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I’m getting real close to 50 yrs old. I have...

I’m getting real close to 50 yrs old. I have wanted a permanent lip implant for years but have not been satisfied with available options so just kept waiting. After seeing a couple of nice examples come out of the plastic surgeon’s office down the hall, I shot in like a rocket. That was three weeks ago. I have mixed feelings about it now. The Perma Lip Implants don’t look as good on my aging, southbound mouth as they did on the younger women that I saw. There is still some swelling and soreness so I will give it more time, but right now I think I look like a duck billed platypus.

Last week I searched for pictures of the PermaLip Implant and read reviews. A few people mentioned that the corners of their bottom lip drooped, and one person said she looks like a fish. Each week my lip looks better but I can see definite room for improvement on the design or shape of the implant for the bottom lip. I have no complaints for the upper lip implant. I’ll try to explain this as short & simple as possible. I am posting a few pictures to assist my explanation, but don’t want to put my before & after pics until I have given it enough time to know for sure what I am ending up with.

Looking at the picture of the Surgisil PermaLip Implant, It is mostly the same thickness the entire length except for a short length of tapering at the ends. Unless your lips have that natural pout or hammock slope in the bottom middle, this implant puts too much thickness too far out to the sides when it should have been tapering in much sooner. Also, when it does taper in, it does so too quickly. It needs a smoother transition. As a result of this unwanted thickness in the last half inch or so near the mouth corners, my mouth looks more down turned and my husband said it looks like I am frowning all the time. My bottom lip looks fine if I am smiling – which picks up the corners and stretches the length so it doesn’t look the same thickness end to end. I’m thinking ahead for options in case this look doesn’t improve after a couple of months. Options might be a lip corner lift, but that looks awkwardly lifted if you have a face-lift after that. I plan to have an endotine facelift in the future but don’t need it yet. I could make the shape look a little better with lipliner or permanent makeup, but I want to fix the real problem, which is the shape of the implant. I could ask the plastic surgeon to sell me a replacement for the bottom, but before inserting it hand me sterile gloves and sissors so I can shape it myself.

It would be great to speak with someone at Surgisil about design improvements for lower lip implants. They could even offer options for people that have one side of their mouth thinner than the other. I am an artist, permanent makeup artist, and plastic surgery nurse. It is my passion to know how something should be shaped, and what can be done to get it that way.

Paul Howard, MD

I have seen many beautiful facelifts etc performed by my Dr. I have even seen nice lip implants done by him. In my case, the bottom lip implant that I'm not happy with is due to the design/shape of the implant itself. I was more unhappy with the way my lips were before, so I would do it again.

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