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Hey ladies!! First I would like to thank all of...

Hey ladies!! First I would like to thank all of you for your amazing reviews. My boyfriend and I have relied alot on your experiences. I have put my deposit down and my date is set! I am super excited and hoping I have the same success alot of you ladies have had. I had several consultations and decided to go with a doctor close to home. He is about 2 1/2 hrs from where I actually live. I chose him because he had all the credentials I was looking for. He is very nice and seems to know his stuff. Hr made me feel extremely comfortable, answered all my questions, and his staff is really friendly and helpful. I met with him twice,we have had a video conference, and phone calls. I love that he is willing to answer any questions or concerns we have. Anyways..I am 5'3 125lbs and I am getting style 3 301 round implants. He also will be doing a lipo and some contouring. My date is March 6, 2014!!!! I am so ready!! Any advice or concerns any of you ladies had/have yourself would be greatly appreciated:)

Before pics!!!

Well ladies I am about a month out:) I am super excited but so not prepared yet. I have started looking for the things my dr said I am going to need. I am also in search of a hotel close to the hospital....I thought I would start posting some before pics.


with clothes

wish pic

Moving my date up!!

So I have decided to move my date up. This waiting is just too much. February 27 is the new date! Now I have to rush to get all my supplies I will be needing. Soon I will have a bootay!


My procedure is paid and supplies are ready. I am getting super impatient! Feb 27, could not come soon enough. I am about 2wks out. I took a month off work. My doc said I should be able to return after a cpl weeks. How much time do you ladies recommend? I just dont want any complications but if I can save some of my vacation time that would be awesome. And is there anything that is a must have for supplies? I got the list of things my dr recommended. If there is anything that made your transition easier I would love to know. Thanks

1 week out!

I am about a week out and I cant wait! I will be starting to pack everything up this weekend. What types of clothes did you ladies wear the weeks following your surgery? From what I gather clothes are annoying for the first week or so.... All I know is I am one week out:)

Almost that time!!

I am just a few days away!! The nurse from the hospital called and got all my preop paperwork complete. Let me know to be at the hospital at 6:30am :-) I cant believe it is about that day!

The time is almost here!!

Tomorrow is the date!! I am all packed and ready to hit the hwy. I will be leaving in a few hrs. I cant wait. We got a hotel only a few min away from the hospital. These are the last pics I will be taking of my sad lil booty! Wish me luck ladies;)

I did it...

I am done.. just laying here. I qm drifting in and out still so I will post about my journey later. Just wanted to let everyong know I am good and thank you for all the support.

My Journey

So to start the day we got up at 5:45am bc I had to be at the hospital by 6:30am. First I had to finish filling out some paperwork. The nurse came out, introduced herself and took me back. She had me take off everything and I put on a gown. She proceeded taking my vitals, putting an IV in, and just really made sure I was comfortable. Both nurses were truly amazing and very professional. Next the
anesthesiologist came in, introduced himself, went over my medical history, and the procedure, what he would be doing, and what I could expect. He also was very nice and wasnt above helping the nurses, which I liked. My doc came in next to go over the procedure, what I could expect, and marked me all up. The anesthesiologist came back in and administered some medicine in my IV. That is the last thing I remembered. Next thing I know they are waking me up and I have a booty! I wasnt in any pain they def made sure I was comfortable. I was released shortly after that and have been at our hotel since. That was at like 1pm and my pain meds lasted until like 6-7pm. I just barely took one. Im not in any pain. The hardest part of my day has been going to the bathroom. That was a bit difficult. Other than that I am doing good:) I like what I am seeing so far. Dr.Atkins did a beautiful job on my back. I cant wait for the swelling to go down! Im ready to see my end results.


2nd day

Ugh!! The 2nd day is way worst then the first. I am now home and the car ride was awful. I was vomitting almost the whole ride home. My body is even more swollen. I called my dr bc the right side is really swollen compared to the left. Anyone else have that? Im really worried bc I def dont want any complications:-/ any advice with would be helpful.

3rd day

My bruising is terrible. I have the worst trouble getting around right now. I cant wait to be able to move normally. When did the pain start going away for you ladies?

3rd day

I just had a shower and it felt amazing. My girls have been super amazing. She helped me in and out and even washed my legs so i didnt have to bend over. It feels so nice to be clean.I am still really swollen and bruised. Once the swelling and things go down, i think it will be simpler to move around. when they say you have to have patience for thos surgery, they werent lying. Im going to put together some before and after pics tomorrow so I can post them.

