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I've researched the procedures, talked to someone...

I've researched the procedures, talked to someone who's had a breast lift and a couple others that have had a MM. I've researched doctors and have had a couple of consults and went with my knowledge and gut feeling. I'm scheduled for my MM on August 30th and now I'm creeping all over Realself for before and after pics, experiences, and advice.

Countdown is on......

Surgery is scheduled 3 weeks from today. I've been reading RS reviews, looking at tons pictures, reading to do and not to do and I'm excited, and a little nervous. I need to post some before pics and take some measurements.

Two-Weeks out, pre-op today

I'm getting really excited now! I had my pre-op today and the nurse was impressed with all my knowledge and research - which all came from RS. I appreciate all I've learned and want to share for others researching and deciding on a ps as well as what procedures. I'm getting a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and a breast lift with 300cc silicone implants. I plan to take and post some pre-surgery pictures this weekend.

8 sleeps left until THE day!

Tomorrow I'm 1 week out. I've read post after post and have a good idea of what to expect, I just can't/won't know the reality of it all until it happens for me. Everyone has different pain tolerances and perceptions, so I'll have to wait and see. Last Tuesday was my pre-op and I was suddenly quite calm after that do I hope that continues, mostly just excited right now but I'm sure nerves will hit. Every now and then I have the 'what ifs' - something happens during surgery? I get an infection? It doesn't turn out like I hoped/thought? My recovery takes way longer? I hate my implants and wish I'd only done the lift? Anyway going to try to post a couple of before pics.....it's difficult even though no one knows me.

One more day....

One more day to get through and then it's my turn! I'm still calm overall but I'm excited for this to happen. I've eaten light over the weekend and I've really been watching my sodium intake. Wow!, you don't realize how much sodium everything(processed/convient)has! I just wanted some soup I could take to work with me today. Anyhow, today is all liquid diet and they had me take 4oz magnesium citrate this morning. I call later to verify arrival times and pick up my prescriptions today. I'll do another look at my survival basket to be sure I have everything I need. Happy healing to those that are post, positive vibes for one I know is having her surgery today, and happy reading and researching to those that are waiting and scheduled or to those still making the decision.

Surgery postponed/rescheduled

So this may sound a little selfish and I really don't mean for it to but my surgery had to be rescheduled due to my ps's father passing away unexpectedly. I totally sympathize with him and know he needs to be with family and needs time to mourn but it took me by total surprise as well. When you schedule time off from work, planned all your recovery needs and recovery help and the day before you find out all of that is for naught and you have to redo it all again it's a little upsetting. Mentally I was all prepared for this so for it to change when I had less than 18 hours left it's kind of thrown my world into chaos and been emotional afternoon. I know I'll get my head wrapped around this change and will adjust for the next 9 days. I just keep trying to tell myself any positive that I can think of, like now when I go back to work it will be a Thursday Friday and then have two days off again. Just anything trying to keep my spirits up. I also worry about what if someone else was already scheduled that day. Does that now mean he'll have two surgeries in one day and that will make me later in the day?

12 hours......

Until I'm too be at the surgery center. Finally! This morning I had to drink magnesium citrate and then liquid diet the rest of the day. Picked up my last prescription tonight and have been finishing up laundry getting things set out for tomorrow. Took my shower and shaved tonight and I'll take another shower in the morning. Right now I'm totally calm and relaxed but I'm sure that will change overnight and tomorrow morning.

Got my birthday suit tailored!

Got my birthday suit tailored today. ???? Surgery took about 4hrs and I ended up getting 325cc implants instead of 300cc. Extremely tight right now and been dozing off and on since getting home. Can tell a whole lot yet but I can see the girls are up and firm, no more droop!

3 days po

Mainly been sleeping the past 3 days haven't been hungry but trying to ensure I eat, that hasn't been easy. I seem really tight and swollen and my cg feels like it's going to cut me half at the top. I was also really gasey yesterday, not sure what that was all about. Hubby sure has been awesome! Oh and I coughed and it felt like I ripped something out it hurt so bad.

Day 4 PO

Today was 4 days post-op for me and it was better than yesterday. Looking forward to progressing and moving this along. Still not hungry but I try to eat, nothing sounds good and I'm full after a few bites. The binder is so tight tonight, swelling I guess. But I did have a shower and got to wash my hair.

