I'm Taking the Mommy Makeover Plunge!! Tulsa, OK

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I have decided to take the Mommy Makeover plunge! ...

I have decided to take the Mommy Makeover plunge! I, like so many others, have been on this site scouring everyone's stories, pictures, and journeys to their new bodies for the past month. It's amazing to see all the support from everyone on here...a family of sorts. Anyway, a little about me...I'm 34, mother to two great kids (6 yrs. & 18 mos.) and wife to the sweetest man. I originally started looking at Breast Augmentation and soon came across the Mommy Makeover. I, also, have more than one area that needs the hands of time to turn back...so I really began to seek out these reviews. Not only have I had two children, but I have lost some weight a couple of times and know that has contributed to some of my problem areas too. A year or so before having my daughter, I had lost 75 lbs. Of course, getting Pg changed that...and then a year or so after that I lost 65 lbs. and was at my smallest (weighing about 150 lbs.). I was able to keep that off for a few years and then got Pg with my son. I gained more weight with him too. It has been harder to loose the weight this time around. Right now I'm at 180...my goal is to loose maybe 10 lbs. by my surgery date.
I had my consultation Monday and was very comfortable and knew right away that this was the Dr. I wanted. He was very knowledgeable and did not put any kind of pressure on me and my husband. Answered all my questions. His wife is the RN and she is wonderful! I was concerned that I was going to need a Breast lift with the Augmentation...which he confirmed that I did...and he explained how that was done and why I needed it. We also discussed a tummy tuck and that I would need an extended tummy tuck, but since that was going to take a little longer in surgery he did not feel that we should do them together with the BL/BA because I would be under too long. So, my MM will be in stages...first the BL/BA and then the TT, which is fine with me b/c I'm such a pain wimp. After my husband and I discussed the $$ aspect I called today and scheduled the BL/BA for July 31st!! I'm so excited and a little nervous! I wanted to share my journey with all of you since I have been so engrossed with all of yours. Plus, I haven't told many people...I just told my dad and his wife this evening and that's about it so far. It went really well too, and they were happy for me...so yay! My husband is very supportive...in fact he is the one that said to start looking into it if I really wanted to do it. I'll post some before pics soon. Now the "hurry up and wait" begins. This will probably be the longest month ever!!

I've got my Pre-op scheduled!!

So I have my Pre-Op appt. scheduled!! I still can't hardly believe I'm doing this yet. I'm so ready though. I've finally mustard up the courage to put some before pics up. You will see that, not only are my boobs saggy, they have asymmetry issues too. Sooo not cool!

Vacation from work is Approved!

Yay! My vacation from work is approved! Things are getting real! Ahhh!!! I haven't told anyone at my work about the surgery...I feel it's none of their business. I have told my family and they are all supportive, and that makes me feel good. Plus, I work with mostly men and I really don't feel confident enough to tell them "Hey, I'm getting a boob job!" If they notice (which is possible and probable) and ask I don't plan on denying it. Anyway, I feel like July is going to sooo slow, but then in a way like it will fly by too and I'll be leaving my house for the surgical center. I'm going to try and take some more before pics so I'll something to compare to after it's over. I really want to be able to compare the difference of what I look like in some of my tops! Ladies, what kinds of things should I be getting for after the BL/BA is over? I'm so glad I have somewhere to talk about this, with so many women. Thank you all for being there for me and each other!

More before pics...

So, I decided to take some before pics of myself in a couple tops. Now I'll have something to compare after the BA/BL. I try not to think about the up coming surgery too much, but when I do I get butterflies in my stomach. This next week I am planning to start some deep cleaning so I can come back home to a clean house. The time is starting to go by quickly now! I've been trying to record movies and tv shows that I can watch after the surgery too...plus getting a few books to read as well! I hope all the ladies that have recently gone through surgery are healing well!

5 days to go!!

Yep, that's right, 5 days!! I didn't get any sleep last night...I kept thinking about all the things I need to get done before surgery. So, to relax my mind I went and had a mani/pedi today...and boy did it feel good! I'm all ready for Thursday! Let's do this!!

Let's get this show on the road!

I had my Pre-op appt. yesterday!! I am one day away from surgery and I'm ready! I've got all my prescriptions filled and I got all my before surgery instructions. We finalized the size implants...I'm going with the 390-420 cc Saline implant with a little over fill. Our two kids are with my dad for the rest of the week and will be headed to St. Louis tomorrow. I have a little more cleaning to do around the house and I'm all set! Bring it on!!

Twas the night before Surgery...

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring...except me!! I'm so excited and ready I can't hardly stand it! I'll be able to get up throw my clothes on and go. I sent a txt to the family I have told and my 2 close girlfriends to say a prayer that all goes well and smooth. Not much else to do but try to get a little shut eye. I took one more before picture for comparison...my uneven, saggy boobs in a bikini top. I want to ROCK this bikini!


Surgery is done! Yay! Truthfully, it hurts, so I'm definitely going to be staying on top of the pain meds. PS said all went well! Now I just have to take it easy and heal. I can't take anything off today, which is fine...I can admire my cleavage though! Yay for cleavage! I'll post a pic later after some rest. Happy healing ladies!

The view

Here's the view today. Everything is still tight feeling, but the burning sensation has gone.

