42 and in Need of a Tummy Tuck. Tulsa, OK ***Best Decision EVER!*** AND now, I get my BOOBS!

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I only have just recently have started my search...

I only have just recently have started my search into plastic surgery. Pretty sure who I want to do my surgery and have a consult scheduled for January 8th, 2015 and I have a "penciled" in date for surgery on February 4th, 2015. I work in the hospital setting and am VERY familiar with this surgeons work. What keeps holding me back you ask???? I feel guilty about the money! I have worked my ass off (literally) to get rid of 82 pounds, and after all that hard work my new wardrobe does not fit me like it should because of all the loose skin! I feel deserving of this surgery but I also know that I should be getting out of debt instead of making more... Ugh...Does anyone else out there see where I am coming from?? Part of me says "you will make more money and just keep paying on that card until its paid" the other part of me says "you really should wait and get your other debt paid off first" I want to be able to wear my clothes now and not years down the line...What are your thoughts on this?

Here is my transformation

Thought I would show y'all my transformation and now you can imagine the saggy skin that comes with that! Once I get closer to my surgery date, I will get brave and post belly pictures!

My Stats

My current weight hovers around 154 and I am 5'4". I work out 5-6 days a week and 2 of those days are 2 hours in length. My workouts consist of Zumba, Tabata, Step 360, and weight lifting. My ultimate goal would be to go into surgery weighing in at 145. I just find it hard to lose weight lately. But I will never give up!

Bought my first surgery Item!

Well, I couldn't resist the clearance sale going on at Victoria Secret so I bought my PJ's for surgery day! After I get through the holiday's I am going to start getting all my recovery items I will need. Happy Holidays to all, and Happy Healing to the one's who have gone before me. C'mon February!

Met with my Plastic Surgeon today

I got to meet Dr. Kunkel today! I really liked him, and so did my husband! He was so down to earth. He did photo's and those were hard to do when they ask you to "relax" because I am so used to holding myself in. Once that was over with he came back and says " Well, you really don't have much fat its really a lot more of just skin" YES! That is what I was hoping to hear. I am still on schedule for February 4th. So, now its time for me to get my supplies together. I asked about Bromelain and Arnica Montana - he isn't a fan. He says if I wanted to do it, he was fine with it, he just doesn't feel like it is worth spending the money on. He thinks I will get away with just one drain and should be out by my first post-op visit at day 5. Pain meds will be Percocet, and a Muscle Relaxer. He did say that most of my underlining issue is my separated muscles. He will make my incision along or just underneath my C-section scar. He is thinking my surgery will last about 3 hours. Today I am excited!!

Bikini came in the mail!

My Bikini that I ordered from Victoria's Secret came in the mail yesterday! I decided if I was going to do pics from the beginning to the end, I wanted to do them in the same thing every time to keep it consistent. I tried it on yesterday and was surprised that even with this left over wrinkly skin full of stretch marks... It didn't look too bad! I have NEVER warn a bikini in my teen and adult life EVER! Surgery is on about 2 weeks away and I will say this... Ever since I met with my PS, I have never been nervous since! Now, that isn't to say that day of surgery I may be freaking out but right now I am calm and SO excited! I went shopping for supplies yesterday too. I bought 2 new big, and fluffy, but firm pillows, peanut butter crackers, body wipes, and a tub of Vaseline. (this is what my PS uses on the incision) I will be doing some more shopping on the 2 days I am off before surgery to keep myself busy. That's it for now, will take pics and post them in my new swimsuit maybe next week. Best wishes to all!

No turning back now....

No turning back now, its been paid for! I kinda wanted to throw up on my way to give them my credit card #, but it will be well worth it in the end!!! The PS surgeon's office went over what I was paying for and they said "anything else?" I wanted to say "Yes! Please add boobs to that.." but that will have to wait until my TT is paid off :0( 2 more weeks til I join the others on the flat side!

Here are some pics

Ok here they are! The one is my weight loss journey from 236 pounds to 158. Today I still weigh at 154, I think my body likes this number because I can't seem to make the scale move any further below that. The other is what I look like without clothes... Gross out!! I took all of these without sucking it in... Shocking how all of THAT fits into a size 8! The next pics I post will hopefully be of me on the flat side!!

