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Full TT with lipo and muscle repair. Had c-section...

Full TT with lipo and muscle repair.
Had c-section & hysterectomy 27 years ago. Love to work out and could never exercise the excess away. I was very self-conscience about myself and tried to hide it away. I'm 46 years old married with one son I cherish and wouldn't take back the experience for nothing. I love the new me now:)


Pics. Before & after

3 weeks PO

Hello TT friends, hope everyone is having a great day or attempting too:) posting a few pics. It's amazing watching me become me again:)

More 3 week update pics

Just took my CG off so little red. Man I wanna itch...

My TT experience so far

Hi all, k so it's time to tell my story for the last 4 weeks of recovery. I'm so extremely happy with my results:):) First few days was Up & Down with light fever, nausea & mild headache. Think the worst part was trying not to cough, sneeze or LAUGH!! I've had no issues or had to ever contact my PS. I give all my TT friends this credit :) it did brake my heart to watch my pet kids look so sad as mommy couldn't get up to play with them :( dad did a good job or taking care of all of us. Had drain tubes in for 13 days & stitches for 26 days. Yahoo feeling like a new person:) tire easily but that's expected so I hear. I'm posting pics. I promise to do a better job updating:)

5 week poost

So glad to hit my 5 week mark. Swell Hell is up & down but not seeing as much this week as week 3-4. Yea!! I'm watching my sodium intake (sucks) drinking tons of water. I usually have a glass of wine at bedtime as my ps said that was fine:) I'm taking it very slowly & trying to get back into the groove. I'm usually a girl on the go that never sits & it's difficult to get the energy to excerise & do what I'm used to doing. I keep telling myself it's ok it's what my body needs to fully recover. Sometimes I think, to be full throttle again.... It'll happen before I know. Taking pics weekly is a must!!! Let's me see what a difference a week makes. Attitude adjustment for sure:) this Friday will be my first night out for a surprise B-day party for my hubby with our group of friends & little nervous :/ hope I don't swell up like a stuffed tic Lol. Hope everyone has a terrific day:) posting new pics too

5 week pics

6 week update

It's been a great week! Each day gets better & better:) went out Friday night with friends, pool party Saturday night & boating on Sunday. Got lots ( you look amazing) I'm not one to be center of attention & get embarrassed easily but it felt so good to hear :) I do feel a bit guilty. Several in my group wants TT so bad. They all want to peek at mine but I'm like really?? Not sure I'm there yet, anyway to say the least I was Dam tired Monday & Tuesday. Only did what had to be done. Feel so awesome today! My swelling as been very minimal. I'm wondering if its because I have no female plumbing ?? I feel so sorry for everyone that has to deal with the extra bloating & swelling that goes with the monthly cycle:( I have a green light to walk on treadmill slow, but think I'll wait to 8 weeks so I'm healed a bit more. I'm still wearing my GC day & night. I feel naked without it & never thought that would happen:) Still hurts to cough & sneeze & sleeping on back & sides. I go back to my PS in 2 weeks & they said they will probably turn me loose:) little nervous about that:/ thanks to everyone for their updates & pics!! I love to watch everyones journey to a happier you;) I can't express my results enough & kinda still in shock I think. I walked into this blind not asking lots of questions or concerns for some reason, but to be honest I'm thrilled I just did it without second thoughts :) my PS poked his head into the room & says,,,, we still happy? I'm lost for words saying OMG extremely !! As he gloats & smiles:)
First week was rough but it's worth it!!! I listen to my body & rest when I need to. Drinking lots of water & eating healthy. Sorry long update... Warmest wishes for my TT buddies :)

6 week pics

6 week pics update :)

