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Hey ladies! So I've been researching butt implants...

Hey ladies! So I've been researching butt implants & reading all of the reviews on real self for months but I just recently created a profile. I have always been unhappy with my backside. No matter how many squats or exercises I did, my booty was still small. The only time I have any sort of butt is when I was pregnant or gained weight & even then it was still really small. It seems my butt is the last place I gain weight & the 1st place I lose it. I've been thin most of my life, but gained a lot of weight with 3 pregnancies & then after a car wreck due to medication. I lost the weight immediately after but the fluctuating turned my small booty into a saggy flat mess. I've tried squats & dead lifts & nothing helps. My back, butt & thighs all line up without any curve, just flat. I have to wear padded panties (my 5yr old calls em "mommy's butt bra" lol) just to look somewhat normal in my jeans. So after years of being insecure I finally made the decision to do something about it & get butt implants. At 5'7 1/2 & 120lbs I can't do the BBL & I'm wanting permanent results. I chose Dr. Ladd Atkins in Tulsa bc he's only about 1hr 45 min from where I live & he has all of the credentials & positive previews I was looking for. I had my consultation feb 19th. The staff was all very nice & Dr. Atkins was awesome. He was very professional but he's really laid back & instantly makes you feel comfortable. He answered all of my questions & fully explained the procedure, different placements, implants etc. So I paid the deposit & scheduled my surgery for June 12th. I'm gonna go crazy waiting til June!! But my husband works & I know I won't be able to drive for awhile so I wanted to make sure my kids were out of school. I'm doing the round implants & based on my measurements of 13.4 I can go between 275cc - 450cc. I'm not sure what I want to do. I don't want anything crazy like vanity wonder but I also don't want to be disappointed bc I went too small. It's not like boobs where u can compare by cup sizes. One size might look huge on someone & small on someone else with a different body type. Like I said I'm tall & thin but I do have breast implants DD. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:) & I'll add some before pics & wish pics.

Before pics:(

Here's some before gross. I do have big hips & Dr. Atkins is going to lipo my flanks & lower back & transfer what he can to my booty.

I think I've decided on a size:)

First off I wanna say thank you to all you girls for posting pics & documenting your journey's in such great detail! It's really helped me a lot with my decision. I think I'm going to go with the 450cc round implant. I still have 3mos to go & may change my mind, after all I'm a girl;) but I'm pretty sure 450 is what it's going to be.

Pain questions

I know that everyone's different but I just wanna get a general idea of how recovery has been for most of y'all. Bc I will be doing this narcotic free. Crazy I know. After my car wreck I was prescribed lortab & even taken as directed, you can still become dependent & unfortunately I did. I know My injury was more severe so was on them a lot longer than recovery for butt implants, but I still went through hell & I refuse to take to chance it. Dr. Atkins said he will prescribe ultram or tramadol instead. I have a high pain tolerance & I'm too determined for a booty to let anything stop me, but I just kinda want to know how you ladies have felt post OP. :)


Here's some pics of me before, some wish pics (not exactly size wise but I like the waist to booty difference) & a pic of how I don't want it to look (u can see the implant)

Booty Booty & more Bootaaay!!

Lol I'm going crazy waiting for real! All I do I feel like is count the days & research butts. I've googled & binged & looked at damn near every review on real self it seems. I swear I've looked at so many ass's lately I feel like a pervy dude!! I've seen the good the bad & the ewwgly! I'm so excited I just pray time goes fast & that I get the results I've wanted. & that I don't lose my sanity in the meantime waiting lol;)


Told u I'm goin crazy, I sound like dr f'n Seuss in my update. Really didn't mean to rhyme lol

The monsters

Here's a behind pic of my nonexistent booty. & a sports bra pic of my boobs.

Booked my hotel!

Ok got my hotel booked!! :) since I'm coming from okc to tulsa my pre op day is the day before my surgery & post op the day after, so I'll be needing my room for 3 days. I reserved a room at the Crown Plaza Southern Hills in Tulsa Ok. It's less than a mile( .18 mile) from the hospital so really close! It has a lounge/bar restaurant, fitness center, outdoor & indoor pool, lots of amenities that I probably won't use lol but hey maybe since I'll be there a day before surgery. & they have a deal with the hospital so I was able to get a discount, just let em know you're having surgery. I was able to get a room for only $109 per night.

