22 Years Old, 5ft 120lbs, 32DDD to Hopefully Full C

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Hey everyone!! So I've been on this site a lot...

Hey everyone!! So I've been on this site a lot lately, trying to decide if a breast reduction is right for me. All the reviews and before & after pictures have been sooo helpful! I've struggled finding pictures of women who have the same petite frame as myself. I'm 5ft and 120 lbs with 32DDD breasts, so I'm all boob lol. I am mostly excited for the cosmetic improvement, I'm so self conscience of my large breasts and dread shopping because NOTHING ever fits right, and I hate being in a bathing suit because everyone just gawks at my chest. I'm also excited to get rid of my back pain and frequent headaches. I would love to be a full C, I think it would be more proportional for me and still feel like I actually have boobs. My first consultation is April 4th with Dr. Paul Berry here in Tulsa. I'll be posting updates as I go :)

Window shopping...

Killing time on a Saturday, I find myself going over to the lingerie and swim suit section and fantasizing about what pretty bras and bikinis I'll be able to wear once I get my new boobs. Can't wait till the day I can actually buy that pretty lace bra. :)

Before pics

Here's my before pictures. Currently I'm wearing a 32DDD but think I may be a little bigger... Can't wait to get nice perky boobies that don't sag like utters :( I hate wearing swim tops because I can feel all eyes on my girls, especially since I dress more conservatively in my day to day wardrobe.

Before pictures

Before pictures

On our honeymoon last year.

First consult with surgeon

I had my first consultation with my plastic surgeon this morning! Over the past week or so I had grown pretty heistent to the idea of going through with the procedure, basically not wanting to do it anymore because I was scared of the pain during recovery and I was afraid that I would have to go too small and not feel womanly enough. After meeting with the Dr today all those fears are gone. He was awesome, totally reassured me and made me feel really comfortable with this decision. He told me recovery is pretty bearable and most people don't feel pain after a couple days, and it's mostly soreness and tenderness. Not necessarily pain. As far as size, he reassured me that even if my insurance requires the minimum according to the Schner scale, that it would put me at exactly the post op size I want to be. He took all my fears and hesitations away and made me feel confident about this choice again. It's comforting to know that a doctor feels you're a great candidate for this type of procedure, and I'm not just in my own head. He did an exam and took some measurements and pictures for insurance. He said I should get my approval/denial letter in about 4-8 weeks and set up a follow up appointment in June. I'm really looking forward to this process now :) more updates to follow!


Hey y'all! It's been awhile since I've posted an update, just because I've been waiting to hear from insurance! So I waited 7 weeks and hadn't heard anything, and called my doctor to see if they had. Come to find out, the nurse there never submitted my claim to insurance in the first place :( I was so upset and angry! I had waited 7 weeks for nothing.
Well she submitted it that day after I got off the phone with them and today about 2 1/2 weeks later, I got my letter! It said "tentatively approved" which is way better than denied any day :) not sure what the "tentative" part means.. But it went on to say that insurance needs more documentation from my doctor. I have a follow up appointment with him on June 27th! Which is about 3 more weeks away. So anxious to get with him and get the ball rolling :) will post another update after my appointment!

Insurance letter

So I got to read my insurance letter more in depth today, (I wasn't home yesterday when it came in the mail and had my dad open it to see if it said approved or not!) But it basically said that I would be approved as long as my doctor removed 238 grams from each breast. And according to my surgeon that would pretty much put me a little bigger than my goal size, which is good to know I'll hit the minimum! I've been trying to get size comparisons to visualize what a 238 gram reduction looks like... And roughly what size that would put me at.

Leaning pictures

I've had a lot of people ask for pictures leaning over. It's definitely not my most flattering angle... I feel like a cow with utters.

We have a date!

The date for surgery has been set! July 28th is D-day! Or DDD-day actually lol!! 31 days and counting, starting to feel real!


I bought some pretty little bralettes from Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale, they were $20 each and I have a $20 gift card so I basically paid $10 for each of them! The pink one isn't too bad with my current boobs, but the black one is side boob city! Lots of spillage in that one. Can't wait to compare how they look after I get my new boobs!

Big boob probs

Pre-op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment today! Met with my doctor, his nurse, pre-op nurse and anesthesiologist assistant. We went over insurance paperwork, took some vitals, went over what to do before surgery, where to go for surgery and other things like that. Surgery is in 8 days! I don't think it's quite hit me yet but it's sinking in!!

Surgery day!!

