10 weeks post op- can anyone sleep on their tummy yet? I can't!!! Lol!

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My consult is scheduled for Tuesday March 20th!...

My consult is scheduled for Tuesday March 20th! Any one with advice or questions you forgot to ask that you think may be helpful please post and i'll ask them! Lol! If you have experience with Dr. Tattlebaum, I'm interested in hearing from you too.

Those of you in recovery, I am reading your stories and praying for all of you and so excited for you! All of your advice is so valuable. This is a very serious surgery with a difficult recovery and the tips and advice from all of you is paramount!

I had my consult with Dr. Tattlebaum and I was...

I had my consult with Dr. Tattlebaum and I was originally scheduled for April 25th. Upon learning that I'm flexible with scheduling the scheduler mentioned that they may be adding Monday, April 2nd as a surgery date to make up for the loss the will have with Good Friday. She asked if I wanted to be on that list. I said sure, thinking I wouldn't really be called. I was called! After much thought, a quick puke from nerves ( not kidding) I've decided it's now or never! My daughter will be on spring break which means less planning to get her to cheerleading, piano etc, and my husband can take 4 days off and have that Friday off as the holiday (Good Friday). I also thought about the warm weather that is quickly approaching and would prefer not wearing the compression garment further into the spring the necessary! Just wanted to post this so I can claim this! No switching! April 2nd it is! I have a million things to do in the meantime. Will post more including pics later! Love all of your stories and support. Any additional tips are always appreciated!

I go between feeling nervous, anxious and excited!...

I go between feeling nervous, anxious and excited! This waiting is horrific! Anyway, I think I'm all set in terms of preparation. Just need to hit the grocery store last minute to stock up and then it's rest and recovery! Good luck to those waiting like me and happy healing to those who have crossed over! Less than a week to go! Need to get my pics up!

Thinking about painting my powder room Friday,...

Thinking about painting my powder room Friday, lmao! Am I "nesting"? Sounds crazy, but we have been in our home 10 years and I picked every little detail, obsessed over cabinets, granite selevtions, appliances, paint colors and furnishings and now I decide the powder room is boring. Off to the paint store! Haha! Yep, I've lost it, I need something else to think about, for sure!

Jelly belly pre op pics added! YIKES!!!!

Jelly belly pre op pics added! YIKES!!!!

I received my call of surgery time. My surgery is...

I received my call of surgery time. My surgery is Monday April 2nd at 1:45. Expected to be in surgery for 2 hours and recovery for about an hour or 2. Wish my surgery time was earlier in the morning, but will just deal!

Surgery was today. I will post a more...

Surgery was today. I will post a more comprehensive review later when not so out of it. Sleeping will be rough, back is killing me. I havnt seen tummy bu ban tell he goyo iy right.

My advice, BUY a Toilet rise. My pooty breaks have been wonderful!

Wow, sorry for the typos in April 2nd update, was...

Wow, sorry for the typos in April 2nd update, was doped up from meds. So I arrived at the surgery center, fill out paperwork and shortly thereafter I am taken back. I gave a urine specimen, was changed into a gown and my bikini bottom, compression stockings, shower cap and footies then met with my surgeon who began the photos and body markings. We discussed our goals, which are to remove overhanging skin, discussed stretch marks and how many he anticipated would be gone and discussed the flanks lipo which is included in my price. He promised to take good care of me ( I adore Dr. Tattlebaum) I had a mini meltdown crying jag due to nerves and he said it was normal and consoled me! He then discussed the ever so important scar placement and how the scar would look initially and how it would progressively improve in the coming months. Told me to walk hunched over for the first week and explained this is a process of ups and downs and to maintain open communication with him. He wanted to to make sure we are on the same page and that my goals were in sync with his. Again, love him!

I was then taken to the nurses station and talked with my recovery nurse and anestesiologist. Everyone was professional nice and comforting. My iv was started which makes me cold. I am wrapped in warm blankets and asked some family history questions. My husband is brought in and the nurse goes over milking the drain, my post op appt, do's and donts and how to clean and change my dressing. I am encouraged to call if any issues questions or concerns and informed of signs that need their immediate attention. I was given a breathing Spirometer with instructions to use it every hour I'm up for 10 blows to encourage healthy breathing through the compression binder. ( hard to do with binder, but I'm doing everything they ask) I kiss my husband goodbye and a, taken to operating room. I'm placed on table and here the anestisologist nurse and doctor tell me I'm in good hands and they would see me on the flat side. I'm immediately drunk feeling and woke up to my name and being advised it was over and I did great! I'm given sips of water and placed in a recliner. I'm told if I can't urinate, I'll be sent home with a catheter that my husband was instructed on how to remove. Upon hearing that, I drank up and went to bathroom! Lol. I was in recovery for about 2 hours then released to go home. We drove home and the commute was a tad rough. My pain was about a 4 but I began feeling so nauseous. When we finally got home,i had my daughter run in the house and grab me a banana. I had a few bites and was feeling better immediately. I got out of car walked hunched over with my hubby and daughters assistance and then up the stairs to my room. The stairs were hard for me. I changed clothes, went to bathroom ( which was super easy with toilet riser) and then took my meds. I then sat in my recliner for awhile but wanted my bed, so we moved me to bed. I have wedge pillows and regular so made bed my sanctuary. I didn't sleep well last night but have been in and out of sleep today.

