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I decided to finally tackle my insecurity with my...

I decided to finally tackle my insecurity with my face. I've always had a little bit of fat around my jawline and I hated how it made me look bigger than my actual size. I originally looked into coolsculpting because it wasn't invasive but I wasn't happy with the long wait time for results and the price. I got a quote for chin lipo instead and it was lower. The physician suggested a chin implant as well and at the time i didn't know those were a thing. But I agree that my chin is a little recessed. It seems like a common procedure in Asian people from what I've researched. So I decided to do it too in order to get the defined jaw line I've always wanted. My preop is set for Sept 2nd and that's when they will take my measurements and order my implant. The actual surgery is on the 9th. He said I would have some tape on my chin for a few days. Not sure how to hide that. I'm on rotations right now and working out my schedule is a little difficult since I'm required to work 40 hours a week and if I have to miss time for any reason I have to make up for it. It really sucks. But I just didn't want to wait anymore. I hope I will love my new definition. I will post before pics later.

Before pics

As you can see, I look ok when photos are taken at the right angle. I'm not happy with my straight on pics and definitely my profile is awful. My chin is not extremely recessed so maybe a small implant will improve it and I hope the lipo will help with the extra fat I've been cursed with.

Pre op appointment

My surgery is next week. I got my prescriptions ready. The plan is to get a medium implant but the final decision will be made when the surgery happens. The doctor is going to decide which looks the best on me, medium or large. I'm pretty nervous and excited. I have so much stuff to do but all I can think about is this surgery. I hope the recovery isn't too bad. I will update after I get my surgery

Surgery day

They were running late at the office. They also had to put the Iv in my hand because they couldn't find a vein in my arm. I was done at 515pm and the surgery was at 3pm. I asked whether they did lipo on my chin because I didn't feel the incisions that he had talked to me about and the nurse said she didn't think he did. I got so mad and the doctor came in and said he did do lipo but it was very light because he didn't want the skin to be too tight. On top of everything they didn't give me a medical release like I had asked hundreds of times. My husband rushed me out so I didn't even remember to ask for it. And as soon as I remembered we turned around but the office was already closed. It made me so mad. It was not my fault for forgetting since they had me drugged up on all these drugs that cause amnesia. I needed that form to send to my school to prove that I'm fit to return to rotations. So I'm pretty upset about it. And the doctor wouldn't be specific with me about where he did the lipo or if he even did it. I texted him about my concerns and all he said was "ok I will call you tomorrow" which I doubt will even happen. I think the implant looks good but I am so unhappy with the lack of communication from this place and the irresponsibility of the staff. I asked everyday for a medical release and they told me I would get it the day of my procedure. I'm so pissed.

Post op day 1

I'm not in a lot of pain. I woke up with a really stiff neck and chin. I kept crying off and on all night about the whole situation. I like the implant (the doctor went with the medium) but I'm upset about whether I did get lipo. However the soreness around my neck is a sign that I did unless it's from getting the implant. I still have feeling in both lips, but the bottom seems more tingly like coming off from novocaine from the dentist. I was able to eat chicken noodle soup last night when I got home. I took one percocet and slept with my u shaped neck pillow. I usually sleep on my back but I cassandra roll to my side. I hope I can get some answers today. I was so messed up on the propofol that I couldn't think straight. If the doctor doesn't call me by the afternoon I'm going to call. I think i should get my money back on the lipo if he didn't do it. That's just not right. I originally went in for a consult for chin/neck lipo then he suggested and implant as well. He said I could do them both separately, $1800 for lipo or $2750 for the implant. But he said I'd I decided to do both it was $3450. My husband said I should've just done the lipo because it sounded like that's what I wanted. Anyway I have school work to do and that will keep my mind off things. My chin is so swollen but it doesn't seem like the rest of my jawline is. I will post more pics when I get up to shower

More pics

It's hard to tell a difference with all the swelling. I like what I'm seeing in my profile views but I am a swollen chipmunk in the front view. The doctor still hasn't called me!!!! I'm going to call him after lunch. This is getting ridiculous. But I am more confident that I can hide this procedure from my family. I essentially look the same. I did feel very nauseous today and I threw up once but I'm feeling better now. I feel very dizzy when I walk around which is odd to me because I was perfectly fine when I had lipo on my abs. I hope you guys can see a difference and I didn't go through all of this for nothing.