Today was the day! Had to be at the hospital at 6am and went back for surgery about 8:15. Once I got on the table and they placed the IV in I was out! Been home for a couple hours now, and it's pretty painful. But I've been taking my pain medicine and have ice packs on them and it's helping. The medicine makes me reeeeally tired though so I've been sleeping for the most part. Doc wrapped me in an ace bandage and will be in this until Sunday, then I can remove it and shower then switch to a sports bra. A little worried though... Insurance required 283 grams to be removed and my mom said he told her only 250 was... :-\ I'll ask him about it at my first post op though.

3 days PO

Today is the 3 day post op mark, I got to remove my wrap and take a shower (which felt AMAZING). And I got to see my new boobs for the first time! So far I'm loving what I'm seeing, such a difference from where I was at before. Still not having luck in the bathroom :( which is why I look so crazy bloated. Hoping something will happen today.

1 Week PO

Today marks 1 week post op, had my first appointment after surgery yesterday and doc said everything is healing really well! I've noticed I started to have some yellow bruising towards the bottom of each breast which he said is normal. We asked about to insurance worry and he assured us he would take care of it and not to stress. I'm starting to feel normal again, pain is very minimal. Just some soreness and tenderness managed by ibuprofen a couple times a day. Still using ice packs for swelling. Worst part now is sleeping on my back, I'm a side/stomach sleeper and have the hardest time getting and staying comfortable during the night.
Doc also said tape would come off itself in the shower over the next week or so and not to force it.
I'm so happy with my new boobs! I love them, and he did an amazing job. Can't wait to see how they change over the next few weeks.
My next appointment is in 3 weeks.

New Clothes

Now that I'm feeling better I've been trying on some clothes I've never been able to wear before!! I tried on a green top with a pretty back design and wore it braless and my boobs weren't to my knees! Lol it looked so pretty, I wish I got a picture. I am now able to wear bandeau bras for the first time in my life, and they actually cover everything! I tried on this tube top (first time to ever wear one) and I didn't have a bra on! I love my new boobs so much, they are perfect and perky and stay where they need to! Lol I was doing happy dances in the fitting room :)

2 weeks PO

So I'm a little over 2 weeks post op now. All steri-strips have came off and my incisions are healing nicely. Think I over did it grocery shopping today and ripped one a little right under my left nipple. But I'll be sure to take it easier now.
Starting to sleep on my side again which is sooo nice! They seem to look bigger now than they did right after surgery, not sure if that's due to swelling?
Still washing the incisions twice a day and covering with gauze, which is a pain. The tape from the gauze is starting to irritate my skin, hopefully I won't have to do that much longer. Next post op appointment is the 22nd, so I'll post another update then :)

Side by side before and after 2 weeks PO

I put together a collage to really show the difference of before and after. Before on the left taken on the day of surgery, after on the right taken 2 weeks and 2 days post op.


I'm a little concerned about the small spots where my vertical incision meets the nipple... Has anyone dealt with something like this? I don't have any drainage out of it, just looks bad.

4 weeks PO

I'm a little over 4 weeks post op now! Still loving my new boobs and am feeling pretty much back to normal now. I had my second post op appointment last week and my surgeon said everything looked like it was healing great! I asked him about the little spots under my nipples and he said it looked like the sutures there came out a bit and caused a little infection but that it wasn't a huge deal. Just had to keep putting ointment and cover those spots with gauze for a couple more days. They are much better now and I've stopped using gauze completely! He said I could return to the gym next week but to not over do it, and after 6 weeks all restrictions will be lifted! My left breast is looking better than my right, the incisions look better and the nipple isn't puckering like my right one. He said the puckering on the right will go down over time and will look like the left. In the pictures my skin around the nipples looks a little brown for some reason? But I think it's just from the flash.
Loving my boobs so much!!! So happy I made this decision. LIFE CHANGING!

6 weeks PO

As of yesterday I am 6 weeks post op! Woo-hoo!!! Everything is looking great, I started doing scar treatment last week and can already see a difference. My left breast is healing a lot faster and better than my right, and I've noticed a knot of hard scar tissue in my right breast at the T incision point and above the nipple. I've been trying to massage those out with my bio-oil.
I returned to the gym last week and it felt amazing to get back! Started pretty light with just some lower body exercises with my own body weight, no weights yet. I ran for the first time in over a year and a half and it was awesome, I felt like I could actually breathe while I ran and didn't feel like I had Dumbbells strapped to my chest!

6 week pics

Scar treatment

Here's my scar regiment: I massage the bio-oil in twice a day, focusing on areas with hard scar tissue.
I use the scar strips over night and cut them to fit on the areas with scars.
And my hairdresser recommended the Royal Jelly capsules, she said they really helped with scaring after the had surgery.

Scar treatment pics

Scar treatment

Tulsa Plastic Surgeon

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