Forgot pics

Hotel pics

New date!

Moved my date from June 12th to June 5th!! I know it's only a week but that's a freakin week less of waiting! Which is killin me ugh:( so exactly 90 days from now instead of 97 haha. So wish I could move it sooner but dr Atkins only does surgery on Thursdays & that's the 1st Thursday in June. We've had snow tho so My kids won't be outta school til probably may 27th now instead of the 23rd & I gotta drive em to Texas & get back. I'm happy I at least moved it a week up yay.

What I want

Here's some more pics. Some of me in jeans (without the pads) lol. I have no projection, no booty, zip zilch nada. & some pics of what I want my results to look like. I want the big projection & I like the big back scoop like Beyoncé. I want a round bubble butt & I want cheek creases? Idk how to explain it but I want there to be definition in my booty from my thigh. That make sense?? How do I explain that to my dr?

Kids n cooties

Nothin to do with booties but I wanna whine so anyway my youngest turned 6 yesterday


Idk why it only updated the 1st sentence of my review? & I'm sick & not in the mood to re type it.

Tick tock tick...

71 days 14 hrs 39minutes 56s 42 seconds til my surgery...time is dragging by soooo sloooow:(


That we don't get any tornadoes! There's a chance of tornado & severe weather today, we've got our bags ready & down in our storm shelter but I'm really hopin we don't. Last feb 2013 we started building a new house & on the may 20th 2013 tornado the house we were living in was hit as well as my kids school briarwood elem. Thank God our house that was bein built wasn't hit but We still lost everything in the other house & had to stay in a hotel til August when this house was finished. & we had renters insurance but the ins co filed receivership so like many ppl, we had to replace everything out of pocket. Not to mention our hotel we were stayin in was hit by the May 31st tornado. So like I said we really don't wanna go through it again...especially not in my dream house that we spent so much time & money havin built. & my babies can't handle it emotionally, losin little friends. So I'll be prayin all day Lord plz keep us safe, keep us in moore & all of Oklahoma safe. MOORE STRONG!!!


So I've been tanning so I can get some color before my surgery since I won't be able to go for a little bit after & bc it's that time of yr. I usually never burn but like a dummy I went in a super bed with brand new bulbs the whole time & did the leg tanner. So my little booty is on fire along with the back of my legs:( the rest of me is ok. So guessin it was the leg tanner that did it. Gonna take a few days off & take it sloooow from now on;)

Where is spring??!?

It's raining & chilly today:( typical Oklahoma...yesterday was sunny & shorts weather. So I'm bored. I hate boring days they make the time till surgery seem even further. 59 days to go! My kids are havin fun at least, they're building a fort/tent thingy lol.

Funny but so serious

So goin over supplies list for the sx & a thought occurred to me. How am I supposed to poop after sx if I can't sit for awhile?? They have female funnel urinals to pee but how do u take a sh!t? When u say u can't sit does that mean bc it's uncomfortable or bc ur not supposed to bend bc u could tear the incision? I can pee into somethin standing up if need be but I don't think I can boo boo standing. Im really stressin over this now.

New price

I keep forgetting to update. I added lipo of my stomach to my sx so it raised the price a grand. New total is $8200.00 for butt implants, lipo of back, stomach & flanks with fat transfer to butt. 6 wks to go ladies!!


I started my period (tmi I know but we grown so whatever) & my sx is in a month. So there's a good chance I'll be on my period come sx time:( Not the end of the world but it's gonna suck. On a happier note, not much longer til I'm a big booty b!tch;) sx is paid for, arrangements made for the hubby & kids, hotels booked, got my supplies for the most part..gotta fill & bring my meds with me the day of surgery, I'll get the script @ my pre op & dr wants me to bring some type of spandex shorts that will cover my whole booty & I need to get a boppy pillow..but I got everything else lol. Everything's pretty much ready to go. Now the nerves & what ifs are kickin in!!

