20 Year Old, 93 Pound, 32a Cup Size, Extremely flat chested Mom of Two! - Tulsa, OK

My goals are to have a small D or full C!! I hope...

My goals are to have a small D or full C!! I hope they can stretch my skin far enough to give me what I'm wanting! I'm going to dr Ratliff in Tulsa Oklahoma after hearing many good reviews on him!!! I'll keep updated! My surgery is next Friday and since I'm traveling two and a half hours they are doing my consultation on Thursday the day before my surgery which is nice!!! It's 4500$ cash or 4800 card or check so I'm doing cash to save as much as possible! I've wanted this since I was 12-13 knowing I'd never have boobs. Nobody on my moms or dads size has any boobs. I am so so excited I can't even believe it's actually happening for me finally! Wish me luck I'll post before pics amd after pictures next friday

Post op!

I just left he surgery and am on my way home! They wrapped me up so tight when I was still out of it so I don't have any pictures yet. I went 400cc behind the muscle ultra high profile.

Few hours post op

Hurts like a biiiiiiiissh

Some more before pictures!!!

I'm so happy with my new girls ????????????????

Pictures with the plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist

Dr Ratliff and his team were absolutely hands down amazing!!!!!!

Changing my wrap every 4 hours

Here is 6-7 hours post op before I wrapped them back up. Nipples and boobs are swollen and it's actually way more painful them I thought it would be but it's bearable just really painful

Amazing Doctor with an Amazing Team

Dr Ratliff is hands down amazing he is so informative cares about your wants and needs and makes sure you understand all the risk and even tells you if your not wanting it anymore that he wouldn't be hurt because he cares about making you not feeling an pressure. So sweet and so amazing I could not recommend him any more

24 hours post op

Super sore still, the girls are really tight and still feeling lots of pressure. I can't move around much and I don't like the wrap I have to wear because you have to wrap it around me like 7 times and then wear another white wrap on top of that one so its suffocating I wish they gave out compression bras. But I'm loving them
So far even swollen and tight I can't wait to see them when they drop and fluff my left one is way more swollen
And tight then my right but doctor said it was normal and ok so I'm not too worried

Developed a hematoma (just my luck)

Woke up and one breast is three times the size of the other one and I sent pictures to my surgeon who said I Had a hematoma and will have to have it drained Tuesday. It's so swollen and I cannot move my arm at all and I'm in so much pain. My right breast doesn't hurt at all and Isn't really swollen what so ever. I'm scared and upset that this happened to me but better safe then sorry. Tuesday I'll be back under for yet another surgery to fix this

Two days post op stressed about having to have this hematoma removed. So upset and feeling down

Had my hematoma removed today

Feeling way better an the pain is down by 50% already so happy about it! They both feel normal and just minor swelling :)

Had hematoma removed and omg what a difference!!!

Had it removed this morning and there is so much relief it doesn't feel like I'm dying anymore! Migraine from anesthesia though but I'll take that over the hematoma the top picture is after it was removed bottom is before!!!

Post hematoma pics compared to my before

Love them!!! In pain but not near as bad as I was with the hematoma

4 days post op!

Some minor yellow bruising but they are looking great! Left side is a tad more swollen from having to be re opened up yesterday but I'm happy with them:)!!!

Mirror view

They fit my small petite body perfectly!

5 days post op

Hope I'm not being annoying doing daily updates but I wanted to share my experience to help others because I personally love people that post tons of pictures of progress! They look the best today since I've gotten them done and I'm learning to wrap myself even though it's hard! Almost out of hydros so I'm nervous but hoping pain gets better and easier soon! Tried on a new sports bra but the armpits were too lose on me so I may return it I got it from Victoria secret :)

6 days post op!

Sore but bearable today was able to get out of bed easier and get ready without feeling strained bad! Loving them so much

One week post op

Finally cleared to wear a sports bra and take off the wrap!! Healing nicely
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