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 eeekkkkkkk.....tomorrow is the big day!!!! i...

 eeekkkkkkk.....tomorrow is the big day!!!! i am schedule early i think i have to b there at 6.30! We have had a SUPER busy weekend so i am ready for some down time...i think.... my baby girl turned one and we had a big Easter lunch with the family! I also cleaned my whole house today! Who know when i will feel like doing that again! We are also going to Super Target after the girls wake up from there naps to get the rest of the odd and end things for me tomorrow! Stool the MAIN thing! I DO NOT want to deal with that. (i know from my c sections that i don't deal well with all the meds) and i am going to get some cute button up p.j.s for recovery. i also need granny panies ( as i am proud to say I DON"T OWN)! GOing to get a tank top that is tight almost like a smoothing top to where under my compression garment and SPANXS (that is what my doc recomends) for week two or three if i want to go somewhere and the compression garment is to bulky! Been taking my herbal supplements that my PS gave me and planning a nice night with my sweet hubby and cutie girls!!! Happy Easter. When you hear from me next time i will be with out a belly!!! YIPPIE!

 Well....i am two days post opp. And i will...

 Well....i am two days post opp. And i will run down my experience for you! The surgery itself was GREAT...i don't remember any of i woke up in the recovery room and just wanted my husband and my mom! That is what the nurse said i said anyway i don't remember! I spent the first 14 hours comepletly nausiated from the gas! After throwing up and burping ALOT i felt MUCH BETTER! Last night at about 10 oclock i could finally walk around and go to the bathroom and all that! I am in a bit of pain but NOTHING unbareable! i am feeling right now like this may not have been worth it, (i am just being honest with you all) HOPE that those feelings go away! I did get a peek at my tummy when my PS checked my tummy and let me tell you for sure i hae the cutest little belly button ever!! I do still have some stretch marks below my belly button, but they don't bother me AT ALL! i have to just keep putting my stretch mark cream on it and hopefully over time they will fade more. it is crazy because my PS told me in my first visit what stretch marks would still be there and he was spot on! So it was no shock! My kids are doing great my mom is here taking careof them and my hubby is helping me. he has been at work all day but he set me all up before he left! I have actually spent lots of time with Lauren (3 year old) watching movies. she has been so cute! Getting my meds. checking my ice and just plan old playing nurse! Did i mention that my abs feel like i did 1000 situps....getting in and out of bed is the worse but i am already almost laying flat with my knees up and almost standing up (proably 80%) Okay ladies i will try to post pics soon....when there is something to see!! BTW the drains are NO big deal!!! 

I am SO nervous about my upcoming TT! I have read...

I am SO nervous about my upcoming TT! I have read so much about them and really appreciate everything that i have found on here! I have had two babies via C-section and am hoping that the pain is similar or maybe even easier! I am MOST concerned about when i will be able to care for my kids.

I have a 3 year old and a one year old.?.? My other concerns are that my expectations are to high. I hate all the skin and fat stored on my tummy. I am 150 - 155 sometimes even 148. I think that what i have now is far worse then anything that this can bring?!?!? Does anyone else have a tummy like mine? Have had the TT and have any advice! Did anyone get a good compression garment....on what website? My TT date is April 5th....

 ONE WEEK!!! Drains Came Out!!!!...

 ONE WEEK!!! Drains Came Out!!!! OWIEEEEEEE........ Was not THAT bad byt it did sting! And let me tell you i feel 100 percent better with them out! I am walking straight and can get up and down much more comfortable!!! The depression has faded since i have been able to stand.....amazing what that can do to your outlook! My stomach is also looking AMAZING!!! The surgery tech said that my PS does the BEST belly button! That is something i really never thought about pre surgery! However now i am SO glad that he does a good one! He does his with a down shape on the bottom so that it looks more natural rather then a circle!!! Lets just say I LOVE MINE!!!! So if you are pre surgery and still interviewing PS maybe ask how they do that?!?!?! Will post pics once some swelling goes down....otherwise not much to see!

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So Far everyone has been GREAT! Really set my mind at ease when talking with him.

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