New size

Was lookin back through my review & noticed it said dd on my boobs. I hate that u can't edit ur review. Anyways my my breast implants are 650cc silicone & it's a DDD not DD. Ok on to the booty...I've been continuously researching & I've thought a lot about it & decided to do 360cc round butt implants intramuscular instead of the 450cc. My reason is if I do the 450 I would have to go subfascial & I don't want sub. Also the reason i picked 450 to begin with was bc that's as big as I can go based on my measurements of 13.4 & I wanted a drastic result & didn't want to have to get a revision bc I went to small. I didn't realize at the time that the implant only does so much, it's the amount of fat transferred that really makes a difference. My favorite results on real self are MissMia, Calinewbooty, & Angel87 & they all have either 350-360cc intramuscular with 300 400 & 600cc of fat. I know everyone's different & a lot of factors go in to what your results will be like different body types how much booty u had to start with implant placement size & shape of implant how much fat transferred..So I don't expect my results to look exactly like anyone else's I just like theirs & think that size will get me what I'm Envisioning & I no longer care about wish pics. I just want a big booty & want it to look good & a complication free surgery & recovery. 3 1/2 wks to go. Can't wait

2 weeks to go!!

I can't believe I only have 2wks to go. It feels like time has been dragging & flying by at the same time. I'm excited & nervous but mostly just READY!!


10 days to go! Woot woot:) any advice or check list of things you ladies recommend? I have maxi dresses wipes boppy pillow. & The only thing my dr said to bring was my meds & some type of tight shorts that'll cover my whole booty. Ideas on where to get those? Or best kind. I don't wanna get a bunch of stuff I won't need but I also wanna be prepared.


Yes I'm really countin down! I'm so freakin excited it's finally my turn!


Been havin really weird dreams. I think it's my nerves.


I will have my booty in one week!!????


I've been wakin up so stinkin early lately. Wakin up on a summer day before your kids wake up is craziness- I decided.


Texas bound!! Takin the kids to my parents. Gotta later start then I wanted as usual. 6 1/2 hour drive with me & 3 kids that are already arguin?? Lord plz keep us safe on our trip & don't let me lose my sanity..AMEN!


Almost 3...Couldn't post sooner, my parents live in the boonies & I didn't have service. Back in Oklahoma glad to be home but missin my babies already:(


The hospital called the house while I was outta town..they probably called my cell but Idk bc I didn't have signal..anyways I gotta call them back tomorrow to go over some pre operative testing questions! :) SOOO EXCITING


That last post said 4 days pre but bia's it's after midnight so I'm countin it as 3 lol;)


Its gettin real! Got my bag & my boppy ready to go.


It's. About. Ta. Go. Down!! Me & my girl are leavin for Tulsa early in the morning..I'm pickin her up around 8am. Gotta be in Tulsa at 11am for my pre op appt & check into the hotel. My surgery is Thursday I gotta be at the hospital at 7am & sx is at 8am. Post OP appt is Friday at 9am then we'll head back. I got everything packed & ready to go, I answered all my pre op questions for pennacle (the hospital where dr Adkins does surgeries) the nurse Susan was really cool btw, she said the hospital stays freezin so to wear somethin loose comfy & warm. I can't believe it's almost here!! My girl text me early this a.m. & asked if I'm ready to be a whooty lmfao.. YES I AM!!

In tulsa!

Me & my girl just got to tulsa..eatin somethin & then headin to my pre op appt. & then to check into the hotel...I'll be a big booty bitch by this time tomorrow!!


Sittin at dr Atkins office..waiting.

Almost that time

Definitely feelin a lot more chill...Dr. Atkins recommended Los Cabos Mexican so my girl & I went & ate on the patio..had a margarita (& I don't drink) & watched the band. It was really good, def a good recommendation..Then we went swimming at the hotel. Now showered up & in our pj's talkin:) bout to call my hubby & babies & try to get some sleep..but 1st LEMME TAKE A BELFIE! Yes BELFIE instead a selfie Lmao jk but these will probably be the last ones before surgery. Good night chickas thanks for all the well wishes & great advice. XOXO ????

It's time!

Gettin ready to go to the hospital!! Plz pray for me!!

Today's the day

My girl just went back yay so excited for her everyone pray to keep her safe

It's time

My girl will have a bootttayyy yay love this girl so again everyone pray

I made it

I'm not gonna lie I hurt so bad!! This is no joke of a was worth it though!! I got 360cc round implants & 300cc of fat per cheek. Which is what I was shooting for. I have some pics I hate em bc even my friend said pics do not do it justice but I'll post em. I'm so thankful for the girls on this site bc w/o y'all postin ur journeys I'd be freakin right now bc it's in that ugly small high stage but I know from u girls that it gets bigger drops & fluffs. I'll post the journey tomorrow if I feel better, just wanted to update.