Dr. Tattlebaum has called me twice to make sure I'm ok and my nurse Jamie also called. I have 1 drain and have been emptying and recording as needed. Day 1 post op is much more manageable then the day of surgery so I feel good knowing that the pain is manageable. I have been walking around my upstairs to keep things moving at least every couple of hours and have been going to bathroom well. No number 2 yet, but I took MOM this morning along with a stool softener and citrucel. I cleansed Sunday night to make sure I wasn't backed up going in! I cannot shower until my drain comes out so I pray it comes out Tuesday when I go to my post op appt. I haven't removed my binder yet, but boy do I look flat! So scared to look, but will likely do that tonight and give you ladies a preview picture! as for food, u haven't been eating to much, just bananas, pineapple water, water, water, ginger ale and crackers.

I know I'm swollen and that I will have good days and bad, but I am going to try my best to stay positive. Thank you so much for all the prays and well wishes and for sharing your stories! They have been so valuable to me! I hope my story helps someone as much as all of yours have helped me! The sisterhood on this website is the best!

1 day post op photo posted.

1 day post op photo posted.

I am 5 days post op and my PS doesn't allow...

I am 5 days post op and my PS doesn't allow showers while drain is in. My post op is next Tuesday, but I don't think my drain will come out! ( I only have one) it doesn't hurt, it's just a big pain in the ass dragging yet another contraption around. I have been taking 2 sponge baths. A day to feel somewhat human and caught my husband and teen daughter talking smack about all the soap and water I'm slinging around. (like I care)

Anyway, my only other gripe is the back pain! That is NO JOKE! Ok, just needed to bitch. It's really not so bad, just want a good long shower and to be free of my big dangling bulb! Back to your regularly scheduled programming! Time for me to go sling soap and water at the fam! Love you, my tummy tuck family!!!!!

Happy Easter my sexy tummy tuck bunnies! Don't...

Happy Easter my sexy tummy tuck bunnies! Don't fall for the chocolate all around you today! Lol. I ,ade the fatal mistake of having a chicken sandwich from chickfila last night. I swole up like a dang pig! Thankfully this morning I'm flat again, but lesson learned! It made me feel like crap! I felt like my tummy was about to pop. Will stick with my low sodium plan and all the healthy foods I bought in preparation of the healing process. I was about to cry my tummy was so tight! Yuk yuk yuk! Don't do it. So wasn't worth it! Can't wait for my daily poo to ensure that mess is out of me! Lmao! Have a great day. You girlies having your procedures tomorrow lease know I am thinking of youl hard to believe I am one week post op tomorrow. Each day is a tad easier. And thanks to my girl Jamby for the massager tip. My back feels tons better just doing that! Have a great day ladies!

Pic of 1 week post op

Pic of 1 week post op

I am 7 days post op today!!!!! While it hasnt been...

I am 7 days post op today!!!!! While it hasnt been that easy (my aching back) it hasnt been all that bad either! I have my post op appointment with Dr. Tattlebaum tomorrow afternoon. The last time he and I had a coherent conversation was when he was marking my body up pre op! Every time that poor man called me (a total of 4 times which I thought was pretty cool AND my recovery nurse Jamie called me as well) I sounded like a MORON because i was so out of it from the meds. Anyway, i dont anticipate nor am I anxious to get my drain (i have one) out tomorrow. I live 45 minutes from his office and would rather not have to go to him weekly for seroma drainage shots. I'll happily deal with my drain another week to prevent the Maryland/DC/VA traffic that is what we call life!

I will be pressuring him to allow me to shower (i havent been in my shower since last MONDAY) but i have been enjoying a sponge bath twice a day to the delight of my husband and daughter! (if you are reading my postings you already know I caught them talking shit about how much of a soapy watery mess i make during my sponge baths! LMAO!

I also think I may take my FX silicone scar sheet in with me on my visit. My scar dressings fell off rather quickly, probably during one of my splish splash events, but when i called and asked him about it, he said by then i should be dry and if i saw any leaking areas to dab them with a clean cloth and apply an antibiotic ointment. I have been super diligient about keeping things around the scar dry and have not sprung any leaks. I am pretty fair skinned so want to get on that scar treatment right away. Maybe i can get him to apply that silicone sheet for me! i understand it is easy to maintain and clean off and reapplies pretty well. It is effective for up to 12 weeks and had excellent reviews. I ordered it off of Makemeheal.com.

