455 cc silicone mentor Ultra High Profile. 32 B before - Tulsa, OK

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I am sooooo to excited to finally get boobs!!...

I am sooooo to excited to finally get boobs!! Little back story:

I was always little. I was a 32B before I had kids and then grew to a DD during both pregnancies but between and after they completely shrank and deflated. They were barely an A, probably a AA and were very saggy. I've always wanted big boobs but I was scared of getting implants because of all the bad things you here about it. Last year I finally decided to make a change because I hated looking at myself in the mirror and I hated the way my clothes felt. So I got a breast lift. Looking back now I really wish I would have gotten implants at the same time but I was still on the fence about it. Now, 3 and a half month after my surgery I finally mad the decision to go through with it but I have to wait until late Alril to get them since I just had my lift at the end of October.

I had my breast augmentation consult with my same breast lift surgeon last week and she said I have to get a 350 or 455 CC due to my size. There's no in between. I think i am going to go with the larger one though because I know if I get them too small I'll regret it. And I'm a 32B now and I'd really love to be a 32D or DD. And I definitely don't want a 3rd surgery. But I'm so excited I can hardly wait!! I wish I could do it as soon as next week. But sadly I can't. So I'm trying to be patient

Cant wait!

Oh my goodness I can hardly wait. I even installed a countdown on my phone. 3 months to go. And here's some pictures of my home made rice sizers. I made them 450 cc approximately

Made my surgery date!!

Made my surgery date and put down my deposit! Unfortunately I'm only 3 months post op from my lift so I had to make my appointment for April 22nd. GAWD it feels like forever away!! I'm really going to try and use this time to loose some weight. I have a stomach pooch I'm not to happy with and I'd like to see that gone when I have my surgery. And I'll have another consult at the end of March cause I'm still torn on the size. My surgeon said with my demensions and brand of implant I could either go with 350 cc or 455 cc. So I don't know cause the 350 cc seems small and I don't think I would be happy with a small size but the 455 is only available in ultra high profile for me and I'm worried about the shelf-torpedo look. Out of all the photos I've seen I like high profile the best. So I'll be talking all that over with her and hopefully figure out something. But I'm soooo excited!!

Going in for a second consult

My surgery is now only 1 month and 6 days away!! Man time goes by faster then you think it will. I'm getting so excited. I have my second consult on March 30th. I definitely want the mentor smooth silicone implants because I personally think they look the most natural from what I've seen. But I'm still unsure of the size and profile i want. She said I could get 350 high or 455 ultra high. I wish I could get 400 high and that would be awesome but I can't :/. I think 350 is too small but ultra highs scare me. I've heard nothing but bad things about them from other surgeons on here. I really don't want the fake bolt on look but I don't want small implants either :/ so I'm really torn on what I should do. If anyone has any info on the ultra high profiles that would be great and also if you could let me know what I should buy to prepare for recovery that would be great too :)

13 more hours until surgery!!

My surgery is tomorrow so I wanted to write an update and post some pictures. This is the last of my itty bitty boobs and I'm so excited!! I'm getting cold feet also. Wondering if I'll like them or if I'll hate them. But I know I'm just nervous and I'd regret it if I didn't go through with it. So my surgery is tomorrow morning and I'm getting the 455 cc mentor UHP implants

I made it!!

Hi this is my day of treatment. I had surgery this morning 7am and now it's 5pm. So far it's going really well. I'm a little discouraged about how small they look :( either they are too small or I'm just too fat. Other than that feeling I'm loving it so far. It does hurt but they gave my a prescription grade ibuprofen. So I am glad I'm not on a heavier medication although it does hurt so I kind of wish I was. Has anyone else felt like the implants were too small at first? Or that they were too fat and the implants looked small? Lol

