Invisalign Day 5 - Still Unsure

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Day 5 with Invisalign, still not sure. For all the...

Day 5 with Invisalign, still not sure. For all the money and effort, it better be worth it. I was very excited to get them, but the first visit, when they gave me the trays and did the work was quite traumatic. In a conveyor belt, mass production, do-it-as-fast-as-you-can type of facility, you can only hope that they are doing the best job.

They had to put buttons in 10 of my teeth (I was not aware of this before). I was pretty upset about this because I play a wind instrument. But I was really upset, because when they were done, they were left so rough they felt like stones on my teeth. I had been told that there would be a very slight shaving between a couple of teeth. But then the ortho came by really fast with what felt like a chainsaw and sawed large gaps between some of my very good teeth, which I didn't find crooked to begin with. Now it's so obvious that one tooth is shorter than the other, and it was a soppy job sawing, so it looks kind of fake. Then, with not much direction, I snapped on both aligners. I started crying right there.

That night and the next morning, no matter what, I could not get one of the trays off. They did take me in early morning, and they helped take it off. Also, the ortho polished the buttons until they were smooth. After that, it is going okay. But the bottom tray seems to be oversized in the back, and it scrapes the bottom of my tongue. I think that for the tons of money we spend on these things, they could at least have smooth edges. I'm even thinking about getting some very fine jewelry sandpaper and sanding them down myself.

Anyway, after this huge expense, and the at least year and a half (and then some) that I will be somewhat uncomfortable and going through this trouble, I'm really hoping that it will all be fine, and that my teeth will look better at the end, and still be healthy.

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At this point it's too soon to know if I recommend. My first impression was: a little quick and sloppy, conveyer-belt, as-quick-as-possible. Also, I see that I am paying more than most of those listed, and I wonder why.

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