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My surgery is just 4 days away and I feel like I...

My surgery is just 4 days away and I feel like I am planning my life as if I am moving into a fallout shelter. Not only am I stocking up on necessary items my family may need, but I am trying to shop for items I will need to eat, clean my incision, entertain (magazines/books) and use for my comfort. right now, I am nervous as to what type of menu I should plan to have on hand the days right after my tummy tuck. suggestions please!

4 days post-op tummy tuck & lipo to flanks & inner thighs

I am in shock as to how good I feel after only 4 days post surgery. I was definitely in need of help the day I came home from surgery to get in/out of bed & up/down from the toilet. By day 2 I was able to do it all on my own but in very slow motion! Day 1 I was alarmed by the fluid (which is draining out of a tube from low in my pubic area) that was soaking my garment. I thought I tore my stitches but I learned that the hole made for the tube is not a snug fit therefore, the fluid leaks out at that skin/tube connection. I just put a panty liner over it and find that if I move quickly or bend over to far, that is when it leaks out on my skin. At the same time the drain reservoir which is supposed to collect all the fluid has been easy to handle. Day 1 it filled up faster and days 2,3 & 4 it has been much less. I was really happy to take a shower yesterday , day 3. I was careful in removing the dressing that cover my taped up stitches. I still have no feeling in my stomach on the stitch line. I accomplished a shower alone and stood in the bathroom for 15 min after to make sure I was not only towel dried but air dried (incision line) so I didn't dress and cover up damp tape, etc.
I had been uncomfortable and felt more and more bloated because I had not had a bowel movement and it was day 3 yesterday. Knowing that the pain meds caused constipation, I decided to go down to 1/2 the dosage early in the day. By afternoon yesterday, I decided to not take any pain meds and I was just fine the remainder of the day and slept thru the night. Today, day 4, I have not needed any pain meds and FINALLY had a bowel movement. What a relief!!!!
I still have not gone outside and my kids have missed after school activities since I don't feel comfortable driving yet. I hope to get out on Mother's Day (5 days from now). My drain is scheduled to be removed the day after. I have to say that right after surgery and all of day 1 I noticed the major positive difference to my body's shape. I'm more swollen now so I'm patient in seeing the good results from surgery one day soon!
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