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I am very excited about finally having a normal...

I am very excited about finally having a normal breast size! I want to be able to feel relief in my shoulders and back! I also want to be able to wear a bathing suit and normal clothes!! I have been this way my whole life practically! I have a very small frame and I have always looked like I would fall over because of my huge breast! My grandmother has large breast and I do not want to look like her when I get her age!

Pre op appointment

I went to my preop appt yesterday! Everything went well. I think actually getting to talk with my PS again helped relieve some of my fears. I have been broke out in hives for about four days..:stress related I am sure...:today when I woke up they weren't near as bad! My PS went over all of the questions I had. I will not be getting staples...which I was very glad to hear, but I will go home with two drains that they will most likely remove at my firt post op appointment about three or four days after. I was glad to hear that because I would really like not to have them in on Christmas if possible! He also told me he doesn't want me wearing an y bra for the first three weeks because he doesn't want anything rubbing on the areas that he is trying to get to heal. That is going to be very weird, because I have been large breasted most of my life, I have never gone bra less! He told me my surgery will probably last about 3 hours or a little more. I am now 13 days away from surgery so I can only take Tylenol if I need too. He did say I could stay on my Zyrtec and benedryl for my hives so I was glad to hear that! I'm hoping these hives go away soon! I'm getting so excited, but I think I'm calming down a little. I am trusting in God to take care of me!

Surgery day!

I had been so nervous about having surgery that I really didn't think about the afters! But I know now I worried for nothing! Surgery was a breeze! I had to get there at 6:40am...they came to take me back about 6:50 or so. (I had my surgery done in my surgeons office so thing were handled a little different.) the nurse took me back to where I was able to ask questions to the anthesiologists. He was great! I felt like I was in great hands! My ps then came in and did all his markings and that was the last time I saw him! The nurse took me back to the surgery room where I laid on a very small bed! Lol she put my IV in and then the anthesiologist came in. They were joking around with me and then I was out! I was then woke up back in the room I had started in! My husband was walking in the door...I remember crying when I saw him! I guess I was a little emotional because I was telling everyone how much I loved them! Lol when I woke up I alreaded had my clothes back on except my shirt! Lol I do not remember any of that! I was hurting and asked for some pain meds...she gave me another shot of meds. They then put me in a wheel chair and I was on my way home! I don't remember the drive too much...I do remember a little pain but not much. When I got home my hubby gave me my pain pills and I slept. I really did not have pain. I was very sore, but nothing intense. Surgery day was a success!

First few days/First post op visit

When I say I slept for the next few days...know that's exactly what I did! I slept all weekend! The pain was no more than just being really sore...even all the way up to my collar bone! But other than that I really didn't have pain so to say. On Monday following my surgery on Friday...I had my first pre op visit. I only saw the nurse and not my PS. She unwrapped me and I got to see my new boobies! They were somewhat bruised but not too awfully bad. Everything looked amazing! I was very small but I was expecting that because I had been huge for so long! She showed us how to clean the drains and keep track of how much I was draining. I really wanted them out but also wanted what was best for me! I would see her again in a week.

First week/2nd post op visit

The first week went better than expected! I have a wonderful husband that literally waited on me hand and foot. I was able to just rest. I didn't go anywhere or do anything except rest and watch tv. I think this helped in my healing process. I still didn't have any real pain...and was only taking my pain meds at bedtime just to help me sleep. By the end of the first week I had completely stopped my pain meds. I had lots of sharp pains,as if things were starting to wake up, but nothing that caused me to want to take something for pain. On my 9th day post op I had my second dr visit. At this appt they removed the drain and took out some stitches around my aerola. I was nervous about the drains being removed...I had heard on here that it hurt. I was happy to find out it did not. It stung a little around where the drains went in when she removed the stitches that held it in, but that was all. I will say it felt a little weird coming out but no pain. I am still not to put anything on the incision site...and I can take a shower after the drain sight scabs over!! Can't wait!! I will see the dr again in three weeks!
Tulsa Plastic Surgeon

Love the office of Dr Craig! He is one of the best! He may not have a personality but I promise he will do a great job! His nurse and staff make up for his personality! They Are all so caring and have taken wonderful care of me!

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