Day 2 post op

So last night was my first night after surgery and I could not sleep at all. I have a wedge pillow and I'm a tummy sleeper so trying to prop up on my back and sleep was really uncomfortable. Plus I was in a horrendous amount of pain. All my doctor gave me was ibuprofen. I don't know how girls get by with just ibuprofen and Tylenol but I could not do it. That first day and night was the worst pain I've experienced so this morning I called my surgeon and asked for pain meds and she being as awesome as she is came to my house and dropped off a script for me. So today I have felt so amazing :) no pain hardly at all thanks to the pills. And they are feeling larger today which of course makes me happy. It's been a great day

Day 4 post op

Hi there! So everything has been going pretty well. I think they are dropping rather nicely. They are still pretty hard and torpedo looking at the moment. Pain wise they still hurt but not as bad. Last night I was actually able to sleep through the entire night without needing a pain pill. It still sucks propped up on my back though so I woke up due to being uncomfortable but I wasn't in any pain really. I did take 2 pain pills this morning because morning boob is a bitch, lol. But I really want to wean myself off the narcotics because I can't poop. It's making me constipated. And I can tell I need to go to the bathroom but can't. I took two laxatives yesterday and nothing happened. I took two more today and nothing so far. It really Ned's to happen though cause I am seriously feeling fat and bloated and gross right now. But I have hope it will get better :) I measured my breasts at the nipple and they are 36 inches. They were 33 before surgery so I've gained an extra 3 inches in my boobs, yay!! Hopefully another inch once they fully drop. I'll list my stats before surgery

Before surgery:
118 pounds
5 feet tall
33 inches in chest
29 inches in waist
36 inches in hips

Right now the scale is saying I'm 126 pounds which I am definitely not liking. That can't be ALL boob. So hopefully I can go to the restroom soon so I don't feel so icky

Day 1/Day 4 comparison

Still bloated :(

Hey :) so far nothing too new to update. The pain is so much more tolerable now. I had taken a shower before but had my boyfriend wash my back and hair for me but this morning I was able to shower by myself and raise my arms to comb my hair and it didn't hurt at all. I did wake up at 4:30am in pain so I had to take some narcotics but that was the last time. During the day around 2 I took an ibuprofen but it hasn't been painful ever since. I'll still take some pain meds tonight before bed just because it seems to be the only way I'm able to fall asleep all propped up on my back and uncomfortable. The hardest part to deal with is my weight gain/bloating :( I feel so huge and it's so uncomfortable. I just want to lose this extra weight. Yesterday I took 4 laxatives and finally was able to go to the bathroom. That was a major relief but I still feel overly full and tight. Don't really know what's causing it :/ has anyone else had this problem?

Just had to share this awesome picture :)

I am soooo happy I get to finally take a picture like this! Loving my ultra high profiles :)

1 week post op appointment

Today was my one week post op. It was also my first day (24 hours) without pain medication. And also my first day driving. I drove to my appointment and it was fine, didn't really hurt at all. And my doctor said everything looks great and is in perfect position. And that's she's really glad I did a lift first (me too). I definitely think the lift helped in the shape I got as a result. I also recommend getting a lift and breast implants 6 months apart from each other instead of at the same time. I've seen a lot of "lift with implants" review and they tend to come out looking uneven. So I think getting them separately makes a big difference. And to wait 6 months in between so you know your final result and shape of the lift. Besides that: I can lift my arms over my head and put on t shirts with no pain with is awesome. I don't have to wear that awful ace bandage and strap anymore, I got the okay to wear a sports bra. She said I have to wear one at night to and only take it off to shower. I can also go on leisure walks but can't power walk cause I'm not allowed to get my heart rate up for another 2 weeks. I hate being glued to the couch. I took 4 weeks off work and I'm already going stir crazy after 1 week. So far my breast are still hard and not really mobile at all. And they are still high. I'm really hoping once they drop and fluff I get more projection out of them. Cause right now I'm honestly not too thrilled with the projection. I thought with UHP it would poke out a lot further. Fingers crossed though :) I also can sleep flat on my back instead of propped up. That's a major relief cause it's so uncomfortable that I can't sleep well at all being at an incline. Oh and my scar is already looking so much better than before. With my breast lift scar it was pretty red and noticeable but it looks way better now so I'm really happy about that :)

