Tummy Tuck, BA -31 yr old, 183 lbs. 5 kids in Tulsa, OK

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Lord where to start. I've often drifted in thought...

Lord where to start. I've often drifted in thought about getting a BA, always to snap back to reality. Knowing that $$ could be spent on something more important. Finally I decided I am DONE hiding behind my arms naked, scared, in front of my husband of 12 years. I've decided to go with a full TT and BA.. Our beautiful children magically transformed my body, leaving behind battle scars of the 45 months I carried something living, breathing, growing inside me. My oldest is almost 15 my youngest is 7. I have three others scattered between them! My hands are full, our budget tight. I only decided several weeks ago that this might work. Talked to my husband again, he has always been so controlling, but he keeps me grounded. He FINALLY said yes. I don't know if he is just tired of the pestering, tired of looking at my sick, sad, body or truly worried about me slipping away into some unknown state of depression. Either way, I got on the ball. Asked around. Read constantly, thought about going to the DR for the surgery as it is MUCH cheaper. I decided, I better stay here in the good ole' U.S.of A. Not that I don't like saving thousands of dollars, but if there is complications, it's gonna be so much easier to hop in a car versus a plane. Not to mention Visas, recovery homes, 2 weeks away, baby sitters, food, losing my sanity.. I was worried about the pumps after the TT, I mean who wouldn't be with five kids..but my doctor doesn't use pumps anymore! He does something he described to me as a quilted stitch. Works. Now I'm 6 weeks away from my consultation and 6 weeks and 1 day away from going under. (April 27th) I'm not looking forward to the down time afterwards. I wonder what will become of my kids, my husband, most importantly my house. I have only told my husband and my boss about the TT, people are jerk-faces. The few I have told about the BA have nothing positive to say, my best friend and mom.. "That money....your fine...why...", I couldn't imagine what they would do if they knew what I was doing. .. Ain't no one got time for that.. There is a down point, I smoke. I'm still smoking. I need to stop. And I don't think it's possible. I've looked at what happens when you smoke and have surgery, I've downloaded the pictures, I plan on printing some plastering them to my doors, fridge. My screensaver possibly. I damn sure don't want to spend almost 10 grand to have my cells die and look worse. Anywho, I choose to go about 5 hours away to Tulsa for my surgery. Dr. Greg Ratliff, tho I am leaning towards letting the chick do the cutting, her work seems neater. Lol. If I can figure out how to update from this point I will do so. I'm nervous as hell.

Fortune revealed!

So today I ran out of cigs! I just ate and haven't bought another pack. One step closer. I was thinking after dinner at a local Chinese joint about stopping to buy one and the lady hand my a fortune cookie!!!! No CiGs for me! 4 hours counting

Bam!!!! 24 hrs NICOTINE free!

Today was HARD as hell @ Work plus I started my period. And have been around a bunch of smoking.. My poor co-workers had some kind-of attitude to deal with, but we all survived and live to tell about it

Fell of the smoke free wagon, gained a kid

Life is so crazy sometimes. Got a call Tuesday that my niece and her husband were in jail, and that my great nephew, Chris 17m old, was staying with family 4 hours away. Got another call Wednesday from CPS saying if I can't get him he would be placed in a foster home for several months on hopes his mother would clean up, his father is looking at a very long prison term. WTF! Needless to say after jumping through all the hoops of CPS, we were approved and drove to pick up the precious baby Monday. Needless to say. I also picked up smoking. ????????????????. Here I am 26 days from my surgery, and this is laid on me. I've been approved off until June 8th, my husband is also off, to take care of the kids, and now we have a baby and all th expenses that Come with said baby. I'm wondering if I should put the surgery off, thing is, if I do that I'm not certain my husband and I will both be able to take the time off needed, then I will probably dip into the $$ for this or that and it will get pushed aside. Ahhhh. Sometimes I don't want to "ADULT". Everyone that knows about my BA has asked since we signed the papers if I'm still going through with it, of course I say. They make it seem like I'm the most selfish person EVER. Several have even apologized to my husband, because he will be in charge while I'm under the weather. Good gosh. He really wants me to do this, and when I offered to cancel it and just lose the deposit he pushed for me to go through with it. I'm sure I will, maybe