I thought I would do a run down of events:
First of all, I didn't real well, but I did get some sleep. This did not surprise me though. We had to be at the surgery center @ 7:15 this morning...we arrived @ 7:00 and checked in! Then I waited to be taken back to get ready...which was about 7:30-ish. Once I was taken back, they did all the routine things like weigh me & take a urine sample (for a pregnancy test), had me change into that lovely gown, took my vitals, and started the IV. Then I had to wait for my PS to come and draw his art!! I was wheeled into the Op room at 9 sharp where I was knocked out...woohoo! Then woke up in recovery with a very dry mouth & throat. They got my hubby and monitored my pain till I was a 3 out of ten and then sent me home. (I did get ice chips and then lemon lime Shasta for the dry mouth/throat, thank goodness!). We left around 1:00, and man the ride was rough! The tightness of the muscles was very intense on any bumps that we hit! I was glad to be home! We did stop at a gas station right next to the surgery center and my hubby grabbed me some crackers and a drink. I ate/drank slowly of course. I am glad to say that I have not had any nausea thus far...yay!
I took a pain pill when I got home and sat in the recliner for while. Ate a few ritz crackers and watched a little tv. I finally felt like eating some fruit about an hour later and the grapes tasted sooo good! I took a muscle relaxer about an hour after that. I was up and down and going to the bathroom (no bm yet though). I decided I was hungry for dinner and that I wanted to get out of the house at 6:00... So we left and got some food! I took my antibiotic this time. After we ate I took and got back home I took another pain pill, sat in the recliner a dozed for an hour. That about sums it up for today. I see my PS in the morning and he'll take everything off to check things and I'll get my first look!! Until then, goodnight!

(PS...for some reason I can't my pic uploaded. So, I'll try to add that later)

Finally my view!

Okie dokie, here's the view!

Shower time!

Yay! I get to take a shower! That felt so good...had to take it slower but it was good. PS says everything looks good! I'm not going to be able to keep my eyes open much longer right now, but wanted to update you a bit & add my pic from after my shower!

4 days PO

Getting better day by day. The girls are itching though...ahh!! They are still riding high and tight, but I've been off the pain meds for a couple days. I'm glad I've got the next two days off! There is an indention under the nipples that is concerning me right now, but I'm hoping that it will go in time. That's about it for today... Talk to you ladies later!

La, ti, da...

Hello ladies! I haven't updated in a few days...so I thought I would today. I had a PO appt last Wednesday and my PS said everything looks good. I asked about the indentions I have right under the nipples and hr assured me that they will go away as the skin stretches there & the implants drop and fluff. Yay! I went back to work Thursday...and boy did I feel like a truck ran over me! I was exhausted by days end! Friday was better but I was still pretty tired that night. I've taken it fairly easy this weekend so I'll be rested up for a full week of work. My next PO appt is Friday, and I might get the tape taken off my incisions...but not sure. Happy healing to everyone!

One more pic

The other side

2 weeks & 3 days...

I had my 2 week PO appt. on Friday and my PS took all the tape off. I have one small spot that has oozing a little and he said it's most likely where a stitch has tried to come out. I'm to put peroxide and neosporin on it and another week of antibiotics just to be safe. Other than that, he said the girls are rounding out nicely! I agree!! I still have to wear the surgical bra at all times unless showering...I can't wait until I can stop wearing it! My incisions look good. I guess I was expecting them to look all pink and angry, but they don't . Yay! He said no massaging..,that it would take away the fullness up top, well I certainly don't want that...so Thank you! Having the tape off I can tell my skin is really sensitive...the fabric on the incisions irritates a little and it gets itchy. How long does that feeling tend to last? Oh and my nipples are super sensitive too...like when I was pregnant sensitive. Good to know I have feeling in them! Well, I'm going to call it a night! Goodnight ladies...hope all are healing well and others are calm as they get ready for surgery!

Almost one month PO!

Well ladies, it's almost been a month since surgery! I am loving how my clothes fit the girls!! I saw my PS in Monday and all is looking good and rounding out nicely. Most of my restrictions will be lifted on Labor Day...yay! I can go bra shopping (woo woo!), swimming, and do some cardio (but nothing with the pec muscles yet)! My nipples are still pretty sensitive to the touch..,how long has that been lasting for some of you? Just curious. Shaving my underarms has gotten easier, thank goodness! Sleeping on my side is better too... It was kinda painful laying flat and trying to roll over onto my side, but propped up was good for a while, and now flat is good. My right side (which was the smaller side) is still a little high so I'm having to push down on it 10 x (for 10 sec) n the morning. Another question to you...do you find that when driving or riding in the vehicle that the seatbelt strap that goes across your chest seems to bother you? It is still kinda bothering me...probably because my nipples are still so sensitive. That's all for now. I'm sending out continued prayers of healing and smooth recovery for all my RS ladies!! Oh and have a Happy Labor Day!

Before and after

Hello ladies! It's been a while since I've updated. Everything is going well and the girls are looking good! I put some before and after pics together and man oh man did I need this BA/BL!! The most recent pic shows that one side is still a little high...that was my smaller side and my PS said it will take a little longer for that side to drop. So I continue to do my massages on that side. All in all I am so happy I decided to do it! Now I just have to wait a while to get my TT...gotta make sure I have enough vacation from work! Hope everyone is healing well!

Oops! Here are the pics!

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