26 Years Old, No Kids, 5'6", 128lbs, Small 34B, Hoping to Be a 34C, 340cc Moderate Profile Silicone - Tulsa, OK

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Hi everyone! I want to share my story since...

Hi everyone! I want to share my story since everyone else's reviews have been so helpful to me! I am 26 years old, 5'6", 134lbs, 34 B, and my breast width is 13" and 13.3". I am on the thin side, but I have broad shoulders and a wider chest. Before my consultation, I thought I would end up with implants in the 275 to 320 range, but I didn't know that my breast width cannot accommodate implants in that volume range. I went back and forth about size because my goal is to have breasts that appear natural, fuller, and a cup size larger than they are now. I hope to be in the C cup range. At my first consultation with my doctor, he chose Mentor 340cc moderate profile. I tend to overthink everything, and I have spent hours and hours searching websites and gathering information on breast implant sizing. I went for a resizing appointment with one of the nurses and I ended up choosing 320cc instead. A week later, I realized that I wasn't comfortable with my choice because my doctor was not present to explain why 320cc would be better or worse for me, and he actually didn't mention 320cc being an option at the first consultation even though it matches my breast width. I went for a second resizing appointment two days ago, and I made sure he would be there to talk things over with me. He said that 320cc is too small, and he would not recommend that size to me unless I was a marathon runner (which I definitely am not). He suggested 340cc or 360cc. He said I should choose the bigger implant when in doubt, so we chose 360cc moderate profile. After that appointment, I thought about the size even more, and I decided that it is better for me to choose the smaller implant when in doubt because my biggest fear is going too big, rather than too small. So I called the office yesterday and switched my size, yet again, to the original choice, 340cc moderate silicone implant. I hope I am not the most annoying patient they have ever had. I know there is barely any difference between the three sizes of implants I chose, but I feel most comfortable with 340cc since I wanted a small increase in size, but enough for me to feel that going through the surgery was worth it. I want children in the future, and I know my breasts will become larger with pregnancy and breast feeding, and they might also deflate. If I need a revision in the future, I will have plenty of options to choose a bigger implant to fill the sagging skin, so I think the smaller implant now is better in the long run. My surgery is on Monday, so I am spending this week getting everything ready for my surgery. I will post some before pictures soon!

Before Pic

I forgot to upload a before picture earlier, so here it is.

Another Before Pic

2 More Days with my Original Breasts

I am going in for surgery on Monday, so I've spent the last two days gathering supplies for my breast augmentation. I live a couple hours away from Tulsa, so I am staying at my mom's house for the first week after surgery. So far I've bought Arnica Montana tablets, Arnica Montana cream, a Quercetin supplement that has Bromelain in it, vitamin C pills, Burt's Bees body butter to keep my skin from stretch marks, white grape juice for constipation after surgery, a ton of gatorade to stay hydrated, two big boxes of saltine crackers, a package of antibacterial wet wipes so I don't have to get up to wash my hands every time I eat, a package of face and body wipes since I won't be able to shower for a couple days, 2 packages of frozen peas to ice my new additions, and an antibacterial soap bar for showering before surgery. My mom has laxatives at her house that I can use. I am packing plenty of sports bras, a couple button up short sleeve pajama shirts, sweatpants, sleep shorts, and socks. I am also bringing my tempurpedic pillow and a lightweight kantha quilt to her house to stay comfortable. She has a Relax the Back chair that I will probably use a lot next week. I am boarding my dog for the first few days after surgery, and my boyfriend will pick her up and bring her with him to visit me later next week. I am picking up my prescriptions on Sunday night. I will pick up antibiotics, an anti-nausea patch and pills, and Motrin 800. My doctor doesn't prescribe pain killers unless they are needed after surgery. 

I had a few nightmares about my surgery last night, so I hope those don't become a reality on Monday!

Final countdown

In six hours, I will be prepped for surgery. I can't believe this day is here! I'm nervous and excited. I am expecting to throw up a lot and feel miserable, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised by a smoother first day than that.