Getting nervous

3 weeks out and damn am I nervous, I think I am trying to talk myself out of it. Some days are worse than others. Last night for instance, was horrible. I had two teeth pulled because they decided to break on me, and as I'm laying in my husbands lap being the natural cry baby I am, I'm like F-this. If I could barely get through ONE night of pain, how am I going to do MONTHS?!? Then I am following a few people reading their journeys and thoughts.... 2 months...6months these girls are still having problems. I have 6-8 weeks off after my surgery, but I am a waitress. I'm constantly pulling/pushing/moving heavy stuff. On a normal day my core, abs,arms,feet, hell everything hurts! I'm nervous I won't be able to work, or will lose $$, for lack of quickness. Im worried that someone will bump into me, or maybe my boobs will make me off balance and I'll drop a tray of hotness on someone. I'm worried I will get that skin dead stuff from smoking. And since I won't psychically meet my doctor until THE DAY BEFORE the surgery he will say no, you are too fat for this.
I went to a medspa close to here, and he advised me to NOT do the tummy tuck, said that the fat would just depost onto my back. Wtf?!? My back. Ahhhh. This is stressful

15/16 Sleeps left

15 sleeps until I leave and 16 until I go under. I will say I have been scrambling to put it off or find another doctor. I see all the RS posts about "--dolls", and I'm like dang they did all that work for THOUSANDS less than what I am getting. But then I'll go search for a Dr. In the DR and I can't even read his website and I'm like nah, nevermind! Lol. Anyway, still here and nervous as hell!

Getting close

So much has happened over the last couple days. I FORGOT to book my hotel, lol! So I did that. I packed my bags, got all my medication ready to go. I TOLD my mom and my best friend about the tummy tuck; it went better than I could imagine. We were going to move around rooms to fit a recliner in our room (since our new house guest can't really be climbing all over me for the first few days-weeks) but my oldest is letting me keep her room for the first few weeks, which has plenty of room to house a recliner and her tv is a 50in v our 19in. So it will all work out.
I am nervous to tell my other kids. I am nervous of complications. I haven't had bad dreams, thank heavens, but my thoughts keep my mind in a constant uproar. FOUR sleeps until I leave! Hopefully this time next week I will be back home in some not so serious pain, with a new to me belly button, breasts and a little less fat.

I was totally going to do the Lipo to my ass/hips, but after watching videos I decided against it. It is kinda weird how they get it out. I assumed they used a vacuum of some sort, not a bakers roller and just let it ooze out! It was almost too much to bear.
I'm looking into vacations, has anyone else been somewhat active 5-6 weeks after? Nothing major just go to the coast or maybe a camping trip. Is it too likely to catch bacteria?

Pre-op appointment -CHECK

Made the 5.5 hr trip to Tulsa. Got checked into our room at Doubletree, which is okay, but I've stayed at better. Sent my husband in to Lysol everything. Then we made the drive over to the Dr.
The nurses were AMAZING! Although one of the girls getting a tummy tuck had a male waiting on her in the waiting room and he had his shoes off!!! It had just rained and temp was clocked at 83! &&& their AC went out! It was disgusting! Thankfully the lady at the front pulled us back immediately!
In the room my husband went, but I didn't want him to, so when the actual nurse, AMANDA (who btw ROCKS) got there he left. I'll be so glad when I am not ashamed or as ashamed of my body and will let him see it. She went over everything with me, and frankly made the entire process so much more calming. I chose to do the Sentra 550, wanted the 600 but for my measurements it wouldn't work. So she said somewhere between a D and a DD. That works. Come to find out I need some Lipo in my hips, but that will have to wait. I'm excited and nervous!!!
Dr. Ratliff pointed out all my flaws. So he gets a BIG thumbs down, no one is more critical on my body than me. In fact, if it would of been him to begin with I think I would have choose a different Doctor. Him grabbing my boobs was rough, not as gentle as I would have imagined. and his words short. But I saw Amanda's TT, and it looked great and he did it.
Anywho, all paid up! Medicine laid out for the hubs, now we just wait till 10:30 tomorrow for surgery at 11. They hate me, they really do! Gave me a patch to put behind my ear that will make me have cotton mouth and I can't have anything to drink for almost 12 hours!
We decided to stay here versus driving str8 back after surgery. I'm worried the effects of the anesthesia would scare my kids. Guys, I will see y'all on the flat/semi-flat side!!!

