Tummy Tuck on May 12th

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My surgery is scheduled for Wed. May 12th. I am so...

My surgery is scheduled for Wed. May 12th. I am so excited and a little scared. I am not really scared of the pain as I have had 4 C-Sections in the last 8 years. I think I am more scared of the anesthesia and the thought keeps going through my mind "what if" something happens to me. I don't want my babies to have to go through the pain of losing a parent. I am sure all will be fine, but the thought is still there. I am pretty healthy. I don't smoke or drink. I am 5'1 and I weigh 145. I am 25 pounds heavier than I was before my babies. I just can't seem to get rid of this belly that hangs down. My husband while he is supportive of this thinks I should just learn to love myself, but I can't get comfortable with this hanging there. So I am having an avelar Tummy Tuck with aggressive lipo to the abdomen, hips, flanks and bra fat roll. I am really excited!!! My husband wants me to plan my meals for the five days following the surgery so he will have everything he needs. Any advice on what to eat or any other dos and don't. I have read several reviews, but don't want to miss anything.

Currently 1 month 9 days Post op. I am really...

Currently 1 month 9 days Post op. I am really starting to like the looks of my belly. I still have some swelling and my doctor said to wait another 3 weeks before the majority of the swelling subsides. My incision is almost closed again and yes it looks ugly, but I still like it better than the belly hanging down. I can stand up straight, but getting up and started still hurts a little. Over all I am still optimistic that everything is going to look great!

The journey is slow, but worth it. Advice...

The journey is slow, but worth it. Advice don't go back to work after just one week, you will come apart, literally!

Well I am officially 8 weeks post op and really...

Well I am officially 8 weeks post op and really happy with the results. My incision is closed now and is beginning to shrink. My belly is so flat when I wake up in the morning, but after I eat it gradually starts swelling. Very little pain now, ocassionally when I get up too fast, lift too much or if the swelling gets bad then it hurts a little. Still have some light pain in the lipo areas mainly when I try and lay on my sides. Overall, I am glad I did this!!!

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