Pre-op appointments!

I had my last Pre-op appointments today. Met with Dr. Kunkel one last time. We went over recovery and what to expect on day of surgery. Then I had my Anesthesia pre-op and will not know a check in time until tomorrow. Today I went and bought last minute post surgery items and went to the gym and did weight lifting and squats for the last time until he releases me after surgery. Tomorrow I will keep busy with finishing up the house cleaning.

My Arrival time is..

My PS office called and I will need to check into Surgery Admit at 7:00am for 9:00am surgery time! Whoohoo! I was worried I was going to be pushed back to early afternoon. Good Luck to all my RS girls who will go after me and speedy recoveries to those who have gone just days before me. See y'all on the flat side!!


I am up and ready with my bags packed! Thank you to all of my RS ladies who have been sending positive vibes and prayers my way!! I am not sure I would have went on with this decision if it were not for all of you on here, your reviews and support have helped make this happen! I will update as soon as I can. Honestly it may not be until tomorrow.. Good luck to ALL of you heading into surgery today and those in the near future. Happy healing to those who have gone before me, can't wait to catch up! See you on the flat side, baby!

Having a rough time

Sorry RS sisters that it has taken me this long to check in! Post surgery went great until 4:00am this morning cause I haven't been able to pee. So was in ER to get a foley placed and will have it until tomorrow morning. Today I am VERY VERY sore and swollen. Thank you for checking in on me. Will post more later...

A Shower

i got to shower today! I am feeling better. Here are some pics I got after my shower.

Recap of day of surgery

So... I got checked in and the nurse blew my first vein trying to start my IV, second try was a success. Then my PS came in and marked me up in marker. Was greeted by my anesthesiologist as I was wheeled back and was out in no time. Woke up in recovery in a lot of pain. After 20mg of Morphine and 2 oral pain pills I finally was comfortable. The rest of the day evening at home I was in and out of sleep. Tried and tried to pee and ended up in the ER at 4:30am this morning to have them place a foley. I have it until tomorrow morning. I got to shower today and that seems to have made a huge difference. I got up to brush my teeth on my own this evening and am taking less pain medicine! I am hoping to make great strides tomorrow! Good luck and happy recovery to all the others


I had my dreaded BM this morning!!! Wasn't too bad but I also was up on my Miralax and Colace. Today, I will have my hubby pick me up and take me home. In case you don't know my aunt is a nurse and she and I decided that it would be best if I came home with her for the first 3 days so she could recover me. I am so glad I did! I am not sure my hubby could have handled me these first few days. I feel like my recovery has been pretty awesome minus having to go to the ER to have my foley put back in. Happy healing to all my other RS girls!!

Getting comfortable

Since I have moved back home yesterday I have been trying to find the perfect spot. I miss the recliner at my aunts house. I slept comfortable in my bed last night with a wedge pillow. This morning I am in my overstuffed chair with my feet propped up. I feel more swollen today, will find out when I take my shower later. Other than that I feel like I am doing well. Yesterday I took a Percocet around 12:00 noon for my shower and transfer to home. Once settled around 2:30pm I took a muscle relaxer. And then around 10:00 pm later that evening another Percocet and that has been my routine for the last 2 days. Not much real pain minus my back more tightness and it is VERY tight! Today my lower flanks where my incision ends on both sides are sore... I believe this is where he did the lipo. Will update later after my shower! Happy healing ladies!

Morning of day 5!

good morning RS ladies! I feel great this morning. This morning I noticed I am walking more upright, about 85/90%. My bruising is turning that yellowish hue. My total drainage out of my drain yesterday was 40cc's. My follow up isn't until Thursday hoping my drain will come out then. If my back still feels this good later today I may attemp to shower standing-we shall see. That is one of the reasons I have not snapped anymore pics cause I can't snap them myself because my back hurts to stand that long and my hubby isn't too fond of staring at my incision site. Maybe today I can get another pic! I will post another update later after my shower and post pics if I can manage to get them today! Good luck to those of you heading to the flat side today, you will do great!

Same pic..

Day 5 pics!

swelling of course but you can tell things are shifting- scar is trying to even out :)

It's been 1 week!!

