Mom of 3, Still Deciding if I Should Get a Reduction or Just a Lift. - Tulsa, OK

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I am a 31 year old mom of youngest is 9...

I am a 31 year old mom of youngest is 9 months and I have been considering a reduction since I was in high school...I was a 34 D in high school and now am 5'6'' 132lbs and am a 32DDD. I have CONSTANT upper back and neck pain. My neck has been doing this popping thing lately that is extremely painful as well. My parents shamed my breasts and so I hated them. Later in life I have accepted them and enjoyed having larger breasts. BUT I hate the back pain...they are saggy after my recent child and I ALWAYS have to wear an underwire bra or have the back pain....but then you have the bra cutting into your shoulders and rubbing your sides......

I am finally thinking I should go get a consultation for a reduction. My issue is I don't want to be small breasts are larger sure, but when I look at them I wonder if I should really get a reduction? I have a VERY small body frame and bone structure. Also have always had a lower belly pooch, even before kids. I'm concerned a reduction would make my belly even more pronounced. BUT I do want atleast a lift...just worry about how much tissue there really is to remove. Also concerned about the whole loss of feeling in your breasts as they are actually very sensitive (not normal for larger breasts) Making my consultation appointment today, so we will see.

Just a side note, its horrible but my larger breasts, no matter how much they bother me, have been a HUGE part of who I am. Many times have felt like they are the only good part of my physical appearance and getting rid of them, while will lessen the pain. I am concerned about how I will emotionally feel once they are gone. It will be time of growth for me for sure.

Could use some help and Opinions.....

I have scheduled a consultation with a couple plastic surgeons in my area but I am really freaking out over if my neck pain is REALLY because of my breasts. I have a small frame...weigh 131-133 lbs 5'6'' wear a 32DDD bra. I definately want a breast lift...and possibly a tummy tuck....but am unsure if I need a reduction. I am scared I will get in the docs office and they will look at me like I am crazy when I say I want a reduction. I am scared that when I get the reduction I will be upset because they are too small.

Granted I am not happy with the size of my breasts right now...they flop around everywhere. I have neck and back pain constantly and if I do not wear a bra its worse. I would love to be able to go braless even if its just in my home....I have set a goal of getting in shape and trying to loose a few more lbs and tone before my consultation. I don't wnat to have to do surgery for something that exercising will fix (mainly thinking about my belly) Ugh! I could just use some opinions of ladies who have been there. How do you really know if your pain is from your breasts? and not just a lack of muscle tone?

Just some more photos....

I have a consultation with 2 ps next week...I am so nervous they will say that I don't need a reduction....I don't want to be a B cup but I do feel like I am too large. I see some women on here are wanting to be a B cup. I think I would cry if I were that small.

I felt like the first photos didn't really show sure so I took some more to try to get what I see in a photo.

I have a very tight band...I measure 30'' around my rib so I wear a 32 bra band BUT if I go up a band size it switches the weight from my ribs to my already aching shoulders.

Do you think I would benefit from a reduction? Or just a lift?

Emotional ties to the girls...

So, my first consultation is Friday and I cannot wait! While there is a part of me that is so excited to have smaller more lifted breasts, at the same time I am realizing I have alot of emotional issues I need to sort through before this surgery. This website has been so helpful to me so I wanted to post this for anyone else who may have the same thoughts.

When you develop young, have a low self esteem, your breasts become a part of who you are...they are over sexualized and people are either jealous, shame them (your too slutty) or is the only attractive part of you. I think I feel all three. I am insecure, I cried the other night after talking to my husband when I realized one of the main reasons I am so worried is because if I have small breasts there wont' be anything attractive or good about me. Like what made me me was a pair of large breasts (and people they used to be amazing, this third baby did them in) and yes for all the critics out there I am aware of how messed up that thought process is but a part of me still feels that way. I am having to realize before I do this surgery or change anything about myself I am going to have to learn to like myself. (didn't even realize I didn't like myself) I am going to have to accept my body and realize that yes I am attractive even with out the girls. I mean they will still be there, they just won't be as large.

If I do this surgery I need to find peace with myself and my body. This isn't about anyone else but me...and that in and of itself is so difficult to accept. To not put weight in anyone else thoughts other than my own. And having to be OK with whatever the outcome might be after the surgery. A part of me thinks I will finally feel like myself...and the thought of going shopping without being so frustrated that EVERYTHING makes me look fat or doesn't button or raises up in the front is an amazing though. Being able to actually no wear a bra OMG! I can't even imagine..I mean I even sleep in a bra (underwire people) If I don't its just too uncomfortable. So just some thoughts...