My back isnt hurting near as bad as it was even yesterday! Got some great advice from Jamby to use a back massager, which i will say did releive alot of pressure. I havent taken any hard meds today, only Tylenol and my antibiotic, arnica and bromelin.

I noticed that my contoring changes almost by the hour! One minute i look all cut up and thin through the flanks and the next I look chunky. I suppose its the swell hell! Who cares, atleast that nasty bulge is gone! He did an excellent job in my opinion so far. Dr T was insistent that I did not need lipo on my flanks which i battled with him on. In the end he won. He told me to trust him that I had a nice curve there and lipo could make it loose and flabby! When I heard that I relinquinshed. He did however give me a little lipo around my waist near the back to help nip it in. Im happy with it, but boy is it tender! Lipo is no joke! Really hurts back there and I am wondering if that is contributing to some of the horrific back pain I have been experiencing. I will update tomorrow after my appointment! If he doesnt let me shower, will one of you bail me out of jail cause I'm going to fight somebody in that office if I dont get the shower clearance! Later loveys!

I still have that pesky drain, but I can shower...

I still have that pesky drain, but I can shower now! Enuff said!

New pics added. Showering with an exersise band to...

New pics added. Showering with an exersise band to hold drain! I forget where I saw this tip on the board but wanted to advise that I did it for my first solo shower and it worked perfectly as a place to hold your drain! Sure beats clipping it to your nipples! LOL! Also, i am not fighting the battle of the bulge, OF MY VAGINA!!!!! It is swollen to new heights! WHEN WILL THIS GO AWAY! Scared to look at her! LOL!

2 week (14 day post op pic) My drain is...

2 week (14 day post op pic)

My drain is scheduled to come out tomorrow at 15 days post op but I am still putting out over 30 cc's a day so I am going to reschedule and shoot for Thursday. I am so anxious to get it out, but when its not your time, its not your time. Littled bummed about that, but will persevere! At exactly 2 weeks post op today, I must admit I feel like a completely different woman than I did this time last week. Perhaps the daily showers are helping but I no longer take pain meds unless I take something at night just to help me sleep. One thing I have learned from my tummy tuck family is to take it easy once the drain does come out to help prevent setbacks or that damn seroma meany. Im thinking if I can get it out on Thursday I will take the weekend to lay extra low in an effort to help offset any issues. Back pain has improved vastly also and I am no longer walking like an ape, more civililized now, more like a caveman! Happy healing ladies!

I went in today for my 2 week post op appointment...

I went in today for my 2 week post op appointment after delaying it a few days to ensure I was ready to get drain removed and yep, it was time! For me, the drain removal was completely painless. In fact, I was talking and he said, it's out! I hugged him I was so glad it didn't hurt! I took 2 extra strength tylenol in advance of my appointment to help with any pain, but don't think it would have mattered.

Now just have to take it easy to lower risk of seroma and see him again in another week. I had some hardness right above and at my incision line that I was concerned about but he assured me it was nothing but healthy healing scar tissue. Said it will peak at 12 weeks and that I'm healing and looking well. Said he was pleased with my results so far but warned me against doing too much and stated that I still have some swelling and he expects a lot more improvement in my final result. I ordered a waist cincher from hour glass website and was cleared to transition into spanx. I think i will stick with binder ( i personally like the support) until my waist cincher arrives. Today was a good day!

Today marks 3 weeks post op for me! My how the...

Today marks 3 weeks post op for me! My how the weeks have flown! I have had my good days, my not so good days but all in all this has been totally worth it! My next visit with my PS is this coming Thursday for a check up. My drain has been out for 4 full days now and that really has made a difference in my energy level! I have not taken any pain meds in over a week and I am 9 pounds less than my pre surgery weight! As exciting as that is, I can't really enjoy it because my vagina, hips, thighs and butt are so swollen that I cannot button pants! I continue to wear dresses or yoga pants! I really need this swelling to resolve itself quickly! I am thankful and blessed for a healthy surgery but really am becoming depressed about the fact that my hips and thigh measurements have increased! Wtf????? Anyway i bought a new compression garment that is a waste cincher that I absolutely love! It provides excellent support and I walk really well in it. I still sleep in the binder provided by the doctor but during the day I use my high dollar one as it it a smoother fit. Posting a pic but not really much of a difference this week in my opinion but I personally enjoy seeing the weekly transformations so thought I would document my progress that way! Good luck to all those coming up and happy healing to all of us in the throws of this crazy roller coaster ride! Until next week!

As of Monday I am officially 1 month post op! It's...