Today I am feeling good and have tried to do more for myself. Other than that not much change from yesterday or the day before that. I am ready to see my PS surgeon tomorrow so we can see what he says about this binder which I feel is too big and not doing its purpose. Here are pics from today's shower.. Still a lot of swelling which I feel would not be as much if my binder was smaller and shorter to fit my torso.

Post-op appointment!

Holy Cow! I had a 6 inch muscle seperation!! He also said that he took off 2 liters from my hips and flanks with lipo, and his words" a massive amount of skin" he hopes to have the pics along with weight of the skin by my next appointment on Tuesday. That is just incredible, I had no idea. He also says that I am still swollen and part of that is due to this binder not fitting well so we cut it- OMG! That's made a world of difference. Needlessto say, I still have my buddy "the drain". Cannot wait til this swelling goes down so I can get a better idea of what my results are going to look like. I think a couple of days or maybe even as soon as tomorrow, with this binder fitting much tighter, I will see some of that swelling going away. That's it, it was a great day! Happy healing, Rusty.

Day 10 ????. Getting better everyday!

Day 10 and I feel really good today! I was out and about the last 2 days and when we got home I could tell.. Swollen! This morning woke up feeling good, and just kind of knew it was going to be a good day. Today I plan on taking it easy and letting my body rest. My scar seems flatter and I feel less swollen. It also seems that my scar is still evening out everyday, and I am hopeful it will end up being a nice thin, even line over time. Here are my day 10 pics. Those bottoms are the same bottoms from before pics.

One more Day 10

before and 10 days post op!


so, the last 2 mornings I have woke with a headache. I am sure it is due to the way I am sleeping.. I am so ready to be able to stretch out and just sleep flat!! Speaking of stretching out, Is anyone able to stretch?!?! In the morning my instinct is to stretch out my legs but then I am quickly reminded of the abdominal surgery I had and start having spasm like feeling in my abs... It's a weird feeling. Today my husband went back to work- so it's just me and the dog. I was hoping to have my drain taken out tomorrow but I am still draining around 35cc's...looks like I will be keeping my buddy a little longer :( have a great day ladies.

This is what I ordered

I sure hope I like this one! It is strapless and does have the slit in the crotch.. I liked the fact that it had the zipper so that it will hopefully be easier to get into. I guess we will see, I hate returning things that I ordered online.

Some restrictions lifted!

Met with my PS today and when he took my binder off I could tell today I was flatter..I still have my drain and we will try on Tuesday next week to pull it. He has taken some of my restrictions off - I can now lift no more than 20 pounds, I can bend over to pick things up as long as it doesn't hurt, I can drive, I don't have to limit my getting around and he says I can get on the eliptical or treadmill starting slow and working myself up!! Yippee!! I am however going to wait until Monday to start the treadmill. Tomorrow I am going to weigh and take 2 week photo's. Thanks girls for letting me vent on my last post, yesterday was a very bad day. Happy healing girls!

2 weeks

today I jumped in the scale - I am down 5 pounds and still swollen! It's only gonna get better!! Here are my pics I took this morning- not much change except I am a little flatter. I have lost what little butt there was and cannot wait to start squatting again! I was out and about today for about 3 hours and I am so miserable - I feel like a stuffed sausage in this binder right now!! Oh well- I was happy to be out on my own for the few hours.

3 Weeks Post

@leangreen- first off I want to say I am sorry but MY DRAIN IS OUT!! Sorry girlie... I hope yours is out next week! Today my PS really did not want to take the drain but in his words "it was starting to look saucy" which was a concern of mine. So he pulled it and it did not hurt to have the actual drain pulled but I did have a burning sensation at the site where the tube was inserted in the skin. I have to wear my binder for another week, which I feel better with it on. I no longer have to do dressings over my scar. I can put whatever I would like for scar treatment. I am choosing to massage in Cocoa Butter 2-3 times a day. He says I can lift my 10 pound weights and I plan on going back to the gym next week to do weights and treadmill. I still have a lot of swelling, Infact the Leonisa CG I bought I cannot get over my thighs yet. I am gonna have to find a CG that I can wear while at the gym. That's all I can think of. If you all have a suggestion on a CG for the gym let me know!! Happy healing ladies.

