Just Had the SmartXide Co2 Dot Laser - Tulsa, OK

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I had this done this afternoon at 11am. I had it...

I had this done this afternoon at 11am. I had it done on the full face and my doctor went a little more aggressive on my cheeks where I have acne scars. I am 32 years old and have acne scars that I wanted to try and diminish. I still have mild adult acne and hoping this laser doesn't make it worse which I have read other reviewers have said it did for them.

The procedure went well. Put numbing cream on face, was given a shot of pain meds in arm and also 3 pills to dissolve under tongue to relax me and help me not really remember. After about and hour with the cream on they started laser. He did my whole face and saved my cheeks till the last since he was going to go a little more aggressive on those areas. It did hurt but not as bad as I had built it up to be. It stung but in short spurts. It seemed to be over fairly quickly and they put more cool down cream on while waving a cooling air wand over entire face which felt great since my face felt hot.

When I got home I put cold packs on entire face and rested. I did have a liltte bit of spotted bleeding around nose and chin areas which they said could happen. But honestly the pain hasn't been bad at all. My face stings a little off and on but I did my first face washing routine tonight and it felt nice to have cool water on it.. The foaming cleanser they gave me to use did sting a bit but not too bad, then I put on the serum for post laser on and it felt fine then I added the hydrating balm they gave me also. Felt nice to wash face. I have gotten more red as the day has gone on with some minor swelling. Tomorrow I understand will be a whole new ballgame. Ill try and update again as the days go on.

Had this done on Friday afternoon and today is...

Had this done on Friday afternoon and today is Tuesday-day 4.
On Day 1 after procedure I had no pain at all and very minimal swelling. My face was much more red that day and felt very dry and I couldn't get enough of the hydrobalm. My skin feels like light sandpaper. I did a post laser moisture mask that felt great.
Day2: Still about the same, still red, but today the itching started. The itching has been the worst part of this whole process. You can't scratch your face and it is driving me crazy. The doctor did include some anti itch cream in the post op products but it really only helps for about 30 minutes. I took a Benadryl and it seemed to help with the itching and I was able to get some sleep.
Day 3: The itching is crazy annoying. It feels like little ants are crawling all over your face and you can't get them off. Finally have a little peeling beginning around nose and mouth. Had my follow up with my doctor and he and his staff said I was healing great! I'll go back in a week for another check.
Day 4:Face still really itchy but the redness is much less and I look like I have a golden bronze type tan. More peeling is occurring today but its slow process.
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