Bra decisions

So at my 1 week post op my surgeon told me to wear a sports bra day and night. I put on my sports bra from previous picture and tried to wear it but my breasts felt very smushed. Like flattened. And it was a large sports bra. So I did some research on here and it said sports bras can flatten your chest and make it harder for the drop to happen. And that it's better to go with something that has no underwire but does have cups. I didn't want to spend money on an expensive bra just yet so I got this front closure granny looking bra and I think it's working much better than the sports bra. Before the sports bra I was measuring at 36 inches around at my nipples which is my ideal size. With the sports bra it was between 34 and 35 inches. And I was at 33 inches before surgery so to me that was scary to be so close to 34 since that's not s big difference. So I could be completely crazy but that freaked me out. So I started wearing this granny bra and it's not attractive but it does work. I'm back to 36 inches. Thank goodness. It could have been all in my head, but I just didn't want to take the chance, ya know?

Almost at 3 weeks

It's been a minute since I've updated but progress has been slow. They are definitely looking more natural now (in my opinion. They just need to start feeling natural. Which I know takes time and it hasn't even been a month yet so I'm being patient. They do get squishier every day it seems but for the most part you can't really squeeze them cause they are still hard. My next doctor appointment is Monday and she's going to show me what massages to start. So I hope that will help with squishiness :) I'm also showing my stats. Bare with me cause it was really hard to hold the measuring tape with one hand and my phone with the other to take a picture. So it not perfect but my breasts are 36 inches and my waist is in between 29 and 30 inches. I'm 5 feet and 120 pounds. I'm also still wearing silicone tape for my nipple scars but I'll take them off for my appointment and take a picture so you can see if it helped much, I've been wearing them for almost 2 weeks now. I have a fitness question: has anyone tried to loose weight after a breast augmentation? Cause I still want to loose weight but I don't want my boobs to shrink at all. Has that happened to anyone? Just let me know if you can, I'd really appreciate it :)

Comparison pictures :)

This is to show the difference between when I first got home from surgery to now almost 3 weeks later

1 month post op

massage technique video
Hi. I will be one month post op tomorrow so this is a day early but my surgeon showed me my massage techniques at my 3 week post op. These massages have made an amazing difference in my squishiness. I'll post a video but to explain it: push the implants together in the middle and hold for 30 seconds, push he implants up from the bottom for 30 seconds, and then push the implants out to the sides for 30 seconds. Then you want to grab the implant with both hands and rotate one way 4 times and then the opposite way 4 times. And do that on both breasts. I was told to do all of this twice a day so I do it when I wake up and before I go to bed. Also I know I'm kind of a chunky monkey so ignore my belly flab, lol. I was told to continue wearing a bra throughout the day but I can sleep without a bra now. And I can sleep in any position as long as it doesn't hurt.

Bottomed out :( :( :(

Sorry it's been forever since I updated. I am now 7 and a half months post op. Although I started bottoming out at 4 months post op. I've bottomed out in both breasts. Apparently my skin wasn't strong enough to hold such large implants. I hate my boobs right now. When I lay down flat they completely separate and fall into my armpits. And when I lift my arms up my nipples point to the ceiling. My revision surgery is December 1st so 1 week from today. I'm going to get internal sutures so try and help hold up the implant. And I will have to wear an underwire bra pretty much constantly to make sure my implant doesn't break through the sutures. I really hope this never happens to me again :( it's horrible and I hate the way they look and feel at the moment.

2 month revision update

So it's been 2 months since my revision surgery. I had bottomed out on both breasts and had a capsularraphy done. The recovery was harder. And I was very worried about bottoming out again. So I have worn an underwire bra constantly and underwire sports bras to bed. A couple weeks ago I stopped wearing a bra to bed. But I still wear a good supportive bra all day long. So far they are doing really great. I'm going to post a picture but I'll try to take some better ones later.
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