4 Weeks!

Well- Today is 4 weeks post and all of a sudden overnight I have seen an improvement!! As of today: I am 95% upright, I am just now getting my curve back in my spine, noticed in pictures that the swelling is starting to go down in my inner/outer thighs and in my flanks, and slept for the first time last night without a pillow under my knees!! As I was getting these pics ready to post, I found myself in aw of the change over the past 4 weeks but mostly the difference in the past week. Today as I look at these pics, I can officially say "WORTH IT!!" And it is only going to get better as the weeks progress. I do have to thank all you to all the ladies who have helped me through some rough, and doubting times, pretty sure I would be in a fetal position somewhere crying my eyes out without your support and kind words! For those out there that are feeling down today-Chin up!! It WILL get better! Happy healing ladies!

Oh the emotional roller coaster ...

I have been down in the dumps off and MOSTLY on since last Friday. I woke up last Friday more swollen than usual and have what I think is petechiae on my belly and upper thighs. Watched it all weekend, and on Sunday noticed the swelling was better. Monday evening the swelling was back. Had follow up appointment with my PS yesterday and he wasn't sure what to think about the petechiae except that maybe I am wearing my surgical binder too tight. So he took my surgical binder away and told me to wear Spanx like only garments which I feel are not "secure" enough. I went back to work today starting with 1/2 days the rest of this week and after 6 hours- I am exhausted, very tight, and swollen. Came home and have been having a crying fit since. I am so sad to look in the mirror and not see the same flat belly I did last week. I am not sure I can handle 7 more weeks of being tight and swollen if " 12 weeks" is the magic number when the swelling significantly drops off. I don't regret, and never have regretted having this surgery but I will extremely disappointed if my final result does not resemble my 4 week pics. Unless something drastically changes in my mood or in the swelling I am not sure I will be doing a 5 week pic update. I know this review sounds negative, but it is the hard truth that this surgery can take a toll on your emotions. I went in with a positive attitude and knew that I would eventually experience "swell hell" and now that it is here the ugly emotions have taken over. I do hope that my next update will be on a happier note and I don't like to write negative things but it's also the reality of this journey.. Til next time ladies.

I think I am getting better, time heals all wounds..

As most of you know who have been following my journey and been my support group through these past weeks, and even months leading up to surgery, I have been really down in the dumps. Something finally just clicked yesterday and I do believe I am feeling better and have my positive attitude back. I have finally excepted the fact that this swelling isn't going away anytime soon, and I have to find a way to deal with it for the next several weeks. Yesterday I got out and spent some time with my mother and went out to lunch, and went grocery shopping my belly was very swollen and hard most of the day. I do find that when I get home and relax with my feet up for a few hours the swelling is better- but of course returns once I am out and about again. At least i know the swelling WILL go away and is not permanent. I also think part of my sadness was how hard it was for me to go back to work and come home completely wiped out. This week I am going to do 1/2 days again (which end up being more like 6-7 hours) and hopefully then I can go back full time after that. Still only able to do treadmill walking..and had to cut back on how many days I was doing.. Because I do A LOT of walking and on my feet at work.
I did keep up with my pics that I am doing weekly. So, I will post my 5 week pics I took last week and did not post because of my bad attitude. On this day- I am swollen (and I know it doesn't look like it, but I am "bigger" than my 4 week pics) and was very tight.
Happy healing to my RS girls and thank you for checking on me and helping me stay positive! You girls are awesome!!

6 weeks

Not much has changed- I still swell on a daily basis and it usually starts about 2-3 hours after I have been up. It isn't that noticeable to someone else just me as I feel soooooo tight! I still have the petechiae and do not see that going away anytime soon - I believe I have it due to the swelling and breaking those little capillaries. I will go back to work full time next week- I have been working 4-6 hours the last 1.5 weeks. I am still walking the treadmill and lifting no more than 10 pound weights. I have included my pics from this morning, the one of my scar you will see a bandaid- that is there because my Spanx is rubbing on a stretch mark and irritating it. Hoping my Leonisa arrives today or tomorrow. My PS nurse says that some of what I perceive as swelling is what she believes to be ab definition - I wouldn't know since I have never experienced it before in my life!!! Hahahaha! Happy healing ladies!