4th day

Today has been easy. Im in less pain and it is becoming easier to move around. I have gotten my appetite back. I want to eat everything lol. It is true your butt changes day by day. The first day it was really bubbly, second day kind of square, the third day it was kind of flat, and today it is perking by out. I got some before and after pics my ladies are putting together so I will be posting them soon. Here are some pics i tried taking myself lol. I dont have my garmet on bc I am taking a breathier.

Day 5

Day by day it is getting easier to function. The swelling has gone down some but I am still really bruised:( I bent over for the first. It mademe really nervous. It was a success tho. Im not taking the prescription paid meds, just ibuprofen. It seems to control my pain fairly well. Im out of the muscle relaxers. They worked miracles for me. I will be calling the dr tomorrow to see about another script. I took another shower today. It was amazing. It feels nice to start moving around and things more. Im hoping by the end of the week I will be good and the my booty starts fluffing:) here are some more pics.

pics!! my waist is still super swollen.


So I thought i would try on some of my clothes and they dont fit. I can not wait for all this swelling to go down. im in need of a new wardrobe, from what it is looking.How many sizes did you ladies go up? If any. Im afraid nothing will fit.

Day 6

I got out of the house today:) not too difficult, just laid in tha back seat. My booty has not fluffed out yet. Im waiting... impatiently. Lol I just want to know the end results. The waiting game. Ugh

pics in jeans


So day 6 has been pretty easy. Im moving around so much better now. I finally put some stretch jeggings and jeans on. My ass looked amazing. Im still waiting for my booty to drop and fluff. Im so impatient. At what week did you ladies see the fluff?


Day 7

Today has been super easy. I dont do much but lay around. Lol It has gotten really old but I took plenty time off work so Im just taking it easy. I went to the mall today and tried on a few things here and there:) It felt so good to look in the mirror and liked the way it fit. Im still swollen so obviously it is not the final result, so no buying yet:( I will say this if you are second guessing your decision or worried or whatever, dont be. It is soooo worth it! All this pain and everything. I can even describe the feelings. It is confidence I never had and this is just my first week.Im super excited to see my end results!!! Have a good day dolls!




So I took a month off work and I am super bored. All I do is lay around on my tummy watching movies. I went out to the mall the last cpl days to walk around and browse:) My swelling has gone down quite a bit. Im really surprised how well I am recovering. I have been slowly putting some workouts into my days. I dont want to overdue it so I just do lil 5lb weights and some squats and walking. I cant wait to be able to hit the gym! At what point were you ladies comfortable with doing a full workout? Here are some pics of my booty in size 9 jeans:) They are a lil tight but I think I will be a 9 once all the swelling goes down.

back pick


Hey ladies, sorry I havent updated I have been just resting and relaxing. Im still doing good. The bruising is almost gone and my implants are starting to settle and form. Im still happy thus far. I think once I heal completely and everything I will still be able to give a positive review. I will be taking more picks next week so you ladies can see the difference.

car ride:)


So my swelling has gone down. It is not fluffing the way I had hoped. Im almost about 4 wks and im not 100 percent happy with my results so it looks like I will be taking this journey again. I decided to do a quote for a revision with Dr.Gongora. Wish me luck. Im still in search of that amazing bod:)

pic and update

Hey ladies! So I know I have been MIA for awhile. I returned back to work a few weeks ago and have been swamped. I been getting alot of request for pics and I will be uploading some soon. My butt is not as big as I wanted but it is a nice round shape and alot fuller. Im still a lil swollen in my waist and I still have some bruising. Hopefully that will go away soon. I can say I am happy thus far with the shape and things. Dr.Atkins did do a clean job. I wont be going to him for my revision bc he is really great up until the surgery but after surgery care is what he lacks. When I had questions or concerns I would call him and his office leaving messages and nobody, not one person would call me back. So I ended up doing part of their job myself. Alot of research. I did find a dr that will be doing a lil more fat grafting and lipo for me. So I will keep you updated on that. This is not the best pic. All my other mirrors are too high for my short Hopefully I can get someone to do pics for me.


So I have decided to go with Gongora! I am going to be putting my deposit down hopefully in the next couple weeks. He said I will have to wait a year from my surgery date so I'm looking at March 2, 2015:) Here we go again. Lol and as my implants I currently have they are good. I can't feel them at all. I'm not swollen anymore. All is well!

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