Day 5 post-op comparison pics

Feeling better each day and able to be awake longer periods and I sleep really well during naps and at night. Finally had a little appetite this morning!

One week post-op

Feeling pretty good the past several days, more energy and less naps and I have an appetite again too. Took another shower which feels so amazing but, even with a shower chair, is hard on my back. I'm not sure how anyone can do it without a chair. I'm almost standing straight and I'm not overly swelling or draining, and I've been off my pain killer for 2 days and the day prior to that only took it at bedtime. Hubby has been so awesome with caring for me. He keeps my binder/garmets and bras washed so I always have a clean one, he's cooked every meal, helped with my showers, doctored my BB, kept me positive, just so awesome. I've sat outside on the patio a couple of times which has been nice for some fresh air and change of scenery. Honestly my back is the only thing that hurts me with the exception of a couple of coughs that I seriously thought ripped something! I've even slept in bed the past 2 nights, I had purchased a wedge system from Relax The Back. Excited to see under the steri-straps at my appointment Monday but loving what I'm already able to see! Happy healing to us all!

9 days po -

Feeling better and standing straighter every day. Day 4 was my rough day and I've been getting better ever since. Here's a pic of my tummy this morning as I was doctoring my belly button. And here's the marble my ps placed post surgery. This was in my BB 4 days without me knowing it. lol I take it out during showers then dab my BB with a Q-Tip clean the marble in alcohol and dry then slather it with antibiotic ointment and put it back in and hold with a band aid. Loving the results I'm seeing so far!

Day 11 PO - Dr. appointment, drain removed

Well I'm 11 days post-op and had a follow-up appointment today. Got my drain removed as well as the steri-strips, everything is looking good. My TT incision has some puckering but they assured me this would go away and I'm to start massaging my implants lightly to move them around to prevent scar tissue hardening. I go back next Wednesday and then should be able to start scar therapy then. I tell you what, having that drain removed is like I'm a new person. It was starting to pinch and pull at times and just not having to deal with it is SO nice!. I'm attaching a couple of pics, they aren't the best quality so I tried to lighten. Love that my TT incision is low, it'll be below my bikini that I bought for our Belize trip in February, I took the bottoms with me for my mark up. So far I'm totally happy with my mommy make-over experience and I would totally do it again. The front view pic of my breasts I have circled a spot that I got a blister the 3rd day from the tape holding my pain pump lines or the lines themselves, not sure which but I'm putting antibiotic ointment on it and it's healing.

What a great day.....

Feeling so good today and have energy again, really starting to feel "human" again. Had a hair appointment, then off to a manicure and pedicure, some lunch back home and then off too the mall to get my jewelry cleaned and get some walking in the air-conditioning (so hot here, with heat index warnings). I seriously am loving my body and changes I'm seeing. When I can sit in the pedicure chair and not have a tummy roll, when I can put on clothes and not have a muffin top, when the 'girls' are upright and perky......just priceless. Also tried on all my swimsuits this morning....oh my goodness, IN.LOVE. I bought them a month or so ago before surgery but in anticipation for our trip to Belize. I didn't want to try to find suits during the winter time so we shopped end of the season and got sale prices, I also bought one online from Venus. I'm a happy girl and I'm only day 12 po. Can only imagine after my final results. Once my scar heals a little more and swelling goes down and implants drop I'll take pics in my swimsuits to post.

2 weeks post op and back to work.....

Yesterday was day 14 po and I went back to work. It was good, I made it all day and had plenty of energy. No Tylenol or anything, no swelling, no pain. Also loving Venus and shopping and their prices! Got this cute bandeau bra today in the mail along with a cold shoulder top and a wrap dress. This mommy makeover is going to get WAY more expensive than the cost of the procedure!

Pics - before and after

3 weeks po today

Good morning all!
Today is 3 weeks post-op, this time on the 8th I wasn't even up yet bit by the time I get off work today my surgery would have been completed and if be headed home. That seems so long ago. Had a follow-up appointment yesterday and everything is looking great and I'm to start my scar therapy now. When he showed me how to massage my scar and the amount of pressure to apply was a weird sensation. Did it hurt?did it tingle? What was that feeling? It was odd, not painful necessarily but hard to describe. I'm to massage, apply pressure, slight stretch enough that the scar turns white. Anyway, we'll see how that goes. I'm taking incision pics to track scar therapy progress. Next follow up appointment is December 7, 3 months post-op.
Also back to work for my first full week. Everything has been fine but I am tired and in bed by 9pm.
Last two days I've been a little swollen in the evening around my TT incision. So I get my feet up in a recliner and ice pack that area. Not sure exactly why or it could be a combo of a couple of things - increased walking, higher than normal sodium in my meals, and possibly even that time of month. The issue is, I think it created a stretch mark above my incision! He got rid of all my stretch marks, did I really just cause a new one?! Scar cream and therapy on this too.
Excuse the binder marks in the pics, just rolled out of bed.