Comparison pic

Here's another side by side pic of my before and one day after. I can't complain too much about the lack of communication because it does look better than before. And I think my neck is more lifted so he probably did remove some fat. I'm still really self conscious about the swelling and wonder who notices. I just hope that when the swelling goes down I will still have the projection I see now and my bottom lip still looks super full and plump.

Post op day 2

I ate chicken noodle soup last night from chick fil a and I woke up with my face swollen like a whale. Even my husband was making fun of me. So bad idea to eat things with a lot of sodium. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Oh my god. Idk if the swelling will go down enough by then for me to look normal. I noticed now that when I tuck in my chin I don't have this excess fat that turns into a double chin anymore. I can't wait to see my face new under all of this swelling

Loving this new profile

I'm only 2 days in but I'm loving my side view. Not fond of the front view just yet. My mom just barged into my room like she always does. So annoying. And I had my head band wrapped around my head and she didn't even say anything about it or even say anything about my swelling. I don't even know if she notices anything different. I was going to tell her I got stung by a bee if she asked, but wow. Either I don't look as bad as I think I do right now and this procedure was super subtle or she's just really blind. Idk. I worried for weeks how I would hide this procedure from my parents but it looks like it will be easy lol

Post op day 3

So I went to work today. Still soooo swollen. People would not shut up and quit asking about what happened. Everyone has believed the story about getting my wisdom teeth out. My chin is so sore and I haven't had any pain meds today since I'm working. I'm not as swollen as I was yesterday but idk how I'm going to hide it from my parents. It makes me look like I gained a lot of weight. Ice packs definitely make my face feel better. I went ahead and sent my school the doctor's note I got from the office. The note was written on a prescription pad so I wasn't sure if it was formal enough. But I went ahead and just gave them what I had since my rotation coordinator was being a butt and nosy about whether I came back to work and where my doctors note was since I didn't send it to her over the weekend. So annoying. Anyway I found a couple of before pics I didn't remember me taking with my make up done. I'm wondering how I will look with make up with my new chin.

Post op day 3

I'm not as swollen today as I was yesterday but it's pretty bad. My post op is on Friday the 16th. I have no clue if my face will be normal looking by then. It doesn't help that I'm breaking out like crazy too. Ugh I'm praying to see some real changes soon.

Post op day 4

Less swollen today but still enough that I'm not comfortable with being seen out about town. I will post another pic when I'm at 7 days. My post op is on Friday and I have a lot of questions and I'm also looking into botox on my forehead so I can stop wrinkling it. I'll check in on Friday!

Post op day 6

So I guess I lost track of my days so my titles are like a day behind lol. Anyway I'm not as swollen now that I'm worried about my parents noticing. They haven't said anything at all. I had a small bruise that showed up at day 2, but it went away in 4 days. I doubt all my swelling will be gone any time soon. It really sucks because I want to enjoy my new chin. Overall, the change is extremely subtle and I don't think you can notice unless you were looking for it. My lips are more pouty since the implant. I think my cupids bow is more defined and there is some contour under my bottom lip.

Post op appointment

I got my questions answered. I did in fact get Smart lipo but he only did it from the submental incision since he was able to get to everything without using incisions from behind my ears. He did not want to add any unnecessary cuts. So he did clear the air there so I didn't feel like I was ripped off. He said I need to come back in a month for another check up on my healing. He didn't need to cut out my stitches because he used dissolvable stitches. I talked to him about getting botox for my forehead and he recommended I just get 10 units ($100) maybe 2 to 3 times a year as a preventative. But he doesn't want to do it until I come back in a month since I'm still swollen and healing. I also talked about the nasolabial lines that I have been noticing more and he said he thought it could possibly from my swelling but he would also reassess it next month and I could get a syringe of filler (lasts about a year) if I wanted to treat them at that point. Anyway can't wait til I'm not swollen anymore. Also, he said they used the Conform anatomical extended implant in a medium on me.