Almost 7 weeks

I will be 7 weeks post op on Thursday. I had a follow up appointment with my PS today. I got to see the pictures he took of me while in surgery, I am hoping when we do my post op pic and I can get a copy of these. I got to see the picture of my 6 inch muscle separation before/after.. incredible! He will do my after pics in 2 months which is when I go back to see him. Today he said that I can "officially" start back to Zumba (I started on my own Friday) and to gradually work back up to where I left off. Once I am comfortable with adapting to Zumba, I can start doing AB focused workouts. He is fine with me doing some abs now, but crunches and the such he would like for me to wait 2 more weeks. I am fine with that because I figure it will take me that long just to get my cardio ramped back up. In 2 weeks he would like for me to start going without my Spanx!! WHAT!?!?! That will take some getting used to..but the thought does excite me! I can start soaking in the tub and doing laps in the pool next week. I had a MUCH better day today at work with swelling. He says that my hips and flanks are going to take some time to get the swelling to come down. (At least I know they are still swollen and it isn't just fat!) I can lift all the weight I want now and over my head. I can't think of anything else that we talked about today, hard to believe what a difference just 2 weeks makes. At 5 weeks I cried everyday that week.. and today I am filled with so much joy and happiness, I can't be thankful enough for being able to have the opportunity to do this surgery. I decided I am going to spread pics out. I will do a pic update next week at week 8. Happy healing ladies, and those that are having a difficult day or week.. It will get better.

7 weeks-no pics this week

Just wanted to update what has been going on since I met with my PS earlier this week. As you read he has released me to resume my Zumba and weight training but to try and hold of on AB focused workouts for 2 weeks while I work up my cardio. So, I have been going to my Zumba class (we mix it up between Zumba, boot camp, kickboxing, yoga) Monday was Zumba and kept it pretty low impact. Tuesday was Hip Hop and stepped it up a bit. On Wednesday I was sore (which is to be expected) and was swollen ALL day- We had severe weather (tornado's) where I live and I stayed home that night. Thursday was Kickboxing and was surprised at how much I could keep up. I felt really good that day and felt great on Friday. Friday I had Zumba and did MOST moves. If I ever felt like I couldn't do something I lifted weights during that song or added in extra squats. I started my period yesterday and even with that I feel really good and the swelling wasn't as bad the last 2 days, I am not sure if this is because things are starting to settle down or if the exercising is helping out. What I am finding strange is.. I am afraid to do jumps in class.. I am not sure why. I will bounce around from one foot to the other but to "Jump" I am nervous. I have to work on that next week at class because my PS wants me out of my Spanx after next week. I will be wearing my surgical binder for sure during work outs until I feel like I can go without it. It is amazing how not working out for 7 weeks, has taken a toll on my body. I feel like a "newbie" in class and I look like one too! But I am not complaining about the soreness in my muscles, some days I missed that feeling, at least I know I am working them! Just taking it day by day.. I will do an 8 week update next week with photo's! Happy Healing ladies and gents!

8 Weeks

Well not much has changed. I still swell everyday and this week seems to be the worst! I am not sure how I am going to be able to get rid of my Spanx next week like my PS has asked me too. The only positive side at 8 weeks is that I am increasing my work out routine slowly but surely. On Monday I have Zumba (2 hours worth, but only did 40 minutes this past week) Tuesday I hit the pool and used my scuba fins for resistance to help firm my legs/thighs/butt and also Aqua jogged, Wednesday I had Zumba again and managed 1.5 hours and got in some "jumping" ( I have been afraid to jump for some reason- like it might jolt my MR) and then today I went back to the pool. So the exercise is going great and just listening to my body. If it is uncomfortable or hurts then I STOP. The past 2 weeks I have been craving LOTS of food and more so sweets .. The last 2 days that has kind of deminished so I hope that is over with! I had lost 5 pounds after surgery but am back up 2 of those- wondering if this might be me putting some muscle back on and as I start to burn more calories and get back to my "norm" it will come off again. Who knows... I took pics first thing this morning before getting dressed for work - they look exactly like my 6 week pics I think. I did finally get into a pair of my jeans last weekend and wore them most of the day. That is all I can think of at this time, just waiting for the day I can say that the swelling is getting better.. I do wish it would hurry up and get here! Happy healing ladies.