On the Other Side

I went in for surgery today at 8:45am. I signed a bunch of papers and they took me back to a pre-op room where a nurse inserted the IV in the top of my hand. Then the doctor came in and marked on my breasts. We confirmed that I was getting Mentor classic moderate profile silicone gel implants in 340cc under the muscle via the inframammary approach. The anesthesiologist put some meds in my IV and wheeled me to the operating room. I fell asleep within two minutes of being in the operating room. Next thing I knew, I woke up in a recovery room. I was able to take a look at my boobs and they look beautiful and larger already. The pain is a 2 out of 10. I was not prescribed any pain killers, but I have been taking 800mg Ibuprofen every eight hours. I was shocked that I have not been nauseated at all. The pain hasn't been bad at all, either. It feels like something happened to my breasts, like I did a major chest work out and I am sore. It feels like pressure on my chest, but I haven't had any shooting pains yet. My incisions are not bothering me either, but my breasts are still pretty numb. I've spent the day dozing in and out of sleep in a chair. I need to sleep at a 45 degree angle for a week. The surgeon put me in an ace bandage, and I have a velcro strap around the top of my breasts to help the implants drop. So far, the dressings have not been uncomfortable, but I am sure I will be sick of them by the end of the week. My first post-op appointment is in a week, and after that I should be able to wear a sports bra. So far, so good, but I know days 2 and 3 are often worse than day 1 in terms of comfort. I hope everyone who is recovering today is doing well!

Day Two Post-Op

I thought day 2 was going to be very uncomfortable, but now I can't say that it is any worse than day 1. The only major differences are that my boobs are less numb than they were yesterday, and I can feel the implants move around in the pocket when I do particular motions. I am so happily surprised at how painless this recovery has been so far. Fingers crossed that my recovery stays on this path. It still feels like my muscles are sore from doing a bunch of pectoral exercises. I took a shower today for the first time since surgery. I haven't washed my hair yet. The relax the back chair has been a godsend for my recovery. I slept in that chair last night at a 45 degree angle. I haven't experienced major swelling or drainage from my incisions. Every hour or so I do five repetitions of a simple arm exercise to keep my breasts from getting stiff. I am also supposed to re-wrap my ace bandage and the velcro upper strap every four hours. I am still taking 800mg Ibuprofen three times a day, an antibiotic twice a day, and arnica tablets three times a day. I don't know if the arnica is a huge help, but I haven't noticed any bruising or swelling and my pain has been relatively minimal so I will keeping taking it. The only complaint I have is that I cannot put lotion or oils on my breasts for three weeks. I am prone to developing stretch marks, so it makes me nervous that the skin on my breasts will be stretched without relief for that long.

Day 5 Post-Op

Hey ladies! I haven't been updating much since surgery, so here is an update:

I had no clue how real the issue of constipation would be after surgery. I typically have a BM every day, but I was bloated, constipated, and miserable for four days. I had to take three laxatives to get some relief, and I couldn't sleep one night because my stomach was cramping and bubbling non-stop. So my advice to you is....have some dulcolax suppositories on hand. That worked much better for me than the Phillips liquid laxative. I have been very bloated since surgery. My body held on to a lot of water weight. I weighed 128 on a new high tech scale last Friday, and I weighed myself yesterday because I suddenly had love handles in everything I wore and my stomach looked pudgy and puffy from all angles. I have gained ten pounds. Granted, the second weigh in was on a much older, simpler scale, but I no doubt have gained at least six pounds not including the implants (which account for about 2 lbs.). Apparently, it is common for the torso to swell and carry water weight after a breast augmentation, and it could take up to a month for the fluids to dissipate. I am excited for the rest of my body to return to normal! Another thing I have noticed is that I didn't have bruising in the first couple of days after surgery, but bruising started to appear in my cleavage area and under my right breast a couple days ago, and it seems to be spreading a little bit. I read that it takes a few days for some of the bleeding from the day of surgery to reach the top layers of the skin. My left breast doesn't have bruising. My breasts are equally swollen and prone to being sore, so I am going to wait until my post op appointment on Tuesday to ask my doctor about it. I still think my recovery, at least in terms of pain, has been going very well. I am also pleased that my breasts have not had the "torpedo" look to them. My implants have not appeared as though they start just below my collar bone. It makes me wonder if they will drop much at all. I will post pictures later today!

