Make sure your surgeon is board certified!!!!!!!!! Tucson, az

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Hi! So I am a 25 year old mom of two beautiful...

Hi! So I am a 25 year old mom of two beautiful little girls. Much like most of you on here, my oldest daughter destroyed my tummy! I was about 105 lbs when I got pregnant. Everyone told me "enjoy being pregnant and eating a ton of food! You will bounce right back!"...Well, I didn't. I just gained a ton of weight, gave birth to a 9 lb baby, and when I "bounced back" my tummy looked like a balloon that had been blown up to its full capacity and then deflated. I had stretch marks upon wrinkles of loose skin that made up a good portion of my abdomen.

OMG WORST DOCTOR EVER!!!!! So, if you are in the...

OMG WORST DOCTOR EVER!!!!! So, if you are in the Tucson area and hear of a DR DRYDEN do NOT go to him. He is horrible. He is a horrible person in general. I am not rich by any means. It took me a yr to save up for my TT. He told me how great it was going to look and how he is at the "top of the board". He took advantage of me and took my money! He destroyed my body!

When I expressed my concerns about 2 strange bubbles kind of off center right above my scar on my lower tummy he told me it was fluid and would absorb naturally in my body. Then when I went back for another appt and showed him that the bubbles were still there, he told me they were fat bubbles. They are very noticeable. I told him I wanted them to not be there and he said "well that's just the way your body is SWEETHEART!" I said, "No, It's not. It was never like that before." And he said "Well, you know having children changes your body. It will be like that forever. There is no fixing it." Then when I became upset he said he could take fat from another part of my body and inject it into the center of the 2 bubbles, so I will have 1 large off center bubble of fat in my lower abdomen that will never go away!

My belly button doesn't even look like a belly button and the incision scar from my BB goes down about an inch past where the "BB" actually is. And it is a weird, crooked upside down smile looking thing filled with bubbles of skin. It is a great place for dirt and sweat to collect and bacteria to grow if I don't keep it extremely clean! On each side of my incision the skin creases where he tried to tuck in the "dog ears" rather than bringing the incision out a bit more, like he should have. So now on each one of my hips, the skin folds. My scar is thick and raised and because he chose to use metal staples rather than dissolving sutures, I have what another surgeon called "track marks" all along the incision....little tiny red dots that will eventually turn into little scars all the way across my stomach. Also, when he brought the skin down he cut off too much, so now the skin naturally pulls up and it raised my pubic hair about 2 inches above where it was before. Maybe even more because it shows out of my jeans if I am not careful. When he stretched the skin out he brought it in rather than out, so all my stretch marks are more noticeable. They wouldn't be if the skin were tight.

It still really hurts. My scar, my skin in general, my bb especially. It all really hurts. I feel like I am lucky to be here since he obviously had no idea what he was doing. I went and saw another surgeon to get a second opinion...I am going to have to have the whole thing redone. He is going to do his best to fix it but the skin has already been stretched to its full capacity. I am surprised he was even able to sew me back up!

Turns out, he isn't even a board certified plastic surgeon. HE IS AN OPHTHALMOLOGIST! OMG! How can he do this to someone????? Any advice????

I'm getting a scar revision. It's going to cost me...

I'm getting a scar revision. It's going to cost me an additional $1,750.00, so that sucks. I expected this to be fixed the first time. Unfortunately I'm so small it's going to be hard to lower the scar a lot, but anything is better than nothing. It will just be nice to not have my pubic region poking out over my pants anymore. I left the hair in the pictures so you can get a good idea of how high he raised my pubic area. So dr. Nelson will lower the scar, lipo my flanks and pubic mons, and do an umbilicoplasty as well and change the thickness of the scar. Sorry it's taken me so long to post pictures. I've been so upset by the whole thing I didn't want to look at it. This is 5 months post op.
Tucson Oculoplastic Surgeon

Horrible horrible HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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