30 Y/o No Kids 38f - Tulsa, OK

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Ok so I am finally doing it!! I'm so tired of...

Ok so I am finally doing it!! I'm so tired of having big boobs, no matter what I wear I have cleavage and I'm constantly in pain. 30 years old, no kids, 5'0 145 lbs. Hoping to go from a 38f to a 38c. I didn't always have big breasts, they appeared somewhere around sophomore year of college and just kept growing. I've lost 25 lbs since January and they haven't changed a bit. I have done my preop with the ps and the hospital. Surgery is in 4 days!! Eek!!

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Some more preop. 2 days!!

Tomorrows the big day!!!!

And yet I'm lying here awake wishing I was asleep. My scrub tech has been called in twice already tonight. They need to stop that nonsense!! I need her well rested!!

Surgery Day!!

Have to check in at 11. It's 8:30. I'm soooooooo hungry!!!! I've always felt bad for people who have later starts but feeling it now as a patient I'm so sad for them. I can't wait to be done. I dreamt about it all night last night.

Stupid button up shirts

Alllll done!!

I feel sooooo good. And sleepy. I cannot wait to see them tomorrow!!


I'm am sooooo shocked at how well I feel. Percs are making me itchy but almost zero pain at all :) drains are barely putting anything out so yay.

Post op check

Headed to the Drs to hopefully get the drains out and get put in a bra. Picture is from yesterday

Less than 48 hours

I feel fine. I haven't taken anything for the pain today. The worst part has just been sleeping on my back. Took a shower and changed my gauze about 30 minutes ago. Time for a nap :)

1 week post-op

So it's 3:15am and I can't sleep because sleeping on your back is the pits!!!! Other than that I'm doing great still. Had my appt, got my Steris changed, thankfully!! The itching was driving me freakin nuts!! I still absolutely love them. Got feeling back in the right nipple so that's a plus :) vibrations are lessining so less personal earthquakes (to go along with our recent string of reals ones) is exciting. I've had some zingers but nothing too bad. Go in again on Saturday to have my Steris changed again. I'll try to get some pictures of them off this time!! Hope everyone else is doing great!!

*pic is from before my appt. I will take more tomorrow.

More pics

3 weeks post op

Some delayed healing but I expected it. Especially at the trifurcation. All in all I'm super happy!! They look great, I feel great. Could do without the itching but it means healing so yay!!
Tulsa Plastic Surgeon

I've worked with Dr. Kent for 3 years now as a scrub tech and I'm so happy he is going to be my surgeon. I know he is a perfectionist and will do his absolute best to make sure I end up with what will look best for my body.

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