Had a FULL tummy tuck, with musle repair and lipo on my sides 4 weeks ago - Calgary, AB

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Had a FULL tummy tuck, with musle repair and lipo...

Had a FULL tummy tuck, with musle repair and lipo on my sides 4 weeks ago.  Note price is in Canadian dollars.

Well worth every penny.  I wish I'd done it sooner.  After having a 10 1/2 pound baby, followed by another 2 years later, my stretch marks where so terrible, they acutally BLED in the summer when it was dry out.  I worked out super hard, running, sit ups EVERYTHING in an attempt to not have to have surgery.  Nothing worked.  The tummy tuck seemed to be the only option.  It looks wonderful ,though its only been a short time and I'm still swollen, I expect things will only get better in time.   My stretch marks from above my Belly Button are now below, so while they are not all gone, I will certailny be comfortable to show my belly now.

My advice is to work your butt off leading up to surgery.  I had a friend do this who at 4 weeks was still spending most of the day with her feet up and hunched over to walk.  She had a long and uncomfortable recovery.  I attribute this her slow recovery to not being in shape prior to surgery.  Even if you are not a regular fitness buff, get on it.  THe healthier you are prior, the faster your recover.  I am sure that's why I have felt so great (I wanted to treadmill on day three, but my doctor said to be patient and wait...LOL).

Also see if your Surgeon can do the procedure under a spinal, not putting you right out.  I was awake and chatting to the nurses and doctors the whole time, and certailny made the initial recovery at the clinic fat better than when you are put right under (I was put under for a D and C after my sone was born, and the recovery from that alone is gross).  It was nice to be rolled out and reading a magazine while waiting for hubby to pick me up, not vomiting and feeling groggy from the anestic

Good luck to all on their way for a TT!

Calgary Plastic Surgeon

I had a long wait to see my doctor, but the results were well worth it. Be sure you are comfortable with you surgeon

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