Day after sx

I'm feeling better right now but I still kinda sore. Not like it was yesterday. They almost kept me over night bc of how bad I was hurting..I stayed there til 6pm & my surgery was at 8am. I didn't want narcotic pain meds so it was a lot harder on me than most! I was up & down every 2 hours so I didn't get much sleep last night. I had shooting pains down my right leg. & my left lipo mark was oozing a little but dr said it's normal. I don't have drains he said there's not research showing that they help anymore than without them. Got my pre op at 9am today then headed home

I'm back home

I had my pre op appt this morning slept most of today off & on & I hurt so bad. My butt is really tight & hard, I'm fixing to ice it. The anesthesiologist said it took 3 times the amount of anesthesia to keep me under during surgery. I've had 3 kids vaginally, one of them with no epidural & this is by far the worst pain I've ever felt!! I would recommend narcotics if u can take them bc omg w/o is a nightmare. It hurts to stand, walk lay down,..I can't get comfortable . I've been writing this post since before midnight & it's 430 now. I just keep passin out & wakin up. I've moved from mine & my husbands bed to the couch to my oldest daughters bed. I'm hurting! & I feel like the compression shorts make it worse!


How long is this going to last??? I am taking Tylenol & ibuprofen & it helps a little enough for me to fall asleep for about 2 hrs or so & then I wake up miserable. My incision site/ lower back hurts but it's mostly the shooting pains that go down both legs that's killing me. From behind my knees down my calves to my ankles. Anyone else have that happen?

Better than what I had

I know it's nowhere near where it will be it's still in that early ugly high awkward stage but it's already an improvement from what I had...which was nothin.


Goin back to Tulsa tomorrow for my 1 wk check up..kinda excited to get out the house but dreading the ride there too. I just started feelin better so hopefully the trip doesn't wear me out too bad. Hubby has a biz to run so my besties gonna drive me in my suv & I'm just gonna lay my back seat down & ride on my belly. Fingers crossed it's a smooth ride!

1 week check up

Dr Atkins said it's lookin great & he's surprisingly amazed or happy?? Sh!t lol i don't remember the actual way he worded it but he's happy with how my incision looks already. He took all the tape off & showed me how to massage the implants down into place & wants me to at least once a day to help them drop...lucky for me my BFF that took me today is a licensed massage therapist so I'll be lettin her work her magic on it for sure! We had a blast today on our girls road trip since hubby had to work & my sons still at my parents in Texas fishin & lovin gettin to do boy stuff out in the country with his paw paw it was just me my friend & my 2 daughters..we decided to get sonic after my appt so we could eat on the patio since I gotta stand & the manager kept comin out & checkin on us & he actually went & made my 6 yr old some chz toys for free bc she decided she wanted some I thought he was just really nice but my friend said he was starin out the window at my booty the whole time he was inside & would sneak a peak when I wasn't lookin.. It was actually that way the whole day when we stopped at a gas station to pee, Walmart, the cd store..did some shoppin..just made a day of it to get me outta the house. I'm used to gettin attention & Ignoring it bc I have breast implants but I wasn't prepared for what addin a booty would do. I've never had a booty so I'm not used to booty attn lol so I was happy to know it at least passes inspection, on the other hand I'm VERY happily married & it gets on my nerves & makes me uncomfortable when guys think they can be so obvious about it..I got my boobs & butt done for MYSELF! to feel better about my body after having 3 kids..I get it'll bring attn but they could be quiet & discreet at least I feel but like I said I usually just ignore it completely. The one thing I can't stand tho is when I've got my kids with me..and THATS what reaaaallly pisses me off!! Wanna see me turn to my alter evil ego real quick? Hoot whistle hollar or approach me when I'm with my babies & I damn sure WILL embarrass ur a$$;) Sorry had to rant/vent..anyhoo other than that had an awesome day with my girls & the bestie & my booty is feelin & lookin better by the day. Oh & just another random bit.. It's really embarrassing & comical havin to wait for the hatch to come up & belly slide out the back of my SUV everytime we went somewhere.

