22yrs. old, 1 child, non-breastfed, deflated small 34B 405cc's sientra silicone gummy bear gel- Tulsa, OK

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Yesterday I've called Dr. Radcliff's office to set...

Yesterday I've called Dr. Radcliff's office to set up a consultation on my BA. He will be my 3rd doctor that I'm doing this with, I wish I would've done my research a lot better and consulted with him a year ago. I've seen his website he changed my mind a lot on just getting "regular" breast implants. So I am getting the Sientra shaped breast implants instead. (he had me at they keep their shape) lol I watched a lot of videos on Youtube, I came across this website last year also; which I've found Dr. Radcliff. :)When I've called the assistant she was really helpful and nice. I've scheduled my consultation for March 7, 2015 (surgery hopefully later that month) I'm wanting 325-375cc's. My stat's 21yrs, 5'1 height, 125lbs, 34b and 1 child. I had my daughter 3yrs. ago. They are fuller at the bottom but flat on top. (I'll post pics of them when I have my consultation.) I've never breast fed my daughter never latched on. lol But I have to say I swear that my breast have gone to my daughters bottom, (can't tell if she peed or not) The pictures down below are what my expectations for my BA. I'm really excited!!! Is there anyone that has the same stats as me or close. I would love to hear from you and see before and after pics. *Thank you

The "rice" test

so I think that its so unhealthy that I'm stuck on 3 sizes, I've decided to do the "rice test" to see what I like 325cc,350cc and 375cc. with panty hoes using 1cup of rice and how many ml's that I want to added to it. I've chosen 375cc. even though some people say that rice test isn't accurate to cc's. some say that they do... what do you think??? p.s. I've spelled my dr.'s name wrong, his name is Dr. Greg Ratliff. :)


my consultation had to be rescheduled from the 7th to the 9th. My Dr. had forgotten he had things to do that day. well I can wait a couple of days till then. :)

Re Reschedule

Once again I had to reschedule my consultation, im getting upset of the feeling that I'm being tossed around once again because my Dr. has a lot of patients on his schedule. I guess on the bright side; they asked instead of the 8th can I do my consultation TOMORROW and of course I've said yes!! But hopefully this schedule change will stick and that I wont get a call early tomorrow saying change of plans once again. :/

Yay Consultation, change of plans!!!

I had my consultation today at 2:00pm I was there for 30min. Dr. Ratliff and his nurse Amanda and the other staff were so nice. I brought my 3yr. old daughter with me she was so amazed with the "water balloons" hahah.. I didn't take any pictures I was just so excited that I didn't even think about it. I had gotten measured my left breast is a 12 and my right is a 11.7.. So Dr. Ratliff said a high profile 405cc sientra round silicone crease incision would look great on me. I loved how the sizers made my body more mature looking and it balanced well with my behind. :) I have a choice to bump my surgery up a week so the 13th of March. Or I'll have to wait 2 weeks after that 20th of March.

*New Body Preparations*

I cant believe that I'm finally doing this! I think the thing that I'm most scared about is going to work and school. At work I lift 5-100lbs and its a constantly busy moving job. At school I'm starting my new semester so that means new teachers, homework, BIG HEAVY books and stress. Plus Oklahoma roads are so awful, all of the bumps in the roads ugh!!! I'm really excited to get the new "babies" 405cc's sientra HP under the muscle crease incision. I'm also doing a cleanse diet starting now till June which is summer time. :) nothing drastic just not eating foods/ drinking that isn't good. (Easter is really going to suck for me I LOVE CANDY!) My measurements as of now 34bust-31waist-36hips. I would love 34-24-36 ratio. I'm in love with Salma Hayek's body from the movie Dusk to Dawn she is my body crush! lol here are some pics. of me in lingerie that I've been having for 2yrs. now. Even my fiancé has never seen me in them. :/ I'm just really self cautious...

*New Body Preparations*

More photos

So stressed

This past week has been so stressful. I've been having car problems that has put off laundry, paying bills, basically all other errands so its causing build up. I hope that everything will go well for me before my surgery which is in 2days. I'm also planning my wedding and my fiancé has been talking/ throwing hints of having another child. Which is great but after I had my daughter 3yrs. ago I feel like now I finally have my body back... I hope that doesn't make me seem selfish :/. I just want the rest of 2015 to go well or as planned, but I guess that's life... I'm going to talk to my PS tomorrow because I'm thinking about going a few more cc's bigger since going under the muscle I'll lose 50cc's. Will update about it soon. Tba

13 Hours from now!!

Everything is paid!!! I'm having a sorta better day today. I can't eat anything at 12am its 9:30pm now so I'm just getting everything in lol. I'm going to take my stool pill soon so don't have to worry about being so bloated and cramping for not going. The earlier the better, im also going to take my antibiotics then shower and sleep. I have to arrive at my PS office at 11:30am. I'm just going to wear my PJs and some slip on house shoes. I'm so excited!!!!!!

Its time!!!

Well done, Bravo Doc.!!!

