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Hi, I have been wanting to get a boob job for...

Hi, I have been wanting to get a boob job for quite sometime now. I just recently had my second child and after I was done breast feeding, my breast lost alot of volume! I wanna be comf in my own skin so I decided to go ahead and get them done :) My consultation is on the 1st of feb and my surgery date is on the 21st... I will post more after the consultation when i have more info and when we decide what size would be best and the most natural looking for me...

So, it's 1week and 1day after my surgery and I'm...

So, it's 1week and 1day after my surgery and I'm feeling really good. I had my one week post op yesterday and my ps said that my left breast was still pretty stiff. My right one fell right away, like when I got home the same day of surgery and my left one was swollen pretty bad. I noticed that my left one was bleeding more and then it started to bruise pretty badly. I thought it was normal because my left one was smaller than my right one and it just needed to stretch out a little more. My ps said that its a 50/50 chance that it could be that my muscle is still swollen from the operation, or that blood is filled around the implant... He told me to send him more pics monday and if its still like that then I would have to come back in for surgery wed so that he could remove the implant and clean out the blood that's around it... I'm hoping that it goes down by monday because I don't want to go into surgery again, but if its not down by monday I will be glad to go into surgery to get the blood cleaned out because it is so uncomfortable! Will post more info on Monday to let you guys know whats gonna happen! HAS ANY ONE ELSE EXPERIANCED THIS BEFORE?

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