25 Years Old. 5'9" 145lbs. 500cc - Tukwila, WA

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So, I've wanted this for YEARS!! After high school...

So, I've wanted this for YEARS!! After high school my best friend even got me a "boob job" piggy bank because she knew I wanted one. Well, 7 years later I've finally gotten the financial stability and nerve to do it! I had my consultation a couple days ago and chose my surgery day yesterday for November 13, 2015! Friday the 13th!!?? EEEKKK! Good thing I'm not superstitious. I have my pre-op Novmeber 2. I can't wait to get all the details figured out to a T!

In the last year I went from a small B to a small A when I lost close to 30lbs ???? Before the weight loss I wanted a boob job but now I REALLY want one. I look like a little boy at the gym in my sports bra ????

During my consultation we went over a few different sizes and the look I'm trying to achieve. I have broad shoulders and I'm tall. I really want to fill out my chest so I look more proportionate and sexy. I was aiming on the bigger side because I don't want to get this done and wish I'd gone bigger so I think I might go with 500cc?

Can't wait to see the results and keep everyone updated! :)


Still searching through boobs on the daily! I am aiming to go on the "bigger" side but don't want them to look fake or gross!

10 DAYS!

Can't wait! Had my pre-op yesterday and got all my prescriptions and info for surgery. I'm doing an axillary incision (in the armpit) with 500cc implants! I'm so so so so so excited and I can't wait to see how they are going to look ????????????????

5 more days!!

My surgery day is finally sneaking up!! I'm so so so excited!! I know this week is going to fly by with work and getting everything ready. I have a few things to do each day such as fill prescriptions, grocery shop, buy a couple extras such as Benadryl, scar cream and a laxative, meal prep some soups, dinners and easy/healthy snacks, and CLEAN the daylight out of the house. I am little bit of a clean freak and I don't want to be tempted to get on my hands and knees and scrub the bathtub while I'm trying to heal! Lol so EVERYTHING will be done beforehand.

My surgery is at 8am on Friday, the first one of the day!! :) can't WAIT!!

Last night before surgery!!

Whew! Everything is done! I'm ready for 8am tomorrow! Can't wait to be on the other side :):) super nervous though! Wish me luck!

I'm on the other side!!

Surgery went so well!! I did wake up feeling like a cinder block was on my chest lol. I've been put under anaesthesia before, and just like the last times I woke up and immediately tried sitting up to walk and the nurses had to remind me to just lay down lol. I don't usually get nauseous, but quickly after waking up I had that feeling when you're drunk and trying to not puke so they gave me medicine and I felt much better. I asked the nurses if everything went well and they said yes :) I told them it felt really tight and they said I have a lot of muscle which I expected. I'm naturally a stronger person, so nothing new!

My boyfriend drove me home and everything went fine. Very sore, but nothing I can't tolerate. I packed a banana so I'd have something to eat after surgery and I'm glad I did. My boyfriend is on his way to the store real quick now to pick me up some ice cream and ice packs! I meant to get that before surgery and forgot. Oops! I'm not feeling very hungry or thirsty but I know soon I should get some food in my belly. I meal prepped a couple days ago and made a couple crock pot soups to enjoy for a few days.

I can't wait to take my sweatshirt off and take a quick look! I know I'll be too scared to remove anything like some of the other girls do lol. I do have a strap around the top of the to help push them down :)

I'll post pictures tonight or tomorrow!! Thanks for the support ladies!! I know if I didn't have this site I would have been so scared and had no idea what to expect!!

Day two!

Well, I ended up sleeping all day yesterday pretty much and all night. I only ate my soup and didn't feel like anything else because I was so groggy. It's 11am on day two now and I feel pretty good! Just ate some oatmeal and drank some water. I haven't had any nausea since I got home yesterday so I think it's all over. I took some Tylenol at 8:30 and I still feel pretty good. The oxy has worked wonders, but I hate to sleep all day again so I took Tylenol instead. I think that's all i can think of! As far as I can see the girls look GOOOOOD!! :):)

Day 4! :)

Well, I was finally able to shower today after my post op appointment!! It was my first time getting to see my new additions in all their glory too! It was bizarre but also very exciting!! :) I'm really happy with them! I still have a lot of swelling that I'm trying to ice right now. Each day has gotten considerably easier. I have more movement and more energy each day. I'm trying to be good and not push myself too far, but after cleaning the kitchen this morning, going to the dr, showering and going to lunch with my bf, I'm feeling a bit sore! :( I don't go back to work until Sunday, so I have plenty more days to rest up and I intend to do just that!

My incisions in my arm pits seem to be healing really well! I was glad to get the OK from the dr today to take the band off unless I felt like they were riding high. The band made under my arms uncomfortable at times.

Yesterday I started taking Tylenol during the day and oxy/muscle relaxers at night. I didn't want to sleep all day if I didn't have to. This seems to be working really well :) I'm not sure how much longer I'll even need pain killers. Hopefully by the time I go to work I'm strictly on Tylenol.

So far, so good! I think they are going to be perfect in time! :)

Day 5!