Fun with swimsuits...24 days post-op

Having fun trying on all my new suits for our Belize trip in February.

4 weeks post op

Today is 4 weeks already, it doesn't seem like it. Everything is healing well and I'm feeling good just wish I could sleep on my side. Still pretty much on my back slightly propped up.
My back was a little messed up to where I had ribs out giving me indigestion over the weekend, went to the chiropractor Monday morning and everything has been fine since.
I've been walking a ton and added bodyweight leg work last week and some lighter weight/higher repetition arm workouts this week as well.
Can I say I'm in love with my tummy and boobs? Obsessed! lol And bras & bralettes too. Even bought sexy lingerie that hubby doesn't know about yet. Tried it on and I'm SO excited! I never would have bought something like this before.
Has anyone else had the feeling (mentally) that your belly button is in a certain spot and when you touch your belly its not there, it's higher? I mean it totally looks like it's where it should be but if my eyes were closed and someone said touch your belly button, I'm not sure I'd hit it!
Anyway, here's some pictures from this morning.

Lesson learned

I was 5 weeks post-op this past Thursday, Oct 13th and went in for a quick check with the nurse (doc's wife) for what I thought might be a spitting stitch. Turns out to be a reaction to the Neosporin. I had a spot on my incision so I was putting Neosporin on it, spot got worse so I continued the Neosporin. Finally took a pic to send to the nurse as it was getting more and more irratated so she had me come in. She said it looked more like a reaction to the Neosporin and like a chemical burn than a stitch spitting. So what I thought was helping was making things worse, lesson learned. I guess initially the Neosporin was fine but then my body started reacting to it. I think everything will heal up fine but she reassured me they could fix the incision line (in office) if I needed a revision to make it pretty. We'll see how it ends up looking.
Also went braless in public for probably the first time since Jr high (exception of swimsuits). The dress called for it since I didn't have a bra that wouldn't show, only wore the nipple petals and that was pretty amazing to be able to that.

Added pic from previous post

6 weeks post-op & workouts

Today is 6 weeks post-op....say wha? In some aspects it doesn't seem possible its slrwady 6 weeks and in others it seems like I'm further out.
Everything is going well. I'm able to sleep on my side for a portion of the night now but usually have to still flip onto my back for a bit. Still swell up occasionally, never sure if it's activity, sodium intake, or that wonderful special time of month.
I've been walking daily and consistently getting in my goal steps plus some for several weeks. I've been doing leg workouts (at home) and some light weight arm & shoulder workouts. This week I added weight to both my leg workout and also pulled out P90X Arms & Shoulders. Today I picked up my kettlebell and did a workout, felt so good.

8 weeks today - so happy I did this

Don't even know where to start.
I feel good, I very rarely swell(except that special time of the month), I hardly ever wear any type of compression garment now and when I do its by Jockey For Her and is more like underwear with a band of compression, I'm sleeping on my side comfortably and I'm working out (kettlebells) to probably about 80% potential. I need to get my weights back up to where I was but I'm doing good. Pushups don't feel right yet so skipping those.
So ecstatic with my results but my mind still doesn't always comprehend that what I'm seeing is me! To put on a pair of shorts and a tight workout top or a pair of jeans and a nice top and not have muffin top hanging over! To workout and not have the extra bounce of fat/skin. I could cry in so happy!
Once I quit using the Neosporin (previous update) everything healed and has been doing great. We'll have to see how the scar in those areas end up. With my sensitive skin and being so fair skinned I realize my scars may take longer to fade out than others so I'm not comparing myself or my progress to others, I'm happy for them and I'm happy for me, period.
I do have to save I like BioOil but I'm loving Self Heal (picture). I seriously have seen the most scar progress since using it.
To all before me that wrote reviews and answered questions, thank you. To all those researching or waiting your turn, good luck and read read read all the RS reviews.

