Over one month Post-Breast Lift!

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Hellllllllo ladies!!! I am 25 years old, 5'6,...

Hellllllllo ladies!!!

I am 25 years old, 5'6, 135 lbs, a 34D, and have never had kids. I'm FINALLY in a position where I can afford surgery, and ladies, it's happening. Yup. This Thursday at 8AM, actually. I've been researching a lot online and I'm discovering we breast lifts without augmentation are a rare breed indeed! Aside from being completely stoked, I admit that I'm a little nervous. I've never had any kind of surgery before.

The prompts next to this box is telling me to talk about my feelings. So, to be honest, I'm really looking forward to the anesthetic effect that makes you feel like you've passed out and woken up two mins later, and BAM!.... surgery complete. I know, I'm a freak. But aside from that, I guess ever since I can remember I've never been keen on my boobs. Once I hit puberty they got ginormous within such a short period of time, I remember having to wear two sports bras at one point. As a teenager it was extremely frustrating, and I developed a poor self image. I got in the habit of slumping my shoulders forward in an effort to try and hide them, and to this day (even though my posture has improved) at times my mother will yell at me, "Pull your shoulders back!" As I got older I leaned out, lost my baby phat and got more active. But surprise, surprise, even though the rest of me tightened up, my boobs were upsettingly droopy and elongated and after a few internet searches I realized the devastating fact that, alas, you cannot by any natural non-surgical method tighten up stretched skin! Eventually I just stopped working out because no matter how much effort I put into my body, my breasts would not change, and so I was like, screw it.

Few years later I met a boy. He told me that he loved my boobs. To this day he tells me he loves my boobs. He told me a week or so ago that with or without the surgery he would 'still love them things.' :) I definitely feel more comfortable in my skin, but this is something that is important to me - and that I feel will help me continue to live a healthy lifestyle and is another step to appreciating and loving my body even more. When I was at my pre-op appt a few weeks ago, I asked the medical assistant helping me if my boobs would go down a size with the lift. She said, "No, they won't. They will be a lot perkier though - you know, like when you were younger, they'll be like that!" I laughed and looked at her and said, "Actually, I wouldn't know. I didn't have perky boobs as a teen. I've never had them." So in a sense, I am recapturing my youth! Getting the boobies I never got to experience!

Essentially, I don't care so much for having a big size, as I do the perkiness. I'm one of those that would be completely content with a B or C cup. For the past few months I've been doing Insanity Asylum with my man Shaun T whom I both love and hate at the same time to get into better shape. I've also been trying to eat healthier. Physically, I feel ready. I'm still not entirely sure what to expect though.

Well, anyway... already written a whole novel here and it's late and I'm POOPED. I've been thinking about posting on this site for a month now, and reading about other's experiences has made me want to share my story. Maybe it will be a support to someone and if I'm lucky, make some friends! That would be nice. Well, I promise to update tomorrow. I promise I'm a lot more excited than I've let on. Just tired at the moment and wanted to get this damn thing posted!

To all of you brave souls who actually read this whole thing, I applaud you. No, but really, thanks for taking the time to read my story. Much love!

I should be in bed right now but I can't sleep. My...

I should be in bed right now but I can't sleep. My surgery is tomorrow morning and there are a million things running through my mind it seems like it's all just one big blur... I hope everything goes well. I hope I've done, and will do everything right (whatever that means...haha) I'll be getting a lollipop - not the kind that sweets are made of - by Dr. Mangubat. Something that many people might find shocking, is that I've never interacted with him very much, even in my consultation. I had a joint consult with my mom who was looking into getting laser...so yeah. I am going mostly by his reputation, credentials as a board certified surgeon, and plus he made my mom's boobs look great. I'm trusting in all these things. Everything has lined up perfectly and so it feels right, even though I might not have spent the traditional amount of time that others do in looking for a surgeon. So I'm going for it. I really am doing it. Finally.

Just got back almost 6 hours ago...first time I've...