Day of surgery pictures

1 Week Boobversary

I have had my new additions for one week now! Because it is a holiday, my first post-op appointment is tomorrow. I am so excited to get rid of the ace bandage and compression strap. If all goes well, I will be able to start wearing a sports bra tomorrow. The steristrips will also be removed, but some of you have mentioned using paper tape on the incisions after that, and it sounds painful : / My recovery has continued to go well. My breasts have been dropping a little bit, and I am starting to gain more feeling around the incisions and the lower pole of my breasts. I am still a little sore, but nothing unmanageable. I went out in public for the first time yesterday. I went to a child's birthday party. The hardest part about this was finding an outfit that could cover all the bandages! I settled on a black loose fitting baseball raglan quarter length shirt. Today I had my first recovery hiccup. My dog was resting her head on my stomach while cuddling with me on the couch and then she suddenly jumped off the couch and used my right breast as her launch pad. She is 55lbs, so that really hurt. I hope my breast is alright! I haven't seen any bruising yet, but I learned after surgery that the bruises don't show up immediately : ( Aside from that, I am still carrying some extra water weight so my stomach is still bloated. I will post some progress pics! I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July!

First Post-Op Appointment

I just got back from my one week post-op appointment. I was told that I am healing well and I am cleared to wear a loose sports bra for the next few weeks. I asked the PS what size I will be (C or D), and he told me that I will be a D or even a DD (a Victoria's Secret DD). Though I hoped to be a C-cup, I have to admit I am happy to hear that I will probably be in the D range. Before surgery, I thought I would be upset if my breasts qualified as "D's" because that seemed big to me, but now I realize that my frame does not look weird with D's at all. It is SO true that boob greed sets in after surgery!

Sports Bra Woes - Suggestions?

Now that I have been wearing sports bras, I've noticed that the band of the sports bras I have tend to rest directly on the inframammary incisions, and this feels uncomfortable. Do any of you have suggestions about good brands of sports bras that are longer from top to bottom? My PS suggests that I wear a "loose" sports bra without design elements such as cinching in the middle or molded cups or zippers. I have been wearing the Fruit of the Loom plain cotton sports bras 3 for $10 like he suggested. They're just a little short. Maybe I should go up another size, but the sizing is based on the rib cage only, so going up to a 38 might be too wide to provide any support. If any of you have any suggestions you would like to share, I'd really appreciate it!

Your Anatomy VS "Ideal" Implant Size

This post is for those of you who did a ton of research before your consultation and chose an ideal volume and profile for an implant and left your consultation disappointed because you found out that your "ideal implant" does not exist. Before my consultation, I searched through tons of pictures and reviews and questions and answers on many sites. I was a 34B with broad shoulders, and all I wanted was a C cup. Surely that would be obtainable, right? I compiled this information and came up with the "perfect" implant range for me: 275-300cc moderate plus or moderate profile silicone implants. I went to the consultation armed with this preconceived notion, and my PS brought me back to reality. Silicone implants in my "ideal" range do not exist for my body. I have slightly wider than average breast widths (13cm and 13.3cm), and the minimum volume for my width is 320cc for moderate profile and 400cc for moderate plus profile in Mentor brand implants. The minimum volumes are even higher for Sientra brand implants. I had the opposite problem of many people seeking a breast augmentation: a breast implant as small as my ideal range did not exist (for me). Since the rule of thumb is that 200cc equals one cup size for a 34 inch band, starting as a B cup and adding at least 320cc will not make me a C cup like I wanted. It will probably make me a D cup. My only other option was to go with saline implants, so my doctor could make the implants the volume I desired. I turned down this option because I wanted the natural feel of silicone implants.

At the end of the day, I had to accept that the 20cc-40cc difference from my preconceived ideal is actually pretty minimal (a shot glass or two of volume). I also had to accept that my breasts might be bigger than a C cup after surgery. Most importantly, I needed to trust my plastic surgeon, who clearly understands implant sizing far better than I do. He was well aware that I did not want the look of huge breasts.