Finding a Doctor...

Well...I have had two consultations so far and go in for a third tomorrow. How in the WORLD do you choose a surgeon? I have crossed off the first surgeon becuase while yes I want it to reduce the weight and change where gravity pulls on my back...its also about looking nice too. The second Doc was great...we were considering them but they are pricier and I am now worried that it isn't possible to get what I want from plastic surgery.

I am going to see Dr Ratliff tomorrow, if anyone has any reviews on them I would so appreciate your opinion. Dr Ratliff seems to have more reviews than any doctor out there and that in and of itself is he just an assembly line for Plastic Surgery? I couldn't find a negative review anywhere until I came across one site and there were 6...yes 6 out of the 100s of positive reviews. They were all about how awful his post op care was and that the results weren't as expected and yes like they were just a number to him. Now I don't care if my doc isn't friendly...all I care about is results...will he be able to give me a good lift/reduction safely, and will a tummy tuck even help me at all? I could use opinions....would you be put off by the number of surgeries he does? His prices are lower as well...not a ton lower but maybe $500 or so lower. But since its a surgery center that could count for the lower cost.

So! How do you chose a doctor?

I Paid My Deposit! No going back now.....

So after SO much research I decided to go with Dr. Rubis. I did alot of research on other doctors in the area and I just didn't trust them. I felt like Dr Rubis had a great balance of helping me look my best while being realistic and actually caring about my health and the stress the surgery would put on my body. I am scheduled for a lift and mini TT. He said he would remove about 150 grams to help them be shaped better but it still would only be considered a lift, not a reduction. I am nervous about my TT, he told me that while I had a small separation in my upper abdominal that I did not have enough skin for a full TT and if he did attempt it I would have a scar around my belly button as well as a vertical scar because he wouldn't be able to pull the skin all the way down. I don't have any scars on the front of my belly and adding those scars would probably make me feel uncomfortable. I am worried the Mini TT still won't give me a flat I want a flat tummy and my issue isn't really skin and oddly my muscles aren't that separated but its the best we can do. He won't do lipo with the TT so I'm stuck there. I'm going to try to get in shape before the surgery so that will help my results as well. I am scheduling them together so I only have one recovery period, although its going to be a harder recovery.

Now I'm in for the wait....July 20th people! I can't believe I am actually doing this. I am so nervous about the recovery and how my kiddos will handle mommy being out of commission for so long. My husband is so supportive so I know he will handle it, my youngest is 9 months and is a complete Mommas girl (I love it though, the older two were all about Daddy)

Waiting and thinking (....way too much thinking...i think )

Well...I have about 10 weeks till my surgery and I am freaking out about the mini tummy tuck...I am worried about having an upper belly bulge...a full tummy tuck isn't an option for me..I don't have enough skin...I have a 2 finger distastes on my upper abdominal and about the same on the lower...but I am freaking out that he is only repairing the lower muscles...I called the office today to talk to the doc again about it and see if there is a way to repair the uppers as well with the mini TT.

I am worried I made a mistake going for the mini TT

As of now we are still going to try for the mini TT...and well google has me terrified. Some women's surgeries heal well and quickly and they are up an moving in a week or two, others its 5 months later and they are still in pain. I am worried that I am not going to get what I want or was hoping for with the mini tt..I am also worried that I am choosing to do this too soon after my daughter...I can't imagine not being able to snuggle her for so long. My doc won't do any lipo with the mini and those are the ones where it really looks like it helps. I scheduled another consult with my PS to see what he says...unfortunately I have already paid my deposit so it may be difficult to change hte plans.

Pre open is tomorrow!

I laugh at my other posts because I am so ready for this procedure now. My pre op is tomorrow and I will try to post some pre op pics. I have so may questions for My doctor. I am still concerned that i will not get the result that I want from the mini tt. My doc said that he would not do lipo and that concerns me because I worry my tummy is more fat and less skin than he realizes. Going to talk to him tomorrow and see if he is still firm on the no lipo.

I have stopped my nightly glass of wine and don't take anything for headaches (that is not fun). And tonight I got my bromelain and Arnica. Won't start taking this until a few days before the surgery though.
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