Tummy Tuck and Fat Transfers to Butt

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10 days and counting. I haven't been this nervous...

10 days and counting. I haven't been this nervous about surgery since I was about to have my son (which ended up being an emergency c-section). I'm going through the emotional stage right now. What if my incision comes open? How will I function? Am I being selfish? Should I really do this? The fear of not knowing if I'm prepared for the aftercare is what's really weighing on my mind. My doctor told me I was going to be very happy with the outcome. I believe him because he did my breast reduction three and a half years ago, and I couldn't be happier! I've decided to sleep in my sons room for the first couple of weeks cause his bed will be easier for me to get in and out of (mine is too high). I keep reasoning about abdominal boards and lipo foam compression sheets. Do I need those things? My doctor or his staff did not recommend any of those things. Anyhow, thanks to RL for giving us a place to vent and seek support from others who have been down these journeys.

Three days to the flat lands

I am over my anxiety about my surgery. I know there is going to be pain, but I also know that everyone is different. I've had a huge birthmark removed off my lower back, I've had s c-section and I had the breast reduction so large incisions are nothing new. I just have to remember to rest because my body will need that. It's silly that finding a shower stool at the goodwill put me at ease, but it did. Picked up meds and toiletries that I will likely need (pads, face wipes, flushable wipes, vitamins). I'm not sure what I should be wearing post-op so I bought some t-shirt/tank top dresses for easy access. The weatherman said we will finally be in the seventies during the day and thirties during the nights so I should get a couple pair light soft soft sweats and light long sleeve tops. I've been meal prepping for my son but also made high protein low sodium meals for me and vacuum sealed and froze. I bought yogurts, separated protein powder in baggies (to save space) and plan to get single hummus and cut cucumber slices. It sounds like I won't be wanting to eat too much, but I want to have the right foods for when I get an appetite. Reserved and paid for the Extended Stay near the dr office/surgery center for the first two nights before my first post op. I hope to go home, but mom wants me to stay one to two more nights with her. Seeing I live an hour outside of Tucson, she is being cautious in case of an emergency. Bought a handheld shower head and socks with traction. I don't know if I'm missing anything but I guess I'll find out. I am buying a recliner tomorrow, was hoping for Black Friday sales, but no dice. If anyone has any other suggestions , I would greatly appreciate them. I'm exhausted but I won't stop. I'll have plenty of time to start resting on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is the day, and I'm finally feeling like I'm ready

Meals prepped, meds picked up, clothes packed for s few days till I can get back home. The house is not spotless, but the room where I will be staying is ready. Picked up and set up my recliner today. Woke up with a horrible headache and nauseated. I know it was stress. When the surgery center called, they agreed. My last purchase is the Gatorade I need to drink at 3am (4 hours before my surgery) with my meds. Have homework to finish up so that will keep my mind busy. I'm planning on taking before pictures and will post later. Thank you all for sharing your stories, it has helped get me through these last few weeks.

Post Op Day 1

After talking to the doctor last night, he assured me I was doing well. Well I think after hearing that I felt better and when my friend came by to see me I got up longer than I should have. So I'm feeling it today. My hips are very sore but am rotating frame side to back (10minutes) to the opposite side. My right drain isn't producing too much blood but the left is. Thank God mom is taking care of me. The only bad thing is she wants me to be eating foods that are high in sodium. I've had jello yogurt applesauce a few crackers and some egg muffins I made and froze (protein). I took copacetic for nice yesterday once today and a little miralax today as well. Will take another dose of stool softener tonight. 11/2 to 2 hour sleep increments then I get up to pee. I have to remember I'm healing and try not to overdo myself. I see the doctor tomorrow, hoping right drain comes out. Oh and this garment is a pain, the potty hole has scooched up toward the front NEED to adjust for when I have a bowel movement.

Mom is freaking out

Because I had a bad experience with pain meds last surgery, she's pumping the the laxative. Poor thing gets disappointed when I can't go. I've been passing gas so I know it's on it's way. Not the greatest picture it wanted to post something

9:30pm accomplishment

Had a small BM. doesn't seem like much of a deal, but it is!

After first post op

Dr. said everything looks good. He took out the foam from the back in from the front, that hurt a little. I have a follow up on Monday and I'd really like to go home but I know that I still need help getting up and down (more up than down). Just want to give an update

Not very flattering but better than before

I feel like I was standing in the middle of a demolition derby and got hit by every car!!


I can put on the garment without passing out and making sure the holes for potty are lined up correctly. But somehow I pinched the drains so fluid was not drawing correctly. As I was adjusting I thought I'd ask my son to come help me so I wouldn't pinch them again. Poor kid nearly passed out from seeing where the drain is connected to my body and all of the bruising. Let's just say, I wont have to pay for medical school, haha.
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