33 Year-old Mom of 2 Finally Gets Mommy Makeover - Tulsa, OK

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I will be having a tummy tuck with liposuction and...

I will be having a tummy tuck with liposuction and a breast lift with a slight reduction. I am hoping to get rid of the flap of skin and fate that is left over after 2 pregnancies. I gained and lost 60lbs with each of my pregnancies and breast fed for 11 and 6 months. Everything looks like deflated balloons.

9 days and counting

I am counting down the days!! I can't wait! Every time I look in the mirror I keep imagining what I will look like 10 days from now or 2 weeks or a month! I not going to lie I'm just as nervous as I am excited! My surgeon said it will take about 6 hours to do my FTT and breast lift. Is this pretty standard?

Hope to post pics soon!

Dreaded Before Pics

I have been procrastinating posting my before pics because I hate them! But now that I am less than a week from surgery I figured I better get them taken because I am running out of time.

My goal is to take pics in the same clothes etc every time I take pics so they are easy to compare. I love looking at the before and after pics everyone has posted. One thing I noticed was I want to see the bare pics but I also want to see before and afters in clothes to compare how an outfit looked before and after surgery because that's what everyone other than my husband will see. So, that's what I hope to do.

I've also notice a lot of people asking about how many pant sizes have been lost after surgery. I am planning on taking pics in my favorite jeans to show how they fit over this journey.

Hopefully, I can keep up with this goal!

5 days and counting

I'm finding that I'm a mess of emotions this week. I go from being super excited and almost giddy to really nervous to totally stressed out. I keep thinking about things like "a week from now I will look totally different" and "the next time I go to the lake (or the hair salon or any place I won't go between now and Friday) I will have a flat stomach.

I guess I've had this awful stomach for so long it's weird to think what I'll look like without it. I've imagined it thousands of times and folded it up and stood in the mirror and dreamed. I've said to myself "if this was just cut off..." So many times I can't count!

Now it's almost time and the emotions are just overwhelming!

Pre-Op done!

I had my preop and hospital PAT appointments today! The nurse at the PAT freaked me out b/c I take amphetamine for ADD and I told my surgeon that at my consult and he said that was fine and didn't say anything about stoping it. Well, the nurse today said it might cause me to gave to reschedule. We met with my anesthesiologist and he said it wasn't a problem but I was a little freaked out for a while.

My appt with my PS went well he said my TT will make a HUGE difference. I'm really excited about hat comment! I was very nervous before the appointments but realizing that this surgery is standard, day-to-day stuff for these two doctors made me feel at ease.

My husband and I are headed to a baseball game tonight and then we will be up bright and early tomorrow morning for surgery.!!


Surgery is done!! I'm groggy so will post more later but so far so good!


Yesterday was the big day! We arrived at the hospital at 7 AM and checked in. We had a short wait in the waiting room and then went to preOp. My doctor came in and did the drawing on me for the incisions. The nurse put my IV in. I kissed my husband and off I went. I remember looking at the ceiling and the next thing I knew they were waking me up.

He removed 7 lbs of skin and repaired my an muscles which he said were about 6" apart (separated). My boobs are perky and I can see my who-haa without pushing on my stomach! I am so happy! My PS said he was very "proud of his work" and that my results were phenomenal. From what I can see so far he is right!

So, pain wise I'm doing pretty well. I live 30 minutes from the hospital and an hour from my PS office so to keep from driving home after surgery only to turn around today and drive back to the office I stayed in the hospital.

My surgery lasted 6.5 hours and I was up walking about 3 hours afterwards. I walked the hallways at the hospital. I was getting so much IV fluid that I was peeing every hour last night. By the 4th time I was getting up and going and getting back in bed without help from my husband.

We came home about 10AM today. My mom is here helping and I'm doing great. My follow up appointment is Monday.

Oh yeah so the room I stayed in at the hospital was on the L&D floor. I thought it was funny that the reason I needed this surgery was to fix my tummy after having babies and I ended up right back at L&D.

Day 2 Post Op

Ok so I have been having weird dreams about waking up and my stomach is back. It's a relief when I realize it is gone!!

Bendy straws b/c you can't always sit upright to drink

Button up shirts because they make dressing changes easier

Neck pillow because it works better when you're sleeping propped up

Earplugs because my recliner is in the living room and I can put earplugs in and sleep while my husband or the kids watch TV etc.

