11 Days Post Op and Back to Work! - Bay Area, CA

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I had lipo of my flanks, and upper torso, tummy...

I had lipo of my flanks, and upper torso, tummy tuck and muscle tightening. I'm glad it's over and now in the healing stages. Got to tell you, the pain was not bad at all, I didn't even take the pain pills or muscle relaxers after 24 hours, took Tylenol occasionally, but really for my headache. I got my drains out yesterday, those were annoying, and the binder is annoying, especially when your itchy, and swollen.

Today I'm back to work, and feel good, probably will be exhausted tonight, I work at home so I can sit a lot, if I had to stand all day I couldn't do it. I'm still walking slow and slightly hunched over, my doctor said to stay like this a few more days. I go Thursday to remove my stitches. It's really not all that bad ladies.

I had my surgery at 7:30 Aug. 12 and was home by 11:00. That day I had no pain, and slept in and out throughout the day, my daughter spent the night so she could wake me up every 4 hours to give me my pain pills, but I was able to walk to the bathroom without assistance. Saturday morning I started vomiting from all the meds and anesthesia, couldn't keep anything down not even the nausia medication, so finally I got a prescription for a suppository nausea medication and that worked, but that wasn't until around 10:00 that evening, that was probably the worst day, vomiting for around 12 hours, so after Saturday morning I never took another vicodin, and never felt any pain, although I was uncomfortable with the drains and binder and swelling. Sunday I got up and took a shower and changed all my dressings, that felt so good to have the shower massage my back. I have actually been on my own with no one to care for me, and it's not all that hard. I do have a high tolerance for pain, but was expecting to have some pain, hopefully the rest of this healing process will go as smooth as it has been, I feel blessed!

2 weeks post up yesterday, and got my stitches out...

2 weeks post up yesterday, and got my stitches out. I feel pretty good, lots of energy, never did lose my appetite or went through depression or had trouble with bowel movements, I have to believe that by not using the prescribe drugs for a long period of time saved me from that, so lady's if you could hang with just Tylenol than I would advise that, but I will let you know if anything changes since I'm only two weeks post-op. Well I got through my first week of work. I am still not standing straight, hopefully that will be soon. I have to start with the scar treatment now,Has anyone out there used scar guard and if so could you give me any insight on it, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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