51 Yr. Old 2 C Sections, Physically Active - Tucson, AZ

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After 15 years of considering a tummy tuck, I...

After 15 years of considering a tummy tuck, I mustered up the courage to do it. I have always been physically active, but my stomach always looked 3-4 months pregnant. I felt attractive and good in my skin, but this was really about fitting better in my clothes. Met Dr. Maloney and he came across direct and confident. I was eventually ready to commit however, I had more questions then the average patient. The newly constructed belly button was one of them that weighed on my decision. I let go, stopped thinking about all the what ifs, and I did it!! A week out of surgery and damn, I am impressed with the results. I hugged Dr. Maloney and I told him that a kiss of appreciation is coming his way. The entire staff is kind, compassionate, positive, and available. I told Dr. Maloney that this is a one shot elective surgery and I am done. Well... It is kind of like a candy store as he stated.Should I get anything else done, he is THE PLASTIC SURGEON, THE MAN I trust with my body, my temple. Thank you.

Photos 2 Days Pre-Op

Here are a few photos of my body just 2 days before the operation.

Photos 2 Weeks Post-Op.

Here are a few photos of my body 2 weeks after the operation.


Well, still really winded. I do dishes and make dinner. That's pretty much it. I have enlisted by two sons to push the shopping cart. I fid it easier to get myself out of bed and idon't feel as confined as I did in the compression garment. Moved onto a waist wrap which is a lot more comfotable. Hope to get ma last drain out tomorrow. Good night!

Progress in motion

Started to have more discomfort in my last left drain. Texted dr.Maloney with a picture. It was already a possibility to take drain outtoday. Dr. Maloney texted "let's do it." Not infected after all. I feel whole again!!! Everything is healing so well. No infections, a flat tummmy, a beautiful belly button. It definitely helps to go into this procedure healthy and physically strong. Dr. Maloney really heard me during preop. He still does. I will continue to wear mt waist only compression garment because it makes me feel secure. See Dr. Maloney and his fantastic team in 3 weeks. The kiss will be coming... watch out Dr. Maloney!!

Progress 19 days post op

Hi Fellow ladies, any of you still get wiped out easilly?? I can go out for a couple of hrs, make dinner, and do dishes. I am back in bed by 8:00. Still feeling the tightening and the pangs even with 4 advil and valium. I am healing very well, starting to use the scar products. Still need the reassurance from Dr. Maloney and his team. I feel like Sally in " A Nightmare Before Christmas."Sally's are gets pulled of and the mad Dr. Sews it back. Sally is back to her old self. I still waiting. Patience, patience, and more patience. Cannot rush the healing process which has been fantastic.

Progress in motion

Well, was productive a bit today. 3 weeks out today. I know my limits and I want THE VERY BEST RESULT. As moms, we tend to over do for everyone. I already informed my family. Not happy campers,but they will oblige me. I did give birth to my two boys! My husband is a different story. I am starting to gently massage my upper legs and knee areas and also my belly which is no longer" my buddha" will post 3 week pics this weekend.

Photos 3 Weeks Post-Op

Here are a few photos of my body 3 weeks after the operation.

Again, that steady progress in motion

Well... Tomorrow it will be 4 weeks since TT and Lipo. New pictures tomorrow! !So this is the deal. I am seriously looking fantastic! I am healing beautifully. But.... Maybe it is because I am 51 and not 31, but I am still in a discomfort level 6/7. Granted, I stopped staking pain meds 3 weeks ago, which was my choice because of being constipated. I have been doing the Advil and valium thing and ..... well. .. it is tolerable discomfot. My areas where I had lipo throb me at times especially my lower back/ flank area. I am diligent about massaging all lipo areas and gently massaging my abdominal scar with various scar healing oils and gels. I still wear my abdominal CG all day and I take it off at night. Hey!! I am starting to now sleep on my sides!!

Photos 4 Weeks Post-Op

Here are a few photos of my body 4 weeks after the operation.

Photos 5 Weeks Post-Op

Here are a few photos of my body 5 weeks after the operation.

Photos 6 Weeks Post-Op

Here are a few photos of my body 6 weeks after the operation.

Photos 7 Weeks Post-Op.

Here are a few photos of my body 7 weeks after the operation.

Photos 8 Weeks Post-Op.

Here are a few photos of my body 8 weeks after the operation.

Photos 9 Weeks Post-Op.

Here are a few photos of my body 8 weeks after the operation.

6 Months Post-Op Final Update & Review

As of today, it has been 6 months since my tummy tuck and lipo areas. I have not submitted anything in months because I have been just living my life and enjoying my family and friends. It has felt so good to work out regularly and get back to consciously including my core. We all take care of ourselves differently. I was just a bit more conservative with my healing and recovery because I wanted there to be no long term issues. I still wear my support belt when I work out. I know that it is not necessary, but I feel more comfortable when I wear it.

Now for the good stuff! DR. MALONEY... you gave me such a wonderful tummy tuck result. I am so incredibly pleased with the overall look, i.e. my tummy definition, my waist shape, and most importantly... my belly button. A beautiful straight clean scar. I truly believe that a large part of obtaining a great overall result is to go into any surgery as physically and mentally healthy(You all know what I mean)as possible. Looking at many post pictures on REALSELF, I saw many "botched " T.T."s. Because of these unfortunate outcomes, my confidence in Dr. Maloney's skillset and aesthetics just continued to soar. I feel so blessed that I healed with zero complications. I can say with that my result is a success inside and out Went to Cozumel and I wore a 2 piece. I had to remember that I did not have to suck in my tummy anymore. I have to say that I really looked in shape! My muscle definition was very noticeable.

I cannot wait to see DR. MALONEY and your kind staff on the 12th. I have no regrets and If I desire to have any other procedures done, I will go back to Dr. Maloney. I trust him.
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Confident and direct. I am his walking advertisement...

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