Just got back almost 6 hours ago...first time I've felt decent enough to type! My mom dropped me off 30 mins prior at one of the side door entrances to the clinic. I used the bathroom like, a million times! Haha! I kept feeling like there was more pee left in me and i didn't want to go into surgery with that awkward feeling. They took me to one of the rooms and i put on some stockings to help prevent blood clots and a paper(?) blue gown and took my vitals. I felt surprisingly calm. My heart rate was 71, BP 112/64, so not bad. I met my anesthesiologist face to face and he had me take a pill that he said would help keep my blood pressure down during surgery and began to explain the rest of his part (morphine, I guess.) I asked him if he was going to intubate me lol. He smiled and was like, nooo, I'm going to put in - and i was like, a laryngeal mask airway? Haha! He laughed and asked if i worked in the medical field and I said mmhm, I'm a respiratory therapist! Respiratory therapists often assist anesthesiologists in trauma and code situations, so it was cool talking to him. After he left, Dr. Mangubat marked me up and explained to me that he does things as precisely as possible because he does not want to have to do a reconstruction, specifically if it was his own work, he takes that extra time if needed, to make everything as accurate as he can. After he was done i was taken to the OR and layed down on the table with my warm blanket over me. I was talking to the anesthesiologist about eastern WA was the last thing i remember, and then bits of fragments i remember getting out of the car to my house and being guided to bed. I don't remember waking up, Jon picking me up, or leaving. My throat is sore from the LMA and I am mostly having pain in the crease under my boobs....and some pressure. I feel pretty nauseated, but if i close my eyes and inevitably drift off to sleep then it goes away. Im trying to use only the minimum amount of pain meds required because i already have a low baseline blood pressure and it makes me feel like im going to faint when i sit to long. It's taken me forever to write this, and a lot effort, by the way. I think it's important though to get exactly how im feeling and all the details in full. I've tried choking down a saltine and almost aspirated it because my mouth was too dry...thought a little something in my stomach would help with the nausea but, eh.... Im going to try to eat some soup and noodles a le
Ittle later though. Anyhoo...thats all for now. Sleepy time.

Hey everyone! Sorry, I've been a bit out of...

Hey everyone! Sorry, I've been a bit out of commission the past week! The anesthesia really did a number on me... I was sooo drained. And I had a reaction to the antibiotic I was on. The end of the second day my skin was really flushed and rashes started appearing on my skin and my whole body itched like MAD. I figured it had to be something (the antiobiotic) I was taking and as soon as I got that resolved, things have been much better.

I just have to tell you all... I absolutely, resolutely, irrevocably, love my new breasts!! For some reason I was expecting them to be smaller, but I am essentially the same size, except - well, lifted. :-) I thought I wanted them to be smaller because having them droopy made me feel like they were really big because I kept having to smush them into a bra and whatnot. But the lift changed the look. They are nice and pulled tight and right where they should be. And best of all, they are 100% me! I have a feeling the size might go down just a smidge when the swelling does, but even if they do I don't think it will be a significant amount. I am very, very pleased. I'm going to call my plastic surgeon's office next week when I'm off work and back home about sending me all my pre and post op pics. Once I get them I'll post them on here. I'm posting one pic today and I'll post more this week... I've just got off a work shift so I'm tired and ready for bed.

P.S. My boobies itch like CRAZY... and it's torture wearing the same bra eeeevery day, but I've just got to man up for one more week and then I can wear my own choice of bra. Small prices to pay though for the results of the operation!

Well, it's been just over a week since my...

Well, it's been just over a week since my operation (yay!) and doing well. I've been in an eerily good mood the past few days, don't know what that's about! ;) I remember when I first got back home from surgery my breasts were extremely tight and firm. They feel much more...settled? Or softer, rather...? They are both pretty bruised yellow underneath and still kind of tender. I've been feeling little throbs of pain in certain areas specifically around the bottom incision - similar to how a burn would feel. At times I've been taking a cool rag and just laying it across the areas that are irritated with my bra over it to hold it in place and it feels a lot better. A few days ago I started applying vitamin E oil to the incisions to help with healing since they've stopped leaking. My mom did this after her breast lift/augmentation and you can't see any of her scars. It's amazing! The only thing is it has loosened up some of the surgical glue a bit, but nothing that I am concerned about. I have my 3 week follow up in a little more than a week and they said they would reinforce any stitches, if needed.

I can't wait to go shopping for new bras...I'm so sick of this same one. I can start wearing my own bras this coming Wednesday which will be nice. Can't WAIT!!! In the meantime I've been trying to do everything I'm supposed to, like sleeping on my back....learning to sleep on my back has to be THE HARDEST thing in this whole experience. I love to sleep on my stomach and curl up in balls on my side. But no, none of that! One night I was soooo frustrated, I cheated and semi-slept on my side, in a position that I didn't think was putting any pressure on my breasts. The next couple days I SWEAR that that one boob appeared more bruised than the other! I'm not sure if the extra bruising on that one side was caused by the way I slept, JUST SAYIN! Be careful! It's best to err on the side of caution and sleep on your back. lol

Well, I finally passed the one month mark a few...

Well, I finally passed the one month mark a few weeks ago. I went to my one month follow-up appointment and got a ton of nice compliments from one of the medical assistants there who works a lot with my mom and I... made me feel pretty great. :)

My scars are really healing up quite nicely. Every morning and night I rub vitamin E oil on them and I feel like it has definitely helped speed up the process, and will help the scars fade. Plus my skin is extra soft.

Last week I decided to take a trip to Victoria Secret and ended up spending an UNGODLY amount of money on some new bras. I bought a really beautiful push up bra for special occasions that was expensive in itself, but it was the first time I could actually spend that much on one and feel like I look sexy in it. I feel now like I exude a lot more confidence than before. I feel smoking hot and I've noticed that I put a lot more into my appearance, in a healthy way ;-) . I'm so glad I went through with this. Best decision I've ever made.
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