A little flat a whole lotta pain

Like kick you over think you might joke on your own breasts pain. I went with under muscle and gel, got 550cc and a tummy tuck with muscle repaid and Lipo, do y'all have any idea how hard it is to NOT use your abdominal muscles and breast muscles (they are both in important your implant can come slingshot style out and it can rub your newly stitched muscles
I was given Percocet and let jus say I am DREADING how I will feel once I don't have them anymore. It's now 2:21 am, I feel asleep several times trying to Finish this !! Oh my gosh at the swelling!!! Baby swelling has nothing on this! I wonder if cabbage leaves will help here too


Trying yet again

Holy hell!!!! The pain is for reAl

Just some more pictures. I took some milk of something to help me have a bowel movement, which is scary.


Can NOT sleep more than 2 hours at a time! My back is in so much pain! I'm questioning why I ever did this to myself. My boobs are in some serious pain. And it hurts to take breaths

2 night was much worse than first

Back pain kicks in, medicine stops working. Everything is overly tender.i think he got my belly button crooked, and right now I don't even gaf. I'm reading these forums of this sort of pain for months, I CANT do months! I'm thinking like a week tops. Then I'm going to switch myself over to morphine. Or muscle relaxers with the Percocet. I'm only kidding! Lol. Can I clean my belly button? When can I take a shower?

Little more comfy

Like I commented earlier, not sure if I am just more aware of what hurts and what doesn't or if it is actually getting a bit more bareable. But it is a tad. My stomach, under my crooked belly button is very strange feeling, and it hurts. My breasts are still swollen and very high. My husband loves to undress me and rub Arnica on my breasts. It is fun watching him! I'm so worried about necrosis so I am constantly taking photos, but still it is hard to tell

Pulling in the right side of my vagina going upwards

What is that all about? It is a little hard. But when I extend my right leg either forward or backwards I feel this weird movement in my vagina and about 4 inches above my incision. Anyone else have these problems?
Today I have been able to get around better. I was totally going to wean off medication today, but after waking up in tears unable to move I decided I better keep with it. I still have almost half of them left. I did some light packing today. My head feels cloudy and I will be SUPER excited to get back to thinking normally.
I guess it's normal but every mark on my stomach I think is horrible. I'm positing all these pictures, let me know what y'all think.
I know there is an indent from where the incision is, and I still don't care it looks so much better than it did!

Feel like a new woman

Thanks to finally going #2! It got so bad setting was a problem. I drank my water, to stool softners, etc etc and finally went today. I've been able to get up and around so much better by myself, getting stuff done. I'm requesting a new binder or recommendations for a new one from my Dr. Just waiting on what's up with that. My boobs for the most part feel okay, but j have to keep them wrapped or they hurt. Swollen in the mornings, takes about an hour to go down. Pretty much the same thing with my stomach, I feel so useless without my binder on. My stitches got the clear (belly button) to be removed, so my aunt will come over and take them out today! I'm nervous, I feel like it isn't ready! But I'm gonna do it. My stomach muscles are so sore. I've skipped a dose of medication ONE NIGHT, and didn't do that again. The morning was not nice to me. The night directly afte that every time I tried to sleep I woke up coughing and SCREAMING, crazy unreal pain. So I just kinda stayed awake. I'm looking so forward to this being done and being able to bend with pulling something in my stomach. It hurts weirldLy, but I think most of it is not knowing what's going on in there and being worried I'm messing something up. Well that is it for now

Stitches out of belly button

Weird! I couldn't feel anything and my Aunt had some difficulties removing 3 of them. You can kinda tell in the pictures which ones. To me the picture looks photo shopped, but it's very real. The inside of my belly button looks dead to me. And the redness around looks scary, but she said it all looks great, yay! And it red because they were ready to come out the body no longer needed them and got a little redder bc of her pulling out them out and irritating it.

Got to see all these incisions..finally!!!

I'd have to say that the spot directly under my belly is a little disturbing to me. I don't know what's going on directly under the cut. I'm going to get some tissue building drinks today. Hopefully it's not too late. Excuse my messy mirror.

Tissue stuff

The stuff in the little bottle is quite gross, but it's quick. So many drops two times a day. I take it with as little water as possible (think micro shot) then chug a bottle of water!