7 week update

Hello TT friends, so glad to have another week behind me!! It's been a AMAZING week!! Yesterday I woke up like a new woman. I wasn't sore & had so much energy. I kept thinking ok it's going to catch up soon, but all was great!! Swell hell was a huge issue over the weekend so I was shocked. This morning I woke up again feeling terrific & just now winding down for the evening. I started working out my arms & legs Monday and today I did 1:15 on the treadmill with 3+miles!! I could have kept on going but didn't won't to overdo. Cooked dinner and feel terrific:):) maybe maybe week 7 is my return to normal (somewhat). Swelling is subsiding in my upper abs. I can feel & see my Abs some. Yahoo omg it's been 27years. I first thought... OMG have I done something wrong lol. Called my hubby to the room & he says.... It's your Abs!! Silly me:/
Butt is beginning to return and tummy curves too.
Hope everyone stays positive and happy healing:)

Yahoo in my old jeans no muffin top:)

No muffin top in my old jeans:)

8 week update

Hi TT friends, it's been the best week YET!!! Wow what a difference each week makes. At 7 weeks & 5 days was the beginning of what I had been waiting for. I'm at 99.9% back to normal except for swell hell:( I'm on the treadmill daily walking 3-4 miles and doing all my normal duties except heavy lifting. I have so much energy. I never sit down except driving & eating dinner.
My tummy is still very tight with numbing under bb & upper thigh. My bb is also starting to take shape. I can feel my muscles when I workout again!!!! I almost cried with joy its been so many years.
My scar is hard to see except when I swell. Then it's a bit pink. I have to remind myself at times to be careful that I did just have a major surgery 8 weeks ago:)
We had a very very busy holiday weekend & never missed a beat.
It's amazing how much attention looks my way. My hubby is not a jealous man & always in the past has said... Yip that's my baby, but now he told me WOW really?? The guys used to see him look at them & they would look away, but he said now they look at him like... Whatever dude!! Haha... He said he was surprised that I didn't trip over one guys tongue... Cracked me up! I asked him hmmm someone getting a tad jealous?? He laughed & said nope!! They can look all they want but that's it:)
It's definitely a long recovery, but I know I'm always reminding myself what a gift this is & so thankful I did this for myself!! Sorry so long but it's a awesome feeling & watching my new body to shape:)
I do wish everyone a week of big healing & happy thoughts!!

9 week update

Hello TT friends, yahoo another week down & looking for that 12 week milestone... It's been another smooth week & the swelling is beginning to taper off ( I think ) fingers crossed:) today it's gone down extremely even with my workout. I actually started wearing more compression as instructed by my ps. I can't wait to the day I won't have to look & feel like a mummy, but if that's what it takes then I'm in. My incision is healing wonderful but I hate that the stitches scars looks worse than the scar itself... The bb is coming along & folding in. I can actually see as the swelling goes down that the bb is taking shape. I was beginning to worry but love it now:) I was really sore last week as I stayed focused with my treadmill workouts. This getting back in shape is Rough.. Lol
I sleep ok at night with still lots of tossing & kicking my hubby Haha. I'm still going non-stop & fell terrific. My scar has all feeling back except the area below my bb. Still have the gotta go pee constantly & at times when it hits I have to reach down & act like I'm scratching my leg or foot!! I know the store cameras is saying wth is this broad doing?? Lol
Looking forward to seeing my 10th week results.
Happy healing!!
Hugs to all :)

9 week pics

10 Week update

Hello tt friends, hope everyone is healing super and feeling well. Not much change since week 9. I did have a couple of really flat days without my Rabbit ears, but that doesn't last long HUH! always hope for this week though:)
Had a fun fun weekend with friends & outdoor fun. It's amazing the heads that turn & my hubby says... really I'm standing right here!!! haha. He hates walking behind me when us girls is ahead of them. He wants a arm around me or holding hands (ALWAYS) sweet and all, but space dude space lol. He's a sweetheart and love him dearly:)
I had a try on clothes from the closet Monday and YEA for my cutesy tops that fit like they should. Waiting to buy any fall clothes for two weeks until I hit my 12 week.
so excited for that:)
I'm trying to wean off my CG somewhat and harder than I thought! tried sleeping without it one night and MISTAKE!!! My hubby said I was like a bull trying to escape his pin. HEHE.... he says we didn't sleep well did WE??
In the mornings after I take my cg off I find myself hunched over for a bit. Makes me wanna put it back on, but I think it's time I should start allowing my muscles to gain some strength again.
Still on the treadmill 3 to 4 days a week and very sore.....
next week I'm going to try on my Halloween costumes.
I have a " I dream of Jeannie" outfit I adore but last time I tried it on, I looked like a elephant that ate the suit lol
so yippee for this years party!!!
P.S. does anyone else feel super ONREY ????
Hugs to all:):)