Miralax take this the day before in the morning and eat VERY LIGHT that day. I cleaned out my system before I got to the surgery. I used miralax b/c it's what I was told to use when I had my colonoscopy. It mixed well with and juice. As soon as you get home take another dose of it. I ended up taking 2 doses about 8 hours apart before I finally pooped. When I did it was easy and didn't hurt at all! The pain meds constipated you so this is a MUST HAVE!!

I took a couple new pics. Overall pain is tolerable and not as bad as my c-sections.

Day 3 Post Op

I had my follow up with my PS today. He was very happy with my results and healing. His assistant said my boobs looked so good they looked fake. I didn't have implants only a lift so that was cool!

I am feeling really good and so far the recovery is 1000x easier than my csections!

Day 6 post op

I over did it yesterday! I was feeling awesome and had backed off my pain meds because I didn't need them. My mom and I went to run some errands and took my kids to school and church and picked them up. I also had 2 visitors yesterday. I also got something stuck in my throat and had a couple coughing fits which hurt!! BAD!! I haven't really had much pain until that happened. By the time my husband got home I was hurting and exhausted. I ended up having to take 2 pain pills 4 hours apart which is the closest I can take them. I haven't had to do that since PO day 2. Today, I have grounded myself to my recliner.

Here's some PO Day 6 pics!

Before and Post Op Day 6 Side-by-sides

Before and Day 6 side-by-sides

Drain and binder tip

Ladies I have a tip for those of you with drains. I had 2 tabs on my drains that the nurse used a safety pin to secure the drains to my binder. The pins freaked me out I was worried if poke a drain line so my mom got me some Velcro with the sticky back. We sewed a strip of Velcro into my binder on each side and then covered the tabs on the drains with Velcro. Now my drains stick to me with no pins! SO MUCH BETTER!!

Day 10 Post Op

I've been less sore every day. It's amazing how much better my right side feels since there's no drain than my left! I'm hoping that today will be my last with the left drain!

Last night I had this WEIRD feeling! It was like my body parts didn't want to relax to sleep. Like what I imagine restless leg to be but all over my body. I was in my recliner and I'd have to sit up and just shake my hands like I was drying my nails. I hadn't taken a pain pill in about 40 hours which was the longest I had gone b/c I am trying to get off if them. I was uncomfortable and sore so I went ahead and took one and moved into my bed (for the first time since surgery) I wasn't 100% comfortable but I slept. I was a bit concerned that the shaking was a withdrawal effect. If i have to take another pill I'm only taking half of one because I want off of them ASAP!

So now to the fun stuff!! Pic updates!!

Weight Changes Post Tummy Tuck

Ok so everyone says not to weigh yourself after surgery because of the swelling and water retention. Everyone said even if a lot of skin was removed you'd still weigh more for a long time. I couldn't help it I had to check!

During surgery they removed 7 lbs of skin which is a lot. I weighed today and I was down 10 lbs from preop weight. I am swollen in my boobs and near my incision and where my drains and lipo was but I am STILL down 10 lbs. I know 7 is skin but there's still 3 extra lbs gone so I'm PUMPED!!

Day 13 Post Op Pics

I got my last drain out 2 days ago and am feeling so much better! Yesterday I was able to start driving again and it was the first day I started to feel like myself instead of a patient. My mom has been in town helping so my kids and cooking and cleaning since I had surgery. She went home this morning so my house feels quiet and lonely. I like having her around. She was a HUGE help. My husband and kids will for sure miss her cooking :)

Day 26 Post op Pics

For the most part things are back to normal. I still have that stretching feeling but I am able to do most things normally again! I did overdo it last week and the next day I paid for it! I have started walking on my treadmill again and it feels pretty good. Swelling varies from day to day but is getting better.

I have noticed a change in my appetite and i think it is because my ab muscles are back where they should be and press on my stomach to let it know it is full.

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils on my scars. Specifically, Helichrysum, Lavendar, Juniper, Myrtle, and Copaiba. I took my daughter to a dermatologist appointment and asked her to take a look at my scars today to see if they were healing well and she could not believe my surgery was less than a month ago. There is a section of my abdominal scar that is totally invisible. I think I will keep up my regimen!!

If you want to get oils yourself here is a link:

Day by Day Pics

Tulsa Plastic Surgeon

I highly recommend Dr. Kent. He is very artistic and skilled at what he does. I felt very well cared for. He and Mandy make a great team and are super easy to get in touch with to answer any questions pre and post op. Dr. Kent works with his patients schedules and does surgeries on days that work for them instead of telling patients what day they can have surgery. This was just one example of his caring nature that I have experienced. I could not have selected a better surgeon!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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