36 Yrs Old, 4 Kids, I Need TT and BA w/ Lift!!!!

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I am 178 lbs and 5 '7 tall. I am losing weight,...

I am 178 lbs and 5 '7 tall. I am losing weight, eating right, and exercising 4-5 times a week. My start weight was 195lbs back in Oct 2013. So I have been slowly moving toward my final weight goal of 140-150lbs. I feel like I have a very nice frame, but in a fat suit. I have spoken to the staff at Dr Rafael Salas office and got information about TT w/ 2 area lipo and breast lift with gummy bear implants. The office staff was wonderful when answering my questions. Gave me the information I needed and now it's all up to me. I am so ready! :) I will update when I know what the next step is for the ok.

Dr Choices

I am still looking at Dr Salas, but have added Dr Salama. Dr Salama works look wonderful in his before and afters TT and BA w/ lift. So I am going to request a quote. I have a feeling it's going to be more than Dr Salas. But we will see…..

Janet Body Is Goddess

I have said this before…, I love Miss Jackson Goddess curvy sculptured body. I like her tummy abs, tight thigh, and nice round booty. Things I wish to receive with the help of cosmetic surgery and great doctors. Hey you only live once! :)

Quote for other Dr

Of course like I thought Dr Salama was a little bit more than Salas, but Salas has a deal going on for June that I just found out Fri and it ends today. Well I did my financing application over the weekend and a representative just recently called to verify our information but gave us no answer???? ;( The rep. stated that I will get an answer either today or tomorrow. Goodbye to the deal I was getting for June. lol! So, I have to figure out what I'm going to do now...

Ok we got approved!!

Omg! I was sweating to keep my June deal, but I made it. Ok so the staff stated I could keep my deal being that I showed them email proof of approval today. Now all I have to do is finish the paperwork. Omg this is so sureal right now. Aaaaahhhhhh!

This Sucks!

Ok we got approved and it's good for 60days... 60DAYS!!!!!! Yes they want me to schedule my appt within 60days. I was thinking more like beginning next year because I need to get my bbl done first, which I already put a down payment on, and making payment (but that's for another blog. Another doctor, I had already made an appt /deposit is doing my bbl). So...., I can't get my deposit back for my bbl and I need to get that done first. Other problem is the medical credit we got approved for will only give the money to Dr Salas, or I could just get the bbl done and get ready for Dr Salas TT and BA w/lift. Another problem, I need to make sure my hubby has enough time to go with me, because we are on vacation now. Ugh! Problems, problems, problems....

United Medical Credit You SUCK!

I consider myself a pretty smart cookie when it comes to my money. So United Medical Credit may have to just kiss my a**. These creditors and some of these doctor offices are so slick. But best believe I am not the anxious type. United Medical does not want to pay the discount price. All while the doctor office is trying to get me to commit to letting them get the money. NOPE! You will not fool me. I did all this for the discount price and someone could have at least told me that United Medical wants you to schedule within 60 days, only pay full price for procedures, and I was trying to get both drs covered but they will not let me give 1/3 of the money to by bbl dr. WTH! I did this on my own and if a company is letting me borrow money, why the hell can't I do what I want with it? I started this process for the discounts, not to be swimming in debt. I will be getting this done, but not this way. Believe that!

Where I am now in this process…UGH!

After 2 weeks of contact with Vanity coordinators about pricing and financing…, we have come full circle. I have been trying to keep the price for June, but could not pay the half required to keep the price low. So, I have gone back and forward with pricing, trying to pay the half of 7,300, and pricing without the deal w/ garment and w/o garment, etc. Now, I have officially locked in the June price with a 1,000 down payment. I will NOT be using United Medical Credit because they tried to put me in even more debt. No I don't take to kindly to that. After I pay off my BBL with Medical Financing (which I plan to pay off early), I am going to try to use them for the TT & BA w/ lift surgery, or try to get an increase with Credit Care, or just start making payments on my own. But everything seems to be moving along pretty well. I am so happy. :D


There is always the good and the bad in most situation. Well, I have seen the worst when it comes to money. Money is truly the root of all evil.
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