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I had my surgery 12 days ago. Of course I had the...

I had my surgery 12 days ago. Of course I had the normal soreness from surgery. I started feeling better. But still very sore. But non the least better. Then my nightmares have started. 9 days post op. I'm taken into emergency surgery. Note: my surgeon is a good hour drive from me. So after a blood vessel started bleeding. It was like my left breast went to a 900cc and the pain was unreal until I was taken into surgery and a drain tube put in place. I wasn't doing anything to cause it. As I've fully prepared myself for a year researching this surgery and the do's and don'ts afterwards. I don't have small children at home to keep up after. So I was taking it easy. Now I'm pretty much in bed. I go back in to my surgeon tomorrow as I do have the drain tube in place. Now I'm experiencing severe pain were the tube is. And a weird numb swelling feeling in the middle of my breast. It just doesn't feel right. I would attach pics but at this point. I've done so much crying. I haven't had a lot of time to take pics. Even when you think your doing everything right. And you did all your homework before getting a breast augmentation and lift "anchor". I'm not sure it was worth it. I had plans on a tummy tuck after my weight lose. But this has me scared of any surgery again now.

It's taken me awhile to update as I'm new to these kinda sites and learning how to post.

Hi. I hope everyone is having the desired surgeries we have all been wanting. I've posted a few questions here recently. As I had a hematoma 9 days post op. And now a CC. Which is to say the least. Very painful. I'm staying in communication with my plastic surgeon. Doing everything he has asked. I know things can happen after any surgery. It's just the risk we all take. My PS is board certified and came highly recommended. As I did have 2 other consultations with 2 other PS. Which weren't board certified. Please do your research. I think this surgery has been tuff. The other 2 were going to perform a full tummy tuck. Breast lift and augmentation, lipo and take fat and insert into the buttocks for a fuller back side. To say the least. I would have probably died! Not saying all PS do this. But it was also to be preformed in clinic attached to his office. Not in a hospital. If I'm going to be put under. I want to be in a hospital! That's why I chose my PS who did my lift and aug. note he was higher in price. But he is a board certified PS and my surgery was done in a hospital. I had full anchor lift and natrelle saline filled implants 525cc placed under my muscle 8-16-2016. Then 9 days had large hematoma. Another surgery performed. I bought the insurance/warranties with my BA. But it doesn't cover all that's going on now. I've pretty much been off work since my BA. I've been able to work here and there. But now with a CC. It's just to painful. And I'm terrified of another surgery at this point. Never imagined this would be my outcome. I've taken it super easy. Followed all my PO instructions. Just at the point of not knowing what to do. I truly like my surgeon. He is a nice doctor. I'm just scared as I've done everything asked of me for PO. And this is a nightmare.

Still hanging in there.

Well I haven't updated in awhile. I've been on the search for a different board certified plastic surgeon to get a second opinion. After my hematoma surgery. Everything went down hill. From being sick, to getting a CC on the left side. Being in pain. I have 0 faith in my plastic surgeon now. I don't NOT in any way want him touching me again. I'm actually terrified of another surgery now. With lots of vitamin E and reading a bunch online about CC. Mine has went down a lot. I've been told by so many. It doesn't look like I had a lift. And my dr did a bad job on me. Working in the beauty industry and hearing that can be heart breaking. I saved for this surgery for a long time. The second surgery. The emergency one. I'm still paying off. I can't even describe the nightmare this has been. Yes my Dr is board certified. Brent Rubis in Tulsa. I've seen BA he has done. But never a lift and aug at once. He advised me I was his first to bleed out this soon. I have dr friends who have mentioned to me after looking at my breast. That he should be doing everything to fix this as it's that bad. This BA has put me out of work. I'm sick off and on. In pain. I still have to use ice. Yes I've considered having them removed. Not even 9 months and having to consider having them removed. It's only the side he went back in on that I'm having all the issues with. I've done all his PO care to a T. As I was scared things would be worse if I didn't. I've had a lot of help from my husband. This is day 2 I've been in bed again from what feels like a pulled muscle. But it's not. It comes and goes. Is in the exact spot the hematoma was at. I went from being outgoing. Working a lot as I love what I do. Spending time with my grandkids. To being sick in bed and having pain. I am happy the CC has went down some. But the pulled muscle pain that will come on out of nowhere has me down in the dumps. I know the healing time will be longer with a second surgery. But I didn't think 9 months later I would still feel like this. Just hoping each day will be better. I was like most of you on here. Doing my homework. Making sure my surgeon had all the credentials. Now I'm in debt for my 2nd surgery. Well not bad. I think 2nd one has ended up costing me $6100. On top of what he charged me to begin with. And countless antibiotics $ Rxs and ultrasound and dr visits here. Just hoping each day will get better and I can hopefully find a PS I feel comfortable with to help me later.
Dr. B.R.

After almost 6 months of feeling ill. Over priced. That board certified paper is just a bought piece of paper. A hematoma surgery 9 days after my lift and BA. Now another surgery required to fix CC. Was seen by another doctor who agreed. This was not at all a good lift and BA result. I sag just as bad now as before surgery. Also one breast is much higher, extremely hard and misshaped now. I will need to have a total revision.

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