54 Yrs Old. Full TT with Lipo after having kids and weight loss - Tucson, AZ

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I had my last child at 41 and as you can see my...

I had my last child at 41 and as you can see my body never recovered.
I waited until I was postmenopausal to have my work done.
Dr. Case did a full Tummy Tuck with Lipo to the back, flanks and epigastric areas.
I have had a pretty smooth experience. The first couple days I was taking pain meds in 1/4 pieces with Tylenol. Stopped the pain meds all together after the 3rd day.
Due to the amount of Lipo I had done, my back was sore, which was to be expected.
The Drain Tubes were more annoying to me than anything else. But, I very much appreciate the function they perform and would rather deal with tubes than end up having pockets of fluid removed manually.
Today I am 9 days post op. and had 1 drain removed yesterday at my followup visit.
I feel great. I have been back to work for 3 days however I work from home and don't have the same challenges as someone who has to travel to work.
I do wear my compression garment religiously with the exception of putting it the washer, then it goes right back on.
I am so happy with the decision I made to have this work done.
My best advise to anyone would be to follow all the instructions given by your Dr. And to have work done when the time is right for you !!
Give yourself the opportunity to heal and not be stressed out with life going on around you.
Have someone there for the first few days that understands and is willing to assist you when needed.
This was a beautiful change in my life and I hope the same for others who have any work done.

12 Days Post Op

I added this picture that was taken today at 12 Days Post Op.
I'm very happy with the entire process.
Almost all the bruising is gone. One of the Drain tubes is out.
My Stitches are healing very well.
You can see a little swelling but not bad. I keep my compression garment on all the time.
Belly Button is healing up nicely. Looks red but Dr. said it is fine and looks great.
This Monday is my 2 week follow up. The remaining Drain tube will be removed. :)
I am still walking a little hunched over but not very noticeable.
I'm amazed at the changes in just 12 Days.

My Best friend lol

Here is the compression garment that my Dr. provides. It has full back coverage due to the lipo I had on my back.
I keep a clean gauze pad covering my incision in the front so it doesn't rub on the material as it is healing.
I also keep gauze over my stitches where the zipper is on the side.
The first few days the tubes would leak a little. I kept a strategically placed piece of gauze over the tubes to keep everything as clean as possible.
No doubt there will be swelling regardless, however I believe wearing this as instructed has seriously helped keep it down as much as could be.
The garment is actually quite comfortable. like a security blanket especially if you have to sneeze or cough. lol
I will be posting more pics as my healing continues and the swelling goes down.

22 days post op

I wanted to add this picture at 22 days post op. And post a quick update.
I love this site !! Everyone's stories help with not only making well informed decisions, but provide so much insight on what to expect.
I wore my Dr. issued compression garment for 3 full weeks. I have now moved to more of a spanx type for the extra support during healing. I have one for sleeping and a couple for daytime.
My incision is healing very nicely. Belly Button is still healing and coming along great.
I am still sleeping on my back. I was given approval to sleep on my side if it didn't hurt. I tried it, but I'm not ready for that yet.
I have become accustomed to sleeping with my knees up with a pillow. I am almost able to lay flat but not quite.
I am so happy with my decision to go through with this surgery. I am totally satisfied with my results.
I am still a little swelled but I see improvement everyday.
Happy Healing everyone :)

30 Day Follow Up Visit on 10/13/15

I had my 30 Day post op visit. Everything is going as planned. I do have some minor swelling at the incision line yet. Dr. Case said that may be there for a few months which I expected.
There were No signs of fluid buildup.
My Belly button looks great. I was instructed to let it heal naturally and not put anything on it. That has worked for me and it is healing very nicely.
I love how tight my abs are. :) And I can stand up straight now.
I'm still sleeping on my back with my knees up. Stomach or side sleeping is not comfortable for me yet which is fine. I'm getting used to it and sleeping quite well.
I wore jeans for the first time since surgery.
I had to post the pics because I did not think I would ever be able to tuck in a top and feel comfortable. It still amazes me and brings happy tears to my eyes when I see myself in the mirror.
I was approved to start exercising slowly and see how I feel before adding on more. So I have started riding my Airbike again for a couple miles a day and will build up my workout daily based on how I feel etc.
I downloaded thy Myplate app and input everything that I eat & Drink. I do not want to compromise my results in any way.
I also use the iphone Activity & Exercise apps which tracks every move you make and calories you burn.
Happy Healing everyone and thanks for posting your stories.
I appreciate this site so much ~~

