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I had facelift procedure due to having a droopy...

I had facelift procedure due to having a droopy fold of skin and fat under my chin. After 2 months of expected extreme discomfort, I became a little anxious during the 3rd month that I still had to turn my shoulders to look to my side.

Informing my surgeon of my problems - numbness in right ear, extreme tightness in my neck and under my ears, resulted in repeated cancelled post-op appointments from his office. During the one visit I had with him since I was convinced I had a real problem and needed answers, he was impatient, annoyed and denied he could have damaged my great auricular nerve. He did suggest physical therapy, which I now consider to be the kindest words he ever said to me.

The word "risk" never came up in our conversations public or private prior to surgery and he knows in his heart this is true. I now see the lack of disclosure only gave me more confidence in him at the time. I realize I should have investigated further on my own beforehand, as it was very easy to find great auricular nerve damage is most common. I do hope I can find out why it is still so tight - my acupuncturist has mentioned the proprioceptors in the nerves needing to be reset and we are trying to do that. I am ready to accept that my anatomy has its own contribution to the problem but this is not really a livable condition. I remind myself at least I didn't get my arm bit off by a shark, but I still want free movement and a mind not preoccupied with discomfort.

My better looks are not worth this. I also have pixie-ear and some loose skin on my chin. I have spent perhaps two to three thousand more dollars on weekly treatments, gas, and missed work. This has caused severe problems with my work situation. I would like to be of service in a way that informs women of problems like this before they have surgery and also avenues of help if they find themselves in a condition like mine. Thank you for reading.

Update: my apologies to the young athlete who did...

Update: my apologies to the young athlete who did lose her arm to a shark - I use her story to give myself perspective. And to all those who have been disfigured or worse as a result of surgery - my deepest apologies.

The extent of tightening my surgeon performed on my connective tissue has damaged me and left me in unending torture for a year now. My experience defies accurate description, although I describe it like someone is pinching my ears off, constantly. Also cold and wind cinch me up like a marionette doll. My right arm also hurt badly immediately after surgery and when I asked my doctor why, he said "I have no idea". Sometimes in the night now I wake up with an arm that is so dead it is too scary to touch, as it feels like it is not attached to my body.

My perseverance is wearing thin, my mind weak from being gripped with discomfort. And although my results were originally fairly good, I have noticed lines on my forehead forming due to a face that is constantly grimacing. I receive myo-fascial release treatments and apply moist heat as often as I can for temporary relief. A friend recommended I see a neurologist, as did the experts on this website. I have an upcoming appointment with one.

I have also had to admit to myself the cost of missed work has been much higher than mentioned earlier.

Hire a board-certified plastic surgeon and prize highly one with staff that have remained with him/her for years. Medical professionals who care stay with medical doctors who care properly for their patients.
Robert E Mitchell M.D. - Aesthetic Surgery of Tulsa

A bedside manner to me means that the doctor would use his knowledge and expertise to help his patient in time of need. This doctor effectively removed himself from my care once it was clear to me I had been damaged. Before surgery I did not have enough questions although he was more willing to answer questions beforehand. My surgeon has never phoned or e-mailed me - staff will but they cannot explain anything, they will only say what the surgeon told them to say. Staff are courteous but not knowledgeable enough to be the only ones a patient can speak to who has a real problem. I have never been irate, threatening, or used any bad language although I admit on one occasion I became emotionally upset due to a cancelled appointment which I was invited to - for an injection "to release tension". At no other point in my life could it be said to be more true this doctor "added insult to injury". Many months later I called to ask if there is anything more Dr. Mitchell could think of that may help. Staff called back later to inform me: 'No, there's nothing else he can think of that may help'. At that time I was also told there is no reason to return to the office.

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