Does this look okay?

Uber worried

Stuff I ordered

Not much new

Got my little scare over with. Talked to several nurses and then my doctor, all assured me it looked okay. I am getting up and around so much better, but notice some major pulling on the sides of my boobs which hurts like hell (again I think I'm just scared). When I bend over I can fell in the middle of my stomach and again below my stitches above my girls downstairs. :/ but as long as I refrain from certain movements (and we figure that out quickly) I'm good.

So I realize I am a cry baby

Looking back over these last two weeks, I seemed to have cried a lot over nothing. Yes, going through it all sucks! It's all new which can be very scary. But time really does go quickly. I'm 15 days PO today and for the most part I'm doing everything. My PS told me to take it easy because I can set myself back in the healing process. I get tired in a way I've never experienced before. Like my core just can't handle anymore. I mowed the yard yesterday. Helped move some boxesX but felt very sore afterwards, but nothing I couldn't work around. I was more worried about the sweat/dirt getting my incisions messed up. I have been a roller coaster as far as feelings go. Last night was my first night to sleep out of the recliner, I upgraded and made it to the couch. However I was still propped up. Last night was also my first night to sleep on my side. I've tried several times, but my stomach felt like it would fall out. I can't think of any other way to describe that feeling. My husband started staying with his mom last night and me mine, while we attempt to work on our house. Being without him here is scary. He waits on me hand and foot, and always has. I'm very lucky there. Lol. I'll post pictures of my incision later. Gotta take it off and clean them.

Tape off again.

The big scab came off as well as a smaller one. Guess the doctors were right about them. Still going to take my drinks and medication daily. Been in some pain today. Husband helping me bc I'm hunched over back to day 4 it feels. There is a pulling and pain in my stomach.

Heard back from my doctor

Guess I did to much. Said I set back my recovery I have two days R&R OR I could of torn my muscle repair!!!! I have a PS appointment next Wednesday, fingers crossed :( .

Officially 3 weeks Post op.

Well In a couple hours anyway. I took my bandages off yesterday and noticed an open spot between a needle head and pencil lead size. I have a PS appointment at 3:30, and really hoping he will do something. I am leaning towards a spit stitch, but I'm no doctor and just a guess. I'll update. I searched and found questions and answers but when going to the members reviews either they don't have one or isn't updated enough for my liking. Lol. We are currently making the 6 hour drive to my doctor, I had to wrap my breasts for the drive the road makes them giggle and it is quiet uncomfortable. ;)

3 weeks DOWN!!

The hole was a spit stitch or an ingrown hair, already closed today. Craziness! NOOO more tape!!! Yay! And I can use regular soap! I was so sick of dial gold! Lose bras for another 3 weeks! No more binder, tho I'm wearing it still. It's my security blanket. He did the massages!!! Oh lord! That was SOMETHING else!!!! Ladies he stood behind me and literally pushed/pulled my boobs ????????????????!! In all directions! It hurt, it was scary and it felt SOOO good afterwards. They were rock hard before and immediately after were softer and bumps in the car ride didn't hurt near as much! 2x a day 30 seconds pushed in each direction and then in a circle, both ways! Yay!! I could never be that rough with my own boobs. But My husband can! Come back in 3 weeks :/

Instructions for massages

And my old boring self!!!

Roughly 5.5 wks post

Going back to work on the 17th, did some fishing today. Can totally feel it in my boob, lol. I'm doing pretty much everything, still have some problems setting up, dealing with some massive end of day swelling. Still feel little tugging down the middle of my stomach. I think I'm doing pretty good. Can bend down comfortably, pick things up. Though I'm not pushing myself. I still feel like every time I take 4-5 good steps forward I go back 2. But that is still progress.

Got released to go swimming

Pretty much what that means is I am released to get into the water. Because I tried swimming and I personally don't like feeling like my insides are coming out of my belly button. Was told to shower after with antibacterial soap. Well I've never not used it since the surgery. My right boob has been very sore kinda towards my underarm on the bottom of it. I think it's because I am right handed, and it just get pulled more. I also noticed it has a weird bottom shape. But I'm going to give it the 3-6 months recommend before I start complaining too much about my "boxed boob".
Tulsa Plastic Surgeon

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