its makes me want my sx so much sooner then I can have it. I do peek everynow and then and all the results from the ladies are wonderful. Prayers up for bklynbeauty today, its her turn to get extra beautified. My new and hopefully final date change is July 14th, and im so ready to get it done and over with. hugs and kisses to all!!! I will be peeking LOL. Later dolls.

6 months Away

Well Hello all, yes its been a while.. But i had to stay off because as i said before it made me want my surgery sooner then i can get it. This is my year and im excited to get this belly flat. i will be counting down the months as time gets near. i'm so looking forward to this journey and experience. look forward to wearing a tight tank top and some fitted jeans. I have been looking at flights and checking out hotels.. as soon as i booked them i know there will be no turning back.

Almost 5 months down

Well, Lately i have been reconsidering MIA, because i'm now having a problem finding someone to stay with me for 12 days out there. also, the cost for me to stay out there for 12 days in a hotel plus plane fare, hire a nurse and food will equal to up to what i can pay right here in NY where i live. So i had went to see a doc on friday and he gave me a price that i feel i would spend anyway if i went to MIA with all that is included to travel there and be comfortable. He is a very good surgeon.. a young lady here on RS went to him as well as my BFF, and they both look great. although my BFF had different work done from what i'm getting she looks wonderful. The young lady on here had a TT by him and she look nice and flat. She really made me go see him. I have one more consultation on monday with a NJ dr. that my auntie went to just last week for her TT. So once i see him then i will think about who i want to use. The only problem now is, how do i get my deposit back that i put down for Dr. Salama???? If anyone has sold their date before please let me know, or if anyone that plan on going to Dr. S and wants to go in july let me know. I would love to get my deposit back.

Well thats all for now, until further notice.
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