Breast Lift and Gummy Implants

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I'm 5'2, 130lbs. My bra size now is 34DD but I...

I'm 5'2, 130lbs. My bra size now is 34DD but I feel saggy. During consultation the doc measured me just barely drooping like not even 2 inches by their standards of how they measure drooping. I really want to lift more than I do the implants but I want to implants is well I have decided to go with the lift and the Gammys at 300 cc. I'm just wondering if the 300 cc is going to be enough. I feel that it is with the lift also but just wondering if anyone had any advice or comments .

Thank You!

BL with BA tomorrow!

Concerned about the pain only now. I will have lift w 325cc gummy implants. PS only prescribed flexeril and the antibiotic Keflex for after surgery. I hope I don't need pain medicine. I very concerned.

Thank You

to you all for the well wishes. I get to take bra and dressing off and shower in the morning. I will post update w pic.
Have a good night.

Post op Day 1

No pain just tightness and pressure that is uncomfortable. My PS gave me tramadol and it has helped tremendously. They look very scary and they are very hard. I'm sure the will be fine in a few weeks. Happy so far!


Day 4 Post Op
Recovery has been better than expected. I feel discomfort only of a morning. While I do like the shape, size, feel, and fullness.....the look is freightening to me. Before surgery I had very small stretch marks that were not noticeable. But now they are huge and shiny. I would go back and nurse my 2 children again until they were 13 months all over again , it was worth it. But I'm not sure i would do this over again they look worse than they did.
My husband loves me regardless but still I wanted this for me and to feel confident and sexy and be pleasing for him. He doesn't complain but I do and I was hoping this would make me feel better. Also this costs a lot of money that I feel guilty enough for spendin.
I see my PS tomorrow so I'll see what he says but I don't think there is anything that can be done.
And on top of that last night I wore a bra I previously had bc I was washing my surgical bra and the bra i put on had an underwire. I didn't realize it and woke up with it feeling like it was cutting me into. I had deep grooves under breasts. I hope it is okay. I took underwires out and the thing still felt tight but I didn't have anything else to wear. Still sore this morning.
I can't bring myself to post a pic yet. It is too upsetting.

1 week post op appt

13 days Post Op and still in pain

Just wondering how long the pain lasts? I thought it would be over by now.

Help Please! Do I have capsular contracture?

The right breast is very noticeable smaller, different shaped, hard, bruised. I'm afraid something is wrong.
The first pic like looks normal but was 2 weeks ago. The 2nd one looks abnormal to me. That is today 17 days post op.

22 days post op

side view
Will post front view soon

3 wk post op pic

4weeks 5days

concerned with the scab and opened area under right nipple. I still have drainage from it.
They are still pretty sore all the time. I also can't find a comfortable bra. I always loved underwires. I can't wear them now and I don't feel like I have enough support with any of the wireless bras. I'm afraid my new boobs will sag without good support. I measure and feel best in a 36DDD Ambrielle.
So worried about this right breast. I wish it would heal like the left one and I wish it was the shape of the left one.
Hopefully in another month or so it will be better.

6 weeks post op

If the left one would just heal. It bleeds and has drainage. It's been a long 6 weeks. One I like them, one day I like my original ones better. Lol
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