All this to say, you have to keep your anatomy in mind when you want a breast augmentation. You might not be able to find an implant that takes you up just one cup size because that implant might not exist (at least in silicone). Most women desiring breast implants want their breasts to be at least two cup sizes larger, so it makes sense that implant manufacturers do not produce implants that provide minimal enlargement for any given breast width.

I am only 12 days post op. I went with 340cc moderate profile silicone under the muscle, and I am currently a full 34 D. I still have a little bit of swelling. My breasts are larger than I anticipated, but I LOVE them! I don't regret the size I chose. I actually hope my breasts stay close to the size they are now.

*Note: Most plastic surgeons emphasize that cup size is not realistic for determining implant size because cup size varies by bra manufacturer, etc. However, I believe that most women seeking a BA obsess over cup size anyway because it is the only way we have learned to conceptualize and quantify breast size. Even though our desired look is more important for choosing an implant, it is hard to leave bra size out of the equation.

I hope this is helpful to someone!

Almost a month post op

Hey! I just wanted to post an update even though I realize no one reads this. I started breast displacement exercises ("massages") after my three week post op appointment. My doctor told me to do these exercises twice per day. The exercises were pretty uncomfortable for the first few days, but now my breasts feel softer and pain free when I move them around. My new additions are feeling more like a part of me every day. I've gotten used to the size so I keep asking my mom if my boobs have shrunk! She reassures me that they are the same size as they were after surgery, but they have a better shape than they did. I'm thrilled that my breasts look very natural, and they look proportionate to my body. They appear about a cup size larger than my most padded bra under clothes. I still haven't been sized because my doctor wants me to wait until at least six weeks post op to buy bras and the temptation would be too strong if I knew my measurements. I have invested in swimsuits, however, and I've learned that my sizing radar is totally off for my new breasts. I have learned the hard way that I am typically a large in bikini tops now. I used to be a small, and at most a medium. I've made many returns and exchanges to figure this out. Online shopping is not ideal for swimwear. I have attached a picture of me three years ago and me a couple weeks ago wearing the same bikini top. Quite a difference :)

A little over a month post op

Hi ladies! I am posting some picture updates that I took last night and today.

I gave into temptation today and went to Victoria's Secret to buy bras. I never noticed in the past how exaggerated their sizing is! I guess during my flatter days I liked that I could get by with a bigger size on the tag than I actually was. Now that I have larger breasts, the sizing seems ridiculous. I was measured at a 32 D, but those bras were far too small. I ended up fitting best in their 32 DDD bras. Yes, a triple D, even in unlined bra styles. I kid you not. I couldn't believe it. How do truly well endowed women shop at Victoria's Secret? I'm guessing they don't. I don't look any bigger than a C with my clothes on, and those bras looked like overkill on me even though they "fit". Maybe I'm just not used to the look of larger bras? I ended up leaving VS empty handed because the sizing threw me off and made me question if I am still swollen. My doctor is right that I should wait until six weeks or even later to invest in nice bras. I think I will try to stick to department stores for my bra shopping from now on. After my trip to VS, I went to Target, and Target is having a bra sale right now, so I found two bras for $8 a piece. They are both really cute. Target doesn't sell size 32 bras, so I purchased two 34 Ds. These bras are a little tight in the cups, but they are cheap and pretty, and I'm pleased. Gotta love Target :)

Photo I forgot to add to the previous update

Dropping differently

Hello everyone!

In the first couple of weeks after surgery, my left breast was dropping faster than my right breast, but today I noticed that my right breast suddenly surpassed my left breast. I really like the way the cleavage on my right breast looks. The left breast cleavage crease is less defined or shallower and now it has a slight indentation where I can see a difference between the the edge of the implant and the area where my cleavage actually starts. Will this go away or should I be worried about this? I've slept on my left side the past three nights, and I'm thinking this probably helped my right breast cleavage area stretch and settle. Maybe I should try sleeping on my right side tonight to help even them out. Does anyone know if sleeping position affects cleavage development? I am attaching two pictures to show what I'm talking about. For reference, my right breast is the one with a freckle near the nipple haha

Wish Picture Tips

Hi! I have decided to post what my wish pictures were before surgery. Though I didn't post these pictures before surgery, they played a huge role in helping me decide on the look and size I wanted.

