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My journey to a full TT is similar to many. Had...

My journey to a full TT is similar to many. Had babies, worked out endlessly, maintained a healthy weight ( of course I could stand to lose the proverbial 10, but few of us around 50 can't), tried wraps, cool sculpting, no avail. Finally, after seeing so many amazing outcomes, & weighing the pain & scar vs the confidence I will gain, I embarked on my journey.
With that said, I owe many thanks to those who've taken this journey & documented it precisely enough for this detail nerd to feel courageous & begin my own TT journey. I also need to thank my fiancé for loving me as I am, but understanding & supporting my decision to move forward with this endeavor.
Surgery is scheduled for 9/14 @ 1pm with an amazing plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Dr Sven Sandeen.
I chose Dr Sandeen without hesitation as he had performed a BA with maxoplasty after 2 lumpectomies left me extremely asymmetrical. Aside from the initial shock that I was no longer an "A" cup, I couldn't be happier with the size & shape of my "girls". Of course it doesn't hurt that I too work in the medical field & see his meticulous work first hand. Furthermore, I've always found Dr Sandeen's office staff to be professional, yet very caring- a winning combination!!

PO Day 1 I made it to the flat side!

My surgery lasted 31/2 hours yesterday afternoon, & arrived how @ 6:30pm. This morning, I feel like I've been run over by a truck, but I as long as it leaves me with a flat stomach. I'm all there! The good news is that my PS was able to move enough skin that he didn't need to make a vertical scar for my old BB. That was definitely music to my ears!
Aside from that, I stepped on the scale this am to find that I gained 5# from yesterday before surgery. I have to believe it's all the IV fluid they gave me.

Day 2 Post op TT

I'm definitely feeling post op pain this evening. I think I'm starting to go through Swel Hell as I'm experiencing a bit of swelling now through my stomach down to my girl parts. We changed my dressings but nothing on the bb. I've seen a few peeps put marbles in their bb's to keep them open...any idea when this starts? Fortunately, I've only take 2 Valume, 1 oxy, & 6 Advil. I'll take the oxy to sleep, but don't like how they make me feel. Better days are coming. :)

PO Day 3

Getting around a little better today...still hunched over, but I've no real complaints...other than Swell Hell. I was able to shower today!!! Yay!! Drains seem to be doing their job. I'm forever thankful to the advice of others in that I began taking stool softener 4 days before. When it came to do the deed, it was easy peasy!! I'm still taking Sineech Bromelain, & the occasional 600mg Advil. I've taken a total of 2 Oxy's (1 each night to sleep), & unless I engage my abs, I'm relatively comfortable. I'm obeying my post op restrictions like a champ- my fiancé leaves me no other choice. I have to say that I'm swollen up like a beach ball though. Lost nearly 2# of water weight since yesterday. All in all, I'm keeping my eye on the prize!! :-)

PO Day 4

Day 4 Finally turning the corner!
I awoke today with less back & abdominal pain, & it was considerably easier getting out of bed. (Admittedly I'm spoiled as we have a fully adjustable Tempurpedic, which I'm incredibly grateful for.). I'm considerably swollen throughout my stomach though my scale reads that I've dropped 6# of fluid. I'm draining 80cc's- down from 120cc the day before. I'm experiencing occasional jolts of nerve pain, mainly above my incision site. My tummy skin is pink, itchy & numb- if that makes sense. I began moisturizing with Bert's Bees Multipurpose Ointment (blend of castor, coconut, beeswax, Shea butter, sweet almond,...) in hopes of alleviating the tenderness- staying away from the bb & suture line.
I'm still not standing up straight, can't cough, or take really deep breaths.
I'm taking 600-800mg Ibuprofen as needed for discomfort.
I'll post more pics when the drains come out. It's a little awkward since they're located in my lower groin & I can't cover with panties.
I'm beginning to get excited over the possibility of a great outcome. I can't wait to try on bikini bottoms :-)

PO Day 5

Swell Hell continues...

Bye, bye drains!!

Thankfully, my drains came out late yesterday!!! Gosh, why does no one tell of how long those suckers are?? I'm used to small surgical drains - When my MD began removing the first one, it seemed to go on forever!! My guess is 6-7"!!! I'm still incredibly swollen though :-(

PO Day 10

I don't have any pics today, but wanted to journal a little about my healing & thoughts.
I'm getting around a little better every day. I returned to work on PO Day 8- not recommended unless your job is sedentary. Below I've put some thoughts into words that I've spent much time contemplating over the past 10 days:
*I recommend that you get up & move around each hour to avoid getting sore.
*10 days out & I still have difficulty standing up straight at times.
*I could see part of my rib cage when I took off my binder this morning!!!
*Swelling is much worse at night- common sense, but worth noting.
*Your binder &/or CG (compression garnment) though uncomfortable IS your friend. Even when you feel like you're stuffed in sausage casing. I've even broken a nail getting into mine :-(.
*Be patient with yourself & your healing. This is MAJOR surgery!!!
*Don't compare your healing to anyone else's. Everyone heals @ different rates. It is not uncommon to look 2 sizes BIGGER due to swelling while healing*
*I'm generally a very positive person, but ...
There are still moments when I waver back & forth as to whether I should have had surgery. Fortunately, these moments are few & I know I'm going to be ecstatic with my end results. I'm just being whiny & impatient.
Thankfully, my fiancé is my cheerleader, & I do keep my "eye on the prize". This is definitely a journey of which surprised me. :-)
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr Sandeen without hesitation as he performed a BA with maxoplasty (2012) after 2 lumpectomies left me extremely asymmetrical. Aside from the initial shock that I was no longer an "A" cup, I couldn't be happier with the size & shape of my "girls". He is a meticulous surgeon/artist. Of course it doesn't hurt that I too work in the medical field & see his meticulous work first hand. Upon my consultation for a TT, he patiently answered all my questions, thoroughly explained the procedure, & post operative precautions. In addition, Dr Sandeen's office staff is professional, yet very caring- a winning combination!!

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