It all took 3hours. With answering questions, signing papers and waiting for things to be set up. The procedure was 45minutes. I LOVE MY BREASTS!!!! I was with my best friend and I stayed with her all day 'til I was sure that I could take care if myself. I don't have pain in my breast, no drains its only sore under my arms and sides. It feels like I've benched pressed as much as I could and then stopped. Lol I has a blast with Dr. Ratliff and his team. I couldnt keep any thing down such as meds and whatever i drunk. The anesthesiologist forgot that she was pumping my bed since she was doing to things at once then she realized and, "While youre up there can you change the light bulb?" Lol to funny will do it again especially if later on I have another child. :)

PO days 2 and 3

(On RealSelf it says my pictures is treatment day but actually my 1st PO day.) But anyways... my 2nd day I was able to drive I was just kept my arms close to my sides. I also went to work it wasn't too bad my left breast kept rubbing on the incision since it hangs lower than the right. I had to keep repositioning my bra to feel somewhat comfortable. I really didn't do much at work my managers wanted me to take it easy. On my 3rd day I was active more I could shower, wash my hair squat down and pick up things, especially with my feet. lol My fiancé didn't want me to do those little things but I couldn't stand being on the couch all day everyday. My strap has also gotten tight which is painful! The only medication that I take is my Tylenol and my antibiotics, I admit I haven't token those all day because when ever I eat food I taste it or my body smells like I'm in a hospital I have to take those 4x's daily. I bought and returned some sports bras because they have gotten smaller/tighter I fit a 36c so far yay!!! I bought some silicone strips from Walmart fro $18.00 (with tax) I just place them on my scars for 12 hrs. and rewash them since they are reuseable.

1 week PO

On my 5th day the strap was killing me!!! I have taken all of my medications and somewhat back to normal. On the 6th day I went back to school luckily I didn't have any new books to carry from class to class. In class the air conditioner came on and OH MY GOODNESS my breast were aching. I tried so hard not to laugh and say why is this happening to me. lol but cold air isn't the only thing that my breast tend to get hard or react to. they also do when I'm thinking about foods, especially sweets. I remember that as soon as I came home I bent over to put on y clothes I could feel the implants move. It felt so weird, has anyone actually felt them move?? Today I went to my 1 week PO appointment. the nurse said that my breast are still pretty high, which I also agree. So I'm going to have to wear the strap a lot higher and longer. Then in 2weeks I can learn how to do massages which I'm excited about.

2 weeks PO

(I don't know what's going on with RealSelf's scrolling up and down arrow but I have been trying to update FORVEVER now but never could because of it.) Anyways... My breasts have become more and more squishy they tense up and get a little hard, I just massage until they are soft. the past week I have contracted tension from under both breasts from the skin trying to heal. I went to my PS for my 2week PO on the 9th. My nurse had taught me my massages I have to do them each for 30sec. she had felt the tension "string" like substance under my breasts. Which Im glad that its common, I was scared that Ive contracted them from going back to work and reaching and lifting again. She said I just have to massage them and they'll break up into pieces and will go away. They are really uncomfortable, FACT: they are more uncomfortable then the WHOLE surgery. I cant twist or turn because of them, even if I'm careful. I feel like a puppet on her strings lol. My nurse also had told me I still cant wear a regular bra for another 3weeks. So Im staying with sports bra, which Im fine with, by the time I can wear a regular bra I'll be afraid about the it being on my incision even though they are healed. plus I have the option to go braless which is funny to me, just having the feeling of gravity taking its toll. Well my next app. is at the end of the month I cant wait to get bikinis!!! :D

1 month PO

My breasts are starting to settle a lot more, not so much round on top. yesterday I felt pain at work I don't know if its because I stretch my arms out to much or I pulled something. Its a sharp pain every time I move. So I thought maybe the next day (today) it'll go away. The pain is in my right breast on the side. Does anyone know if this is normal or not? You know the feeling when you hit your funny bone and you don't know if to laugh or start saying ouch?! That is exactly the pain. (minus the laughing) I also have gotten more of those tension strings on both breasts again. I also wonder if it's from stretching. I still do my massages, next month I will see for sure of what size of bra that I am. But if the pain keeps getting worse I'll be fine with wearing just sports bras.

1 month PO

Pictures did not post on my review

9 weeks PO

I had my last appointment yesterday. :( my ps said that I look great and that he is so happy that I am satisfied with my results. He gave me a card to go online if I want to get my pictures from before and after the surgery. I told him thanks but I've token so many of those. lol If I have any problems I can just come into the office anytime and discuss the issue. I'm happy with my result, I wish that my breasts were a lot closer together; Im pretty sure that I can work on pushing them up a bit. The pain that I was having (spasms) have went away. but I still have the string-like tension. (3) I just have to keep massaging and they'll break up and dissolve away. Im also able to wear a bra and can go full to "regular" activities just not over do it or something will happen.

3 months P.O.

Hello everyone it is now my 3month post op. :) I no longer have the stringy tension. I still have spasms here in there and there is also times that I can feel the implant outer shell inside me she u lay down. It doesn't hurt it just feels weird. I think because since I barely had my own tissue breast in by that area that I can feel it here and there. I love them, I thought when summer hits I'm going to buy every bikini out there. But boy was I wrong I honestly had to bought the one in my cover photo and stuck with that. For some reason its like when I had deflated breast I wanted to show what I had and now that I have the girls now I'm just so modest. I go to my next P.S. p.o. appointment next yr. For my one yr. Other than that a everything else is fine. :)

1 year PO

It's been awhile... my breast are itchy, painful to wear in regular bras so I just wear sport bras. Since I've gained weight (10 pounds ) I'm now a DD. When. I been over I notice the crease in the implant
Tulsa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ratliff was my 3rd resort and as they say save the best for last, I'm so glad that I went with him!!! Dr. Ratliff and his team were so wonderful they kept me laughing, I was really comfortable with him, he really cared about what I wanted for me and there was no pressure at all or reassuring of what I've wanted. My procedure was less than an hour, I was able to go back to normal activities within the 3rd day. I've went through a financing company that Dr. Ratliff's office suggested and they were also wonderful I didn't have to wait along time for payments to be processed back. His office was really family oriented, I had to bring my child with me on multiple occasions there was just so much kindness and respect. Whenever I feel the need to come back and do whatever procedure that I feel is needed Dr. Ratliff is the man!! I can say that anyone and everyone will be in good hands with him and his staff.

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