Because I felt thin ..

I woke up feeling thinner this morning so I snapped a few pics. I know I just posted the 8 week ones yesterday but ... I don't get those " I feel thin" moments often.

10 weeks

I wish I had some positive things to say about weeks 9 and 10 but I don't. So far these 2 weeks the swelling has been really intense and more so this week- I am not sure if it is all the exercise I do or what... I took pics this morning and you can definitely tell I am more swollen than I have been in 5 weeks. The swelling feels so tight at my incision that it is extremely uncomfortable. Sure hope it goes away soon :(

12 weeks

Where to begin... First off the pics I am posting - I still feel like I look the same. There are days that I look smaller than others due to the continued swelling. Speaking of swelling we will start there. This week I have found that even though I do swell it doesn't seem to be as bad...OR.. I am just used to it!! Hahahaha! Seriously- I do think it's better. I still get the tight feeling but feel like my belly doesn't get as round as before. Again, some days are worse than others but before this week it was EVERYDAY and EVERYDAY my belly was hard and HUGE!
Next - exercise.. I am a " all or nothing" kinda person so I will tell you that at 3 weeks I was walking the treadmill and doing light weights, at 4 weeks I walking treadmill, lifting 10 pound weights and trying some low impact Zumba, at 6 weeks I was doing 10 pound weights and increasing my Zumba (just listening to my body) at 8 weeks I was in the pool, doing as much weight as I could, working some core, and working on full out Zumba. Today I feel like I am about 90% back to my pre surgery fitness routine. I work out 5-6 days a week with 2 of those days being 2.5 hour workouts. I still am working on the core, that is where the 10% loss is at.. But I am ok with it, I will get there.
Clothing- at this point I have it lost a size in clothing- I still wear the same size 8's as before surgery- this may change over the next 3 months or it may not, i am ok with that too because I look so much better in those size 8 clothes! :)
My diet is pretty much back to normal - I eat a pretty healthy almost all the time. There for awhile I was craving sweets and carbs a lot during that LONG swelling phase- not sure what that was all about- I did cave a few times or more :)

That pretty much sums it up- I am hoping now that I see improvement in the swelling that I will also start seeing flatter days more often. I wished today's pics would have reflected a flatter me, but until then I will just go back to some of my earlier pics and remind myself that it's coming.. At least these days I do get to see it more often than I did at weeks 8-11. I did talk with my PS office about the swelling and how I thought it should have started getting better and I was told to expect swelling more towards the 6 month mark versus the 3 month mark. So I am trying not to get overly excited ... Happy healing girls. I will post again in 2 weeks unless something exciting happens before then!

14 weeks

So at 14 weeks I find that I am still swollen just not EVERYDAY, but still most days. In fact as I sit and type this- I am really swollen today.
As far as my workouts go - I can do just about everything and abs are getting better and better every week. I can do the ab work just not as many reps as before but it is improving.
Weight- at pre-surgery I weighed 153. At 4 weeks post I weighed 148. Today the scale jumps around between 156 -158 and I am not sure what that is about cause my eating is on point! I am hoping it's the swelling. I still do crave carbs on my swollen days for some reason and when I eat them they are usually healthy carbs.
My scar seems to be getting lighter, but if I am swollen it is darker that day which confirms what I have read on here. I was hoping it would have evened out but I don't believe it will and I am ok with that. Still just using cocoa butter and alternating with Vitamin E lotion. I use one in the morning and the other in the evening.
That is all I can think of.. Here are my pics and I added a few more of the bargain I got on the other swim suits! Happy healing ladies.. Will do another update in 2 weeks and that will also be the same week I have another post op appointment with my PS and I also believe we are doing post op pics on that day too :)

When we feel discouraged...

When I feel in doubt of my progress I like to go back through pictures to remind me of where I was before surgery. But sometimes it's hard to tell if things are truly changing week after week and more so when we spend a lot of time in swell hell. So the last 2 days I have had some major swelling and started doubting that my body was still continuing to change for the better, so I did a comparison and thought I would share with y'all in case you too are doubtful. This pic is 4 weeks ( when I THOUGHT this was the flattest I had been) VS. 14 weeks. This comparison was a surprise to me! Literally until I put this collage together I thought I was flatter/thinner looking at 4 weeks. Amazing!