Post op day 17

Sorry I haven't been on much lately. I've been distracted with a lot of things. Im not swollen much anymore. But my chin still feels weird. It doesn't look like length was added, so the biggest impact is from the side. But i dont regret doing anything. Things haven't been going so well with the marriage because my husband has been really insecure and I've had to deal with him dragging my self changes into it. He thinks I'm doing all these things so I can find someone else, etc. I tried comforting him for as much as anyone could tolerate. But insecurity is a huge turn off and idk how to deal with it. We started marriage counseling and it seems like the progress we make in there just falls apart because the instability of our foundation. It's been established that he has past hurt from someone else but I'm just tired of feeling crappy everyday because he brings me down because he feels depressed. Anyway, it's not fun to get all these changes when your significant other can't support you. It makes me wish I was able to get all of my procedures done when I was single.

3 weeks post op

I finally took the time to actually do my make up so I have new pics. My jaw line has more contour than before and my neck is more lifted. I think the front view of my face has also improved. It is not as rounded at the bottom, but more defined. There is maybe a little bit of swelling around the wings of the implant but it is very minimal. But most of my face has gone back to normal. The implant still feels a little heavy but that feeling is slowly fading. My chin still doesn't feel like my own yet. Overall, the recovery was awful. It's easier to recover from compared to vaser lipo, but its still hard in its own way. Things have been improving with my husband as well since I last posted. We have gone to 2 counseling sessions already. He is still insecure, but he's getting better. I'm going to make a better effort on my part to be more open and honest with anything I decide to get done, despite fearing his judgement. So far, he hasn't even given me any crap about the surgeries I decided to do.

Scar pics

I thought I would also include a picture of the incision under my chin. I've been using scaraway gel on it twice a day and so far i think it is healing really well. I've only used it for 2 weeks so far. Their products have really helped the appearance of my other incisions so I knew I was going to use this product for this procedure as well. Hope this helps!

6 weeks post

Haven't updated in a while. I'm loving my implant. I have forgotten how it felt like before I got it. I frequently like to place my finger over my chin and just think "omg I have volume on my chin" the sensation is starting to return to my chin. It still feels a tiny bit heavy but not as much as it used to feel. I also got a little bit of filler on my nasolabial lines at the doctor's office at my follow up so I figured I'd throw a pic in there too.

8 weeks post op

My chin is slowly starting to feel like my own. It still feels like there is weight on my chin but it is not as bad. I went to comic con and couple weeks ago and was being sketched, so that's why my picture is a little far away. But I love my new profile and you can see that it's even made a huge difference from far away

3 months post

I already mentioned this in my other review, but my dad passed away in November unexpectedly so life has been rough right now. He was never sick or complained of anything which is why it makes it really hard for all of us to accept that he's gone. But I've been continuing on with my life because I still have my own life to live. Anyway, here is a 3 months photo update. I'm very happy with my profile view now and I'm no longer self conscious about it. Despite everything thats happened I don't want to feel guilty for enjoying my life just because my dad isn't able to anymore in the same sense as we all do. So I'm going to keep updating on my progress here.

5 months post op

I have full sensation back in my chin now but I can still feel the implant on my chin. It's not bothersome unless I focus on it. Looking back I'm so glad I did it, but I wish I did it sooner

6 months update

It's hard to remember what it felt like before everything. I'm loving my results and never imagined it could be so great. It has enhanced my face shape and I'm no longer self conscious about people seeing my face from the side. I think most of the swelling is gone now and I don't feel a weight on my chin anymore. I'm loving it!

He's very laid back and has an artistic eye when it comes to the human body. His team really strives to make you happy and will do everything to get you the best results.

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