I have a few tips for those of you who are collecting wish pictures:

1) Do not waste your time and hopes on images of super models and celebrities. Those pictures are photoshopped and often unrealistic. If you must choose a celebrity, use a picture of them that is candid, like a paparazzi photo.
2) Choose images of naked breasts rather than women wearing bikinis and lingerie. It is hard to tell how much push-up padding is involved or how tight the bikini strings are to make the breasts appear that perky. And some women wear a bikini or bra that is too small in order to make their assets appear larger.
3) Choose images that provide information about the patient, such as height, weight, type of implant etc. because this makes it easier for you to realistically consider the differences between you and that person that would make your results different with the same implants.
4) Try to choose similar before pics to your breasts. For instance, I looked for pictures of women with a small amount of breast tissue, a wide gap between the breasts, and breasts that sort of slope toward the armpits because that's what I had.
5) Keep your body type in mind (especially the width of your shoulders) when looking at pictures. I tried to choose women with broad shoulders like mine.
6) Choose pictures that help you identify your limits, such as what appears too large for you, what appears too small to you, and what appears too "fake" to you.
7) Look at the before and after photo galleries on plastic surgeons' websites. Some plastic surgeons' websites are more helpful than others when it comes to providing information about the patients and the implants used. I browsed the pictures on real self, and when I found a picture I liked, I would go to that plastic surgeon's website to see more. Another good website for before and after pictures is loveyourlook.com.

I hope you're enjoying the last days of summer!

7 weeks post op

Time is flying! I went to my six week follow up appointment a few days ago, and my doctor said everything looks and feels good. I forgot to ask him if I am cleared to wear bras with underwire and exercise, so I will call his office tomorrow to find out. My recovery is still going well. My breasts are symmetrical and getting softer with time and daily displacement exercises. I rub bio oil on them every night. My concern about uneven cleavage is gone. The incision under my left breast was a little sore for a few days, so I asked my doctor about it, and he told me that it is probably due to internal stitches that are dissolving. He also gave me silicone strips to place on the incisions. I am glad I didn't have to purchase those on my own! They are $75 per box on Amazon. I doubt I will be able to make each strip last for two weeks, so I purchased extra (less expensive) silicone strips just in case. My doctor said I am cleared to sleep without a bra a couple weeks ago, and I've tried to do that, but I feel uncomfortable without a sports bra. My new additions seem to need the support of a sports bra when I'm lying down, so I will keep wearing one at night. It is funny how three months ago I would never purposely sleep in a bra, and now I can't sleep without one.

I am still adjusting to bra shopping for larger breasts. Somehow I actually am a 32DD, even in Wacoal and Natori bras in various styles. Considering my implant size and starting breast tissue, this result is confusing. I know bra size doesn't matter, but I can't logically come to terms with being a 32DD when I started as a 32 or 34 B and have 340cc moderate profile silicone implants under the muscle. Regardless of size, I am happy with the way my breasts look. Bra shopping is more difficult because I need more support than I used to, but it's fun because my breasts look good in everything.

I'm attaching a couple pictures of my incisions and a picture of me wearing a 34DD Natori bra. I think I am going to exchange it for a 32DD because I am worried the band will stretch out quickly.

Official before and after pictures from doctor

Hello! It's been a while, but I finally got my official before and after pictures from my doctor's office today. Those photos were taken at my six week follow up appointment. My breasts didn't shrink, so my bra size is the same as it was in previous updates. My cleavage is looking more and more natural, and I am still thrilled with my results.