9 weeks po & exercise

Not much to update on, I have gotten back in to a really good exercise routine. I am now able to do push-ups maybe not quite full range as before but at least half or more and it doesn't pull or feel funny. I have not tried any pull-ups though. I am doing all of my kettlebell exercises and I've done cardio and abs along with yoga. I lost some of my back and hip flexibility that I've got to regain but upward dog is the weird one as my stomach doesn't want to go that way yet. I'm back up to my 25 to 40 pound kettlebells so that is encouraging.
Nothing else to update, I'm still massaging my incision sites and massaging my implants. I'm going shopping this weekend for some bras,tired of all the sports bras and trying to have the straps and the Racerback not show through work shirts etcetera.
Hope everyone is doing really well and recovering that has already had their surgery and I'm excited for those of you who are close, stay positive and do everything you can beforehand to be healthy and fit so you have a good recovery.

Bra shopping - fitting and sizing

Went to the shop my ps office recommended to get measured for bras and had fun while learning a TON as bout bras and how they should fit and ride on our body. So much info, but had an absolute fabulous lady assisting me!

4 month update

Today is 4 months since my surgery. I'm doing great with no issues. I'm able to do full workouts, including ab/core exercises. The only time I have any swelling is during that time of month and I feel the tightness along my incision line. My scar is still a little purple/red but it's getting better. I'd definitely say from month 3 to 4 has been the most improvement as far as sensitivity, swelling and getting more feeling/sensation back. I couldn't be happier with my decision to do this surgery and with my results. Looking forward to wearing a bikini in Belize next month at the age of 51 and feeling confident.

20 week update.....closing in on 5 months

Quick update, yesterday was 20 weeks and I took pics again for comparison. I couldn't be happier to have done this for myself - my confidence, my perception of myself, my outlook on life. Sometimes I can't believe that's me on the mirror, other times I can't even remember what I looked like before. I'm doing really well and only have issues during that time if month, I get a little swollen and tight along my incision line. I've always bloated during that time, it just feels different now since it's concentrated along that line. I put together a quick before and current pic, we've been tanning a little in preparation for our Belize trip so you'll notice the tan line where I use sunscreen on my scar and mY undie line. I'm so excited to wear my bikinis....for the first time in my life I'm going to wear a bikini at the age of 51 pushing 52. As a teenager I was very self-concious of my body - flat chested and not curvy like the other girls so I always wore a one-piece. No more! Scar is still red but that's just my skin and skin tone and it doesn't bother me. Any scar I've ever had looked like this for awhile. I'll be excited to see 6 month, 9 month and 12 month progress.

5 months post

Just now posting but took the pics on Tuesday which was my 5 month post-op anniversary. So happy with my procedures and my results and I get to show it all off next weekend on our Belize trip. I would totally make the same decision again. Working out and lifting just as intense as pre-surgery. Occasionally feel a little tight around the incision area but looking at it I don't see swelling. I've been using Embrace silicone scar sheets (from Amazon) and think they have totally made a difference. I just cut them in half length ways to use all the way across my TT scar.

Six+ months post op

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. Everything is going great, back to full exercise with no issues and we had a great time in Belize! I can't believe I wore my first bikini(s) at 51yo and felt confident! The confidence I feel and the way I feel about my body now is amazing! I still have to adjust my perception on clothes, I tend to pick up sizes that are too big and have to go get smaller. Good problem to have!
Tulsa Physician

I have been so happy with my experience with Dr Whitlock and his staff as well as the surgery center and staff. My first appointment with Dr Whitlock was my consultation and I was immediately at ease with his personality/demeanor and that he had my best interests in mind. I had consultations with other plastic surgeons where I felt more like a piece of meat and money to be made and like they were going to do what they wanted, not necessarily listening to my goals ad expectations. Dr Whitlock took plenty of time discussing and answering all my questions as well as showing me options so that I could make the best decision for me (breast lift only or with implants). I was really impressed that during the consultation he first did a breast exam and then took measurements to be able to inform me properly of what would work best for me. The day of the surgery the time he took to measure and mark me up for surgery and his calm demeanor just kept me at ease and relaxed. His wife is a nurse at the practice and she has been amazing. She called to check up on me and told me if I had any questions or concerns that I could call or text her 24/7 on her personal phone and I did a couple of times and she was so kind and responded so quickly. I would highly recommend Dr Whitlock and although I don't plan on any other procedures he would be my choice again in the future.

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