16 weeks

Hard to believe it's been 4 months, but on the other hand still can't wait to hit the 6 month mark to see if any more changes occur and if the swelling will finally go away. Not much has changed. I was suppose to see my PS this past week but moved it to this coming Tuesday. So I will try and do another post at that time to inform you of what he had to say. These photo's are after a great time last night which included lots of beer and Mexican food. I hardly ever eat out and when I do I try and keep it pretty healthy or at least packed with protein, last night .... Not so much! It was a cheat meal for sure! I think my scar is starting to fade now.. It is much more lighter in the morning when the swelling is down and gets a more purple look in the afternoon/evening when the swelling rears its ugly self. I am starting to do more and more of the ab work/reps as the weeks go by, hoping that will show in my pics soon :) other than that- nothing new. Hope all my ladies are doing well!

Bitter sweet ...

I met with my AMAZING PS today... he was very impressed with my looks and we did post op pics. He says that my healing progress is so impressive that he does not need to see me again :( It was kind of sad. He says I am free to do whatever I want, no limitations! He did say that if anything should come up or if I felt like I needed to see him I was more than welcomed. I do plan on seeing him again in a few years to see what magic he can work on my saggy boobs! LOL! Happy healing ladies!

20 weeks/5 months

Wow! 5 months... And we thought we would never get here! So at 5 months this is what I know.
I still swell, just not everyday and not as bad. It seems like now I will have a few days without swelling and then I will swell a day. I don't get the round belly swelling anymore or haven't in awhile, when I swell it usually stays in the lower ab area.
My weight is still up 3-4 pounds post surgery but my eating hasn't changed. I still eat a very healthy diet for the most part so this past week I am changed up my work out routine and cutting down my cardio and adding in more weight training. Going to see what this will do- I think I was doing so much cardio that my body was storing fat for energy. I will let you know how this works out for me at my 6 month review.
My clothing size never changed either, still wearing my size 8's.
I have flat mornings, and then I have really flat mornings. My better mornings seem to be when I do weight lifting the evening before versus my cardio classes.
I am enjoying the summer hanging out in shorts and swimsuit top or sports bra. Being very careful about the limited sun exposure to my belly since it hasn't seen sun in over25 years or more!! It does feel nice to just throw stuff on like that and not think twice about it.
My scar is thicker than I would like- it's not raised, very flat -it just seems that it is widened. But I know that over the months it will fade. I absolutely LOVE my BB!!! It's like it's tear drop shaped. I still use vitamin E lotion on it.
Here are a few pics from this morning. Yes I have bags under my eyes and my hair is a mess .. As usual when I take my pics- just keeping it real! Happy Healing :)

GRAPHIC photo's! Don't look if your squeamish...

I got my pics from my PS.. These pics are before pics, during surgery, and 4 months post. I think I take better post pics! Hahaha!

6 months!!

Well it has been 6 months since my surgery...wow! It's amazing how my body has changed. Not much has changed between month 5 and now... I still have some swelling but it is getting better and better. When I swell, it's more of the tightness feeling and not so much pooching of my tummy. I am still up about 5-7 pounds since surgery- I am still hoping it is muscle cause I can't seem to shed it. I hope my other February TT'ers post their 6 month photo's - I am curious to see and hear how you guys are doing. I am posting just some random pics and then I did some pre/post pics.

7 months

Not much has changed - except my crazy schedule. The hospital I work for has decided to send me to a 12 week program and it has affected my workout schedule- I am NOT happy about it but I have no choice in the matter but to try and maintain my weight during this 12 weeks and then I can return to business as usual. As far as my TT goes - I am still swelling and some days are really bad... But like I said before - I also have days in a row that I am flat... I think I will not ever see the end to swelling. I am posting pics I took yesterday morning, I think they look the same. Happy healing ladies!