10 week pics

My first jean day without CG at 10 1/2 weeks

So wasn't going to update until Wednesday at my 11 week but I knew if I waited I'd forget the details. Lol. I went grocery shopping like always but for some strange reason today was different:/:/
Didn't wear my CG last night just spandex & felt ok so today just spandex with my first Old Jeans day & tuck in tank top. As I'm walking down isles gathering my things, weird that the TT wasn't on my mind & just normal shopping. I was getting very RUDE looks & smirks from few women & as I was saying excuse me when I had to pass by or stop for them, I was getting this look that pissed me off for last time!!!! As a couple was shopping with there young children was when I noticed & realized what was happening... The guy got in trouble big time & yelled at guessing he was starring at me.. I was little embarrassed at first, but when the one lady whom I kept running into each isle made it quite clear she didn't like me & that's when I saw RED & asked her WTH was her problem???? She said OH nothing.... I'm sorry!!! I just looked at her shook my head & walked off.. My thought was... Don't make me wip your ass & hurt my TT!! Lol
Then that's when I thought WOW & felt sooo good:)
Even with swollen rabbit ear hips I was proud!!!!
Hope everyone has this experience soon as I'm sure this is old news. lol
Hope you enjoy as much as I am! Can't wait to see without my rabbit ears:)
Hugs my TT friends:)

my outing with my mom:)

Too funny just how guy's are so BOLD!!
So my mom & I try to have a day a week for just us since I lost my dad 2 years ago. She's just beginning to come out of her shell somewhat.
When were together she's slap me on the arm or something & say.... that guy is looking at me.... Too weird to see my mom flirt, but glad she's able to reach this point.
Anyhoo. this guy walks by me & jumps back to stand right beside me & say... Hey pretty lady!! BLAH BLAH BLAH It's very visible I'm wearing a wedding ring and he ask me.. u have a boyfriend or husband? I replied yes I'm married & he makes small talk & walks off. He finds me again & says how old are you?? I was like WHAT!! I said that's a dangerous question & why do you ask? He said I have one thing to say... DAM YOU WORK OUT HUH?? OMG I almost pissed my pants with laughter & looked at my mom dying & she walks over to me & he ask me, DO you like younger men??? I then said that's very flattering, but like I told you earlier, I"M MARRIED with my finger & ring in his face. He asked HAPPILY?? I should have said Hey my moms single HAHA....
WTH is up with that??? My mom said for now on she's not going out without me !! We was at the casino nearby its a meet in the middle for us:)
I told my hubby about it when he got home & laughed and said what a dork & nice moves he had.... Had to share :)

11 Weeks YAHOO!!

Good morning TT sisters!!
Wow its been a fantastic week other than some swelling but not as bad as week 8 & 9. I think the 10th week mark looking back at my review pics is where I'm seeing the change:)
I made my first Bikini public appearance Saturday with friends at the lake. I waited till everyone was in the water & sitting on the back boat deck. My hubby said he could tell I was nervous as it took me forever to shed my cover-up & make my way to back of the boat. I grabbed a beer from the cooler & quickly popped my butt down with the girls like..... nothing unusually to see here.. lol. I felt like a thousand eyeballs was on me:) I get embarrassed but that passed & went on like nothing ever happened. Whew so glad to get that out of the way.
I cut back on my treadmill workouts this week as I was really sore, thinking maybe too much last week & didn't want to hurt anything & abs sore from weaning off the binders & CG. There's next week.
I'm getting that stinging with tiny prick like pains from time to time, but they say that's normal as the nerves are waking up.
HELLO...... yes I feel you!! haha .
Wearing my jeans again and feeling terrific other than hips gets a little sore depending on how much I'm bending over etc....
I do get a little more tired end of day, but think its because I'm only wearing spandex & up moving on my feet all day without that binder.
Can't believe its been 11 weeks!! It has it's ups & downs but stay positive & get through the first week & be patient with those drains, you'll be amazed & be so proud of yourself!! when I post my update pics, I still can't believe its ME :)
I was tiny in High School only weighing 101-110 lbs but then real life happens:( We can get those bodies back!! Hope everyone has a HEALING & POSITIVE week:)
hugs to all !!