Now I am just waiting for my incision scars to fade. I make sure to keep bio oil or thick body lotion on my breasts most of the time. I also massage my breasts and scars every night. I have tried silicone strips and paper tape, and I must admit, the paper tape wasn't bad at all. In fact, paper tape felt more secure on my body, and I liked that it breathed better than the silicone strips. The only downside is that it does feel like a band-aid when I pull off the paper tape. The scar on my left breast is still thicker than the scar on my right breast, but I hope this will even out as the scars fade.

There is something I forgot to mention in earlier posts that I should mention in case this could help someone else. I have what is called fibrocystic breast tissue. This condition occurs in about 50% of women, and it is characterized by multiple small "knots" within the breast tissue. These knots are not visible from the outside, but you can feel them within your breast tissue. These knots (cysts / lumps) make the breasts tender and sore on a regular basis. I was worried that my condition would not tolerate breast implants well or would make recovery more painful, but my doctor told me there is no increased risk in getting a BA for people who have fibrocystic breast tissue as long as the cysts are not cancerous. The knots in my breasts are not cancerous - I have been tested and examined for this issue, and I recommend everyone else with fibrocystic breasts to do the same. Since my breast augmentation, my breasts have returned to their normal sensations (good and bad). My fibrocystic tissue causes me to have very tender breasts during my monthly period, but I am happy to report that breast implants have not made this condition worse for me. My implants are under the muscle, so I don't know if having fibrocystic breast tissue is more painful or the same for people who have overs. My recovery was minimal in terms of pain, but I know everyone is different. Did any of you have complications from a BA because you had fibrocystic breasts?

4 months Post Op

Hello! It's been a while, so here's an update on my recovery:

Not much has changed since I last updated. My breasts are feeling more and more like a part of me, and I have been able to go back to Barre classes without any issues. I do have flexion deformity, but only when I flex my chest muscles. Of course, I knew this would be a con about going under the muscle. I seem to notice this more with my right breast than my left. The deformity also seems to affect the bottom part of my breast rather than the sides, so I can't complain too much. I will try to be cautious about the motions I make when I wear a bikini, and I will try to avoid lifting my body up on my elbows because that kind of motion seems to trigger the deformity most. I don't think this will be an issue except when I am in a string bikini. I will attach pictures to show you all what I am talking about. My scars are finally fading. The scar on my left breast is still thicker and more pigmented than the scar on my right breast. I am happy to say that I have not developed any stretch marks....this is amazing because I have stretch marks on my breasts as well every other place on my body that experienced rapid growth during middle school and high school. I can thank Burt's Bee's body butter and Bio Oil for that. I still apply those to my breasts almost every day. I still wear silicone tape over my scars almost every day, as well. I hope everyone else is healing nicely and enjoying their new assets!

4 months post op pictures

Muscle flex deformity

6 month update

Hello! It's been a while since I last updated. My breasts are doing great. The scars have nearly faded away at this point. It looks like the scar on my left breast will always be more visible/thicker than the scar on the right breast. Maybe this is because my left breast is slightly larger to begin with. I'm still a 32 or 34 DD depending on bra brand, and I still don't understand how my bra size is that large considering the size of implant I chose. I just took photos a couple days ago to show the before and after difference in my breasts. This is probably my favorite comparison photo. I hope everyone else is doing well!

Checking in

Hello! I'm posting an update since I am almost 10 months post op now. I still love my breasts, and I haven't had any issues. I am including some update photos because I realized that I've only posted one photo with a top on since my augmentation. In these pictures I'm wearing a size medium non-padded racer back bralette. Another thing I would like to mention is: if you are looking for a super comfortable throw on bra for sleeping or lounging around the house, the fruit of the loom 3 for $10 cotton spaghetti strap bras from Walmart are amazing. Even though I'm a 32-34 band, I purchase the size 36 and 38 bras because they run small. These bras are so comfortable and simple. I wear them every day. The spaghetti strap ones are far more comfortable than the racer back ones in my opinion. They don't offer a ton of support but they hug the breasts together and keep them in place and feel better than having nothing on. There are no clasps or tags to worry with, and you pull them on over your head. I even wear them to run errands and to look like I'm wearing a camisole under low cut shirts. If you try them, you will be glad you did!

Recent pics

I messed up the photo upload, so here they are.
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