2 months post op

I am just over 2 months post op and wanted to share some new pics taken today.
My incision is very low and thin and appears to be fading more each week. I have not used any ointments or scar treatments per my Dr. Instructions. He said to let it heal naturally.
The same with my BB. No ointments etc.. and I think it's cute :)
I can't say enough good things about my PS. I honestly believe I had the best in AZ. His attention to detail and his follow through with his patients is absolutely impeccable.
At 2 months I am quite comfortable laying on my side, I haven't tried sleeping on my stomach yet.
I am back to my regular normal routine but I have so much more energy then I did before. I exercise daily. Ride my AirCylce and do aerobics.
I have always been a happy person, but now I feel as though my outside matches how I feel inside.
I have been extremely blessed with the responses from my friends and family. I have not heard one negative word from anyone. All the people that love and care for me have been there to support me 100% of the way through this journey. They are all as happy about the outcome as I am.
I Love this site and reading everyone's stories.
It has been a blessing for me personally. Thanks to everyone !!
Happy Healing :)

6 month pics and update

I hit 6 month post op on the 14th of March and wanted to share some new pictures.
I wear size 7 jeans (some size 5 depending on the cut).
5' 4" tall and I am maintaining my weight at 128 pounds.
Having surgery was the best decision for me.
This has not only been a physical change, but a lifestyle change.
I continue to count every calorie I intake and every calorie I burn.
I exercise everyday, without fail. In addition to my airbike I purchased an elliptical machine. I found a small profile one for space saving online for $200. It works just as good as the extremely expensive ones. It makes working out enjoyable. It has a lip on the control panel to hold my tablet. I log into Hulu or Netflix and work out & stay fit while watching my favorite shows. LOL it's a win win :)
I added a pic to show how flat my back is and one for the front view.
I also continue to do aerobics on a daily basis at home. I don't go to the gym.
My eating habits have changed a lot, however I do eat the foods I like in moderation.
Once I started using the Calorie counting apps, I was stunned to see what is actually in food we eat regularly.
I hope the very best for all of you that are thinking of getting surgery, and Happy Healing everyone !!

Love my new body !!

I am just about 9 months post op and I couldn't be happier.
All of the hard work and dedication is worth every moment.
I am now a size 5 and holding at 127 pounds.
I will continue to count all the calories I intake and burn off everyday.
Working out is a normal part of my daily routine.
This has not just been a physical change, but a complete lifestyle change for me.
All of the frustration of clothes shopping is a distant memory but a memory I don't want to forget.
Coming back to my before pictures keeps me focused on staying fit, exercising and keeping my results positive.
I can only hope that my story has been some kind of an inspiration to others that have had surgery or considering it.
I love this site. Each post has the potential to help other people through their journey.
Happy Healing everyone !!

2 Year Post-OP update

On Sept 14th 2017 I will be 2 Years Post-op and thought it was about time that I do a follow-up review.
Moderation, portions, healthy eating, loads of exercise and a full commitment to a lifestyle change have been monumental for my success.
I continue to work out here at home every day without fail and I am still using the MyPlate app and count every calorie I intake and burn. It is my obsession but it works for me : )
lol I have a sweet tooth and my family loves to eat so for me the struggle is real.
I Love the youtube videos for standing abs workouts and suggest those for anyone. I put my air bike and elliptical to good use : )
I have added new pictures because I am so proud of the way I have maintained my results.
I come to this site every week and look at my pictures..... That is a constant motivator for me to never forget and stay focused.
If my story has inspired even just 1 person or helped them to be prepared for what to expect..... Then I feel blessed !!
Thank you all for this site and the way it helps others : )

2 Year Post op Pictures

Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Full Tummy Tuck & Lipo of flanks, back and stomach. I fully appreciate Dr. Case and his staff. He is a no nonsense type of Dr. that gets right to the point. I had my consultation and knew he was the right Dr. for me. I was scheduled for Surgery within 3 weeks of my consultation. His staff is very caring and friendly. Dr. Case's Attention to detail is impeccable. He is the only PS that I would consider using in the future. My experience with Dr. Case and his Office staff was very positive and my results speak for themselves.

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