11week pics:)

12th WEEK YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

The 12th week has finally arrived and extremely thrilled with my results! I still have some swelling but I'm going to try to loose a few lbs and see if I achieve my remaining results and add core workouts.
The sodium is still the devil! I made my yummy chicken & shrimp wrapped & grilled with hickory bacon & WOW did I feel like a toad. My intensions was to remove the bacon off mine before I ate it but..... needless to say I gobbled it down before I thought about it or wanted too... NO REGRETS it was dam yummy lol.
I can see a huge difference with tummy bulge within the last few days. Yea:)
My hips was very tender last night & wasn't a good nights rest as I'm a side sleeper.
I was thinking probably because its bone now & not as much swelling. I'm still wearing my binder at night & somewhat during the day.
That about wraps my week up.
I'm guessing I'll update monthly pics from here out. It's been a fast 12 weeks for me.
Hope everyone is doing well:)

12 week pics:)

16 Week update

Yahoo I've reached the 4th Month and feel awesome!!
Huge difference from 3-4 months.
I did go through a hurtful 3 days in my 13th week. I had piercing pains with burning & stabbing with lots of muscle spasms. I haven't been working out so I knew I hadn't hurt myself. I swelled so bad after working out, I thought I would give it more time to heel. Pains would move from side to side and found out that it was the muscle repair healing. It only lasted 3 days and nights but its been totally awesome since. Funny how the scar has moved around the sides as the swelling goes down.
Not too much swelling at all except the Mons area. (HUH) I'm still VERY tight and first up in the a.m I still find myself hunched over a bit but doesn't last long. Still hurts to sneeze too!!
LOVE LOVE my body and can't wait to see final results especially when I'm released for Ab workouts at my 6 month mark:)
I'm so thankful I choose to have my TT. I no longer have to hide my rubber jelly belly and I now have so much confidence about myself. I was able to actually wear a Halloween costume and feel good about it.
Hugs to all!

16tg week pics

huh my update was suppose to say 16th week 4th Month:)

4th month update not 3rd I posted yesterday:) We don't want to go backwards.....

21 week update

Hi all, wow the time is flying by! I hate to admit I haven't had any time for working out besides walking the dogs with some sprints here & there. I so need to be ready for my beach vaca Jan 1st... Freaking out:( Ordered a new swimsuit from Victoria Secret collection of new arrivals So I'll post pics when it gets delivered.
The swelling is subsiding & I'm no longer wearing any compression of any kind. Still very tight & when lifting I do feel the muscle pull, but no pain at all. YEA!!
Slowly increasing some sodium back into the diet & so far so good. Beer doesn't seem to affect me either:):) I do drinks lots of H2O. I'm a water girl so that might help.
I feel like a flabby slob, but when I look into the mirror I don't see it. Hopefully when I resume my exercising schedule (soon) I'll see the Abs take more shape.
Still Numb under bb to incision but Honestly not as bad as it sounds. Still little hard there too. I'm a happy happy girl & love how my old Levis contour my awesome tummy:)
I go for checkup to my PS the16th of this month. I've only been back to see him 3 times since my surgery July 10th. That's a good thing!!!
Going shopping next week for my little dress for our Christmas party next weekend... Yip I'm proudly going to flaunt & parade my new body!!!!!!! YAHOO:):)
Hope everyone is doing well & enjoying the new you:):)
I will say one thing about everything I've posted to RR has been nothing but the
complete truth with my recovery!!! I would never sugar coat this recovery..... YES it's a LONG recovery with ups & downs but everyone heals differently with different eating habits, exercise & health issues. So if your considering a TT please do your research & ASK lots of questions so you can be assured this is right for you & your well-being:) Myself speaking It was my only option I had to remove my excess (skirt) & repair the muscle from my pregnancy & Hysterectomy. Best decision I could have choose:)
HUGS my TT friends!!!
Merry Christmas & a HAPPY New Year:):):):)

