Smart Lipo on Thighs, Abs, Flanks

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Pros: Outpatient, awake during procedureFaster...

Pros: Outpatient, awake during procedure
Faster recovery time

Why i did it: lifelong battle with something i couldn't "fix"

My procedure was April 1 (yes, April Fools Day)...

My procedure was April 1 (yes, April Fools Day) 2010. It is now April 3. This was no April fools day prank or joke. I couldn't be happier. Didn't expect to see these results this soon.

I had realistic expectations to begin with. I'm 5'6 and 145 pounds. I've had two children, they are 4 and 7. One was a C-section, so this pain was not unfamiliar. Very similar, but so worth it!

I've had this family curse of being bottom heavy, or pear shaped. Yes the hour glass curves are ok, but a little much for me. I'm totally unhappy and obsessed with worrying about what to wear to cover up my hips and thighs while trying to show off my decent waistline. I had realistic expectations going in to this. I've never been a stick thin swimsuit model, nor do i ever want to be. I've always been athletic and accepted my "thick" lower half. It just comes to a point when it's so frustrating wearing such dramatically different sizes of clothing for the top and bottom half of my body! I only want to be able to throw something on without having to overthink how it will make my lower half appear. I also had cellulite before and if there is any improvement in it post operatively, well, that's just bonus in my book. Just the huge difference in size and shape at this point has been miraculous to me!

I would definitely have someone with you the first day, especially the following morning for showering and changing bandages. Getting that garment back on the first time is challenging! I truly feel the arnica gel and tablets have helped reduce bruising and swelling tremendously.

I did take before pictures the night before and will post them along with my after pictures. I plan to take some after pictures later today (it's only 4 am now, i couldn't sleep becuase i'm really excited!).

Dr. William Guthrie

The Dr. and his staff are professional yet personable. They take plenty of time from consultation, through the procedure, and post operatively. I appreciate the fact that they won't just take anyone on as a patient just because they walk through the door with money in hand. He wants them to be realistic and I appreciate that! He knows exactly what to recommend and how to get the best outcome.

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