Boy does it feel good to be back to showering daily! Last weekend was almost the death of me lol. Day 4 ended rough. I think after getting all the support removed at the doctors yesterday all the free movement made me a bit sore. By the end of the day I was ready for some heavy drugs to knock me out. On the bright side, I woke up feeling MUCH better. So day 5 is starting off well. I took some more pictures before my shower this morning. You can see bruising on the bottom of my boobs. They are still pretty swollen! You can see in the pictures some dark discoloration, that's just stickyness from the support braces that were taped to me. I try to gently rub it off in the shower but it's hard to get off.

My incisions in my arm pits are healing well! Today it's been much easier to lift my arms comfortably. I go back to work on day 10 and I think by then I'll be ready to go. I make coffee , so I'm in a pretty high pace environment. I'm sure after my shift is over I'm going to be one tired girl!

As for now, I'm enjoying another day off sitting back and relaxing! There's a storm coming through, so that just makes me want to sit on the couch and watch tv even more :)

Overall I'm loving the look of them more and more each day! I can't believe I finally did this! Woohoo!

One full week!

Last week at this time I was probably dozing in and out of consciousness under the influence of drugs haha. But! Not this week! I haven't taken any drugs at all today and I only had a couple ibuprofen yesterday. I feel really good :) I can do pretty much any every day task. Flexing my pecks for any reason is still uncomfortable and I can feel when I'm doing something I shouldn't be. Even when I'm sweeping the floor I have to be careful not to put too much muscle into it lol. I'd have to say my biggest complaint is sleeping on my back -_- I sleep fine until my boyfriends alarm goes off at 4am and then I'm up because my back hurts. I can't wait to be able to sleep on my side again!! I go back to work on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it :) I've missed my coworkers and customers!

Overall I'm really surprised how quickly my body has adjusted! I can't wait for the next few weeks to go by so I can get back to the gym again and I can't wait to see how the girls drop and fluff :D

Still high and tight! One week.

Still bruised underneath :( can't wait for that to go away and for them to keep dropping! :)

Back to work ! :)

Today was day 3 back to work and day 11 since surgery! And so far, so good! I'm totally pain free and able to do everything :) I'm completely off pain meds day and night. My back hasn't been hurting at all when I'm sleeping which has made my life much better. They are still really bruised underneath :( I bruise like a banana! But I think they are finally getting better and not worse.

It feels sooo good to be back to work! I make coffee.. I missed sipping espresso all day long! Just being up and on my feet, walking around, talking to people makes me feel better. Although lounging on the couch was fun for awhile, I felt extremely lazy. Work is easy, but I'm still trying to take it easy. There is a lot I used to do that I have to ease myself back into.

Overall, I am SO HAPPY! Damn it feels good to have boobs! Thanks to everyone on here for telling your story and being so encouraging! Woohoo!

(Almost) 3 week anniversary!

Tomorrow is 3 weeks! :) everything has been going really well! They feel more and more like me every day! I'm still doing just fine at work. I'm soooooo thankful work hasn't been hard because the day before thanksgiving was SO busy and I was moving around like crazy and busting my ass. But no booby pain! Every couple mornings I do wake up with morning boob. Once they wake up after a minute or two I'm good to go. My boobs are ultra sensitive (which is better than having no feeling)! As always, I'm feeling better and better every day! They get a little softer and giggle a little more every few days :)

I'm going to Mexico in March! I can't wait to see how they look then! Yayyy! Hope everyone else is healing up well!

Over a month ! Almost 5 weeks :)

Time has been flying!! Can't believe it's been almost 5 weeks and it's almost CHRISTMAS! Woohoo! Anyways, a little update, I am very comfortable with my boobies! I just started going to the gym a couple days ago. It felt SO good to not feel like a little boy in a sports bra! Haha I did cardio (the stair master, no running yet) some arms and lower body. No pain at all in my chest. I noticed I don't mind sleeping on my back now and it's not painful to roll over to my side sometimes like it used to be. I bought a couple underwire bras. They aren't SUPER comfy like my sports bras lol but I'm slowly but surely trying to get used to them again! I went to Victoria's Secret of course and ended up with a 36D.

I only have ONE concern. My left boob has been my troublesome boob since day one. It's always felt tighter, it was harder to get movement back in my left arm and the stitches even looked worse in the left arm pit. I've been fortunate that even with these "troubles" it's been a VERY smooth recovery. But now my left boob isn't dropping like the right. I'm trying to be patient. I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue even at week 5?? Im completely content with my decision even if my lefty is stubborn! I've been told to start massaging it and when I push it down you can see the pocket is lower like my right, but once I stop pushing it pops back up. Im just going to keep massaging and being patient :) I know no matter what I'm 100x happier today with my boobs than I was before surgery! Im so lucky to have the chance to make myself feel more confident!

I hope everyone else is healing up and feeling good! Happy holidays everyone!

7.5 months post op :)

Well, well, well .. Now that I'm all healed I haven't updated at all ! I've just been living life and enjoying my body :) I'm 100% back to my old self, working out, running, ect ... I do it all ! Having my boobs done has done nothing but make me more confident. My boyfriend is happy I am happy, I know he likes them too ! I feel confident wearing cute dresses even some without a bra so there aren't any awkward bra straps. But generally I wear exactly what I used to, it all just looks better. I think I chose the perfect size for my body. If I'm not wearing something revealing no one can even tell. Please ask me any questions !! I was SO nervous going into this and this website helped me a ton.
Dr. Tony Mangubat

At my consultation I felt very welcomed! All of my questions were answered and I didn't feel rushed at all.

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