As of Monday I am officially 1 month post op! It's hard to believe that a month has gone by! This week as been pretty uneventful with the exception of starting my scar therapy! I am using the FX silicon scar sheets and love the way my scar is responding after only 3 days of use. The directions say to apply the sheet for 12 hours daily ( I choose to use at night sp I can use ky lotions and oils duriing the day) and when I remove the sheet in the morning the scar is smooth to the touch! My scar is very thin. Dr. T did an excellent job with my scar placement and the length and size of it. I am also pleased to report that it doesn't look like I am forming any dog ears. My drain hole looks to be healed fine also. For now Im just going to use the scar sheet at night and the vitamin e oil and merdema scar cream during the day to keep my scar hydrated to see how it responds to that. I was also told to massage my belly button to make sure that it doesn't pull and scar so I have been focused on that this week also. I really hate messing with my belly button. I hate the numb feeling of my tummy overall and just dont care to touch it too much. I can do light walking but have not started. I just haven't felt like it. The light housework and chores I have incorporated back into my routine pretty much wipe me out. I just have decided to listen to my body. My doctor did seem to enthused about me working out anyway. I had to ask about it. He frowned and said you can but not much. I have another appointment with him next Tuesday and if all looks good during that visit, then I can take a break from the weekly visits for awhile. That will be a nice change of pace considering he is an hour drive for me! The drive alone wears me out! Lol!

Overall I am very happy with recovery and results and feel so blessed to have not had any complications. I feel bad complaining about not fitting in my jeans or feeling bloated when I read some of the more serious issues some of the ladies are going through so i will just count my blessings today and whine and complain another day! I hope everyone is healing nicely and getting the results they want! My thoughts and prayers are with those of you just begjnnimg your journey! Until next week!

1 month post op pic

1 month post op pic

Hello Ladies! I am 2 months post op (officially as...

Hello Ladies! I am 2 months post op (officially as of Monday, May 28th Memorial Day) so I thought it was time that I did another update and post an updated pic. I am feeling pretty normal with the exception of numbness in my belly and I still am not exercising at full throttle capacity out of fear of hurting myself, but I'm sure I probably could. I am thrilled with my results and just don't want to have any setbacks. I truly want to follow doctors orders and take my time with recovering. My scar therapy is coming along very nicely. My scar is healing very nicely and is super thin. I am very very happy with the way Dr. Tattlebaum placed my scar, how thin my scar is and how tight he pulled me. I have no visible stretch marks!!!!! I have been faithfully using the cocoa butter oil and lotion on my skin and applying the silicon sheet to my scar at night for about 12 hours a day (while i sleep works best for me) and then applying the lotion and oil during the day.

My love affair/obsession with my binder has finally been tapering off. I have been trying my best to sleep without it and not wear it for the last 3 weeks. I am only wearing spanx and sometimes not even that. I noticed when I stopped wearing the binder my swelling came full force then subsided. I am very pleased to report also that I can finally wear all of my previous clothing and have even dropped a size! I have lost a total of 19 pounds since the procedure. At 6 weeks post op I began light walking of about 2.5 miles about 4 days a week and now I am back in the gym. I am not doing any serious ab work but am trying to do some light standing ab work, again, very scared to do too much. I go back to Dr. T at the end of June and will see what he thinks then will kick it up another notch if he says go for it. After I work out I am very swollen for about 2 to 3 hours after. It is horrible and very uncomfortable but I think its just going to have to be the way it is. Its funny to lose so much weight in such a short period of time and not have any of it effect the result. None of my weight loss came off of my stomach. It appears to have come off of my face, arms and hips. I need that crap to come off my thighs!!!!!! LOL! Maybe next round! Well, I will post again at 3 months, until then, happy healing to you ladies and good luck to those approaching your surgery!

Hi ladies! Quick question, I feel great, looking...

Hi ladies! Quick question, I feel great, looking nice, my only gripe...I'm a tummy sleeper and I still can't sleep on my tummy, it's just too uncomfortable! I have been sleeping on my side but I long for the days when I use to sleep in my tummy! Anyone doing it yet? When I lay on my tummy I feel so much pulling that it scares me. I go back to my doctor on the 26th of this month so will discuss with him, and trust me I'm fine sleeping on my side for now, just wondering when it will not feel so weird. My tummy is still quite numb and the area where I had lipo is still sore and sensitive and in my opinion my bothersome then the tummy tuck! I still love life now! This is the best decision I've ever made for myself! Love love love my results! Take care girls!!!!
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

So far I'm pleased! Dr. Tattlebaum is professional and makes you feel very comfortable. Very pleased in my choice of him. I found him to be very calming and comforting and for me that is so important. Dr. Tattlebaum is a skilled surgeon and explains the risks the benefits and having realistic expectations. I would use Dr. T again and highly recommend him for a tummy tuck!

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