Nerve pain

So I've been feeling better since Dr. Atkins told me to start walking a little to relax..the nerve pains haven't been bothering me but I guess I over did it today with all of the walking bc I woke up from a dead sleep hurting bad. Tried taking my ibuprofen & walking but it wasn't helping.. My husband also keeps the house really cold esp at night & when I'm cold I tense up more so I filled the bathtub with hot water to right above my ankles & have been pacing in the tub & it's helping. Thought I'd share that for some of you ladies having the same issue, it may help u too.


I'll post more when I can get some taken..I know it takes awhile for everything to fall into place & fluff so I'm happy with results so far just ready for it to get big & round lol. & I hate the swelling in my stomach & back..makes me feel fat:( I know I'm nowhere near but still hate it.

Can't stay in the house

I know I'll regret it later but I'm goin crazy in the house & hubby went to ride his Harley so me & the girls took one of the dogs for a walk around our neighborhood.


Hey my Lovies:) sorry I've been mia..everything's going good no bruises or swelling & haven't had any pain at all & I can sit drive etc. my stitches are dissolved & I've been putting mederma on my scar. It's really not bad at all. The booty greeds real I definitely want bigger! I know I'm still a mo & a half in & there's still fluffing & dropping etc so it's too early to talk about all that but I do want it bigger. It's definitely better than what I had before tho & I'm so happy to be able to wear jeans or leggings & look normal!! I did tell my dr that it's not as big as I wanted & I want it fuller on bottom. He said I'm really early & It will drop & fill out the lower & fluff up more but for some reason I'm not completely happy at my 3 mo check up sept 4th then he will lipo & add more fat w/o charge. So that makes me happy bc either way I'll get what I want. I'll post some pics of my scar when I get home xoxo Lex


It's really hard to take pics of ur own butt but I'll try & post better ones that are centered & not crooked as soon as I can get someone to take em. Anyways it's lookin pretty good the scab just came off one side & a little bits left on the other side..been puttin maderma on so hopefully it works if not I'll have to laser it.

Sponge bob

My friend saw my booty for the 1st time today & she said Omg u have a booty! You don't look like sponge bob square pants anymore! Wth lol umm thank u I guess? Lookin at the before pic I did look like a flat square tho. I already posted both the b4 & afters but not together side by side so I'm gonna do that now.


Here's a couple pics of shorts & leggings. Way better than what I had before, I at least look normal but still nowhere as big as I wanted but it's still early so I'm being patient????. It gets a lil softer & better by the day. Other than that nothing 3mo check up will be sept 4th. Oh & I went red!

Dress shopping

I have a friends wedding coming up that requires a bachelorette dinner & party, rehearsal dinner etc so I went shopping. Still not my big pow booty I'm wantin but it wasn't nearly as frustrating as usual trying stuff on bc I didn't have to spend hrs trying to find something that's cute & hides my flat booty. Usually I gotta pass up any fitted dresses & go for the flowy ones. So same update it's been..better than before but not what I want yet.

Dress shopping pics


So I'm sitting on the edge of the tub shaving my legs & my left implant TURNED INSIDE OUT! It didn't hurt at all but it freaked me the **** out. I turned it back right & text Dr. Adkins a pic & he called me immediately & said it wasn't a big deal as long as it didn't hurt & that it probably won't happen ever again but if it does or it's something that really bothers me then it's an easy fix with just a stitch. My implants are intra muscular so I didn't think it was possible for the implant to turn but it did. I guess for now I'll just trust that it's not a biggie & leave it alone.


So had my 3 mo chech up yesterday & my implant is for sure intra muscular & the implant is still inside the muscle. It's not normal that it turned it's actually rare but it is one of the possibilities that can happen to anyone. The implant turned inside the muscle from the pressure of sitting on the edge of the tub bc it was a tight fit to begin with. He said the same thing that it doesn't happen very often & probably won't happen to me again but if it does then it's easily fixed with a stitch to keep it in place. I don't like that it happened but I knew there'd be risks goin in. He wants me to wait & give it til dec at my 6 mo to decide on if he needs to do a touch up as far as bigger & filling the bottom out. He thinks it'll get there on it's own & it has improved a ton already so I'm willing it give it 3 more mos & then if it isn't where I wanted then he'll do it. So I'll see if the implant turns again in that time & if so I'll have him put a stitch in when/if he does the touch up.