Around 8.5 months post

Overall- I am still excited about my results. I love being able to put clothes on and not worry about the loose skin falling out of my jeans which then makes it look like a fat roll. What I don't like is this: My scar is still very prominent, and I am considering tattooing over it if I can fine the " perfect" tattoo I want- I am still going to give it time- I also knew going in that I am not the best at healing scars. The other thing is how I now notice all the loose skin around my boobs from losing all the weight- I am planning on getting my boobs done in the future, and hopefully within the next year! Yes- I have cellulite around my thighs but that is ok - I still swell, and still get a really tight sensation when I work my abs as well. My swelling comes usually on Sunday's - after drinking on Saturday night. The tightness can be throughout the week at any given time depending on my workout schedule for the week. I was asked by my job to take a 12 week class and have not been able to stay on my usual 6 days a week workout regimen- and that was tough for me, and feel like I am not at the top of my game. After this upcoming week it will be done and I can start focusing on me again! I am hoping the next time I do an update I will have tighter looking abs and thighs!!! Hope everyone is doing well, happy healing ladies!

We hit the ONE YEAR mark!!

What a year! I am not sure where to start...
Swelling: YUP! It still happens to me- not sure what starts it up cause there are days I swell and I ate great, low sodium and there are days I get home from working out and I will swell- par for the course I guess. It may happen the rest of my life but I will take it over that big chunk of flabby skin!
Weight: my weight has been stable at around 158, I did let myself go crazy around the holidays and I regret that- won't ever do that again! I had to detox from all the sugar I consumed cause that is all I was craving after that was sugar and carbs- never again!
I still am a gym rat however since about November I have been dealing with a left knee issue- just this week we tried a new treatment called Synvisc One and it is a gel like substance that is injected into the knee to help cushion the joints where cartilage used to be- sadly it didn't work and my knee hurts worse. I will be looking into knee replacement. Because of this my exercise burn isn't what it usually is and I can feel it.
Here are photo's that I have taken this morning- again right outta bed so my hair is all crazy and I have bags under my eyes! I fell like everything is about the same. Hope all my other February 2015 TTers are finding themselves happy with their decisions! For those that are thinking about doing it- I HAVE NO REGRETS! I wished I would have done my boobs at the same time but that will happen sooner or later to get that side skin taken care of- eventually!

One Year pics!

Let's try this again!

One Year Post

Last time I am trying

1 year pictures

18 months post

Well it has been about 18 months post. As some of you know my goal this year was to get the skin removed from around my breast and have an augmentation done, however my left knee had different plans for me. In April I had to have a total knee done on my left. The worst thing ever! I am still not 100% on that knee and my orthopedic surgeon says it will take about a year. During this healing time I had packed on some weight not being able to do my usual workouts. Today- I would say I am about 75% on that knee and have been able to lose all but the last 3 pounds off. Still so glad I had the tummy tuck done and still no regrets! My goals for the upcoming year are to focus on body toning and build more muscle. I am hopeful by the end of next year I will be able to take care of all the lose skin around my breast and also have a breast augmentation done. Hope everyone is healing well and happy with your own results.

Finally!! It's Boob time.

So, I finally got my husband to agree in going in half's with me on my Breast lift with implants! I met with Dr. Kunkel (he also did my tummy tuck) and we are doing a breast lift with implants. I am scheduled to go back in his office on February 7th to try sizers on.. I am thinking somewhere between 250cc-300cc. I am penciled in for my surgery on March 22nd! Let the research begin...

Mastopexy with Augmentation - 4 weeks away!

I had 2 of my close friends go with me to try sizes on. I do not want big breast at all, I am just looking for full and lifted. With my previous weight loss I also have a lot if skin that will be removed (hopefully) so it is really hard to judge how much smaller they will be and how big to go to fill them back out. We all 3 decided somewhere around 250cc is probably what I want. They looked huge to me, but I have to take in consideration of the skin coming off. I will meet with my PS in 2 weeks and him and I will make the final decision on size- at this appointment he will take what I picked out and what he thinks in his professional opinion and we will make the final decision together. I will post pics around that time as well- I had a bad week of eating this past week and hope I have that out of my system so I can get back on track!
Dr. Kevin Kunkel

Dr. Kunkel has done an amazing job! He is a very talented plastic surgeon and I have never heard ANYTHING negative about him. He has a true talent for what he does. Anyone around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area interested in plastic/reconstructive surgery I would highly recommend!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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