Had These Scars for 2 Years and Nothing Will Fade Them. - Tulsa, OK

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Seeing my face makes me so upset. my skin is...

Seeing my face makes me so upset. my skin is terrible. my doctor told me my skin is great but she sees the scarring im talking about. I'm so insecure. I hate when people stare at me. I feel like they aren't looking AT ME but at my SCARRING. I always have to spend $50 in makeup just to cover this the best I can. I'm only 17 and this is really hurting me more and more every day. I've heard about accutane but it's dangerous so I really don't want to risk that but I don't know what to do about my skin it mentally hurts so much and it's my second biggest insecurity. Someone please help me. I've struggled with this for like 2-3 years and I've been waiting for it to fade but it has never completely faded and I can't remember what it's like to have a clear complexion.

Can't tell if it got worse or better..

I'm updating my review from months ago; I'm using a clarisonic with cetaphil cleanser. I spent $50 on a dark spot moisturizer that hasn't done much really. I've noticed (maybe you can see) little holes as scarring which is the last thing I wanted. I went to LUSH cosmetics and bought a soap bar that is supposed to be a serum and I bought a mint mask. The lighting isn't the best right now but my skin is so bad. I got an occasional breakout on my forehead just one though. Today I woke up with a zit between my eyebrows. that sucked. I didn't want to go in anywhere or even have my family look at me I just wanted to cover my face and not be seen by anyone. 2 more months of this and my grandma is taking me to her dermatologist with her in November. But I don't even have hope anymore. I give up. It'll never go away. It'll never fade. No doctor can fix it unless I spent thousands of dollars. You would think buying all these face mask, spending $100 on a foundation and concealer and the $50 moisturizer and $100-200 clarisonic and all the brush heads and cleansers would be enough but it'll never be enough and I don't know why my skin deserves to go through this.

September update with better lighting!

Washed my face last night, use my lush mask, then put my lush serum on. woke up and did nothing to my face and this is with outside lighting. I still am insecure with it and think it looks terrible but this update is to show the better lighting. So excited for this Derma appointment in November!! I kinda hope I get put on accutane but im scared of the effects from it. btw if you read my last update, the pimple between my eyebrows is now gone and I don't think it scarred. The breakout on my forehead is slowly going away. it's just a little spot now.

Went to the dermatologist for acne that I had for years...

So I went, and he prescribed me to "Doxycycline Hyclate 150 MG" and "SulfaCleanse 8/4" from some place in Arizona I had to order from, I was gonna pay for it with my own money but they needed to know my insurance information, and just my luck they couldn't help me in any way because of my insurance. So that was upsetting. I was so excited. Well I called up my dermatologist and they sent something to my local pharmacist. They prescribed me on "Bactrim DS" 30 pills for $14 and my dermatologist has got me some samples for Atralin Gel(?) but I have to go all the way there and pick that up but without samples, the bottle is $180 so I'm not gonna get my hopes up for that. My skin definitely has gotten worse and I'm gonna blame it on hormonal things at the moment. But it sucks that I have to pay so much to heal my skin, when I don't even want these in the first place. I'm just hoping this Bactrim DS will work. I want this gone.

2 months since my Dermatologist Appointment!!!

I'm looking back at these pictures like "Wow..." and "I've come so far.." I'm currently on BACTRIM DS. On my second refill going on 3rd pretty soon. I use Atralin Gel on my red spots. My cleanser is SulfaCleanse. Im getting some confidence! Although I don't feel confident going places without makeup, IM GETTING THERE! And I just want to show my change! I hope that next month, my red marks are gone. These pictures were taken 1/26/16. (my face isn't oily. I have a serum on lol) Oh, btw. I barely get breakouts anymore. (fingers crossed tho)
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