21 week pics :)

6 month update :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR tt friends wow can't believe it's been (6) Months today. Thought this day would never arrive but now it has & now to the 1 year milestone.
LOVE my body!
Went for checkup with the PS 16th Dec & says all terrific and no need to see me for another 12 months unless needed. He shook his head, smiled and said I look amazing:) He was very proud. Sound of music lol

Just returned home from our beach vaca & the heads that turned was amazing!! My hubby was saying DAM!! He loved it & said YES my baby. After socializing with others at the pool bar around us, my hubby got a your wife is HOT! He said Thank- You I think so too:) I said what? got embarrassed and turned my head.. hee hee. Walking with just a bikini was VERY weird feeling & kept catching myself wanting to put a cover on or walking with my hands in front of me. I had a new Bikini for each day. This will take lots of getting used to for sure but pretty sure I'll adjust :) I DID swell like a mother with drinking & eating as it was
All-Inclusive resort.
But lake time will be here soon & should be good to go (HOPE). Now that I've been cleared for core workouts, I'm gonna get these abs to rockin:) Still very tight but the sneezing isn't so Ouchy now.
Hope all is healing well & happy with the decisions you've made.
Stay positive everyone is does get difficult at times, but you worth it:):)
Hugs to all

6 Month pics

7 Months Yippee!

Hello to all my RS friends,
Yes HELLO 7 months!! Wow..... Well for starters the swelling hasn't been a huge issue other than I do get a bit tight after workouts and consuming too much sodium but doesn't last long:) I've started workout out more & planking for core definition.
My scar is fading but still has a ways to go. It's almost invisible on the sides but just takes time...
My Mons area is still a little larger than I want, so guess I'll wait until my year anniversary to see if it goes down somewhat. When I do swell some, this is the area the gets hard and itchy. My scar never gets itchy but I do keep it moisturized with lotion daily.
The hardness under the BB has softened up greatly :)
it's amazing not as much to write about these days as the time goes by, but I enjoy sharing my recovery with others and Reading others stories and watching them blaze through the ups and downs that goes along with the TT recovery. It helped to give me some understanding and what to expect.
It's been a cold winter and looking forward to warmer weather and showing my curves off:):)
Hope all is healing well and looking forward to seeing what 8 months brings.
I took some pics to better show better angles of tummy. Sorry for couple of the scary mons pics, but I know you'll understand :)
Hugs TT freinds

7 months pics :)

8 Months

All is terrific and have been getting my feeling back under the BB right after my 7 month post. Felt weird but so thankful!!!! I can actually rub my finger across my lower belly and feel it:) When I run ,Abs gets tingly but goes away within a few min's. Hope all is doing great and ready for summer.

8 Month scar Pics


Yahoo!! Can't believe it's been (1) year today. I think back saying OMG what had I done and now saying WHY did I wait SOO long :) Best decision I've made. I love my body although I sadly have not worked out as much as I should but that will change. I always worried about the saying your still healing...... No excesses now. haha
It was a long haul but worth it!! I know I still have ways to go, but will take it day at a time :)
I will say for those thinking about a TT or getting ready for one, Keep in mind take care of yourself, eat right, don't overdo it & don't try to rush your recovery. Everyone heals at different paces and don't take any chances of hurting the TT. If it hurts and don't feel right then STOP and know it takes time to get back to the full speed as you was before the surgery. The swelling is part of it, but gets better as time goes on.
My Rewards are unlimited!!! The other day my hubby & I was walking the dogs & was so confident about myself, I was wearing a tube top & shorts with my tan flat tummy as a car drives by & almost curbed it as he couldn't focus on driving...... I was saying Hell ya!!!! I'm 48 & proud :)
Hugs to all and Happy healing

1 year pics

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