Pretty much the same old same old. So still getting a little softer & bigger slowly by the day. Still not as big or round at the bottom as I want but WAY better than what I had before. Just going to be patient til Dec & see how it turns out. Haven't had any other complications or issues with the implant turning again. I've deleted most of my pics unfortunately due to pervs..sad that that's even an issue on here bc this sites meant to help other women but this is the internet so it is what it is. I'll leave up the few I have until that becomes an issue too. Hope y'all are all doing well ladies!! Xoxo Lex

Round 2

So I went for my 6mo check up Friday & as promised Dr Adkins said if it still wasn't 100% what I wanted we'd add more fat at no surgery fee so my new Surgery date is January 9th. My booty has dropped all the way & gotten a lot softer & I've said a million times it's way better than what I had before! I can actually wear leggings & yoga pants & not look like a cardboard cut out. It looks really good how it is now it's just not as big round & POW as I'd hoped for so he's kept his word & is giving me what I want so I'm super excited:) I haven't had anymore issues with it turning & fingers crossed I won't!

Ready for Round 2

So since round 2 is comin up pretty quick I figured I'd post a before pic & a now pic. I deleted most of my other before & afters on here bc of creeper guys. I'll leave this one up til I have a problem. Can't wait for round 2:)

Made it thru round 2

So I had my round 2 of lipo & fat transfer on Friday jan 9th. My lipo areas hurt so bad right now. Last time I was in so much pain from the sciatic nerve & implant that I didn't realize how much the lipo hurt. It's nothing compared to the sciatic pain but still it hurts. So far I'm really happy. He liposuctioned my abdomin flanks & back & underneath my cheeks to sculpt & make it round. My 1st surgery I got 375cc implants & 300cc of fat (I thought I got 500 1st time but it was 300) so I had 675cc of implant & fat per cheek. This time he put an additional 500cc of fat making my booty 1175cc per side. It's huge right now. I can't wait for the swelling to go down & the fluffing to begin so I'll know the final results.

7wks post op round 2

It's almost been 2mos since sound 2..the swelling has all gone down & I have no pain. I can sit & drive & work out..all that stuff. No issues or problems & I'm finally happy!! The booty greed is definitely real & I would take it bigger BUT I know that's just me bein me & bein crazy. It could be as big as a house & I'd still probably find a reason to want it bigger lol. I'm happy though & I wouldn't wanna go through another surgery. I like how it looks in clothes & panties but more importantly I like how it looks naked. So I'm finally done. I'll add a pic from today & leave it as long as no creeper guys msg.

1yr post op

Its been a ur since my first surgery & 5mos since my 2nd. Im still loving my results. It gets a little better every day. Not the huge booty I originally wanted but like I've said a million times it's so much better than what I had & bc it's not crazy big it looks real. Ppl just assume it is real so that's cool. Hope all my realself girls are doing good :)

Happy 4th of July

Scar pics

Here's a pic of my scar. I scar really easily but still it's not pretty but u can't see it in panties or a bathing suit. Using maderma & dr said we can always do scar therapy if I want to. Btw it's really hard to take a pic of your own butt crack lol. Sorry about the panty line on my booty. Also if you look in the tattoo area you can see two small scars..that's where the dr did the lips incisions for my lower back


Hey ladies:) I know it's been forever. I'm still happy I had the surgery. Of course I want bigger but that's just the booty greed's so much better than I had before. It's been about a 1yr & a half since my surgery & 10 mos since my 2nd round of adding more fat. I think it's safe to say at this point it's not gonna get any bigger but I'm just happy it hasn't gotten any smaller either. I doubt any of the original girls are still on here by this point but if you are hey loves!!


Hey ladies so thought I'd update. It's been 2 years since my original surgery with the fat graft & implants & a year & a half since my 2nd round of fat. I'm still happy, no complications or issues. I'd like it to be bigger still but that's the booty greed talkin! I may add more fat one day but for now I'm happy. It hasn't gotten any smaller & it's a huge improvement over what I had before. I'm so glad I went through with the definitely was worth it:)


Thought I'd update. Still very happy. That is all lol.
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